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  1. Shout Out To Power-Pole: Broke one off !!!

    Power pole customer service is THE BEST ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Minnkota motor

    Anyone know an honest place to fix trolling motors around tarpon or south or wherever? Willing to travel Thanks
  3. power pole fuse

    got it working today had a problem with the ribbon wire going back inso it wont operate from the pump. called powerpole and since mine is an older model they will send me an entire new motor and circuit board. Thats customer service!!!!!!! Thanks
  4. power pole fuse

    Thanks Mustang> Found it and it is good.Now i have to find out why it just stopped working. Power pole said probably circuit board Thanks
  5. power pole fuse

    Power pole stop working all of a sudden. Anyone know fuse is located? This will be my starting point. THanks
  6. ground tie boat or not

    Troy I am in your area. Do you happen to know anyplace i might be missing? Thanks
  7. ground tie boat or not

    I looked all over for those auger tie down. Everyone is out Will try again in the am Thanks
  8. ground tie boat or not

    OK guys Would it be wise to tie down trailer with boat on it? Stupid question what is the best way? Thanks and be safe
  9. sea chest

    SO wht u r telli me is that if i see a cheese grator it has a sea chest If it just has a pick up there is no sea chest I will look tomorrow when i go fishing. From inside the boat i see nothing Thanks
  10. resealing hatches

    Has anyone resealed their hatches? If so what did you use Thanks
  11. non skid

    Has anyone here ever used dri dek on the cockpit of their boat? Do u think it would cheapen the look? Looks good in the brochure but so does anything. Thanks
  12. sea chest

    so the 2004 MA has no seachest Not that i can see anyway Thanks
  13. sea chest

    according to the owners manual on the 17MA is shows it having a sea chest. I always thought the MA didnt have a seachest Yes or no Thanks
  14. 17 maverick MA

    lets try again
  15. Transducer location MA17

    put it inside the hull.Will work at high speed. Not a thru hull but inside hull