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  1. Capnbill

    Help selecting new gps/fishfinder

    Sounds like you have the same questions I did a few months ago. I have a '14 2200TRS which had a Garmin 740S installed by the dealer. The panel also has a VHF on the right side. I researched various units and brands and decided to stay with Garmin. Been using them since my sailboat days years ago. Opted for a Garmin Echomap Chirp 94sv and am totally satisfied. The unit fit the original flush mount space with only slight cutting. Another concern was display size. The screens are only so large and when you try to display chirp, traditional and sidescan I think a 9" screen is optimum. Also, as I get older, bigger numbers help. The resolution with the 94sv is far superior to the old unit. I'm still experimenting with the sidescan, but the chirp and traditional are outstanding The 94sv came with a transducer and we mounted it in the same spot as the original installation. The thing created a rooster tail when the boat was at speed, so I installed the spray shield Garmin makes. It works well. If I pushed the right buttons, there should be an attachment of the boat in the rack showing the transducer mount. Good luck IMG_0826.MOV
  2. Capnbill

    Factory T-Top

    They used to use TNT Boatworks. They’re located near the factory. Before I ordered my 22 TRS in 2014, I looked at used boats that needed TTops. I talked to TJ at TNT. I believe they made the one on my boat. I understand the MBG factory is expanding, so the in-house makes sense.
  3. Capnbill


    Update: Installed the Garmin spray shield and ran the boat. The rooster tail that was as tall as the engine is gone. Still a small one but only to the top of the transom. My motor guy said the air intake for the engine is at the top and on the back.....where the removal handhold is. So you don't want to continuously spray the engine while its running.
  4. Capnbill


    Just had the Garmin 94sv installed. The newer 9" transducer went right where the old one went. It does create a bit of a rooster tail at speed, so I've ordered the spray shield Garmin makes. At 30 mph I still have depth and all readings. The picture is of the old transducer but the new one is in the same spot.
  5. Capnbill

    Garmin 741xs too small?

    I've got a pretty basic 2200TRS, so no jack plate and the power pole is on the starboard side of the transom due to the TRS swim platform. Boat is on a rack at the city marina, so looks like a trip over there tomorrow for pictures and measurements. Thanks
  6. Capnbill

    Garmin 741xs too small?

    Nice install! Looks like you've got the sidevu sonar. My 2014 2200TRS has the Garmin 740s the dealer installed and I'm thinking about a larger screen with the downvu/sidevu. Any problems or considerations with transducer placement? Thanks
  7. Capnbill


    Thanks. I went to the factory the other day and Lisa in parts showed me the two different tie downs for the front cooler for my vintage of 2200TRS. One has eyes that will pull out with a quarter turn and the other has threaded eyes. They apparently don't use the quarter turn ones any more so losing one of the fittings would be a problem. By the way, Engel's website has very detailed measurements for all their coolers with measurements at both top and bottom.
  8. Capnbill


    I have a 2014 2200TRS with the standard Igloo coolers. I talked to Kevin at Engel in Jupiter, FL, about the coolers they are supplying for the new Pathfinders. The new boats come with a 35 qt cooler in front of the console, but the footprint is a bit wide for the current tie down fittings. He said some people have chosen the 50 qt cooler. It's not as wide as the 35 qt and would probably work, but it will project further forward from the console than the current Igloo and I wouldn't need to drill holes in the deck to change the tie downs. Any thoughts?
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