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  1. whichwaysup

    2003 Maverick Master Angler 18.5

    Man, that is a beautiful sled. Great price for an 03, and a rare find.
  2. whichwaysup

    An addition to your boat tools

    wow. i am impressed with this video for so many reasons
  3. whichwaysup

    Garden and Gun Good Dog Photo Contest

    If one were to enter ones wife into this contest, how long do you suppose it would take for divorce papers to show up?😝 (Disclaimer, I love my wife, she is beautiful, and she will read this post and laugh. And yes, then I will be sleeping in the doghouse for a night or two, but dang it was funny!)
  4. whichwaysup

    1977 master angler

    That's crazy - but having gone through this myself, I've learned the hard way to be REALLY specific, and when there is any hint of ambiguity, pursue it relentlessly. I swear that sometimes these guys WANT you to be ambiguous.
  5. whichwaysup

    An addition to your boat tools

    Thats awesome!
  6. whichwaysup

    An addition to your boat tools

    From time to time, we talk about things to add to your boat equipment. Always great discussion. This a.m., I had a little reminder of something to make sure you might want to add to your list. I caught a nice big bluefish this a.m. on topwater, and in my annoyance, I decided to just hoist him over the gunnel using the rod. He was heavy enough to double the rod over, but not big enough to put it at risk of breaking. Done it a thousand times. Except, being a bluefish, the thing went nuts once it was above the water. It spit the lure, which my doubled-over rod turned into a missile. Not sure how I got so lucky, but the hook of my (big) topwater found its way into my wrist and went in deep. I mean, up to the bend in the hook, and the hooks on this thing are stout. There was no way to remove it, so I got the joy of having to push the point back out of my skin. No problem, being the tough guy I am, I only cried like a little girl for an hour or so, begging God to miraculously intervene from having to execute the mission. There might have been a few expletives embedded in the prayer, which I understand probably made it less efficacious. Getting the dull, rusty, fishy hook through my skin was only half the fun. Turns out, none of the pliers we had on the boat were stout enough to cut through that hook shank. You can probably imagine the joy of being the patient as your not-a-surgeon-for-a-good-reason buddy tries several pairs of pliers with all his shaky might see if one could finally cut the hook. Don't feel badly for me, after another hour or two of sobbing and begging God to kill me I was fine. I'll probably contract tetanus, a flesh eating microbe, and a brain eating disease, and that's fine, but if I don't, next time I am on a boat, I'm gonna be bringing some serious wire cutters with me. I mean, the kind that cut through thick-shanked hooks like buttah.
  7. whichwaysup

    1977 18’ Maverick/Berg

    Man, that is awesome! Looks very similar to my 2000 MA. Love that fighting lady yellow!
  8. whichwaysup

    Anybody want there boat taken north?

    HoneyB, could you grab someone elses boat and bring it to me. something nice. drive fast.
  9. whichwaysup

    What Model Hewes Is This?

    You know they say those things can run in spit . . . or even the dew on mangrove branches . . .
  10. whichwaysup

    Trolling motor opinions

    ^^^^^what he said^^^^^^ I will never go back to non gps TMs. I personally dont like the self deploying ones. The down side of the GPS versions is that if the remote is dead, so is your fishing day (They really should have a manual back up option!) and you exacerbate that with the ulterra. But spot lock and heading lock literally will catch you more fish because you have your hands on the rod more often instead of fiddling qith the TM, and we all know that fish watch for you to get distracted before they bite.
  11. whichwaysup

    What Model Hewes Is This?

    The "No, your OTHER LEFT!!!" model . . .
  12. whichwaysup

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    Lap, is that an MA?
  13. whichwaysup

    Not mine, but a very interesting HPX-S

    What are you running now, Bernie?
  14. whichwaysup

    Not mine, but a very interesting HPX-S

    I hear you, but further north they are REALLY nuts!
  15. I don't know anything about this one, but thought it might get some interest on here. 2016 18' HPX-S that has LITERALLY never touched saltwater, and only has about 3 rs on it. This thing is a museum piece, even has the stickers on the tires still: https://wilmington.craigslist.org/boa/d/wilmington-2016-maverick-hpx-hpx/6961924675.html
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