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  1. Yamaha 2005 VMAX Carbed Troubleshooting

    Check the plastic connection between the push rod and the oil injection. These get beittle and break after time. Over abundence of oil is sent if this happens. Spoke to my mechanic about this a few weeks ago.
  2. Stump Pass dredging

    Ill be at El Galeon week of 6.24 when are you headed down?
  3. $ for ecu,hp pump, and injectors, cowel?
  4. HPDI Vmax issue

    My 03 vmax hpdi had two issues recently fixed. Shift selector switch would not allow engine to go from 4 to 6 cylinders. Same exact diagnosis as yours. Replaced by mechanic and full rpms back and full fuel delivery. Can only be diagnosed if run on the water hooked to yds. 45$ part Secondly, a faulty wire causing the oil pump not to fill the main tank on motor. Yamaha stated it was ecu, mechanic changed harness and chased wires for two weeks to get the bug out. Meantime , I bought an ecu off ebay then returned for credit while the diagnosis changed. 4 mechanics couldnt figure out the first problem, dont give up on it. hope you find your solution
  5. Minn Kota copilot 60" 24v 80lb thrust

    Quantum smoke 40 series reel spooled with 20 super slick power pro matched to a 7 ft smoke medium rod
  6. Minn Kota copilot 60" 24v 80lb thrust

    Smoke setup 7ft ?
  7. HDS 7 Gen 3 - night mode in the day time question

    Throw a dark towel over the screen and your head until you can see to adjust
  8. Electrical issue diagnosis help wanted

    Plastic fuse blocks become brittle and break apart as mine did. Changed the block and no problems since then.
  9. Help, oil pump question

    Wiring harness failed on my hpdi, mechanic knew what it was before I brought to him. Replaced wire harness and all set. Was previously at mechanic for faulty shift selector switch that 2 other shops could not diagnose.
  10. Oysters - Expensive $$

    Most oysters have been coming out of Tx as of late. Wholesale pricing is about 36$ for 100ct 30lb cleaned
  11. Kudos Boat Master Trailers

    He helped me out with fenders a few months ago. Great service!
  12. Yamaha 150 vs 150 SHO?

    I was considering a repower, between a f200, sho 200, and Suzuki df200. Using existing rigging for my hpdi, the yamahas were considerably more expensive than a df200 with all new rigging. Suzuki has best weight to hp ratio and much more torque than both Yamaha models. The Suzuki spins a 16in prop where as the yamahas can not do it. If I repower, my money is on Suzuki.
  13. Thought you guys might enjoy this

    Old timers say that was the best way of fishing the train trustle to Boca Grande using a Calcutta cane pole and red tail hawk on a full moon. Old school, would like to try it some day