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  1. Mullet Dredge

    Little surprise

    That is cool. I had no idea that speckled trout made their way up well into the Chesapeake Bay until one of my tagged trout was recaptured in Poquoson, Va.....9 months after being tagged in the Cape Fear River, Southport NC.
  2. Mullet Dredge

    A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    Was having similar issue with my 2000 16 Bayfisher. Turned out to be my cockpit drains needed to be resealed. Removed the clamshells from the outside of the hull and used silicone to seal where the tubes pass thru the hull....easy fix.
  3. Mullet Dredge

    Boat Garage

    Josh B.....thanks for posting up. I remember seeing your build thread on Garage Journal a while back and my thoughts were you nailed it on your build. Well done. And thanks to the rest of you for the pics and ideas....keep it coming!
  4. Mullet Dredge

    Boat Garage

    Thanks for all the ideas, pictures and discussion.....keep it coming!
  5. Mullet Dredge

    Boat Garage

    I am currently in the process of selling a house and have recently purchased a new house. My old house had a small two car garage that my 16' Hewes would fit in at a slight angle with a folding trailer tongue....not the best set up but it worked. New house has no garage. Building a detached garage has always been a dream of mine and the new place has plenty of room to go as large as I need to, within budget of course. in the very early stages of planning now, but I am thinking of going with something in the 24'x32' range with 10' ceilings. Something with space down one side for the boat and the opposite side be a workshop type area...already have a 8'x16' shed for yard tools and general storage. Would love hear any ideas and opinions from anyone who has built a garage in the past, or anyone with boat storage ideas in general. Pictures are always a plus!
  6. Mullet Dredge

    FS** 90' Hewes Bonefisher 18' Kevlar

    yes....post pics please!
  7. Mullet Dredge

    Best day yet down here

    Keep an eye out for tags....I have tagged a load of fish over the last three weeks, a lot of them with $100 rewards.
  8. Mullet Dredge

    Two days of skunk - what's up with this

    Some parts of New Hanover County had as much as 5-7" in a 24hr period last week....it has been dry last few days, but rain events like that have some lasting effects, especially this time of year when the shrimp get flushed.
  9. Mullet Dredge

    Two days of skunk - what's up with this

    A lot of rainfall in some areas locally....shook things up a little bit.
  10. Mullet Dredge

    Finally, a little success

    Plain white, two stroke Yamaha. Nothing special nothing fancy....prefer to just blend in. When you hit your trim switch, does the trim motor make noise? Or just click? Or nothing? I would imagine it is something simple....
  11. Mullet Dredge

    Finally, a little success

    I have a 2000 16' Hewes Bayfisher.
  12. Mullet Dredge

    Finally, a little success

    Best advice for this area is be mobile. We have some excellent fisheries within an hour or so drive in different directions, as well as in the backyard. And wasn't trying to get any info on your fishin area in my previous post. Sorry if it came off that way, not my style. My livewell looked pretty similar to yours yesterday! 35yrs born and raised here. I'm on the north east end of town, Ogden area.
  13. Mullet Dredge

    Finally, a little success

    Good goin. I see from your other posts that you recently relocated to the Wilmington area...midsummer trout are somewhat of a rare bird around here depending on where you are fishin. What part of town do you live?
  14. Mullet Dredge

    After market splash well hatch

    Thanks for the info and pictures...gives me the kick in the pants I need to go ahead and get rid of my pie plate hatch.
  15. Mullet Dredge

    Rear hatch cracking

    I have the exact same boat...and the exact same crack!
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