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  1. pbspecial

    2300 HPS / F300

    Josh. What prop are you now running with the 250 SHO?
  2. Lightly used SE Sport hydrofoil. In like new condition with hardware for mounting. No dings or signs of wear. $35 Shipped to Florida
  3. pbspecial

    Pathfinder Boat Cover

    I bought a custom cover from an mbgforum member two years ago. Not sure where it was made (I can find out) but it fits great, and trailerable. I only use it to pull the boat down to the keys once a year and keep it covered when the boat stays down there in he spring for two months. It’s made of sunbrella material. Pics attached. I’m assuming it originally cost somewhere in the 1,200-1,500 range...
  4. No modifications and no damage. I can take some more pics close up of each blade surface if you want
  5. pbspecial

    2300 HPS Livewell Pump Help

    Not on my current boat but I had a 20’ pathy that I did have two fail. The pins basically corroded away. I keep the whole bilge area sprayed pretty well with yamaha silicone spray. That stuff is great. Every two uses I spray everything back there with it. Also keep the wiring and connections under the helm we’ll sprayed. Make sure to use the yamaha silicone spray. It’s a bit more expensive than CRC or other brands you get at like a wal Mart, but most of them have acetone in them and over time can attack plastic and rubber. The yamaha silicone has no acetone and you can pretty much spray it on anything. Good stuff. Had kept things pretty corrosion free...cheap insurance....
  6. It has yamaha hub spline but I don’t have any extra hardware.
  7. pbspecial

    2300 HPS Livewell Pump Help

    I have 23HPS and I have probably replaced those live well cartridges at least twice on each pump. I had a similar issue with them starting to make noise and what I found is that the impeller shafts rust and eventually break, as that happens they get a bit loud as I think the impeller starts to rub ion the pump housing before ti fails completely. The motors will still turn but you wont pump any water. I always keep an extra cartridge on the boat as they are pretty easy to swap, even while out fishing. I crimp two butt connectors on the spare and its a quick cut and crimp the new one on. I have also replaced the breakers that are located in the glove box for various accessories. I have had a few fail and give intermittent problems before they go. I also keep spares of these on the boat, a 5amp, 10amp and 15 amp, ...easy to replace. Also make sure that the pump cartridge is installed correctly. Its easy to get them in there a bit cockeyed, which might be making the noise with the impeller rubbing on the housing. Not sure if either of these two things are what you have going on, figured I'd throw it out there to you just in case.
  8. Up for sale are two props. Power Tech PTC4R21P - Prop is in great shape with no major dings, wear, etc. Was purchased used as a spare prop, I just have never had much need for it. $250 plus shipping Yamaha HS4 23P - Prop is like new with Yamaha box. I ran it for a short while (maybe 10 hours) prior to getting my hands on a HS4 21P, which is what I am running now. $350 plus shipping. These Located in Stuart, FL Area.
  9. pbspecial

    23 HPS // 250 SHO

    I'm running a Yamaha HS4 21, runs square right up to about 5800.. Have seen 60 a few times in perfect conditions. With the Bravo prop, what is required hub wise to make that prop work on the SHO? Is there a MERC part number or do you press in a Yamaha hub? Send me specifics as I am currently looking for that exact prop setup and want to make sure I am lookign for the right parts. Thanks!
  10. pbspecial

    2300 hps bow rod holders

    I have a 2014 23hps and I’m looking to install two additional rod holders in the bow area:gunnel. Looking for suggested location and rod holder angle/length. Has anyone put in additional rod holders on a 23 up front? Can you post some pics and or specific locations? Want to make sure I have the right spot and support under gunnel to mount them. Thanks!
  11. pbspecial

    Loose wiring & mystery noises

    I have a similar issue with my 2014 2300HPS. I get a similar slapping noise coming from the port side (think from behind the gas filler area), usually only when I am running in a following sea, very strange. It has driven me crazy for years and have basically just come to deal with it. I have had it to Pathfinder to look at and they wrapped the fuel overflow/breather tube with a piece of foam noodle and re-epoxied the back of the rod locker where it meets the top cap as it was starting to separate a bit. It got a bit better but it is still there. You could try bundling them and wrapping them with a piece of foam pool noodle to isolate them from hitting the inside of the hull. That way you can remove easily if and when you need to pull wires. Also, Wondering if anyone is having a similar issue/sound with a 2300HPS model?
  12. pbspecial

    Yamaha HS4 23p Prop for sale

    Sorry for he delay I was out of the country for a few days. Yes the prop is still available.
  13. pbspecial

    HPS 23 Anchor Locker

    I have the same boat and anchor combo. I used an old rubber floor mat from a car, cut to fit in the anchor locker area that protects from the anchor banging on the inside of the hull. I use the end of the bolt from the bow hook to hold it in place (cut a hole in the mat and press it onto the exposed bolt end) It's easy to remove and clean when needed. Bar keepers friend and a brush does the job.
  14. Up for sale is a beautiful Yamaha HS4 23P prop. These are hard to come by these days as Yamaha has had them on backorder all year. I bought this as a used spare prior to the 21P I had on order came in. Prop looks close to new, with no dings, dents or visible wear. Pics attached. $375, can possible deliver between Stuart and Miami weekdays.. $25 shipping Philippe 248.797.3699
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