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  1. live well

    found the water Over the livewell needed to be sealed no more water
  2. boat cover

    Anyone interested in a carver boat cover for a 17 ft flats boat that covers trolling motor and poling platform Brand new in the box never opened $ 350 PM me
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    Found the leak in bilge and fixed it Like most of you guys said over top of livewell Thanks again
  4. livewell pump

    Hurricane this is what i did rotate pic to right so pump is upright
  5. livewell pump

    now all i gotta do is fine that darn leak gonna keep trying monday its not the pump or thru hull so gotta keep looking
  6. livewell pump

    works fine leaves more room in there too about 4 inches shorter too i will take pic in the am
  7. livewell pump

    The smaller pump is not available anymore You can get the motor but not the housing Its all good now
  8. livewell pump

    Thanks hurricane I got it done now mounter it vertical instead of horizontal
  9. livewell pump

    Has anyone replaced their rule 1100 livwell pump in a master angler i cant find the same pump anywhere they are all too big thanks
  10. live well

    ok guys i did this the other day to see if it works dont know if i did the correct thing but gotta see if the bilge port is the answer to water in bilge hope this works Attachment
  11. live well

    Guys i appreciate the help i thought bilge hose but i said to myself no way so i never checked it now i will check it will let u all know thanks again
  12. live well

    2004 master angler no not more than maybe a gallon +- after about 4 hrs of fishing even not running pump so maybe it is the top bilge never goes on more so in rough water new pump no leak doesnt look like hoses r leaking i ran a hose where it meets deck didnt see anything i will try that again thanks for the reply
  13. live well

    I thought so too BUT i ran a hose on it and it didnt seem to leak I will check gain Thanks guys
  14. live well

    So who gets water in bilge when the live well is in use.? i checked everywhere no leaks. new pump,new plumbing nothing leaks but i get water got me puzzled. when gulf is flat not too much water. when snotty out more than usual water. bilge never needed Thanks where to from here? New boat maybe lol