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  1. Ignition Switch Replacement

    My ignition port was the same (all gooey) at key insert, Took longer to get the Goo off the Key than to replace ignition harness. 10 minutes back in business.
  2. Sea Claw question

    Get the 18" crossbar
  3. Forum keeps dropping off.

    All good here.
  4. Who's running vmax

    JEM, I'm running an OFX 4 20 (Powertech)
  5. Who's running vmax

    Running an 06 200 VMax on mine . Top end 57Gps with 2people light load. Great holeshot.
  6. psi question

    When was the last time you had the lower unit serviced? impeller can be causing the issue.
  7. Pathfinder hull damage - What to do

    I am no expert but I would have a glass guy look at it. Anything at or below waterline can lead to water intrusion. Have you been in the boat for water test? Also hard to believe trailer bunk did all that damage, was there no carpet?
  8. Boca Grande - 4th of July Weekned

    I just got back from the area(Englewood) had some sketchy weather blow thru but did manage to get out in between storms. Caught Snook, Trout , Mangrove Snapper, but no Tarpon! Seen a few and seen a few hookups, I was off the beach and Threadfins were extinct trying to sabiki . Hope you catch-em cause I didn't.
  9. Atlas Jack Plate ?

    Use a 12V test light and see if you have power before and after blinker switch. Sounds to me switch is going bad.
  10. Trailer Tires

    Have heard great reports from people with the "new" Endurance from Goodyear. They will be my next set.
  11. Tarpon Hardbaits?

    Mirrolure 77M in Purple Demon
  12. I retract my comment on the 5345, I just noticed you do not have a hydraulic jackplate to raise motor. I would call the MBG and seastar for advice
  13. The 5345 is what you need. They also make a 6345 for high performance, but the 5345 will be more than enough for your application.
  14. Big pine key and e free gas

    E-free gas all over down there. If you have them and have room in vehicle just use gas cans. I brought 3 last time and used a rattle ball siphon hose to put in boat. piece of cake. trailering around for fuel can be a pain.
  15. Stump Pass dredging

    Thank you for the reply, I have not been down that way in quite a while. If you have any recommendations on a better place to stay I am all ears. Of course a dock outside my room is a plus.