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    I’ve been working in electric and gas utilities for over 30 years. Pretty much a one hobby person - fishing. Saltwater fishing is my favorite but I also like bass fishing.
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    electric utilities
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    Fishing and getting ready for retirement so I can go fishing.
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  1. finbully

    2500 combined weight

    Do any owners know the total weigh of a 2500 with the fiberglass t-top a 300 Yamaha and Ameritrail trailer weigh?
  2. finbully

    Carrying extra fuel on my 2500

    Could be a draft and advertised weight issue. The boat is marketed as a near-skinny water rig. Just a thought. I love the deck layout too and that is why I bought a 2500 rather than a competitor. Each boat has trade offs and as I said in another thread http://mbgforum.com/topic/9473-performance-bulletin-25-hps/?tab=comments#comment-77227 I believe in my case anyway, I can overcome the fuel capacity piece.
  3. finbully

    Performance bulletin.... 25 HPS

    I'm thinking of this 25 gallon unit: https://www.amazon.com/ATL-Petro-Flex-Pillow-Style-Marine-Fuel/dp/B00OTYYIPG I want to find out if it needs to be bolted to the deck or if it can simply lay on the deck when filled. I would either use it direct connected to the existing fuel tank or get a manual transfer pump. I like the bladder since you can easily stow it on the boat for trips you will not need it. We used bladders in the infancy of the San Diego (Point Loma) based long range fishing when there were valid concerns about Mexican fuel quality and availability and the bladders worked just fine. We typically lashed them to our stern and carried several hundred gallons. I want to lay a bladder between the fish box and cooler/seat like you are thinking too. If I have to, I'll haul some jugs of gas - been there done that before too. Every boat includes trade offs and overall, I am very happy with the features of my 2500. Increased fuel capacity is something I believe I can work with especially since every trip will not challenge the factory 67 gallon capacity. I don't care if I need to refuel each day but on nice sea state days I want to have increased range if that is where my voyage takes me.
  4. finbully

    2500 Dash Lighting

    I can't verify the operation of mine right now but it seems like you could wire the lights to use an accessory switch.
  5. finbully

    Performance bulletin.... 25 HPS

    Yes, I agree the fuel tank is not optimal. I'll probably haul a couple of 5 gallon race jugs at least until I get actual data from my runs. I really like the other aspects of the boat but another 10 gallons would be nice.
  6. finbully

    Performance bulletin.... 25 HPS

    Great information thanks. I'm trying to determine the range for some trip planning while I'm sitting here in TN studying charts. I think I'll use 3 mpg. What do you all think?
  7. finbully

    Wiring Trolling Motor to MBG's Plug

    Best answer IMO.
  8. finbully

    Garmin Sat Imagery Chart Options

    Thank you for keeping this forum civil and relevant to the subject.
  9. finbully

    Garmin ????

    I hope I'm not opening a can of worms as they say for Skip, but I believe MBG will install electronics for you if you dealer order a boat and send your electronics to MBG. I had a Maverick HPX 18 that I ordered and it had a Raymarine e97. Once I found out about FMT and waited to see if Raymarine would license FMT to access their code to no avail, I changed to a Simrad. Now I have a Pathfinder with a factory installed Simrad (the people at Pathfinder know better where to place the transducers than me) and also a factory installed Rhodan. I went with Rhodan for more than one reason but one of them is the fact they are manufactured in Florida. I wanted to "give back" as much as I could to where I love most to fish by buying locally. Also my push pole for that boat was Carbon Marine (also a Florida company). Being built in Florida is also one of the reasons I bought my Maverick and now my Pathfinder. Skip has been very helpful to me over the years MBG has seen a lot of growth - even if it seems to me that I irritate him sometimes with my questions. Thank you Skip and all at MBG for making very good boats.
  10. finbully

    Which boat. 2000 or 2200

    Ha I just went from an 18' to 25' so you know what my answer is! 😎
  11. finbully

    23 HPS Trolling Motor Shaft Length

    Let us know how you like the Rhodan!
  12. finbully

    Gel Coat under Trim Tabs

    Looks cosmetic to me nothing to worry about unless it rubs into the webbing. I doubt anything can be done to stop it 100% from happening unless you do not fully retract the trim tabs which I don't think is a good option.
  13. finbully

    Fixing sandbar rash

    Fill in with gel coat as you say. Then look into this keel protector: http://www.hambys.com/
  14. finbully

    24 volt or 36 volt trolling motor for 23 HPS?

    Mine extends just under 9" beyond the point of the bow 7" up from the top of the deck.
  15. finbully

    24 volt or 36 volt trolling motor for 23 HPS?

    Not sure if this will help, but here is a 36 v Rhodan 60" shaft mounted on my 2500 (factory installed).
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