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  1. Hewes 18 Redfisher Prop Results

    Thanks Lurem.....guess I should have worded my question a little better. I was looking for results that you or other saw by changing the motor height. I have moved them before but appreciate the advice on how to do it. How many RPMs did you gain if any, Cavitation or water pressure problems. Just being Lazy.....instead of changing it myself, trying to get others results to decide If I want to do it. I figure Hewes experimented with motor height and mounted it at the best position. May just add a jack plate, I have the short platform and the cowl may hit If I don't pay attention.
  2. Tried a 17 pitch Mercury Spitfire 4 blade on my RF 18. Its powered by a Yamaha F115. Boat is a 2014, fuel tank is full and mounted in the front of the boat, 3 batteries, 2 Gp 27 trolling motor, and a Gp 31 house battery. All batteries mounted under the console. Trolling motor, Powerpole, fishing gear, Ect. 2 People Boat ran 42 mph at 5700 rpm. The prop that was on the boat was a K16, I had bought the boat used. It was severely under propped when I fished with one person. Cruise rpms were too high for me, and full throttle would hit the rev- limiter tach showed 6400, didn't know they would spin that high. Spitfire performed as advertised, good cruise mpg, about 5 according to the gauge at 30 mph, no cavitation in the turns, boat gets up on plane without tabs, doesn't labor just comes right out with the motor trimmed down. If you over trim these boats they seem to want to hop. The 4 blade reduced that noticeably. I could still make it do it if I trimmed it high running slow, but the 3 blade K16 was a lot more sensitive to trim and you would have to keep the trim tucked under unless you were running fast. The Spit Fire is a good all round prop. Would like to see about 300 more rpms, will wait until the fuel load burns off and see what effect it has, if any. May decide to have the prop worked a little and see what other results I can get.
  3. New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    Heres mine. Looks familiar? Not the SHO just a regular F115, but I love fishing this boat, perfect for the inshore waters around Matlacha and Charlotte Harbor.
  4. North Captiva, Bokeelia, Pineland recomendations

    Plus... Lazy Flamingo will cook what you catch, and add a side for $8.50, or a least that's what it used to be. North Cap. has a place called Barnacle's good food, nice atmosphere. As far as bait.....Pineland Marina would be closest. Not sure if there is anything on N. Cap. or not that sells bait. Several marinas on Sanibel south of where you are staying that may sell bait don't know. Here is a site I stumbled on that has a little info about the area. http://www.northcaptiva.net/IslandDining.htm
  5. 50 Amp Breaker in Console

    That's what I thought it was for.......but the trolling motor operates with the breaker open or closed. That's what was confusing.
  6. Have a 2015 Hewes Redfisher 18, love the boat we fish it every week if possible. Yamaha F115, Power Pole, trolling motor. My question is what does the 50 amp breaker in the console control? I have 3 batteries in the console, one house two trolling. I thought it might be a disconnect for the trolling motor batteries, but doesn't seem to matter it its open or shut trolling motor still operates. Doesn't seem to effect anything one way or the other. Usually run the battery switch on 1. Im sure its an easy answer, I just cant figure it out. Looked at the wiring diagram and it shows a battery switch don't see a breaker wired in. Thanks in advance Randy
  7. Today in MBG History!

    Congrats Skip, have owned 2 Cobias, 256, and a 277 currently. Liked the Maverick Brand so when I wanted a Flats boat, I bought an 18 Redfisher. great skiff. Boat Co.'s or any company aren't just about boats, they are about people. You guys all ways try to help out, great company to work with.
  8. Snook

    Their are concerns for those Snook that do make it through this cold snap. The lower water temps weaken their immune systems and makes the fish more susceptible to bacteria and infections. The next couple of weeks will tell the story. Hopefully a good one for our fisheries.
  9. New Cobia Owner - Wintrization Questions

    What is this Winterization that you speak of??? lol
  10. 277 Cobia Bridge Clearance

    Thanks Skip
  11. 277 Cobia Bridge Clearance

    Can anyone tell me what the bridge clearance on a 277 would be? Is it the same as the 256. I have some tight bridges to go under in Cape Coral.