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    Yep, watching it closely here, too. We are enjoying the swells though. Good surfing at least for now!
  2. Another New Model?

    How about s OK me hints, Skip, to keep this interesting?
  3. Red

    Just pulled two pork shoulders off my Egg this a.m. you will love that thing!
  4. Master Angler Production

    Nuttin'. Not a word. Got us all fired up and excited, but radio silence. Will we really see the MA reborn? C'mon, Skip, have mercy on us
  5. Is this going to cut into my fishing time?

    CONGRATULATIONS! So, let me answer the question this way; NO. It will likely increase it. Yes, there will be periods where you fish less, a few that you don't fish at all, but if you invest your time in your wife and new child, you will find yourself fishing far more. I have five kids. Do you know what is my biggest source of stress these days? Which one of them to take. The harass me, beg me, push me, force me to take them fishing, even on mornings that I'm so dog tired I just want to sleep in. I have no more fishing buddies, because I'm not allowed to go with them. Just ask Nag - I wish he and I could fish more, but noooooooo, my kids would never tolerate that! Oh, and the pics below only show 4 of my kids, #5 is only 9 months old, but she wakes up EVERY time I leave the house to go fishing and screams her head off, apparently expressing her dissatisfaction with being left in the crib instead of going fishing. At least, that's my interpretation.
  6. My new 1977 18 maverick

    Putting a price on that is like trying to price a unicorn. It's one of a kind and has a great history. I think 90% of the price is going to be how well the rebuild was done and how well documented it is. Equipped like that, well used 10+ year old MAs get anywhere from 10-20+K. Agree with the above, if that motor is healthy, that boat should be into the low 40 MPH range easily. My 87 easily got 43/44 with that old smoker 115 I had on it.
  7. My new 1977 18 maverick

    Now THAT is cool! If it is a '77, then it is actually a Berg boat, not a Maverick, but it is the same hull that eventually became the Maverick Master Angler. Clearly that one has been completely re-done, and I see some things that I really like - particularly the toe rails to keep fly-line on the deck and not in the water! Odd that you are having trouble getting on plane. I had an 87 MA with a very old 115 on it and it jumped up on plane pretty quickly. May be a prop issue, or you may not be getting the correct amount of power out of it due to fuel/carbon build up/ etc. Would love to hear more details on the boat!
  8. Another New Model?

    My Egret is on order, sure hope he comes back quick so I can cancel it in time!
  9. My Maverick

    Beautiful - man, love those early morning boat pics!
  10. Sunday Evening / Savannah Ga.

    Ahhhhhh - love me some marsh views!
  11. Another New Model?

    ummmmmm - really? How long are you going to leave us hanging here? First the Master Angler tease, now this . . then silence??? Cruel, cruel, cruel. I'm going to buy an Egret out of spite
  12. Newsed motor for our MA

    THERE SHE IS!!!! Oh, how I loved that boat! She looks beautiful and I'm not too surprised that the 90 is enough for her - that boat is a LOT lighter than my 2000 MA. So glad to see her again, and exceptionally happy to hear that she's got a new power pack on the back! Keep her well coated in fish slime - she get's really cranky if the layers thin out! BTW, I guess it's time for me to update my profile pic, it should be yours now!
  13. Another New Model?

    Clever, boys, clever - count the ribs, get the length.
  14. Ideas for shop build

    I want that. I want that REALLY REALLY bad. I want everything in it!
  15. 2000 hpxt refurb

    What's the latest??