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  1. Catch and release extended

    At 103 degrees yesterday, I could use some hot and cold sensations reversal
  2. Cooler seating

    Seachoice 35qt cushion on amazon dumb pic
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    Figured out my wife’s vinyl cutting machine and cut and applied all new decals on motor and boat Not perfect but much better then it was
  4. What did you do to your boat today?

    Laying on a creeper and grinding glass for hours is less then a Sunday funday... I had multiple hull voids where the gel coat had air trapped between the next layer of glass. They just grow as you grind then prep and build back up is tedious. put new gaskets on hatches tonight very easy to do and looks and seals so much better
  5. 2004 Pathfinder 22 TE

    Good luck with the sale
  6. 2003 2200v Delamination

    No way I would trust the bonds and gel coat for that size repair doing it without flipping. I spent all day Sunday repairing gel coat voids and scrapes on the keel of my 22 te. It wasn’t easy, and was much more simple then full glass repair Good luck
  7. What did you do to your boat today?

    Fixed gel coat voids on keel and gunnels no bueno replaced lid straps on back hatches yesterday
  8. iCast finds?

    Anglr button and app looks to be a hit
  9. What did you do to your boat today?

    Fixed gel coat voids on keel and gunnels no bueno replaced lid straps on back hatches yesterday
  10. Poling Platform for 22 Path

    Where is this at? Will it fit also on a te?
  11. Scallop Season 2018

    Did well in 6ft of water North of Homosassa on Saturday
  12. CRB Saturday

    Had a good day on the water Saturday Love it when the weather keeps everyone else home. Launched about 1:30 at crb, light drizzle but flat seas. Only found threadfins for bait and bought a few shrimp that did the trick inshore. Tarpon were thick but not interested so moved inshore and picked up dinner with a lot of snook mixed in. Good day
  13. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Wade fishing Tampa Bay
  14. Stump pass reports

    Placida LGI and BG are all dead fish right now gulf and bay bummer
  15. Stump pass reports

    Any reports around that area? Fished LGI and the passes before the rains and did well, but lots of fresh water since then. Anyone made it out? Anyone wanna jump on the boat 06/02- 06/09 just let me know
  16. Stump pass reports

    Seems the red tide has made its way to Stump pass and a lemon bay now. Red tide set in at bull bay last Thursday. We fished in Lemon Bay through Friday and no sign of it then but it is there now. We did well with medium sized trout and snook of all sizes. Could not get outside because of the west wind but heard good reports of tarpon in bgp before redtide.
  17. What did you do to your boat today?

    I found this under the deck while adding a battery tender trolling motor attachment. Looked fine above deck. Don’t know how this thing didn’t burn the boat down and the trolling motor was still in full operation never trust someone else’s rigging
  18. Boca Grande

    Rattlesnake key
  19. VMAX Oil Tank rigging compartment

    Change the oil filter and triple check that harness while you have the tank out both are known culprits for issues down the road
  20. Minn Kota Quick release on 2400v

    Just did the same forward bolts went thru the hull behind rub rail, made an aluminum barstock backer plate on underside and double nutted. Rear screws I used the mk self tightening rubber grommets with no way to mount it through the deck. Did not trust the aluminum plate only that is made in the boat. Cleared the clear with no issues when motor is on the boat.
  21. BPS is doing the 6 payment option right now and seems like a good idea to replace my trolling motor using this option. What is the best value between MinnKota 24v and Motor Guide 24v? spot lock is important to me, do both motors have to work through electronics?? prefer 80lb thrust or highest 24v available pros and cons corrosion protection and longevity?
  22. Recommendations on wireless trolling motors

    I bought the Minn Kota I-Pilot and couldn’t be happier so far. Remote is a bit heavy around my neck all day but once I’ve gotten use to the remote and functions it’s been great.
  23. Tired of wet feet

    I have installed rabuds years ago and no real help with scuppers taking on water in the cockpit of my 22te when I have more then one other person in the boat or livewells full. Considering plugging the floor drains with 5 inch standpipes while in use. Im never in a situation that I could take one over the bow and could easily pull the pipes if a situation arose. Anyone else do this? Work well?
  24. My son is 10 and plays travel baseball as well as rec. I have managed his teams most of his young career in baseball. Lost the past 7 spring and fall fishing seasons to baseball but love the game and the time with my son and dad on the field. How many of you guys have also had this experience with your kids? Any professional coachs on here? The experience has been very rewarding but selfishly I really want to get in more time on the boat one of these spring and fall seasons!