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  1. linesider 159

    Prop Selection

    Tempest 21 and let her eat. Perhaps borrow one first to make sure you like how it runs. If you want 4 blade grip and holeshot, bravo xs 21. The bravo will lose 2-3 mph if you hit the bottom a couple times because it's such a thin prop
  2. linesider 159

    trim tabs required?? Light Tackle 20 200 SHO

    That boat doesn't need them as it already runs bow heavy, but if you are spending the money to repower I'd spend the extra and make the tabs functional, as you never know when they will come in handy
  3. linesider 159


    On an 18 redfisher I would want the heavy batteries up front since they sit a little stern heavy. Also assists with the porpoising
  4. linesider 159


    I've used several of the Duracells with great success, although I haven't kept a boat longer than a year and a half so cant really give a longevity test. I can say in the 1.5 years I've had lithiums 2 failed, so not exactly the best track record.
  5. linesider 159

    Porta Bracket question.

    X2 My 2008 SCB has a porta bracket and my 2014 SCB has a Bobs plate. I hate the porta bracket even though it has probably twice the travel distance. No gauge drives me nuts because you constantly have to look back.
  6. linesider 159


    I have 2 lithium pro 36 volt batteries. The 2 main reasons to go lithium are to speed and storage space. Had 2 go bad and get replaced under warranty. I like them, but for the price you could just buy a bigger motor 😄
  7. linesider 159

    Boat/engine appearance care.

    I used to use that starbrite polish and it was great. Maintain it with Lucas slickmist or similar and it will look awesome. Ceramic is cool but the cost sucked. Washing the nonskid is easy though. Just get it wet and use a soft brush and rinse. Dirt doesn't stick. Takes 5 minutes to wash topside
  8. linesider 159

    Boat/engine appearance care.

    I used to go through lucas slickmist like crazy but since I had my boat ceramic coated I use a product called hydrosilex recharge. Incredible stuff. Spray detailers are lifesavers
  9. linesider 159

    Recovery mode

    Troy, been out looking for any rays and their partners yet? Wondering if the warm streak we have had has then out a little early
  10. linesider 159

    Trolling Motor Power for a 16'?

    Ive had an 80 rhodan on one of my 16 redfishers and it worked very well. Ive also had the 55lb thrust on a couple of them and while they did fine, if I fished a lot of current (I don't) then I would want to make the jump. Both did fine for fishing the flats. I will say I like the remote much better on the Minn Kota Ipilot vs the remote on the rhodan. The general 24 volt setup on a 16 redfisher is 2 batteries under the console and 1 in the back hatch, and in my opinion makes the boat much better balanced.
  11. linesider 159

    200 SHO tuned ECM results

    The numbers with the 22 tempest don't make any sense to me. Confusing for sure.
  12. linesider 159

    200 SHO tuned ECM results

    Id try a 22 or 23 bravo fs
  13. linesider 159

    2007 18' Master Angler (not mine)

    x10. New 150 is $13500, and after misc work you're now over 30k into a 12 year old 18 foot flats boat. 20-25 after a repower would be proper pricing.
  14. linesider 159

    200 SHO tuned ECM results

    As long as its over 20 foot Allstate insurance had no problem with me exceeding the 250 rating on my lake and bay. They cared about the check in the mail and were willing to offer liability insurance
  15. linesider 159

    200 SHO tuned ECM results

    Personally, I'd prop for right at 6k. Seems to be best range for top speed.....if that is the goal of course
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