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    Pathfinder 2400TRS Owner; B.S & M.S. Chem. E.<br />Retired after 32 years with 3M Health Care.<br /><br />FL Inshore fisherman.<br />2014 2400 TRS (rigging at dealer)<br />2002 L&B Boca Grande (sold)<br /><br />Former MN & Ontario muskie fisherman<br />
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    Mike Downing
  1. LSS2 Transducer

    Amazon if you are an Amazon Prime member (free delivery to your door!).
  2. Storm Shutters

    After Charlie, we replaced our smaller windows with 150 mph proof windows. We installed electric hurricane shutters on our large windows. They are quiet, energy efficient, provide for night time privacy and we had zero damage from Irma...
  3. Battery charging problem

    I think you got your question answered. I like a DC on board charger to help maintain the life of trolling motor batteries (I used to replace them every 2-3 years but get 5 years or more out of them). MinnKota has a nice 2 or 3 bank charger depending if you have a 24v or 36v trolling motor: https://www.minnkotamotors.com/productType.aspx?id=2338
  4. Rode it. Bought it.

    Chuck, Ron & Colinda are great work with at Ft. Myers Marine for Pathfinders!!!
  5. Boat Shoes

    Soft Science are GREAT for soft boat shoes & flip flops. Once you try Soft Science you'll never go back to Crocs! http://www.softscience.com/
  6. Anti Siphon Valve

    You are probably on the right tract. However, if this doesn't solve your problem, I'll give you another possibility that I had on my previous boat. Was the boat stored for a period of time with regular gas, i.e. with ethanol? Ethanol will degrade older fuel lines. The degraded fuel line will act like a weak straw. The fuel lines work OK at lower RPMs but will collapse at high RPMs. The solution is to replace the fuel lines and filters. Worked like a charm for my old boat.
  7. Trolling motor battery charging

    Do you run from spot to spot? If so, you could add the following on water charger: http://www.minnkotamotors.com/Battery-Chargers/On-Board-Chargers/DC-Alternator-Chargers/
  8. New to the Pathfinder family

    Welcome to the family. Skip is great at answering your questions. He also gives great tours of MBC! :-)
  9. Swim Ladder

    Bruce Ramsey is excellent to work with and they do great work at Action Welding!! Action Welding & Fabrication2408 Andulusia Blvd.Cape Coral, FL 33909239-458-3860239-573-0232 FAXactionweld@aol.comhttp://www.actionweld.com/
  10. The new 24HPS

    Thanks for the great post Skip. I love my 24TRS but this looks like another great addition to your Pathfinder line. Well done! I'd love to move my steering wheel to the left or right since it's awkward steering with someone sitting next to you in choppy water at cruising speed. Mike
  11. New Power for my Pathy

    You'll love the 250 SHO with the OFX4 prop! If you want top end speed you go with the OFX3 and if you want holeshot you go with the OFX4.
  12. New Video

    Great video Skip!! You and the MBC team design, manufacture and service a great line of boats!!
  13. CCA Opposes Lake Okeechobee Discharge

    My sincere thanks go out to the CCA, to the "BullSugar" Facebook page and any group that educates the public on this public travesty of our estuaries. It is time to stand up to Big Sugar. Big Sugar has lined the pockets of both Democrat & Republican elected officials so they effectively do nothing but protect Big Sugar. The net result is that US consumers and manufacturers pay about 2X the global price for sugar. Besides the tax subsidies and the loss of jobs to Canada & Mexico (most recently Nabisco to Mexico), we back pump polluted water into Lake O which in turn is pumped to the East & West Coasts and politicians ignore the vote of 75% of Florida voters. No, this is not a complex issue. Our Governor and our Florida Legislature must fund buying the sugar land and start pumping the polluted waters toward the Everglades and not back pump it into Lake O!!!
  14. 2015 2400TRS switch panel problems

    Skip's advice is spot on! Ft. Myer's Marine handled my problem beautifully while under warranty. BTW, doesn't everyone use your battery switch panel and have both switches Off when not in use?