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  1. They are getting thicker!

    Ya that was me. If I remember right you had a different boat back then.
  2. They are getting thicker!

    Where you launching from ? Some of those ramp areas get sketchy after dark. Oneils still have the gate/ guard? By the way great catch.
  3. They are getting thicker!

    Unless your thinking that I am someone else, I live in Brandon Just east of Tampa.
  4. They are getting thicker!

    Great job, 2 for 2 is pretty awesome. Inside or outside ? Did not get out enough last year to get them dialed in. Hell I never even jumped one. Man I need a Tarpon fix . If your ever needing somebody to head out w/ya let me know. Your boat or mine.
  5. Motormate

    Used one on my bass boat , and have been using one on my pathfinder for 4 yrs. Great investment keeps the motor secure. If you do get one I suggest the stainless model.
  6. 3 Prong Plug In Connector Replacement?

    I think 16 gauge
  7. Livewell bubbler/aerator question

    I just turn my livewell fill pump on and let the overflow work. Always fresh water coming in .
  8. Heading over to steinhatchee

    Was going to go thursday and stay thru the weekend but changed our minds because it is gonna be windy. we tear the trout up on the offshore grassy flats in 4'-6' on popping corks and Gulp shrimp. Red fishing is also awesome but you have to go tight to shore near creek mouths and be extremely careful of ROCK! We strictly fish topwater , jigs, and spoons. All artificial. Let us know how you do I am gonna make it probably next week weather permitting.
  9. I was in the same situation a while back. Mine rusted and would not lock down anymore, and finding the parts was all but impossible. Said screw it and put a 65 Yeti up there. That sucker won't blow out! And Seadek keeps it from sliding. Problem solved.
  10. Deep cycle or dual purpose battery for 18.5 MA

    I think that could definitely could be the issue. Looks like wires got hot where they were zip tied to tight. A pump could have got hung up at one time and caused heat. What is the age of the battery? and a group 31 battery would be better. IMO
  11. Universal Mania

    Try BBG marine electronics. Brian will give best prices anywhere.
  12. Battery trays

    So I bite the bullet and pickup 2 new Duracell 31's for my trolling motor from Sams club taking advantage of their current sale. Get home to install and they don't fit in the tray , Crap now I gotta get a couple battery trays or take them back for less of a battery, Where is a good place to pick them trays up local to Tampa/Brandon that has the bigger ones? I new better and I should have measured but I didn't.
  13. sea deck

    Yes , did my Pathfinder cleans up super easy and easy on the eyes and feet and dampens noise. 5 stars!
  14. New Batteries

    Yea the $700 was an estimated price price for a Pair of Optimas w/tax The Duracells are more reasonable@ $180 each
  15. New Batteries

    I will probably go with the Duracell AGM 31 at Sams. They are priced right. I have a 12 yr old Optima that still works though but it gets tired quicker now. Guess I got my moneys worth out of it, but Dang they are expensive Two off them close to $700?