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    1998 17' Master Angler
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    Port Saint Lucie
  1. 98 Master Angler Wheel

    I have the OEM wheel from my 98 which I replaced with an Edson. Its in pretty good shape so I hate to throw it out. You can have it if you can pick it up. Im in Port Saint Lucie, FL.
  2. 1998 Master Angler

    It's very short and the water pickups are very low. It could very well be a Bob's. Not sure.
  3. 1998 Master Angler

    Carpet is in good shape but I don't like the look. I've heard its a real thrill trying to get that stuff off. At some point I will remove it and Awlgrip.
  4. 1998 Master Angler

    This should give you some indication of what I was up against from the first day. 12 1/4" holes just in the bow alone.
  5. 1998 Master Angler

    3 month project. Did all the gl*** and gelcoat. Had powder coated parts blasted and re-coated. Lots of re-wiring.