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    I’ve been working in electric and gas utilities for over 30 years. Pretty much a one hobby person - fishing. Saltwater fishing is my favorite but I also like bass fishing.
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    Fishing and getting ready for retirement so I can go fishing.
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  1. finbully

    Porpoising problems w/f250 on 2200 TRS?

    I typically solve a porpoising problem that occurs at specific rpms by trimming the motor down a touch. I don’t recall any boat I’ve owned without experiencing this phenomena at certain rpms unique to each boat.
  2. finbully

    2500 Hybrid Deck Drain Issue

    Finally got a chance to work on my deck drain issue. Spoiler alert - I have it draining as it should. I bought a $20 borescope that works with my phone. Pretty slick and inexpensive aid. I did not find any drain hoses kinked or installed going uphill. I traced the clogged issue to a gob of 5200 adhesive blocking the water's gravity flow. This sort of thing typically happens when material is globbed on to the female part of a connection instead of a proper application to the male fitting. Same goes true for any threaded couplings. All that happens when any sort of sealant is applied to the female end is the material is pushed into the pipe, whereas when applied to the male piece, it is pushed over the length of the male and female pieces creating the desired seal. Seems that some people think volume makes up for improper joining. This is pipefitting 101 stuff. Could be a learning for boat riggers just entering the field, who knows.
  3. finbully

    2500 / Transom mount transducer

    My 2500 has two transducers. The total scan is mounted on the transom and a shoot-thru is mounted more forward, near the steps but I'm not certain of the exact location. I supplied MBG with the transducers and had them install for me since they know better where to place them than me (also I wanted Navico products rather than what MBG offers). I've been pleased with the on plane results. With any boat I've owned, there are times when I loose the bottom or it becomes very diffuse while on plane - stepped or non-stepped hulls. In these limited cases if I really need to see the bottom, I just slow down a bit. When I run on plane, I use my charts more so than sonar so this is not an issue for me. I recommend calling their technical support for placement of a second transducer since you already have the transom mounted total scan. At some point, I'll find the exact location of my shoot-thru transducer but I need to remove all five batteries and the cover they rest on to do so. This task will be so I can pull a cable for a Point 1 that I want to install and will mount in the rear deck area.
  4. finbully

    New 2500 Owner

    Nice, clean install on those electronics.
  5. finbully

    Pathfinder 25' - Gas storage in console?

    I would not store it there. The LEL (lower explosive limit) for gasoline in air is 1%. With all of the switches besides the batteries there, I would store it in the large center hatch below the bow deck instead and even safer in a bladder on the deck open to air.
  6. finbully

    Pathfinder offshore

    This discussion and reading the thread on the HT has me seriously considering adding marine weather to my boat. Avoidance in the first place is the best bet to staying safe and I believe the marine weather services can help. On the fishing front, does anyone know if the water temperature feature of the weather service's products have sufficient granularity to show temperature breaks?
  7. finbully

    2500 Hybrid Deck Drain Issue

    Will you take some pictures so I can see the routing before the deck is mated to the hull?
  8. finbully

    2500 Hybrid Deck Drain Issue

    Thanks Skip, I did get a chunk of 5200 out of it, but still no joy. I'll see what I see when the borescope gets here.
  9. finbully

    2500 Hybrid Deck Drain Issue

    I'll try the flexible type since what I have is for pulling wire. I'll also see about renting a borescope. Thanks. Update just ordered a borescope from that A place, be here tomorrow. Had no idea they are so inexpensive now > $20!
  10. finbully

    2500 Hybrid Deck Drain Issue

    Wow what a mess to have to cut holes in a new boat when a simple 5 minute test would spot this recurrent flaw at the factory. Not real happy with MBG on this issue after spending over $100K of money I worked very hard for! Hope Skip is correcting this issue but it is not good QC for boats already delivered. It would be good if someone from MBG chimes in with a solution or even recommendations to troubleshoot.
  11. finbully

    Bass Seat Plate

    Great information. Thank you!
  12. finbully

    2500 Hybrid Deck Drain Issue

    I thought it would be better to begin a new thread instead of hijacking fushunter's 2400 TRS deck drain issue thread. See the included screen capture. It does seem that my rear hatch deck drains are interconnected. If I blow water or air into the starboard drain, the port side drain bubbles up. If I blow air into the starboard drain, it evacuates the water in the port side drain. If I run a hoes into the port side, water will come out of the port side thru hull drain. But water does not drain by itself. When I first discovered the drain not draining, I did retrieve a chunk of what is likely 5200 adhesive that came out of the thru hull fitting. I have not been aggressive with a snake because I do not want to damage the piping. I am open to suggestions. If I cut an inspection hole in the port compartment, will a subsequently installed inspection hatch be water tight? I need to know this because my port compartment is set up as an additional live well.
  13. finbully

    2400 TRS Deck Drain Issue

    Having the same problem with my port side rear hatch deck drain. I have tried air and it will blow the water out. If I use water, it bubbles up on the starboard deck hatch drain and vice versa. I've tried a snake but did not want to get too aggressive and create a tear in the piping. I cannot see the piping to determine what is going on. How should I be looking for the piping? That is should I be able to see it from the rear inspection hatch or from under the port rear seat? This is on a 2500 hybrid. Thanks.
  14. finbully

    2500 Build

    Hard T Top here too. Like others have said, for storage, radar and unnoticeable weight penalty. I sent the helm screen (Simrad NNS EVO3 12") and bow motor (Rhodan 36 v) to MBG - they installed. I had MBG install these since they know better where to mount the 2 transducers I wanted and they know better how to mount the bow motor than I. Once I bought the boat and brought it home, I installed radar (Simrad 4G) and a Standard Horizon VHF & antenna, NEMA 2000 network, a Genius NOCO single bank battery charger (I ordered the boat with the 4 bank, but I wanted to make sure all 5 batteries are capable of being charged when not running the boat), and another multifunction Simrad NSS EVO3 9". I provided Simrad electronics because I use Florida Marine Tracks and Garmin is not compatible with it. I ordered the power assist steering on my dealer's recommendation and I like it, so I'm glad I have it. When spending what I did on the boat, I figured another thousand was not going to break me. I would seriously consider 2 Power Poles (10') if you add any. Having just one does not stop you from spinning in circles due to wind and currents but 2 will. I added the aft livewell and the advanced bubbler system. Removable front cooler is on mine. Spring line cleats are a must to me. Added the fish box pump out with macerator. Ordered rod rack for leaning post (I opted for the standard seat with tackle center - I really like this). Edison wheel with power knob is another must have for me. The 300 Yamaha is plenty of engine IMO. These are pretty much what I considered the "must haves". I added the underwater lights too. My back bothers me at times while standing, so I added the bow bass seat mount. I'll get a leaning type seat for that. Good luck! I am very happy with how I have my boat set-up, but I'll still tinker with it. I am going to add a coiled hose holder (Birdsall Marine Design) for my raw water washdown so I can leave the hose out without it being a trip hazard. I'm also getting a taller anchor light since I've added the radar on top of a 5" mount as you can see below.
  15. finbully

    New 2500 Owner

    Years of enjoyment right there. Congratulations!
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