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  1. The official bragging board of the MBG boat owners. After all, its why we have these boats!
  2. 2001 Pathfinder 17 tunnel - see pics

    Dang, that thing has to get skinny for a 20 inch push pole and a 12 inch talon to work for it!! Beautiful boat, well equipped, should go quick at that price! GLWYS
  3. Opinion on the v max HDPI

    Big block = what HP?
  4. THIS is a sunrise

    Man, gotta love it when the sky puts on a show in the morning!
  5. So You Think Your Day Was Bad

    Oh man, I am sorry for whoevers boat that was. I hope everyone is okay.
  6. 21 MA for $14k

    Congrats, but we expect some more pics now, that is a beautiful sled!
  7. 2013 Pathfinder 23HPS

    Congrats on the new sled!
  8. What to do??

    I thought maybe you had both, couldn't remember. Now I see it in your signature.
  9. Poling platform off Maverick hpx

    I just PM'd Captain calf. Not sure if this would fit on an MA, but ole Smurfette would sure look fancy with one!
  10. Jack Plates on a 2000v P/F

    koondog, if you take it off, let me know. I have been tempted to put one on my MA.
  11. 1997 Maverick 17 MA / $12,900

    12 - 13 inches draft. Just ask Concean. (that is an accurate real world answer, but I had to jab Paul for correcting me on another thread, I thought it was less)
  12. What to do??

    I think he was referring to the HPX chop handling compared to the MA and the Redfisher. I would live to hear an accurate and experienced opinion on this from someone who has had both an MA and an HPX.
  13. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    It is hard to beat watching a red attack a topwater, but dang they have bad aim!
  14. Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 3000

    darn! good deal!
  15. What to do??

    Perhaps the past 7 months without her has made my memories of her performance a bit more whimsical. I do seem to recall poling her in spit one time and slicing through 40' swells. Are you going to tell me I am wrong about that too? Sheesh, leave a guy to his fantasies, man! Its all I got at the moment!
  16. What to do??

    Paul, I am probably splitting hairs here, but I would challenge you depths a bit, but not by much. With trim tabs and jack plate, I have always looked for 2.5 feet to pop up, and am careful about tearing up grass. as I write this though, I am realizing that I am using my depthfinder, so the tranducer depth is probably the difference. As for draft, seems like I can pole around nicely with two guys in 10-12 inches, but where I go i am often in muddy bottoms so that may explain it . But would agree, the MA is welll suited for what you describe. The old ones -85, 87 Are a lot lighter than the later models, so if you find one that was restored or are willing to take it on, you will get a little skinnier.
  17. Well, after arguably the most aggravating and frustrating 5 months, I am finally about to get my 18.5 MA repaired. For those of you who don't know the story, you may want to review this thread. There are a lot of good learnings in there that I'd rather you get by reading, vs. repeating, my mistakes. For those who don't want to ready 4 pages, here's the cliff notes version of what's going to be addressed here: 1) I bought this boat sight unseen in November of 2016. The boat was nearly pristine and had clearly been babied it's entire life. Hardly a scratch on her, upgraded poling platform, great engine, and (arguably now) a very good deal. I had a few guys from the forum check it out, didn't get a survey, and when she arrived here, she was everything I had hoped. 2) Almost to the day, one year later, I discovered a new crack in the hull on the port side chine when running down a small leak. This eventually revealed a much more serious problem - I had a delaminated stringer. By all accounts, this is a manufacturing defect that caused the stringer not to fully bond to the hull. It was exactly because the boat had been babied all of its life and hardly used that the issue remained hidden. I take the boat out 2-3 times a week, and the stinger separated more and more over time until the hull began to fail. Thankfully, I caught it relatively quickly. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't cover manufacturing defects, and Maverick isn't going to take responsibility for an issue they caused 17 years ago, so I'm on my own. 3) Getting someone to take this on has proven MUCH harder than I had ever dreamed. The first guy only wanted to fix it when he thought the insurance company would pay. He jacked the price up and then stopped calling me back when the claim was declined. I had 2 other shops simply refuse to take it on. The next shop wanted 20-25K to address it, and would only do it if I did a full cap-off restoration. The tank (poly) and wiring are in excellent condition, and I don't have 20-25K, so that wasn't an option. I was about to bite the bullet and drive her down to Bob at Inshore Marine Specialties to get his opinion, but with 5 kids and a crazy work schedule, that trip was proving impossible. Bob has been great throughout this process giving advice and guidance on what to consider when addressing this. 4) Spence/NagJuice has been pushing me to check out a guy 2 hrs north of here who he's been following on the Hull Truth. It's taken me 5 months to finally reach out to the guy, but he's got the experience and ability to do the job right. Some of you have seen his build threads on The Hull Truth, where he guts old SeaCrafts and restores them. So, here's the plan: 1) We don't have any reason to believe that the issue is broader than the port side stringer, but we don't want to leave anything to chance. Popping the entire cap off of a boat is not a small matter and frankly, we don't have enough reason to believe it is necessary at this point. The plan currently is to cut the cap off just aft of the cockpit, cutting across the narrowest sections where the gunnel meets the back deck, then across and mid-way up the rear wall of the cockpit. He will have to cut around the splashwell because the cap is likely puttied impossibly to the transom there. Doing this will allow him to remove the rear portion of the cap and have full access to the entire stern. 2) He will check out the starboard stringer to see if there are any issues there, and then confirm that the issue on the port stringer is isolated to the rear, port quadrant. If you are a praying type, say a prayer for me that it doesn't extend any further forward. 3) He will then cut out the stringer, fix the crack in the hull from the inside, then repair the stringer. If there are any issues with the starboard stringer, he'll obviously address that as well. 4) From there, it will be a matter of replacing the rear section of the cap, glassing/reinforcing, and repairing. If this boat were in less pristine condition, a full restoration would make sense, but the fact is, the boat looks new, the wiring is in great shape, and all of the various builders/repair shops have agreed that the tank has many many years left in it. Work won't start on the boat for a month or so, but I wanted to put this out there to get any reactions to the plan. While I plan to keep the boat for a very very long time, I am having it fixed with the idea that the repair should be done in a way that only increases the confidence in the boat's structural integrity. The shop will be taking a ton of pics to document the repair from start to finish, which I will post here as I get them. Stay tuned, and feel free to PM me with any thoughts - Whichwaysup
  18. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    I am glad you did. It led to an important convo on my last visit!
  19. Shout out to HMG

