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  1. PLB or EPIRB

    I️ have the plb and keep it on my waist , especially when offshore Incase i get separated from the boat .
  2. Inside hatch painting

    Appreciate the direction .
  3. Inside hatch painting

    The underside of my hatch lids are left with a fiberglass look. Has anyone painted these themselves. What kind of paint was used?
  4. Need a new switch panel MA 17'

    Where did u get the little stickers from. Mainly the little maverick one
  5. Re Locate

    I did this to my 05 maverick hpx/bonesfisher. Did it in a weekend. Made sure the floor was sturdy enough and properly mounted battery trays and straps. I’m using amg batteries now but my lead acids lasted 2 years before I️ changed them out cause of age.
  6. Lenco 101 Actuator.

    What is ram travel length
  7. How high to hang F115

    I did some trial and error with mine to squeeze all the speed I could . And found my motor like it two holes up. So the motors mid section lip is like 2" over top transom. Or pop a level on the bottom of boat and set it to the cavitation plate

    Boys I hate to say it but , I just reupped my insurance premium for this one. We need to start doing anti rain dances now
  9. WTB shimano Stradic ci4

    Anyone have a stradic 3000 or 4000 they wanna let go of?
  10. Carpet in hatches

    West marine has these lil hard plastic squares that are almost like shelf liner that are still flexible so u can mold them to the locker shape. They are like 5$ a piece. Might be an option to play with. I gotta do something cause wet carpet in mine is driving me crazy
  11. Key Largo Mahi Mahi

    Can't wait to go, be down in august. Good catch
  12. What did you do to your boat today?

    Gel coated some nicks on the bottom of the maverick and installed trolling motor and batteries in the pathfinder. While sweatin my balls off.
  13. What speakers to buy.

    Sounds like I need to save up then for jl speakers. Another thing . Do I have to run an amp or would head unit push them?
  14. What speakers to buy.

    In need of some new marine speakers. I like the jl audios but not the price . Is there anything out there that is close to quality for budget price. What are y'all running!?
  15. Who's running vmax

    I got a 175 hpdi I'm lookin to install. Propped right it sounds like I should be pleased with results