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  1. I am a former High School Head Football Coach, coached for 13 years before going into administration. The amount of time committed to coaching was crazy, Thought I would do it forever, but my career path went in a different direction. When I was coaching it was my life and I loved it. But life after coaching has afforded me a lot of time with the family and fishing.
  2. Gunnel Rod Holders

  3. Vacuum lock

    I have the same issue with mine as well, running the livewell pump seems to help.
  4. 2400 TRS Windshield Replacement

    Thanks for the info,
  5. 2400 TRS Windshield Replacement

    Need to replace my windshield on my 2015 2400 TRS, Can I order one from MBC factory? Any other recommendations on where to order one? Thanks
  6. T-top Canvas

    How do you like the Velcro/slits for the rod tips?
  7. T-Top

    Outlaw I sent a PM
  8. T-Top

    Outlaw, where are you located in Fort Lauderdale?
  9. Pathfinder 22 - GPS Upgrade

    I have my radio and VHF stacked on the right side and an 840xs on the left.
  10. Will be over on the 27 -28th will probably be staying at the Rod & Gun Club,
  11. Brand new boat-Live wells flooding

    How tall is your drain pipe in reference to the top of your live well? You may want to cut it down just a little to lower the drain pipe.
  12. HPS 23 Anchor Locker

    I do two things to protect against the anchor from banging around in the locker, First, I lined my locker from all the way down on the bottom of the locker floor up to the top with the 12" square rubber mats from West marine. I have four running up the center. at first they are a little stiff but flexible enough to fold to fit the inside angle of hull. After a while they conform to fit nicely. Second, I use a piece of a pool noodle, slit down one side and it fits snug on anchor on shaft. I also keep a towel folded over the top of the anchor which keeps it snug against hatch when closed, keeps it from bouncing upward.
  13. VHF radio and antenna installation

    I have the same set up, keep the Shakespeare emergency antenna connected and coiled up inside console, able to pull out and place on top of T-Top if needed.
  14. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    Can you get four in the console? I have a 2400 TRS and have a four battery set up, one cranking/house and three for the trolling motor. The one cranking/house is sufficient, I run up to three livewells and all my other electronics all day with out any problems. you may want to consider this set up. Just a thought
  15. I had some work done by "Solid Powerboats Service" located in Doral. They do warranty work and touch up work for Marine Connection which is a MBC dealer. They did great work and price was fair. Solid Powerboats Service 7724 NW 56th street Doral, FL 33166 (305)463-0707