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  1. 2500 Garmin transducer

    It may depend on what size (strength) transducer you have and also what setting your running it on
  2. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Weather has finally been cooperating.. some grouper from this weekend also snuck out and found some muttons today
  3. Prop for 22te with 250 txr

    Hmm that’s funny. I think your right though and I’m also basing my performance off the bulletin. I see the best numbers when the jackplate is down almost all the way. I think I may look into a 3 blade with 23 or 24 pitch. I’m not gonna try to have mine tweaked at all as I don’t want to have similar problems as you did after yours was done. Im sure someone on here has a similar setup that is propped right and hopefully will chime in soon
  4. Prop for 22te with 250 txr

    Yes sorry I have a ttop and the boat is an 07. I’ve played with jackplate and trim and can’t get anything more. Bought the boat with the prop. Not sure what to do lol I don’t think it’s propped right but who knows just wondering if anyone has similar setup and can advise
  5. 2002 2200v ReWire

    Master repair does great work and they have great customer service
  6. I currently have a 4 blade power tech ofx. The stamp says ofx4r21p. I’m turning it 6100 rpms at 51mph. Would like to get more top end with a decent holeshot still. Any suggestions
  7. Think I’m going to remove the door and add a gasket. I have a bunch of other small Projects going on with the boat right now too. Thanks guys
  8. I’d rather not build it up anymore if I don’t have to
  9. If I leave it, the cushion with pvc board will not sit flush to console unless I cut a chunk out of the board... the same size as the door. Thoughts?
  10. I have a small compartment in the front of my console that doesn’t serve much of a purpose for me. I just picked up my new seats from sandy over the weekend and realized the back rest cushion has a piece of pvc board on the back of it. Do I remove the compartment and fill it? (With what?) or have the pvc taken off and back of cushion stitched up and put snaps on it and keep the compartment? Can any one speak on how the tackle storage systems work on newer models.
  11. New Yamaha XTO’s

    Mercury jus released step 2 of their motor plan on Friday. V8 up to 300hp lightest model is 505 lbs. There’s some talk of step 3 being a big v10 or v12 coming out with 400-500 hp and keeping them under 800 pounds. I think Yamaha won’t be standing a chance especially with all the problems they’ve been having with the v8 300 and 350s. They are supposed to be switching those motors to v6 now due to the 425
  12. 22te switch panel

    Thanks guys
  13. Budget dash redo

    Looks real good.. how’d you attach the pvc board
  14. 22te switch panel

    Im having some trouble with the switch panel on my 07 22 Te. I’m thinking about redoing it but not sure which route to go. In the mean time I’d like to get everything relabeled and was wondering if anyone had a picture of their switch panel prior to 07 (I believe this is when the console changed) thank you. I’d appreciate it greatly
  15. Swordfish

    What did you have for plugs and a rod holder set up? Hubble plugs in the console and a zero degree in the gunwale?