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  1. Purebred

    1990 Maverick MA 18.5

    $11k, sold to the first person that saw it. Already regret it.
  2. Purebred

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    Believe they did address the issue. Had a similar issue with my Pro 2 about 6 yrs ago. PP sent a replacement bracket and new mounting hardware to make it right.
  3. Purebred

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    I don't have experience with the Talons but have had nothing but excellent service from Power Pole. Every time I see something on The Skiff forums on FB, THT, etc, it is overwhelmingly positive for Power Pole and their customer service. Just put 2 blades on my 21RF as well.
  4. Purebred

    Jack Plate Switch Question

    Do you guys prefer this switch to a blinker switch on the wheel?
  5. Purebred

    Replacement Trim

    Just did this on mine. Had my bezel powder coated and installed a new seal. BoatOutfitters .com Black T-Slot Foam Filled Bulb Seal SKU: 076-3155 Qty: 120 Size: Small
  6. Purebred

    Cover treatment

    303 on my covers after cleaning. I have a fan on a timer on both boats to move air around. Really seems to help.
  7. Purebred

    No More Muffs Fo Me !!!

    Tank is great if you are ocd about running your motors weekly even if you can't get on the water. Bought the bigger one that we can use on the Offshore rig or the Hewes. Money well spent... Added a PVC valve to make emptying a little easier and controlling how fast the water exits. IMG_4720.MOV
  8. Purebred

    Looking for a 21' Hewes???

    Solid price on that one with new power....
  9. Purebred


    New to me 21RF that is eating up some $$$ getting it where I want it. I really want the tracks for the Salt River and a new screen isn't in the budget in the immediate future. Fin, Google Florida Marine Tracks and watch some of the videos.... People that have the maps swear by them.
  10. Purebred


    Anyone using FMT on a 7in screen? I know they are recommending 9in and up, but was hoping to see if it's still usable on the smaller format. Thanks for the feedback
  11. Purebred

    Problems with 250 SHO starting on a '13 2300

    Do these motors have the low pressure fuel pumps that pump to the VST? Another idea to rule out anything outside the motor would be to use an external fuel tank and go directly to the motor.
  12. Purebred

    Bilge Access Hatch enlargement

    Yep, did this on my MA and 2 other MA's that belonged to buddies. Best upgrade I did on that boat.
  13. Purebred

    Power Poles on 21RF

    Finally installed them.... Need to finish blacking out the platform and handrails, etc.
  14. Purebred

    Hewes Steering Wheel

    Had Hunter wrap a Gemlux 3 Spoke.
  15. Purebred

    power pole questions

    Power Pole, Just sold our MA with one, the new to us RF doesn't have one. Can't wait to get them installed. Fishing shallow, sandbars, scalloping, etc....
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