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  1. Fishin911

    10 cent fishing report 03/15

    I thought the title clear it up... 10 cent is in Stuart
  2. Fishin911

    Master Angler Rod locker key

    triplec, thanks... its a 2005 MA and theres no marking on the lock but I do believe its a perko. thax for your input.
  3. Headed out last night with my boys looking for snook. Beginning out going caught a beefy black drum, flounder, lady’s, jacks and cats. Jumped a snook and lost two. Not bad for three and a half hours of fishing with my kids. They had a ball...
  4. Fishin911

    Battery jump pack

    Thx guys. I appreciate the feedback
  5. Fishin911

    2000ish 16 red fisher vs. 17 ma

    Ive been on both! There’s NO comparable to the MA!!! MA all day
  6. Fishin911

    Battery jump pack

    Looking into a battery jump pack and came across this item. https://gladiatorcargonet.com/product/noco-boost-ultrasafe-lithium-jump-starter/?keyword_session_id=vt~adwords|kt~|mt~|ta~60046037835&_vsrefdom=wordstream&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI76L_3tyC4QIVg4bACh1mRgKYEAQYASABEgI6AvD_BwE What’s your thoughts? Note: I’ll be fishing Desolate secluded areas where I won’t see someone for hours. Trying to think and be as safe as possible because I want to start bring my boys with me to these amazing fishing areas. Thanks
  7. Fishin911

    ***PRICE REDUCED---2005 PATHFINDER 2000v***

    Beautiful rig at a great price!!! GLWS
  8. Fishin911

    Master Angler Rod locker key

    Thx so much
  9. Fishin911

    Master Angler Rod locker key

    Can anyone please tell me where I could find a key for the rod locker on a MA? Thx
  10. Fishin911

    2008 MA 18.5 (not mine)

    Looking at the picture and seeing how the rigging enters the center console. I think you could easily just remove the console and center it on vessel. If I’m not mistaking it’s 8 screws. Then have a good glass guy patch the wholes that are expose.
  11. Fishin911

    2008 MA 18.5 (not mine)

    Wow... beautiful rig
  12. Rileyds, looks like you really did an amazing job restoring this beauty!!! GLWS
  13. Fishin911

    **2005 Maverick Master Angler w/F150 275 hours**

    Cracker H took amazing care of this MA. As soon as I saw the vessel I knew I wanted her. She looked better than “showroom condition”.... great job cracker h and thank you sir
  14. Fishin911

    **2005 Maverick Master Angler w/F150 275 hours**

    Hi Cracker H please contact me I interested in your MA... (772)485-3843 ray