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  1. Improved Cheese Grater

    Interesting to hear that it helps limit use of tabs. Never would have thought that. Did you notice any speed gains?
  2. Back in the Family

    Wish I could have been there to meet you, but hope you enjoy the boat! If you notice, the trailer wheels are actually oversized 14 inch. The standard size is 13 inch, so making that swap might gain you a little bit. Ive had a hinged poling platform with allen keys and it was very easy to use.
  3. All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Im sure Rick Murphy is already beating down your door for one. He always has the fastest 23HPS as it is
  4. OX66 100 hour help

    Impeller, plugs, and fuel filters would be done when recommissioned, not when putting it away. Do the gear lube, grease all points, drain fuel, and fog. Don't forget to let run 30 minutes or so with stabilizer in tank. Do all that and then spray everything under cowling with corrosion block and you are good to go. Id also make sure to trim the motor every once in a while. Sitting seems to cause lots of trim and seal issues.
  5. Improved Cheese Grater

    Ive done this on my boat at 60 plus mph. Had an issue with a foil causing cavitation at high speed and wanted to see how to modify the foil to fix it. I was scared to death. I told my buddy driving to not go over 60, which of course he didnt
  6. Hewes Redfish 16 Speeds?

    37.5-41.5. I could usually count on 38.5. This is with both 90 2 stroke and 90 4 stroke. My 04 with a 115 ran 45 easily
  7. Not mine- 18 MA - good condition, worth looking at

    Same registration numbers as one in ad so it looks like it
  8. Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO. UPDATE: 74.6 MPH!

    What we noticed since they are recessed tabs is that they almost act as a continuation of the running surface. By raising them above the bottom it reduced the running surface and allowed the prop to lift the boat more.
  9. Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO. UPDATE: 74.6 MPH!

    They stick out the back. We did contemplate cutting them as well
  10. Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO. UPDATE: 74.6 MPH!

    No idea. Top speed was close to same as redfisher at 68.7 very light. The big speed gap came when we did the grate and trim tabs
  11. Improved Cheese Grater

    Mulligan, don't forget to raise those tabs! I think that was a large part of the gain as well
  12. Not mine- 18 MA - good condition, worth looking at

    If you make the trip down to tarpon springs I have a good guy I trust with my life. I'll take you fishing if you bring it down! Heard good stuff about a place called spartina up by you
  13. Improved Cheese Grater

    This is correct. We did both at the same time. The speed gains may be even more than posted because at 74.6 it was nearly on the rev limiter. We will have some fun in the next few weeks with a bigger prop and see what we can get just for fun.
  14. Improved Cheese Grater

    I also wouldn't be surprised if the speed gains aren't just from reduced drag, but also reduced turbulence which lowers prop slip. Crazy how a metal cheese grater can spark such a discussion!
  15. WTB: Hewes Redfisher 16

    I have one for sale on this page. 2004