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  1. Never Forget

    Never gets old to watch true hero's in action. Have seen the video several times, each time it impresses me the length to which normal folks go to help out. These are the stories that should be taught in our schools to students that are so easily manipulated at such an early age. Some of the things I see and read make me wonder if the next generation will even know about the planes that struck the Twin Towers. Thanks for posting.
  2. Horrible Boating Accident

    Prayers to the family.....Yep see folks with their kids riding over the bow rail with the feet hanging over the side and cringe. FWC does a pretty good job of policing it because we have so much idle zone around us here. Story has been in the news a week here in Ft. Meyers, hopefully his loss will not be in vain and others can learn a very hard lesson from it.
  3. HPX 18 Questions

    On boats that have a the old style bilge drain, I just put the plug in from the outside. Never had a problem. I have an Hewes 18RF, like you said I just close the seacock on the bilge intake to the pump and no water. Not sure why the 18HPXV is plumbed different. My battery switch is like yours. I have 3 batteries. One house 2 trolling. Trolling motor is 24 volts, two batteries in series for that, and the battery switch has no control over it. Only thing it controls is the house battery. Also if like mine, your motor doesn't charge the trolling motors only the house battery. I have an onboard battery charger in the boat that charges them.
  4. Spinning rod suggestion?

    Have 4 Redbone Hurricanes and love them also. But my favorite rod inshore is a Crowder Rod. Fishing rods are all about feel to the person using it. I have Hurricane, Star, and Crowder. The Crowder feels balanced. They are built local in Stuart Fl, so you are supporting a local company. Check them out. http://crowderrods.com/rods/e-series-light/
  5. F150 owners keep and eye on your balancer

    Nice catch......saved yourself some headaches. How many Hours did you have on your 150 ?
  6. Read this

    Always practice Catch and Release with all my fish species. But that's bad news about the Snook and Redfish. I hope its just temporary for those who like to eat them. Hoping the population bounces back...…..but I have my doubts, the water quality around me in Charlotte Harbor and Matlacha Pass seems worse and worse as the Redtide lingers off shore.
  7. Pliers / Sheath

    Don't get no better than that. Congrats
  8. Not much help.....I have noticed my 741Xs sonar does the same thing. I don't use the bottom machine much as I am shallow water inshore all the time. But from time to time I notice my depth numbers flashing on the icon in the corner of the screen. Mine is a 2014 18RF so I am assuming that the Garmin unit is from the same model year. My 277 Cobia has a Garmin 7610 and a tru hull transducer. Only time I noticed it flash, is when it runs in aeriated water, either propwash from another boat, or if I am backing down. Then it is interrupted. Your solution is the same as mine.....turn it off and let it reboot. Sorry wish I was more help.
  9. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Live just off the NW Spreader canal on the water. When you have an onshore wind, both my wife and I get that irritating little feeling in our throats. Same as if we are out by Cayo Costa, hope the red tide clears up soon. Really slowed the fish bite down in Matlacha Pass and PI Sound.
  10. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Great tune.....had more truth to it than most knew or admitted they knew. That was a decade ago. How appropriate is it now????
  11. PFD Re-arming cartridge

    I have 6 of these from my Boat Poker Run Days.
  12. Bilge Leak info for the forum members

    Thanks.....good to know. Havent experienced that yet.... because its sitting on the trailer most of the time right now.....with the fish kill and red tide. Ill keep and eye on that though.
  13. Well I've been replaced lol

    Young man's smile says it all. You have made memories that will last a lifetime. Great Job, Ill bet their will be more than one conversation that starts "remember the first time I drove the boat"
  14. Lightning

    Never really worried about storms too much till I moved to the Lightning Capital Of the World. Florida!!! I pretty much fish inshore, and I always have a plan B...….but I know the waters where I am fishing. I can run to a marina, or protected creek to try to get some protection. I keep an eye on the sky in the summer, especially late in the afternoon. Ill make a run for it based on how far I am from the ramp and where the storm is. Storms in my area are pretty isolated, usually I can run another direction to get away. Never have been out when all of Charlotte Harbor was ingulfed in one huge storm. If I am too far away from the boat ramp...Ill pull into a protected area and sit it out, better if I can get out of the boat in a marina, or restaurant. Never been trapped offshore, I would think that would be intense. Fishing in a new area, or not knowing the area its pretty much your best judgement.....don't think their is any right or wrong, you just don't want to be the highest point on the water.
  15. PFD Re-arming cartridge

    Be careful. The arming kits have expiration dates on them. I have a couple of Mustang PFD's that are 10 years old. When ever I need to rearm them West Marine has to order the kit because its no longer a stocking Item. It you buy several kits and sit on them they may reach their expiration date before you use them. Mine uses the old bobbin style activator. seems they deteriorate over time. As said above humidity will cause them to discharge. Wore one back in a rain storm on my redfish.....(forgot it I had it on) never discharged it was pouring down rain. Would have bet money it would have gone of if you had asked me before. Write down the kit number if its new....my old ones have been superseded and changed a couple of times, it can get confusing after a couple of years. Or....you can just keep buying new PFD's....but they aint cheap as you know.