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  1. Ameritrail brake calipers and pads

    Where are you located?
  2. 2004 Continental AS1630 Single Axle Trailer

    Trailer is located in Tampa
  3. 2004 Continental AS1630 Aluminum I beam frame Axle replaced less than 2 years ago with bearing buddy’s Brand new Trailer jack Brand new Trailer winch Currently set up for Maverick HPXV $1000 image sharing
  4. maverick Hpxv

    GLWS. This is a smoking deal!
  5. 2015 Maverick HPX Tunnel w/ F70 $39,000 ***REDUCED***

    What did you trade it on?
  6. 17 HPX-V + F90

    Finally getting the PTR dialed. I'll report back in this thread. The x7 has lost some juice and I am still befuddled by how badly this boat porpoises at most speeds.
  7. Looking for an HPXS

    You don't hear about the move from HB to Maverick much these days. Good luck in your search!
  8. 2009 Maverick 17 HPX-V

    Beautiful Boat. GLWS!
  9. delete

  10. Best Trailer For 1995 MA 17 (Looking For Recommendations)

    Call John at ameratrail. Tell him Stephen set you for the 17MA trailer. He will make you a sweet deal on a 2012 trailer with a 2017 axle.
  11. 17 HPX-V + F90

    I saw 48.2 with a little less than a 1/4 tank of gas on my second run with the spitfire last week, so I see what you are saying. Maybe I will just have to learn how to drive around the porpoising issue. I'm probably still going to try the PTR so I don't have to wonder as it has been generally been billed as the best prop for this setup.
  12. 17 HPX-V + F90

    PM Sent
  13. 17 HPX-V + F90

    What #'s are you seeing with the PTR Wayne?