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  1. What did you do to your boat today?

    only 20.5, but there are some bigger ones around. Guy up here caught this pig, 29.75 and 9.75 lbs. DonV, stupid question, but what are the actuators, and are they different than the switches? Feel free to answer when you stop laughing at the stupidity of the question.
  2. What did you do to your boat today?

    wow, nicely done!!
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    Well, I got 1, 3, 4 and 5 done, plus replacing my trailer lights. Thanks to Hurricane for the advice on where to mount the battery tender! Managed to do that after a mornung fishing trip where we caught 32 trout by 10 a.m.. A good day. looks like my trim tab will require some professional help!
  4. What did you do to your boat today?

    Gonna be busy this weekend!
  5. Trout bite on fire

    Dang, man. They are usually thick here, but this year it's been hit and miss. Incredible when it is on, but some days they just aren't there.
  6. Best price on a Yamaha Lower unit

    Check with Matt Conrad - he posts in the classifieds in the boat accessories section and often has used engines. I don't personally know how reputable he is, but he's been on here a lot and I've never seen anyone say anything bad about him!
  7. 1998 Maverick Master Angler 17

    Dang, that may be a decent deal. Not a steal, but if that engine has more life in it, it would be a great entry point into the MA family. One of those rare situations where you plug your nose and just put up with the bottom paint and enjoy the boat for a few years, then decide whether to address it or sell it and upgrade later. 8500 asking puts you in a decent zip code for negotiations.
  8. My 21 MA

    MDS - you gotta stop dangling that thing with Nagjuice around. You are showing crack to an addict. Ever since he bought his (2nd) 18.5 MA, he's been jonesing for a 21. A late model 21 with an SHO is just going to be too much for the guy's heart. It's bad for his health. Have mercy on the guy, really! Gorgeous sled, awesome rocket on the back, that thing is a real treasure!
  9. Jackplate.... YES or NO??

    You know what would be REALLY cool for this forum? If we were all registered based on our boat make/model - and we could send out surveys to folks with the model/year/specifications we were targeting for questions like this - It would be nice to have a quick answer like "Do you have a jackplate on your MA 18, and do you like it?" Bam, you get a quick poll result and know the general consensus. Okay, back to work. Dang I wish I were out fishing right now.
  10. Post your MA pics here!

    Dang, good to see the MA's starting to show up here. Notably missing are EJEROME, Palmetto, and a few other recent additions - get 'em posted up, boys!
  11. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    Daygator, great discussion - let's move this over to the original blisters thread. I think we've pretty much hijacked both Linesider and VS's posts! Anyone disagee with moving this over there?
  12. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    Daygator, I see that Hurricane shot you the link. There seem to be two different causes of the blisters, one internal - apparently resin related, and one external - water related. From everything I have ever read and personally experienced, you have to leave a boat in the water a long time completely unprotected to get the second kind of blister, and those tend to disappear when the hull is left to dry out. From what I have read, mostly on sailboat forums, the impacted hulls are both older than these and have been exposed to water constantly, as you can imagine would happen to a sailboat. For a 17 year old flats boat to be in the water enough to be impacted by these kinds of blisters, the gelcoat would have to be porus from lack of care, excessive sun damage/oxidation etc, in which case you would likely see significant corrosion elsewhere and other indications of abuse, neglect. I am no expert here, but barring the possibility of poor quality gelcoat (if there is such a thing) it would be hard to imagine someone a)keeping a flats boat in the water that much AND b) being able to clean it up enough to hide the other impacts of doing so AND c) being so bold about claiming it was garage kept all its life. Most sellers who would lie tend to hedge and keep the lies as close to reality as possible. I could be totally wrong here, but common sense would suggest that they use gel coat on boats for a reason. If it blistered from normal water use, they would have used something else a long time ago. Thus, it supports the theory of a different cause, from the other side of the equation - the fiberglass, resin, bonding, etc, Which would not be exacerbated by water use.
  13. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    Daygator, I will let VS respond, but again, the blisters on the MA are not water related. That has been established and re-established several times. The current theory is that it is related to off gassing of the resin used in some models. it does not get worse, they dont crack or pop, and they are not affected by water. There ARE water induced blisters that affect gel coat but the ones for this particular model are unrelated.
  14. Jackplate.... YES or NO??

    I want one so badly I can taste it. my last one had one and I liked it as an insurance policy on the lower unit. Those 6 inches can make a big difference. I does not improve running performance, but it is really nice in shallow water conditions and helps get up in tight water.
  15. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    That is fantastic, I think Hurricane called it. Looks like you got a real gem! Looking forward to hearing how the wet test goes. that blue is going to really make you smile, btw. Although I love my fighting yellow MA, I still miss my blue MA. When she was all waxed up she absolutely beamed.