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  1. Props for sale

    Trade powertech for ofx4 19pitch?
  2. Props for sale

    Pics of the power tech showing cup please
  3. Cheap 21 Master Angler

    In Winter Haven all the time, can put an eye on it if you need it.
  4. The rain has a lot of moving water in the lakes in Lakeland right now. Its paying off with catching some green fish!
  5. Who's running vmax

    250 vmax hpdi on 22te 58@5700ish rpm yam 21p three blade

    Launched at 2 pm to catch the afternoon heavy outgoing. Bait was one and done just outside of Cockroach. Bait everywhere really. Headed up the river to try our hand at something new and the backflow from the developing storm made us leave. Headed south toward the old ferry dock, good water clarity but appeared to be an algae bloom on top of the water. As the tide got right we headed to the honey hole and it produced. Snook freejumping. Popping 50 yards in all directions. Caught many 22s and occasional small trout. Hooked and kept one top slot Red. Rolled back to the ramp with just enough moonlight to spot markers on the way in. Beautiful night in the bay and all to ourselves after the storms blew everyone else away.
  7. Sarasota guide recommendation

    Nate Weisman google Captain Nate
  8. Never-ending Verado Issues...

    Highly recommend Tom Reitan at Marine Supply and his team of mechanics. They are merc and yam certified, plus mechanics not parts changers. Sounds like a harness/ground issue. Could take a long tedious time to diagnose wiring.
  9. HPDI Vmax problems

    Will just give you symptoms and fixes for my vz 250 in the past year. running on 4 cyl only-very rough-throttle position sensor malfunction- never shows on yds electrical issue to tps- change wifing harness. -very common issue and doesnt show on yds either Oil tank not filling from reserve tank- immediate alarm and limp mode. Wiring issue inside reserve tank near float trim motor corrosion and quit- replace and rebuild ran terribly rough- fouled plugs from long idling- changed spark plugs I highly recommend Tim and Derrick at Marine Supply in Winter Haven. They worked diligently to take care of any issues and looked past Yamahas recommendations of ecu replacement which it was not. The wiring issues had to be traced and probed for hours. My boat ran great this past weekend and feel confident for the future.
  10. Hurricane Hunters Moved from Macdill

    Welcome to Lakeland
  11. 3.3 VMax RPM drop

    X2 on new plugs and check to see if the ceramic is cracked. Mechanics cracked 4 of 6 previously. Mine had plugs with less then 10hrs and were fouled. Cleaned with carb cleaner then changed to new. Keep old as backup. Cost me half of my vacation fishing. Napa and Autozone sell the plugs for $4.95. 03 vz250
  12. What happen to the Redfish????

    Tampa Bay turned on with Reds this weekend. The one I caught yesterday was very pink, not dark colored llke the tanic water it was caught in. Makes me suspect and incoming fish from deeper offshore waters perhaps. Fished hard for a week in June in Englewood and nada for reds. A friend that lives there and is on the water daily has experienced the same thing.
  13. Need a new onboard battery charger

    My noco genius has been flawless for past two years
  14. Boca Grande - 4th of July Weekned

    Headed to El Galeon tomorrow thru July 1 with the Pathfinder small bait inside good bait on beach so I have heard
  15. Yamaha 2005 VMAX Carbed Troubleshooting

    Check the plastic connection between the push rod and the oil injection. These get beittle and break after time. Over abundence of oil is sent if this happens. Spoke to my mechanic about this a few weeks ago.
  16. Stump Pass dredging

    Ill be at El Galeon week of 6.24 when are you headed down?
  17. $ for ecu,hp pump, and injectors, cowel?
  18. HPDI Vmax issue

    My 03 vmax hpdi had two issues recently fixed. Shift selector switch would not allow engine to go from 4 to 6 cylinders. Same exact diagnosis as yours. Replaced by mechanic and full rpms back and full fuel delivery. Can only be diagnosed if run on the water hooked to yds. 45$ part Secondly, a faulty wire causing the oil pump not to fill the main tank on motor. Yamaha stated it was ecu, mechanic changed harness and chased wires for two weeks to get the bug out. Meantime , I bought an ecu off ebay then returned for credit while the diagnosis changed. 4 mechanics couldnt figure out the first problem, dont give up on it. hope you find your solution
  19. Minn Kota copilot 60" 24v 80lb thrust

    Quantum smoke 40 series reel spooled with 20 super slick power pro matched to a 7 ft smoke medium rod
  20. Minn Kota copilot 60" 24v 80lb thrust

    Smoke setup 7ft ?
  21. HDS 7 Gen 3 - night mode in the day time question

    Throw a dark towel over the screen and your head until you can see to adjust
  22. Electrical issue diagnosis help wanted

    Plastic fuse blocks become brittle and break apart as mine did. Changed the block and no problems since then.
  23. Help, oil pump question

    Wiring harness failed on my hpdi, mechanic knew what it was before I brought to him. Replaced wire harness and all set. Was previously at mechanic for faulty shift selector switch that 2 other shops could not diagnose.