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  1. Purebred

    Any 21 Redfishers or 21master anglers for sale

    Guessing you saw the 2 21RF's in the classifieds?
  2. Looking for a Bimini for my 21RF if anyone has one they don't use.
  3. Purebred

    Florida marine tracks

    Wish I had purchased my chip a long time ago.....
  4. Purebred

    What is my Hewes worth?

    Paid $21k for mine, believe it was listed for $24k.. 03 with the same power, 240hrs. I hunted down that motor as I didn't want a big block HPDI. Trailer needed alot of work. No Power poles, Simrad Go7, older TM. Topside was in good shape and the gel just needed some TLC to come back to life.
  5. Purebred

    Fan to circulate air under full boat cover

    I run a blower type fan on my boats... I have these on an outdoor timer and run them around 12hrs each day.
  6. Purebred


    We have a company coming out to give a quote on putting a whole house Generac in this week. Our house is already set up with propane appliances (Stove, Dryer, Water Heater, Furnace). Knowing we will need to have a bigger tank installed, and the gas line rant o the other side of the house where the gen would be installed I'm bracing for a big quote. Once I pay for this, you guys wont have to worry about hurricanes for the next 5 years.... That's how my luck works.
  7. Purebred

    Water in Bilge

    Will do. Thanks
  8. Purebred

    Water in Bilge

    New to me 21RF..... Has anyone had an issue with water coming in through the bilge pump outlet on the side of the hull? Seems like I'm getting some water coming in on choppy days scalloping, coming off plane or launching/loading the boat on the trailer. I have spent a good bit of time narrowing it down and thinking this is where it has to be coming in from.
  9. Purebred

    Sandy - Seat Cushions

    Heard the same, 6mo out. I need some cushions done for my RF.
  10. Purebred

    Cooler on Bow Using SeaSucker Mounts

    These cost $48 each or is there a better way to buy them?
  11. Purebred

    1990 Maverick MA 18.5

    $11k, sold to the first person that saw it. Already regret it.
  12. Purebred

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    Believe they did address the issue. Had a similar issue with my Pro 2 about 6 yrs ago. PP sent a replacement bracket and new mounting hardware to make it right.
  13. Purebred

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    I don't have experience with the Talons but have had nothing but excellent service from Power Pole. Every time I see something on The Skiff forums on FB, THT, etc, it is overwhelmingly positive for Power Pole and their customer service. Just put 2 blades on my 21RF as well.
  14. Purebred

    Jack Plate Switch Question

    Do you guys prefer this switch to a blinker switch on the wheel?
  15. Purebred

    Replacement Trim

    Just did this on mine. Had my bezel powder coated and installed a new seal. BoatOutfitters .com Black T-Slot Foam Filled Bulb Seal SKU: 076-3155 Qty: 120 Size: Small
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