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  1. linesider 159

    Redfisher 16 - Discontinued?

    I am sure if you contact the dealer back they can locate one for you, or check around on boat trader. Sometimes you can get a dealer to do a swap so that you still buy from the local dealer, and if the 16's aren't selling that great then you should be able to get an aggressive price on an in-stock unit
  2. linesider 159

    Redfisher 16 - Discontinued?

    I am personally offended by this 😁
  3. linesider 159

    Gulp Alive gone too soft?

    Last year's jerk shad issue was a production problem. Apparently there is a small window from when they are produced until when they go in a bag. Miss it by a second and it softens, or something like that. Keeping gulps cool will help them hold together as well.
  4. linesider 159

    Florida marine tracks

    Managed to borrow the chip from a buddy, and wow. It is really nice. I'm able to comfortably run into areas and set down where previously I wouldn't have confidence
  5. linesider 159

    America Trail Pathfinder trailer blinker not working.

    Touch power to the plug and see if it lights up, that will eliminate the truck side. Then just crawl under the trailer and look for obvious signs of damage to wiring. My ameratrail had the same side issue and it was a wire rubbing on the threads of a bolt
  6. linesider 159

    What is my Hewes worth?

    I would have no problem listing for 22900 and taking anything above 19500. MAYBE 23900 if there isn't a thing wrong with it just so I don't leave money on the table. But realistically the average person will pay around 20k. If someone showed up with 19k cash it would be a difficult decision
  7. linesider 159

    Florida marine tracks

    Have a tourney out of steinhatchee next weekend and was seeing if anyone wanted to help a forum member out and rent their chip for 3 days. I know it's a longshot but it doesn't hurt to ask
  8. text 727 902 8784 or message here. Really wanting something 2012 or newer
  9. linesider 159

    Questions about loading 26 on trailer.

    Maybe get a little momentum to get it up that last bit, or as stated consider getting the small guide posts from ameratrail
  10. linesider 159

    Pathfinder 25 Hybrid 250 Sho

    I believe Geoff page has either a 25 or 26 with a 250 SHO, maybe worth reaching out to him?
  11. linesider 159


    Had a buddy hit a school of peanut dolphin in 25 foot under a pallet 2 weeks ago. Loaded the cooler in his pathfinder
  12. linesider 159

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Installed some red led speaker rings, red underwater lights (shadowcaster SCM 10), and some red led strips inside the powerpoles. Very happy with the results
  13. linesider 159

    Freshwater fishing?

    If you are fishing mid day, I'd be throwing a 10 inch junebug worm (zoom ol monster is my favorite) and just dragging it on the bottom Texas rigged with 1/4 or 1/8 oz. Weight. You can mix in some rattletraps/lipless crankbaits but mud fish love those.
  14. linesider 159

    For all you prop junkies put there . . .

    Geeviam and mulligan nailed it. There were some changes in management at merc racing propellers and it seems since then it's really easy to get one that isn't perfect on all blades. I've sent them back with casting flaws, out of round, etc. I ran a stiletto on my lt20 and grip was not its strength, so I'm interested to see how it does now that you had it worked
  15. linesider 159

    the most abrasive resistant leader

    As far as brand, yes. I have seen noticeably better abrasion resistance comparing seaguar vs berkeley
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