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  1. Finally found one-'99 16ft. lappy

    So far.........three new batteries, new compass, one Lenco tab switch, new bait well switch, two SeaClaw 12's w/rode, unfroze tilt tube, drained two year old fuel, ran new fuels lines/filters, cleaned carbs, new fuel and 2 hour fresh water test. (that went well) Needs new prop seals as there is water in new gear oil, I'll replace water pump/housing, needs new float switch for bilge, release well pump, change a few things to improve bilge layout. The Motorguide 80 only runs in reverse, so there's that. All in all not bad.....hull's going to buff out well but that's at the end of things. Hope to fish it early next week........oh yeah, need to buy a 20ish push pole/mounts, and a (Garmin?) GPS/f-finder.....be happy for suggestions on the electronics, cleats(dock line), and foldable seats and anything else y'all can suggest, and there's sure not much room. Oh wait, I bought a 16 ft hull. (Boat's going to mostly fish Tampa Bay - both sides)........ Thanks, back to work Par8head
  2. Garmin gpsmap 498

  3. Aluminum Gas Tanks

    So we cut the fiberglass vertical riser which gave us limited access. You can see the foam creeping around the front. When we scraped it off note that it had removed whatever coating they used on the tank in 1985. Also of note, and as mentioned by many others, in well ventilated, non foamed areas the coating is in place and still doing it's job of protecting the aluminum. We abraded and cleaned the two screw holes and patched with original JB Weld. Filling up the tank and a water test to see if these two holes were the problem is next............wish us luck.
  4. Aluminum Gas Tanks

  5. Just brought her home to clean up and fix a few things...1999 Bayfisher w/ '99 90 Yamaha, (451 hrs), 80 lb troller and so-so trailer. Hopefully nothing serious, then again it's a 18 year old boat. I'll post pics once she's bathed and waxed, etc.
  6. Aluminum Gas Tanks

    Having similar problem with my grandsons 1985 MA 18. Initially we thought a screw had penetrated at the front deck step up. but unfortunately that's not it. We've inspected fill hose, vent hose, vent hose connection, primer bulb, water separator. They are all either in good shape or had been replaced by some previous owner. Anytime it;'s filled past 1/4,(it's 50 gal I believe, mounted under forward hatch), it leaks into bilge. Not a lot but enough to stop using until we identify and fix the problem. There is a 1/4 inch fiberglass baffle factory mounted to the floor and it is raised up to receive the rear portion of the front deck cap/hatch. I'm going to cut that out and gain access to the rear of the tank and hopefully bottom and sides. The tank is coated with a grey coating and from the top looks good. I can see some foan on both sides,(iphoning through the top pie plates). I'll post some pics and progress reports in the next few days..hope to find leak and maybe J&B weld leak. Taking of the top cap is not something we want to think about. Later, Par8head
  7. 17 maverick MA

    Still available? What's location.
  8. 1995 18' Hewes Redfisher - Lappy

    Flatwater. I'd like to see it. I'm not available until Tuesday....too much grandkid stuff. If you've still got it call me 813-541-6948. Wayne