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  1. Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO

    Almost blew my sterling over the front when I ran it I do remember that . Hit a wave and she took off! The fusion needs that much lift with the console being far forward. Ill probably shoot you a text to see if I can swing by
  2. Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO

    Do you remember how the grip on that one was once you raise the plate?
  3. Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO

    No pad, vhull all the way through. Would love to see someone do a pad on one
  4. Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO

    We will be trying a labbed 27 tempest tonight
  5. Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO

    My buddy just redid his 21 fusion and we finally got to run it the other day. Went from a 150 Yamaha to a 250 SHO. Full rewire, dual powerpoles, 10 inch jackplate, Lowrance 12 inch, some custom cushions, and had the console custom painted black with carbon fiber panels. Came out awesome and she screams! So far we have seen 68.7 MPH and working on hitting the 70 mark. What a blast it is to do some prop testing again. Ill snap some more photos this evening but it turned out beautiful and has a really classy look PS: if anyone has any 24-27 pitch props they would be willing to let us try, let me know!
  6. Fantastic. Hoping at the end of the month they extend to include Tampa Bay
  7. Actually, you can buy the extended warranty on a Yamaha from a dealer, who makes money on the sale and does the warranty work. A motor also doesn't fit in a small envelope to ship back to the manufacturer for replacement either. West marine offers their warranty for the reason you stated. If you wanted to exchange at the retailer no questions asked, you get the west marine warranty. All this over a $60 livewell pump
  8. Normal. Your issue is with the manufacturer not the retailer
  9. 2003 2200v Delamination

    Looks like delam to me (notice the dry glass fibers with no resin). A small crack doesn't strip 1/4 of the bottom off the boat. That being said, any manufacturer can have it happen to them. Seen it in a couple sterlings/shearwaters as well.
  10. Mercury

    23HPS with 400r an option yet? A 300r would be a cool combo as well!
  11. 98 20LT 200 vmax, missing top end spend, where to start?

    Get a 21 tempest 3 blade. I saw 53 consistently and had the same setup with you (Had a different prop). Tempest will have good grip and have lots of bow lift. Honestly not a fan of powertech props. The OFX is a slow prop and is only good for grip and stern lift IMO. Their RKR isn't a bad design but you rarely see them.
  12. Lightning

    Welcome to Tampa Bay! Not totally uncommon for this to happen. We get some nasty storms. Here is another that I took off our back deck. No editing used, just perfect lighting
  13. Lightning

    No fish is worth getting struck by lightning, ever. Just another reason its nice to have a quick boat, but I use weatherbug radar often. It shows lightning strikes on the radar. Often times a storm can be red on the radar with no lightning and you would never tell the difference. If you have ever felt a cold, humid breeze right before a storm, know that is your absolute final warning. Its nature's way of telling you to get the heck out of dodge. DO NOT ignore it. Heres a photo in my hewes 16 when I got caught in a storm. The ramp is straight ahead.
  14. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    The DFI oil is for the regular optimaxes because they would foul plugs after extended idling (offshore boats, etc). All of the mercury racing optimaxes actually specify premium plus oil over the dfi oil. This is because it provides better high rpm protection and they don't expect you to do extended idling. If I idle more than 10 minutes my opti (racing 300xs) will puff some smoke on takeoff. If I had a regular opti and didn't do extended idling id probably run premium plus for the added protection. Just my opinion. Furthermore, if you premix, you do NOT run dfi oil. It is not meant to be mixed. Agreed on the West Marine pricing!!
  15. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    x2. Sams club will generally have it too. Premium plus is good stuff. If you do a lot of idling another clean oil is Mercury dfi oil (brown). If you do a lot of high rpm usage the mercury premium plus offers better protection than dfi oil