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  1. 1990 MA

    Teak being reworked. Stripped, sanded, brightened, oiled, 4 coats of poly. Added a Bob's Jack Plate, 6in set back.
  2. Newer Console on Older MA

  3. Newer Console on Older MA

    Has anyone installed a newer Maverick console on an older boat? If so which console did you use? Thanks
  4. 1990 MA

    1990 18.5 MA. Bought her from the original owner that had her built. Couldn't pass her up even though I wasn't looking for another boat. Slowly bringing it back.
  5. Jack Plate for MA 18.5

    Thanks for the reply. I'll get some pics up, teak trim needs some love first. She's a work in progress!
  6. Jack Plate for MA 18.5

    Starting my search for a jack plate for my 1990 18.5 MA. The boat still has the original Yamaha 130, but I'd like to get something that could handle a 150. Any recommendations for brands and set back? Wasn't sure how much set back the boat can handle and if there is any benefit from it? thanks for your help!