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  2. Can happen to any boat. Send a photo to the dealer and see what they say
  3. Scallop Season 2018

    Planning a trip for this Sunday! Launching out of crystal river
  4. New Master Angler???

    You don't know what you are missing at 80 MPH above the gunnels
  5. Fair deal on MA 21 with 4 stroke

    If you have pics then post them. I've done it in the past and saved others a trip. I understand this competes with your 21 for sale here, so post away if it is legitimate
  6. Scallop Season 2018

    Had to move around then went deep and killed it
  7. Fair deal on MA 21 with 4 stroke

    No relation to seller, but if I was looking it would be the one I would go for https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/boa/d/maverick-21ft-master-angler/6628803374.html
  8. New Master Angler???

    My guess is 26hps bottom with an open layout cap.
  9. New Master Angler???

    Any cap photos? What is difference from 26 hps?
  10. Ameratrail Aluminum Wheels

    x1000 I will say the "custom" wheels on my trailer now look great after 4 years, not ameratrail though.
  11. Trailer Advice

    If you want to do it the right way, Id replace the leaf springs and go with stainless brakes. If you want to go all out, wouldn't be a bad time to switch to torsion axles
  12. Scallop Season 2018

    I'll be there in my boat, a pathfinder fusion, and a backcountry 201. Will be hard to miss 3 flats boats daisy chaining like tarpon
  13. Scallop Season 2018

    I am not. I take US19 up first thing in the morning and get to Petes around 730, then take Veterans back to avoid the 19 traffic. Usually head home around 4
  14. Scallop Season 2018

    Planning on going Sunday July 1st opening weekend out of Crystal River launching at Pete's pier. We will have 3 boats together going up for the day then headed to the springs to relax. Anyone else planning on heading up for opening weekend?
  15. Opening day Anclote

    That ceviche looks killer