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  1. G8rfisher

    Need Embroidery

    Did Sandy just do the embroidery or the entire seats
  2. G8rfisher

    Need Embroidery

    Looking for recommendations: I have an upholstery shop that I love, however I need an embroiderer that can do Hewes logos and my boat logo on some vinyl. I have the material, I will mail to embroider and then need it mailed back. Fast turn around and great quality is important. Thanks for all info!
  3. I have a 1995 Hewes Bafisher that I want to replace or repair a few things like the hoist rings (stern), bilge thru-hull, wiring, etc. I would also like to check the stringers as there is 20+ years on this hull and I would love to get another 20. Does anyone have any experience with removing the cap and replacing? I must say, it seems the rub rail has been repaired several times as there are screw holes under so I would like to tighten all of this up also. All comments and advice are welcome!
  4. I was just in Steinhatchee for 4 days, lol.
  5. Where do I start testing? On a 1999 Yamaha 115 Inshore, what am I looking for (Stator, Rectifier, Alternator?), I am ordering a manual but still need to know what to look for. Thanks for the help!
  6. Still having problems with this and I am getting really tired of running out of juice while on the water and not being able to use my accessories. How do I test the regulator/stator/rectifier on my engine? Is it possible there is a bad cable coming from engine to battery? I feel there has been plenty of "modifications" over the years before I bought it and I don't know where to start trouble shooting and it isn't worth spending thousands on, I would rather upgrade to newer model. Thanks for all the input!
  7. Never any resistance to start at all. Always cranks on first try when warm.
  8. With in an hour of being on the water, using livewell and powerpole my voltage drops to 10 and never recovers throughout the day, even when I make long runs. To me it seems my boat is running purely on battery.
  9. I am using the guage on my Garmin.
  10. Only the main battery, it is separate from the trolling motor. Is there a way to test it or do I just need to replace it?
  11. When I unplug my batteries before fishing I am about 12.6 volts. I run 3 batteries, 1 house and 2 for trolling motor. I have read that when you run your voltage should increase to 14.1-14.6, recently mine only goes down throughout the day no matter how long I run. I am running a 1999 Yamaha 115 Inshore. This may sound stupid, do these motors have an alternator that could have gone bad? Any suggestions?
  12. I am in Bonita Springs for meetings and only have 1 night left. I am interested in some evening snook or tarpon fishing. I haven't had great luck with charter trips so I don't just want to call anyone and get suckered. Anyone available this evening or have suggestions. Early morning tomorrow is also possible. Thanks for the info in advance!
  13. G8rfisher

    1994 Bayfisher - How do you replace Bilge thru-hull

    Unfortunately I still do not have an answer but would love to replace the fitting.
  14. G8rfisher

    1995 Bayfisher - Weight

    Can anyone tell me the approximate weight of a 1994 18' Bayfisther with 1995 Yamaha 115 and fuel? Approximate trailer weight would be helpful. (single axle, aluminum)
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