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  1. Longshot, but does anyone know where to get replacement weather stripping for the console door? Having my trim powder coated and had to remove the stripping. Stripping has a plastic bast that fits into a small groove. Boat is a 2001 21RF. Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. Purebred

    Livewell Strainer

    Thanks guys, will try the shurflo first as I can order replacement caps for them.
  3. Purebred

    Livewell Strainer

    Does anyone know what brand Strainer they used in the early 2000's Hewes RF? I have 3 that I need to get O Rings for and 2 that need new clear housings for the mesh screen. Thanks for the help.
  4. Purebred

    Sea Chest Plate

    Hello, About to purchase my first Hewes (coming from owning a MA). The 21 RF I’m looking to purchase has a plastic or plexi plate over the pump inlets. It’s cracked by 2 of the screw holes towards the transom. Does anyone make a replacement? I tried to search this but didn’t come up with much. Thanks for the help.
  5. Purebred

    1990 Maverick MA 18.5

    Think she’s sold and will be going to a good home. Thanks for the input.
  6. Purebred

    1990 Maverick MA 18.5

    Thanks man, being the second owner... The original owner kept all of his paperwork from the commission to build, quotes, and accessories. He also kept all the brochures from the time of purchase. Pretty cool nuggets of Maverick history with it.
  7. Purebred

    1990 Maverick MA 18.5

    1990 Master Angler, well taken care of. Link is below. https://daytona.craigslist.org/boa/d/deland-1990-maverick-master-angler-185/6786611360.html
  8. Purebred

    18.5 MA Value Feedback

    Good feedback. I’m having a hard time coming to grips with selling her. However I know I need to move up. Thanks
  9. Purebred

    MA 21 compared to Red Fisher 21

    Thanks for the replies. Really want to stay with a skiff platform, we have an offshore rig as well. Would you say the ride difference is a major difference or marginal? Thinking that the extra length going from an 18 MA to a 21 RF has to be close in ride quality? Am I off base?
  10. Purebred

    18.5 MA Value Feedback

    Thinking about moving up to a 21 so that would mean selling my baby... 1990 18.5 MA, hoping to get some solid feedback on what I should ask with a boat of this vintage. Boat has the below... -Refinished teak trim. -New upholstery/cushion with stitched Mav logo made by Sandy. -New blacked out rub rail. -Minn Kota 80lb thrust 24v, removable -8ft Power Pole -Bobs 6in Jack Plate, (2018) powdercoated black, the self contained model with pump built in, blinker switch and gauge. -Lowrance HDS7 touchscreen, has the upgraded transducer, but is still in the box. -JL 200 Amp, 2 JL M7.7's -2 on board chargers - one for the trolling batts, one for the 2 house batts. -Blue undergunnel LEDs -New LED Nav Lights -Powdercoated wheel(2018) wrapped by Hunter Bounds, Also have the grab rails coated and wrapped. -Vintage removable casting platform for the front. -Bilge access was increased from the pie hole to the larger hatch -Trailer is an Ameratrail that has a new torsion axle(2018), hubs and bearings(2018) new bunks and carpet(2018), new spare and mount(2018) Engine - Full disclaimer, 1990 Yamaha 130, runs like a top but had a pin hole in the water jacket. Patched it but would want that to be known and factored into value. Newer lower unit on the motor and a spare with a crack but not leaking. Brand new Power Tech 4 Blade Prop, Thanks for your feedback.
  11. Looking for some insight on the major differences between an early 2000’s MA 21 and an early 2000’s Hewes Red Fisher 21. Currently have a 18.5 MA, but the kids are getting bigger and we’re looking to possibly move up. thanks in advance...
  12. Purebred

    Transducer Mounting Location

    Finally going to mount my transducer on my 1990 18 MA. Is there any pics of where you guys have installed with no issues? Thanks in advance for the help.
  13. Purebred

    92 18MA Restore, Gunnel Rod Holders

    Following this. My 90 has wood extensions and some terrible carpet still under. Hate that part of my boat right now.
  14. Purebred

    Wheel Wrap

    In the Vintage thread, 1990 MA.
  15. Purebred

    Wheel Wrap

    New wheel is wrapped for the MA. Hunter did an awesome job with it. Sent the grab bars out for powder and wrap as well.