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  1. 1996 Bonefisher 16 Gunnels Uneven

    This is becoming my favorite thread. "Here's what you need to do. . ." followed by some really clever solutions, all of which are different. Somehow reminiscent of a Monte Python movie . . . https://youtu.be/X2xlQaimsGg
  2. Sell or trade 2008 150hp Yamaha Vmax?

    Reach out to Eilybird, He has my old MA and that thing would be a really nice addition.
  3. New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    soflah, where in NC are you?
  4. 2004 22 TE 2014 F150

    psst, starbrite hull cleaner will help your pics a bit. spray on, wait, rinse, no yellow hull!
  5. 1996 Bonefisher 16 Gunnels Uneven

    that boat looks crooked on the trailer, but I dont see an issue witht the gunnels relative to the bottom of the hull. Hard to tell from pics, though. Seems like if you measure from the ground to various portions of the hull port and starboard and compare those, it should tell you if the hull of the boat is level with the ground. then measure the same spots but from ground to the rub rails, and compare that to the first set of measurements, it should help you find discrepencies that would prove out what you think.
  6. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Whenever he finishes.
  7. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Thabks, but not me doing this one. I am all about using the pros when it comes to this stuff!
  8. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Who says that stringers cant be sexy??? Making progress, stringers are now fully tabbed in, channels made for water to drain from the areas outside of the stringers, stringers have been extended back to the transom and tied into the transom support knees. Through hulls are being replaced, throttle/shifter are being replaced, new hoses and pumps going in, we are getting close to putting her back together!
  9. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Nicely done!! Got out in the marsh today, missed a lot of topwater reds, but ended up pulling three 26' fish over the gunnels. Was able to give my Nephew his first topwater red experience. His quote, "Wow, those dont fight like Bass!"
  10. 2005 Pathfinder 2000v with hull damage

    Chelsea, if Pathfinder is offering to fix it, you have a pedigree on the repair that will help in the resale. If they had offered to help me out with my delaminated stringer on my MA, I would have jumped on it. I wasn't so lucky. My repair guy actually reached out for advice and the response was apparently "Good luck with that." I am trying to get the actual email exchange to confirm that. A little disappointing, but if they are offering you help, its worth considering.
  11. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Gabe thats a hell of a catch! Nice fish, too!
  12. All quiet for now

    Thanks for posting, Bubba. We're watching TD 3 up here in NC. Not likely an impact though. Good waves though!
  13. Capt. Troys Marina????

    THERE'S my truck!!!! Dang, dont you hate it when you forget where you parked? So embarrassing.
  14. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Managed a couple of summertime striper on the river this a.m. with a buddy. My son kicked the skunk off the boat early with a topwater striper, and I managed one later in the a.m. subsurface. Missed about 5 other shor strikers, but not a bad morning for a pre-work dawn patrol.
  15. Flat Tire Tools

    I've been living dangerously - just the basic jack in the truck, a spare tire, and a prayer. I'd like to amend my life because, statistically, I'm due. If anyone has links to the appropriate, basic emergency items, I"m going to correct my errant ways. Add to that list a clever way to keep all this stuff in one place that keeps the grease gun from leaking all over my truck and I'll nominate you for a Nobel.