    Several of you have helped me try to track down the elusive removable hatch for my Maverick. This has proven to be a lot more difficult than I could have expected. After scouring the internet and striking out, I reached out directly to Great Lakes Skipper, but alas, they didn't have any in stock. I eventually went up stream and contacted the manufacturer - HMG (Hi-tide Manufacturing Group) to see if I could find what I needed. The good news is that they do still make the Jim Black 11 x 15 I needed for my 18 MA, and the good news was that Great Lakes Skipper has 10 on order. The bad news is that the order wasn't going to arrive for a few weeks and there wasn't anywhere else to order them. Amy at HMG took my info and promised to follow up with me to see what could be done. A couple of hours later, my phone rings. After realizing that the Great Lakes Skipper order would be further delayed and they couldn't put one aside for me on backorder, she found out that they had a few loose units. They don't normally take orders directly from the public, but she made an exception for me and was able to take my order and have it shipped out. As you can imagine, the idea of finally getting the boat back, but not being able to use it because the splashwell has an 11 x 15 opening in it was not a pleasant prospect. It would have been easy for Amy to simply tell me to wait till GLS got their order. This kind of service makes a big difference, so a major shout out to Amy and to HMG. I know that there are a few of you looking for replacement bilge access panels for your boats - great to know there are some customer friendly business out there to support!

    HMMMmmmmmmm - lots of spider web cracks on either side of that thing . . . . And that gel coat is being pushed OUT, not in. . . . Man, it seems like there is a lot of this going on. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. . . .
  21. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Wow, that is a pig!! Where is that?
  22. Week of Maverick’s

    Ralph, Nice work. I hve a question for you, feel free to respond privately, but thought others may have similar questions. I have a very nice, custom platform on my 18 MA. I would like to get a jackplate, but the platform would have to be taller to accomodate. How hard is it to increase the height, and is there anyway to do it without impacting the aesthetics with mid-bar welds? I cant think of a way, but thought Id see if you have something clever up your sleeve.
  23. 2017 Hewes Redfisher SOLD

    liked "Check with your wife first" Probably goid to check with your bank too, but after your wife. GLWYS, pics and location may help!
  24. 2018 Egret Mocassin 210

    Only if he doesnt upgrade to a 26 MA! I think as long as you are SELLING an Egret, you can talk about it. Nice boat, GLWYS!
  25. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    We did, it was in good shape. When I bought the boat, it had a pretty significant crack at the top of the livewell. I didnt discover it until the fist time I used the boat. That got interesting very quickly! We fixed it and checked them then, but re-inspected it last weekend.