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  1. Improved Cheese Grater

    Your going to need some of the 200 mph tape they use. LOL
  2. I have a 21 pitch Enertia Propeller for sale. Not the Eco series. No hub. Prop is clean no nicks or dings. $185. plus shipping.
  3. Power Tech Pro3 Propeller

    No jack plate on the boat. Could go up a hole on the transom with the motor and it probably wouldn't effect the handling and would pick up some rpms. Just my first outing with the prop. Want to get out on some smoother water and play around more with trim settings. Just got tired of looking at the box in the garage and went out, even thought the conditions were way less than Ideal.
  4. Power Tech Pro3 Propeller

    Its been a long time coming.....weather, holidays, visitors, ect. Seems everything that could keep me off the water did. Finally made time today to take the 18 RF out with the Pro 3. Conditions were less than perfect, but I have been fighting that for weeks it seems. First impressions....oh yea cushionlock hub, when you put it in gear you hear it and feel it. Could have something to do with the larger pitch. Getting on plane I could tell that I was swinging a lot of pitch by the way the motor sounded when I got on plane. Don't have time to plane but was a touch slower than the 17 Pitch Spitfire. Once the boat fell over the difference between the 3 blade Pro and the 4 Blade Spitfire was very obvious. The Pro carried the bow and always wanted to reduce the wetted surface. The water was braking behind the seat at 30 mph with level trim on the motor. The Spit fire requires me to adjust the trim to alter the bow height. Winds were blowing 10-15 mph so I was searching for some calm water to stretch the boat out. Finally found a patch and the boat accelerated the best if I over trimmed it and slipped the prop then lowered the trim as the boat picked up speed. Accelerating from a roll with the motor in a level neutral position the boat felt a little lazy, the first sign that I might be running to much pitch at least for me. Keep in mind I am the only one in the boat, at 205 lbs, three batteries in the console, and a trolling motor on the bow and 3/4 tank of gas. The boat responded with the fastest run of 45.7 at 5800 rpm. The prop was fast, carried the boat well, boat tracked solid and did nothing weird, even with the cross winds that I was running into. The numbers running slower were difficult to get because of the chop moving the boat, but the prop was locked up solid even in the lower rpm ranges. The Pro 3 felt a lot like my K16 on steroids. The boat handles and runs very close to the same. I did notice the boat with the K16 wants to hop in some speed ranges, the Pro 3 didn't seem to do that...but then the water wasn't flat either. Not sure what the out come would be if I added another person to the boat. Usually my Co Pilot (wife) is their watching the numbers and she couldn't make it. I have a feeling the at the Pro may be too tall for running with to adults. When I get a chance I will go out and get some more detailed information, this is the best I got as I got tired of waiting for a good day. Thinking that the 18 pitch would probably be perfect once they start building them for my set up. So far...……………………….....K16 44.6 mph at 6450. Rpms (didn't know they would even rev that high but that's what the tach said) 17 Spitfire 42.4 mph at 5850 Rpms 19 Pro3 45.7 mph at 5800 Rpms
  5. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Sooooo much to be thankful for.
  6. Power Tech Pro3 Propeller

    Picked up my Pro 3 from the dealer today. Its late so I cant do any testing today, hope to get out tomorrow an run it to get some numbers and thoughts on how it runs. I unboxed it and took a couple of pictures next to the K16 I have that was on the boat. First image Pro 3 is on the left K16 on the right. Second image the same. Hope I can get the Pro 3 in the water tomorrow and report back.
  7. Trailer brakes advice needed

    Have used Tie Down Engineering brakes......don't do it. Kodiak all the way. If you are in salt water stainless will pay dividends over time, but they are expensive at first. The E Coated are cheaper but they will rust up sooner in brackish or salt water. This is a company I have dealt with several times they sell everything you need. https://www.easternmarine.com/trailer-disc-brakes/
  8. Hewes HPX-V 18 For Sale

    Saw this add on the Hull Truth in the Boats for sale section. Don't know if its a fair price or not....just passing it along if someone is looking. Pictures are on the Hull Truth Site also. 2012 Maverick HPX-V 18 2017 115 Yamah SHO w/ 60 hours (warranty til 2022) 6ft Power Pole 2017 Ameritrail trailer Garmin 74SV Powertech 4 blade prop Onboard battery charger Custom boat cover Casting platform Black powder coat All new batteries 6 months ago 24v Riptide Terrova 80lb thrust trolling motor Console cooler New seat cushions $43,500 Located in Fort Myers Call or text Ryan (863) 840-4001
  9. Power Tech Pro3 Propeller

    Marcus, says right now all they are producing are the odd pitches. I wanted to try a 17 pitch, Pro 3 and after running some numbers from my Spitfire that's a 17 4 blade, we decided to try a 19 Pro 3. The 18 would probably be perfect, but not available yet. I have ordered the prop through my local dealer, just waiting for it to arrive. When It does I am planning on running the SpitFire 17 and the Pro 3 19 back to back, and look at the results. Of course I will share them with the board. As soon as I told my dealer to order the Pro3, someone else decided to order some NW winds. Havent got the prop yet, but we do have 15-20 mph gusts from the NW on my test water. Hoping to get a window to do some testing once it arrives.
  10. Power Tech Pro3 Propeller

    Anyone running one yet? Talked to Marcus about running one on my 18RF, we talked about pitches and what I was looking to accomplish with the prop change. Wondering if anyone has run one yet. Ill Surly report back with my results, when I get it.
  11. Never Forget

    Never gets old to watch true hero's in action. Have seen the video several times, each time it impresses me the length to which normal folks go to help out. These are the stories that should be taught in our schools to students that are so easily manipulated at such an early age. Some of the things I see and read make me wonder if the next generation will even know about the planes that struck the Twin Towers. Thanks for posting.
  12. Horrible Boating Accident

    Prayers to the family.....Yep see folks with their kids riding over the bow rail with the feet hanging over the side and cringe. FWC does a pretty good job of policing it because we have so much idle zone around us here. Story has been in the news a week here in Ft. Meyers, hopefully his loss will not be in vain and others can learn a very hard lesson from it.
  13. HPX 18 Questions

    On boats that have a the old style bilge drain, I just put the plug in from the outside. Never had a problem. I have an Hewes 18RF, like you said I just close the seacock on the bilge intake to the pump and no water. Not sure why the 18HPXV is plumbed different. My battery switch is like yours. I have 3 batteries. One house 2 trolling. Trolling motor is 24 volts, two batteries in series for that, and the battery switch has no control over it. Only thing it controls is the house battery. Also if like mine, your motor doesn't charge the trolling motors only the house battery. I have an onboard battery charger in the boat that charges them.
  14. Spinning rod suggestion?

    Have 4 Redbone Hurricanes and love them also. But my favorite rod inshore is a Crowder Rod. Fishing rods are all about feel to the person using it. I have Hurricane, Star, and Crowder. The Crowder feels balanced. They are built local in Stuart Fl, so you are supporting a local company. Check them out. http://crowderrods.com/rods/e-series-light/