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  1. New Port RIchie Area Fishing

    Also, if you saw a black 22 foot catamaran with a big tower on the front deck, I was looking for cobia today, so that would give you a general area to start looking for them
  2. New Port RIchie Area Fishing

    Szarman gave you great info. Watch out for the rock piles on the south and north gulf harbor channels. I generally cross the south channel right at the no wake signs. Cobia are there but spotty. I went today and got one and I had great conditions. Once you get north of gulf harbors be careful running close to shore, there are some rocks that will knock the lower unit off. This is more accurate once you get closer to the stilt homes. Just north of gulf harbors you will see the giant cove with a couple smaller coves, that area has been holding reds on medium - high tide. Once you get towards Hudson you have to run extremely shallow to get into back creeks. Fillmans bayou is a good area where you don't have to run super shallow
  3. Get boat off lift in shallow H2O

    If it's a softer bottom wait for a strong tide and do some Bahamas dredging. That and some bunk slick spray will help
  4. Thoughts on Powder Coating Casting/Poling Platform

    Nope. I even have a black gelcoat console and dash, and it never gets hot.
  5. No relation to seller, but reading the ad you can tell the guy is genuine and very detailed. If I was looking, this would be one I would go for knowing I was getting a solid buy. Sometimes you can just tell how a boat was maintained by the ad https://tallahassee.craigslist.org/boa/d/2006-hewes-redfisher-16/6545338155.html
  6. Thoughts on Powder Coating Casting/Poling Platform

    I'd get the powdercoating or line x. If it looks like crap in 3 years just have it redone. If it were a ttop or something hard mounted I would say otherwise
  7. Talking Points

    I fished that ifa event. The chatter is that you take 65 of some of the best redfish teams, most who practice multiple days to find them, and yet they can fish all day and not catch a single keeper. Lots of guys complaining about numbers of fish. We were fishing down in Miguel bay on saturday and watched a guide run the entire shoreline looking for fish. Crazy that he and others are willing to ruin their own fishery. I had a customer bring up something interesting regarding fiddler crabs. In the mangroves behind our home we used to have a thriving fiddler crab population, which is now near dead. His claim was water quality
  8. Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16

    Id check if your dealer can even get a 115 sho. Even then id get the lightest motor available. They don't like weight in the back
  9. 2006 21' Redfisher

    If you are getting 65 with a 200 I wouldn't change a thing. Otherwise you could get a tempest and it will grip well up high.
  10. Strange noise at slow speed

    Prop chatter. Totally normal, and can sometimes be fixed by switching hubs if you are running a merc prop. Bumping the rpms will immediately get rid of it, as you learned Go boating!
  11. 59 degree water temp!

    Bounced around NPR area on Thursday scouting for a tournament next week and decided to look at water temp. 59 degrees!! Fish were relating to anything that would hold heat, and any back creeks that would hold heat. Any dark patch, ditch, or dark mud that could hold any heat was the target I rarely fish up there so had some fun getting into some of the back ponds. Beautiful area and almost no boat pressure, especially in the ponds where you have to push your limits to get into. With this water temp drop, the fish seem to be acting angry when a bait was presented, so we will see over the next few days if they start to cooperate
  12. Hewes RF 21 seat backrest

    I did these on my lake and bay. Made by Attwood and I also did the slider on them so I could slide them forward and back. These had built in suspension which I would actually recommend against. It acted too much like an ejection seat
  13. Hewes RF 21 Trolling Motor size??

    Good choice
  14. Talking Points

    You sure that isn't black drum?
  15. Talking Points

    I can understand the need for guides to keep fish when clients ask, so perhaps some reasoning there would help. The way snook have rebounded after a couple closed years has been fantastic.