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  1. Telltale, where do you guys play tourneys usually?
  2. My son is 10 and plays travel baseball as well as rec. I have managed his teams most of his young career in baseball. Lost the past 7 spring and fall fishing seasons to baseball but love the game and the time with my son and dad on the field. How many of you guys have also had this experience with your kids? Any professional coachs on here? The experience has been very rewarding but selfishly I really want to get in more time on the boat one of these spring and fall seasons!
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    New Shoes and no where to go, dang baseball season!
  4. Tired of wet feet

    The forum never disappoints rabuds were not right thanks guys
  5. Engine Alarm

    Same here
  6. Tired of wet feet

    Yes taking the grates off and inserting standpipes so the water level would have to be higher level inside the standpipe to overflow to flood the floor. Can not get to the tubing under the deck as far as I can tell. Do not want to make the boat bilge dependent only for draining.
  7. Tired of wet feet

    Rabuds are installed with spacers correctly but have not helped with the water intrusion in the floor scuppers. May replace flaps behind rabuds again to see if that helps. With a 5 in standpipe, i would not think water intrusion would happen after inserting, and not enough water could collect to get to electrical under console. Easy to pull at the dock or in case of emergency
  8. Tired of wet feet

    I have installed rabuds years ago and no real help with scuppers taking on water in the cockpit of my 22te when I have more then one other person in the boat or livewells full. Considering plugging the floor drains with 5 inch standpipes while in use. Im never in a situation that I could take one over the bow and could easily pull the pipes if a situation arose. Anyone else do this? Work well?
  9. 2005 2200v trolling motor

    I installed a terrova 24v 80lb on my 22te. First time out, spot lock held my boat and a 22 hydra sport tied off to mine in place in moderate wind. I was more then impressed.
  10. HELP! What is happening with my new motor?

    What rpm are you at? Hitting rev limiter?
  11. What did you do to your boat today?

    Installed a Minn Kota Ipilot with spot lock. What a gamechanger
  12. BPS is doing the 6 payment option right now and seems like a good idea to replace my trolling motor using this option. What is the best value between MinnKota 24v and Motor Guide 24v? spot lock is important to me, do both motors have to work through electronics?? prefer 80lb thrust or highest 24v available pros and cons corrosion protection and longevity?
  13. Props for sale

    Trade powertech for ofx4 19pitch?
  14. Props for sale

    Pics of the power tech showing cup please