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  1. linesider 159

    Selling boat: online options.

    Ive sold one or 2 boats on this forum. Generally I list on THT, craigslist, Facebook, here, and florida sportsman. Depending on interest and if the boat hasn't sold yet, I will list on Boat Trader after about 2 weeks. Boat trader is great for reaching people greater distances away. My most recent sale was to a forum member here who was great to deal with. Nice to sell to people that are knowledgeable and know the brand (another advantage of listing on forums).
  2. linesider 159

    Yamaha 2014 250 SHO for sale

    I contacted him. It has 1900 hours
  3. linesider 159

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Be careful who you send a bravo to. Have seen on multiple occasions people not get the blade tips right and lose 2-6 mph.
  4. linesider 159

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Put it on and spray with some water. Give it 3 days and go run it! This is top speed weather!!
  5. Clearwater. 727 2516263
  6. linesider 159

    Boat Insurance

    I have Allstate and have been happy. 1k a year for 68k agreed value
  7. linesider 159

    HPDI stutter at 3500 rpm

    Cables will be replaced tonight and Ill sneak it out for a test run in the morning
  8. linesider 159

    HPDI stutter at 3500 rpm

    I will do it and report back, I appreciate it! Yours ran fine at wot but hesitated at 3500 correct?
  9. linesider 159

    HPDI stutter at 3500 rpm

    My engine trim does seem slow while the motor is running. So you replaced the positive cable from motor to battery/switch? I have a new tps sensor, all filters done, no codes, coils were apparently checked, and shift position switch.
  10. linesider 159

    HPDI stutter at 3500 rpm

    No codes. I was thinking coil. I should have done it when I did the micro filters, but didn't clean or flow test injectors.
  11. linesider 159

    HPDI stutter at 3500 rpm

    I seem to remember a thread here where someone had an hpdi with a slight hesitation around 3500 rpm. All other rpms were fine but back off to 3500 and it would kick for a second and come right back. Already did fuel system and micro filters.
  12. linesider 159

    Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO. UPDATE: 74.6 MPH!

    When he mounted the SHO he put the 10 inch plate on there. The gain from 68-74 was just trim tabs and livewell grate as far as I know.
  13. linesider 159

    Under Gunnel Carpet removal

    My understanding is it is just an indoor outdoor carpet glue. Most hardware stores have indoor outdoor glue remover. Worth a shot
  14. linesider 159

    Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO. UPDATE: 74.6 MPH!

    5600 is perfect for that motor. Right now you are running 21% slip which is awful. One thing I completely forgot about is we are running a 10 inch setback instead of the standard 6 inch, so that helps
  15. linesider 159

    FL Governer announces sweeping changes in water policy

    A great step in the right direction. The environmental issues lately have cost the state a lot of tourism money. Freshwater lakes are dealing with relentless spraying, and saltwater has its own issues. This action coupled with the closed snook and redfish could really be a turning point for the improvement of our fisheries. Hopefully it continues