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  1. Today in MBG History!

    Congrats Skip, have owned 2 Cobias, 256, and a 277 currently. Liked the Maverick Brand so when I wanted a Flats boat, I bought an 18 Redfisher. great skiff. Boat Co.'s or any company aren't just about boats, they are about people. You guys all ways try to help out, great company to work with.
  2. Snook

    Their are concerns for those Snook that do make it through this cold snap. The lower water temps weaken their immune systems and makes the fish more susceptible to bacteria and infections. The next couple of weeks will tell the story. Hopefully a good one for our fisheries.
  3. New Cobia Owner - Wintrization Questions

    What is this Winterization that you speak of??? lol
  4. 277 Cobia Bridge Clearance

    Thanks Skip
  5. 277 Cobia Bridge Clearance

    Can anyone tell me what the bridge clearance on a 277 would be? Is it the same as the 256. I have some tight bridges to go under in Cape Coral.