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  1. whichwaysup

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    and dont get charged when caught. now we know why they did all that. Why not??
  2. whichwaysup

    Fuel Water Separator

    That's how mine is rigged. Tank - line - fuel/water separator - bulb - engine
  3. whichwaysup

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    Ignore them. They probably diss having fuzzy dice dangling from your VHF antennae too, but some folk aint got NO sense of style . . .
  4. whichwaysup

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    bdsnook, With my stringer delam, I ended up with a crack in the strake where the hull flexed. Did you have any hull breaches with your stringer or bulkhead cracks?
  5. whichwaysup

    Ft Laud Boat Center Closed

    I'll jump in here. With 5 kids, I'm staring down the barrel of either trying to give my kids what I had - the "traditional college experience" for ~100-200K each (yeah, do THAT math), or finding an alternative. The more I look into the options, the more I'm convinced that the "traditional college experience" route is a really bad option. I've been teaching them from early on, how to work their arse's off. We homeschool and I'm a brutal principal. They pull more than their fair share of the work it takes to keep a large family running. This summer, I got a little encouragement that maybe we're on the right track. Even though they are under age, they've been asked by some local businesses to help out. It's tough work, in the sun, but they earn more in 3 hrs of work than a lot of college grads - and I get compliments constantly (because I check in constantly) that they are blowing the socks off of everyone they work with. the fact that they get paid is secondary, I just wanted them to experience hard manual labor early on. Now my biggest problem is trying to explain to them why they can't buy $500 surfboards every other week even though they have the scratch to do it. Ralph - I may send them down your way in a year or two to learn the trade. Hell, I might just come with them.
  6. whichwaysup

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Bring it. Goes well with Gin, so I'm down with it.
  7. whichwaysup

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Y'all are officially invited. There have been a lot of folks who've ridden with me on this journey and I appreciate it more than y'all know. A lot has happened since November 2017 when I first found the issue, and May 2018 when she was cut open for the first time. Now that I'm finally getting close to the destination, though, it's getting harder than ever. I've been waiting to order the new TM, partially because in the back of my mind, I wasn't sure the day would ever come. Not there yet, but getting close.
  8. whichwaysup

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Well, I went ahead and did it. Pulled the trigger on a new 80# thrust Ipilot w/ a 60" shaft to replace my last one. I sold my non-BT version earlier this year because the spot lock always drove me crazy. Had a bunch of Cabela's gift cards and am hoping that the boat is close enough to done that I'll want to have this ready to go for her first trip. Still probably a month away, even though there isn't a ton of work left on her.
  9. whichwaysup

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    Yes, please, more pics, more details. Some of us get very excited by this kind of work. I know a guy like that, anyway.
  10. whichwaysup

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    Justfish - I remember when this thing went down as well. At the time, you suspected it might be related to the guys doing work on the house. Any connection there?
  11. whichwaysup

    Bull Red Fish trip Recommendations

    Was thinking the sam thing, Nag. Pamlico is full of them in August-Sept. Nothing like throwing topwater or popping corks for them in <5 ft of water. These are recent pics from my buddies, they will only get thicker over the next 30 days. Check out Richard Andrews, TarPam website for some recent reports.
  12. whichwaysup

    Minn Kota Heading Sensor Puck

    Hey qq on this - about to pull the trigger on a new TM for my MA once she's finished: A buddy of mine has the puck version on his boat, and he has the puck mounted very close to the TM - like 2-3 ft away at most. You can see the puck in the left side of this pic. I notice when we're moving forward, the head of the TM constantly oscillates back and forth. Is it possible that he has it mounted too close? Anyone else get the constant head oscillations with this puck version? Drives me nuts . . .
  13. whichwaysup

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Had a chance to stop by and put eyes on the boat today, first time since the gelcoat was put on over the deck seams. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about this, because I know how hard it could be to ensure the deck is completely level across the seam while maintaining strength. Wow, I am impressed. He is still sanding and coating, but one side is perfect and he is now finishing the other. Once the non skid goes on, I dont think I will be able to tell where we cut the deck apart. Really pleased, especially knowing the amount of reinforcement around the seam. She may break apart, but it wont be where this deck was fixed.
  14. whichwaysup

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Fresh pics - We are wrapping up the topside work and getting down to the nitty gritty now. Gelcoat is being applied, faired, and matched to all of the seams, and she almost looks like she is back to normal. Nonskid is next up once he gets the seam completely level. Man, I think it is getting close!
  15. whichwaysup

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Be nice to figure out a velcro strap solution. Never seen one, but must be something out there.
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