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  1. Anyone fished the Lagoon in the last week? I was told 3 weeks ago that the reds were in big schools. Any changes? I was thinking on going up to fish there soon.
  2. Red Zone

    Mixed Bag

    Great day! Were you in the river or the Lagoon?
  3. Red Zone

    2018 Pathfinder 23 HPS

    Can anyone tell me what the price tag is on a new 2018 23 HPS might be. I know there are diferent option that would increase the price but give me a range. Lets consider it will be powered by a Yamaha 250 SHO.
  4. Red Zone


    This is my concern that it is something more than an impact. I put MBG on notice so they are aware of the problem. I made the repair and I will keep a close eye on it to see if there is any other troubles moving forward. Thanks to everyone and their help I will keep my fingers crossed.
  5. Red Zone


    Can’t be fork lift I have never had this boat on one. I don’t ever remember hitting anything but that doesn’t mean when I was up on plane off shore that I may have run something over.
  6. Red Zone


    Sorry for posting this so late I am very busy and I don't always have the time to get on the forum. Here are a few pics of the area.
  7. Red Zone


    Ray at the factory was my first call when I noticed the trouble and he didn't hesitate an offer to have the crew look at the trouble. After having the area looked at here locally the decision was made to move forward with a repair of the gelcoat and monitor it from there. Wantaflatsfish I question the reason behind your comment? This is exactly what this forum is about. But thanks for your input.
  8. Red Zone


    2300 HPS CRACKED HULL I was up under my 2012 2300 HPS cleaning the hull and noticed a 20" crack with chips missing in the gelcoat. It does not look like it was caused by hitting something. I had heard that the early model Pathfinders were having trouble with the fiberglass delaminating splitting. Has anyone ever had this happen to them or herd of this?
  9. Red Zone

    New Port RIchie Area Fishing

    Thank you for the help. I am looking forward to a great week. If you are on the water next week and you happen to see a blue 23 HPS with a powder coated T Top please say hi. I will keep you posted.
  10. The family and I are heading to New Port Richie area for a week April 8th thru the 14th. I am bringing the boat never fished the area before can anyone give me any help/tips? Areas to fish, tides, species (reds, snook, tarpon, trout). Bringing the 23 HPS.
  11. Red Zone

    Stiffy Extreme 21' push pole

    Saw your post on The Hull Truth now I see it here. Is it still available? Please call me 954-393-9318
  12. Red Zone

    April Fishing Trip

    Well we had a great time in Ft Meyers we had to endure some choppy bays but all in all a great time fishing with my wife and son. We did most of our fishing in Pine Island sound were we caught a lot of trout. I sight fished the islands and the docks were we were able to get snook and reds. The bait was easy to get as we chummed up white bait and in 3 throws of the net we were able to get more than enough to get us thru the day. Hope to get back there soon to get some more time on the water there is a lot of fishing area to cover.
  13. Red Zone

    April Fishing Trip

    Drummer I will take your advise and look forward to some great fishing. Thanks for the help.
  14. Red Zone

    April Fishing Trip

    Thanks guys I will use all of your tips and look forward to a great week.
  15. Red Zone

    April Fishing Trip

    I am use to fishing Mosquito Lagoo and 10,000 Islands and I know that techniques and baits vary from area to area so I Am greatful for your help.
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