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  1. PLB or EPIRB

    I keep a rescue me plb attached to my lifejacket. Whenever I'm alone on the boat I'm wearing the jacket. I got it because I always wore my vest when alone, but thought what if I can get back to the boat, or what if I go unconscious? Its also nice to have in the LA marsh when you are in the middle of nowhere,
  2. Fish around Ruskin LMR today

    North end of anclote in those back pockets had a lot of snook and scattered reds 2 weeks ago, although the weather has changed since.
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    Gave the Merc some love yesterday
  4. FIRE SALE! Pathfinder 26hps for sale ($21000)

    You would buy original hatches
  5. Good price on 21 fusion

    "PRICE DROP 26,500.00 Phone # correction 713-823-7475"
  6. Upgrading Trolling motor

    60. Also, ask your local service center about issues. Both my local places have seen a lot of them back for repairs
  7. FIRE SALE! Pathfinder 26hps for sale ($21000)

    I didn't notice they took the hatches. That wont be cheap to replace. As far as why they took them, I believe they are after the latches and hardware. 6 screws (3 each hinge) and now they have a gemlux latch and 2 hinges.
  8. FIRE SALE! Pathfinder 26hps for sale ($21000)

    I think 40k would cover a rebuild with new motor and accessories. 24k motor and rigging, 6k console and rigging, 8k accessories, 2k misc
  9. well, half of a 2600 hps https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/boa/d/pathfinder-2600-hps/6381685660.html
  10. Where are the fish

    Grouper are thick in upper bay!! Lost one well over 30 inches today. Also lost 100$ worth of plugs. Lol!
  11. Please help! 2008 21ft Hewes Redfisher

    When gas prices shot up so did prices of materials. No one willingly lowers their prices now that gas prices are down.
  12. Please help! 2008 21ft Hewes Redfisher

    Seems fair. Id ask why it was rebuilt. Same boat? https://www.thehulltruth.com/boats-sale-wanted/196678-steal-38000-2008-hewes-21-redfisher-yamaha-f225-sport-price-reduction.html
  13. Where are the fish

    Yes. Very clear and will only get better as it gets colder. Fort Desoto was clear as well but that's pretty common
  14. Where are the fish

    Fort Desoto is great for wading on negative lows. I'm not about to go waste deep though!! I put my Louisiana platform on the front deck yesterday and I could see redfish a mile away with this clear water
  15. Where are the fish

    Don't be afraid to get out and wade this time of year. Fish are pushing very shallow to catch the sun