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  1. 21 Master Angler - CL Find

    Dang - that's a nice looking boat for that price.
  2. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Well done - really well done getting her that Tarpon. That's a lifetime memory right there!
  3. New MBG Facility

    Looking good. You all putting a ramp in that pond?
  4. 1977 master angler

    Just keep her floating. Plenty of time left in her. And as good as she looks, she may not need as much TLC as you think. She'll definitely let you know when its time, though. Ask me how I know!
  5. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Dang, those are nice fish! I mean, for non-catfish, anyway.
  6. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    Yeah, I can see where this thread is going. Probably best to let it drop. I'll be lurking on the vintage MA thread drooling over pics if you need me. (no Yeti Coolers were injured in the making of this post)
  7. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    No, the real problem is people making statements such as yours.
  8. 2004 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    I can't believe it if it is. That is a beautiful specimen. Kills me that mine is in the shop and this one is just a few hours west. Good luck, Stu, hope you get one of these!
  9. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    Whew, looks like my Rambler is safe! That was close. I might have had to resurrect my portable coffee mug warmer.
  10. 1977 master angler

    Sign me up for this one - looking forward to watching the progress! Looks like you are starting with a solid boat to begin with, and that hull is going to ruin you for life. Once you own an MA/Berg, you'll never be happy with anything else!
  11. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    It will be interesting to see where Yeti really is on this thing. I don't own a gun at the moment, but nothing makes me want to buy one like having the Gov't seem so eager to eliminate the 2nd amendment. Gun toter or not, it ought to make everyone a little nervous when the government wants to infringe on a right that was put into the constitution for the EXPRESS purpose of protecting citizens from government tyranny. A well armed constituency tends to keep our politicians in check. . . Just waiting to find out if I need to blow up my Yeti Rambler. I sure will miss that thing!
  12. 1999 Maverick Master Angler 18.5' - $16500

  13. Prophylactic Fuel Tank Removal-MA17

    is your aluminum or poly?
  14. Mav HPV17 Bench Seat with Backrest Issue

    does that seat slide??? if so, part number???