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  1. SeaDek install in the morning

    Had Alex do my Pathfinder a few years ago and still holding up like new. You won't be disappointed , makes a big difference.
  2. Boarding ladder Installation (Finally)

    Ok, my bad . I was just trying to help out. Guess I will get my foot out of my mouth now.
  3. Boarding ladder Installation (Finally)

    Man I don't want to burst your bubble and I could very well be wrong but, I think the slide bracket attaches to the bottom of the platform not the top. I have the same setup on my Pathfinder and the ladder slides underneath. Gonna be some tore up knees and feet mounted that way. Should be easy to change.
  4. MBC Tampa Owners Tournament

    Awesome, I might be able to do this if I'm not out of town. What are the $55 and $75 markers?
  5. Axle/Hub replacement

    Thanks Don V for the recommendation, Ended up having Peterson trailer replace my axles/hubs and a few other goodies. Jason & Tracy are very nice people to work with and got me up and running fitting me into there busy schedule. On a side note I would like to give a heads up to anyone needing to replace the axles on trailer for their Pathfinder be aware that Ameratrail uses an uncommon size axles for an 80" wide trailer. I had to drive over to the Factory to pick up the 2 axles or wait 2 weeks to have them built. They are 95 1/2" x 22.5 degree Tiedown for the Pathfinder dual axle trailers.
  6. Axle/Hub replacement

    Don, Was that price w/ hubs too?
  7. Axle/Hub replacement

    Thanks Fishmanjj, I have an idea on the cost of parts but my question is parts + labor to install.
  8. Axle/Hub replacement

    Can any body reccomend A fair trailer place to put 2 torsion axles w/hubs on my Ameratrail trailer near East Tampa? Anyone ever heard of Davis trailer in Plant City? And how much would something like that cost?
  9. Ameratrail Customer Service

    Is Mark the service manager still there? He always treated me more than fair.
  10. 2200V position on trailer

    What type trailer? Might be wrong one for your rig Mine was a little over and I moved the winch post forward a couple inches. There is a nice trailer for your boat in the "For Sale" section
  11. They are getting thicker!

    Ya that was me. If I remember right you had a different boat back then.
  12. They are getting thicker!

    Where you launching from ? Some of those ramp areas get sketchy after dark. Oneils still have the gate/ guard? By the way great catch.
  13. They are getting thicker!

    Unless your thinking that I am someone else, I live in Brandon Just east of Tampa.
  14. They are getting thicker!

    Great job, 2 for 2 is pretty awesome. Inside or outside ? Did not get out enough last year to get them dialed in. Hell I never even jumped one. Man I need a Tarpon fix . If your ever needing somebody to head out w/ya let me know. Your boat or mine.
  15. Motormate

    Used one on my bass boat , and have been using one on my pathfinder for 4 yrs. Great investment keeps the motor secure. If you do get one I suggest the stainless model.