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  1. whichwaysup

    2007 Maverick Master Anger 17, Seafoam Green

    Okay, gotta ask, 1993 engine on a 2007 boat? Any background on that? The poling platform is an older style, just curious if the two came off an older boat? Very pretty boat and a rare year to find.
  2. whichwaysup

    Yamaha Outboard Shortage

    good eyes!
  3. whichwaysup

    36v Minn Kota Riptide SF (tiller)

    Winner winner chicken dinner. When you have to sell something that is free, and you put it at the bottom of the participation awards for a beauty contest, well, that's money right there! Greatest ad ever.
  4. whichwaysup

    Not Mine, but found on C. List Maverick

    Hmmmmmmm. interesting posting. If I wanted the MA experience and didnt have the scratch to get into the more recent ones, this would seem like a really good candidate for further investigation. certainly some money put into it, a 6 k entry price almost makes me wonder if cosmetics hide issues. Sure, gotta repower sometime, but worth checking out. . . if yorange/orangello is your color.
  5. whichwaysup

    Yamaha Outboard Shortage

    Now you are just showing off!!
  6. whichwaysup

    2012 Maverick 18 HPX-V

    I agree, Conocean, this Nag would be stoopid not to jump on this.. Because the only thing better than owning a cool boat is having a friend that does! Nag, if you bought this, you would be the coolest guy at the sandbar, it would do wonders for your health, and you would never look at another boat lustfully again . . . until I get my MA back of course.
  7. whichwaysup

    10 cent fishing report 03/15

    oh, I thought that is what we had to pay to read it! What a bargain!
  8. whichwaysup

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    A few pics of the final deck fitting. that hole in the gunnel is where Maverick put the 2 part foam. It has been a useful landmark to make sure we gave the deck exactly in the right alignment. Perfect now . . . If the old adage "measure twice, cut once" is a truism, then this is a case of measure 900 times, glass once . . . Plumbing work going on now, then . . . hopefully will never see the bilge this open again!
  9. whichwaysup

    Poling Platform Install help

    Hmmm - I'll let the experts weigh in, but I'm thinking you might be better securing transom first, then doing the topside. You could winch the top of the platform forward from the bow eye bolt to get it into position. Having said all of that, it is a little odd that it is that far off. No matter how you do it, that thing is going to put so stress on the boat. Pain in the neck, but might be worth taking it somewhere to get it bent so it fits flush without being under pressure. . . . Ralph is probably the right person to have opine. . .
  10. whichwaysup

    2012 Maverick 18 HPX-V

    I don't know what the price should be on this one, since I haven't followed the HPX sales like I have the MAs, but if I was in the market, I'd look pretty darned closely at this boat. When you see a guys garage and it looks like that, you know this boat has been well taken care of. It would be darned tempting to sell my MA and grab this boat. Very pretty, great pics, and obviously well taken care of. If I was a boat, I'd want to live in that garage!
  11. whichwaysup

    Hello, 4-Stroke....

    I used to have a big 18' tunnel flats boat - was very similar in size to my MA in terms of width. It was a booger to get propped right and I gave up on it. Sold it to a friend who finally solved it by getting the prop cupped. IT was an entirely new boat after that - and I have regretted selling it ever since!
  12. whichwaysup

    You need this!!

    Bah, I have two. Didn't read the labels before buying and turns out that they cancel one another out. Luckily, I just installed one and went back and kept myself from purchasing it.
  13. whichwaysup

    THIS is a sunrise

    well, actually just the moon . . .
  14. whichwaysup

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    what year, what model? I considered that apporach but went all in. the difference between your approach and mine is that 1.5 years in, I am still boatless!!!
  15. whichwaysup

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    A few more updates: 1) Bilge repainted and gelcoated 2) rear rod tubes are reinstalled - I tried absolutely everywhere to find new pvc, but that thin-walled 1.5"diameter pipe is a unicorn, so the old ones are going back in. The wood block in the pic is just a temporary brace while the epoxy dries. 3) Plumbing starts tomorrow 4)Deck is positioned to be put into place, we are literally "close". He has it rigged so it will be a one man job to get on there. My kids are getting excited. walked into my office and found this note on my door. Me too, Gabe, me too. . . .