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  1. Flat Tire Tools

    In addition to the above, I carry an electric impact wrench. Sure does make life easy changing tires with rusted lug nuts.
  2. Low Water Pressure Yamaha F150

    Yes, I did get it figured it out. Went ahead and did a full 100 hour service. Ordered my parts from SIM Yamaha. To address the low water pressure reading, I replaced the impeller. The impeller was actually in good shape but replaced it in any case. I also replaced the thermostat. Thermostat was in bad shape, and was likely not opening up correctly. After doing the above my F150 was running as good as new.
  3. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Got out with my little guy. He's only 4 but he's already hooked on fishing.
  4. New Bimini Top for 2200 TRS

    Rocky, I think I saw you pulling out of the Lanark ramp on Sunday. Nice boat. I have a blue 2200V. Mine came with a factory bimini top but I never use it. Its stored in my carport. I feel like it gets in the way if you are fishing 2 or 3 guys and throwing top water all day. Enjoy your new ride. Next time I see you, I'll have to say hi.
  5. Fishing shoes

    I've had a pair of Columbia Drainmakers that have lasted several years. I'm very pleased with them. My fishing partner recently got a pair of Simms Challengers and he has been pleased with those. They are on sale at Sierra Trading Post: https://www.sierratradingpost.com/simms-challenger-boat-shoes-for-men~p~395ur/?filterString=s~simms-shoe%2F
  6. Looking for a 2000V..

    ADF I saw a clean looking 2000V posted on Facebook for trade. Not sure if the owner will sell outright. https://www.facebook.com/groups/trickmyskiff/permalink/2060035364258709/?sale_post_id=2060035364258709
  7. New gen vs old gen pathfinder.

    Pathfinder 2200 prior to 2002 had a different cap. After 2002 anchor locker was redesigned, the big front deck hatch was included, they got rid of the cushioned rod locker lids, they widened the gunnels, used pop up cleats instead of exposed cleats, and I believe started including a release well. In 2007 the 2200 was offered in an XL model. The XL had 25" transom, recessed tabs, and weighed about 200 lbs. more than the 2200V with the same power. In 2011 the 2200 TRS is introduced. TRS= third row seat for the 2 folding seats located on the aft deck.The TRS deck is nine inches longer than the 2200 XL, the TRS has a larger foredeck with bigger anchor locker. The TRS hull uses the same running surface and has the same length at the waterline as the 2200 XL. TRS also has the 25" transom of the XL. The TRS weighs about 235 lbs more than the XL, or 435 lbs. more than the V.
  8. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    Blimp road is a shallow ramp. Its a popular launch for kayakers. You should be OK with a 16 Hewes if you have your trailer setup to dry launch/retrieve. I have heard of trucks being broken into while parked on blimp road.
  9. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    FMT = Florida Marine Tracks. I'm sure Glen can answer in greater detail. It is essentially a chip with navigable tracks overlaid on satellite images. https://floridamarinetracks.com/
  10. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    Half submerged trees are not on the FMT chip or at least not on my chip dated January 2018. I did run a ton in the back and had no issues using the FMT tracks.
  11. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    Just spent a week on Ramrod. Dolphin Marina is closed and will likely never reopen. The closest public ramp is the one on State Road 4A on Little Torch. Pine channel is clear and unchanged from the storm. Just keep an eye out for half submerged trees. There's a big one at the entrance of the Dolphin Marina channel, and others scattered around Newfound Harbor.
  12. Simrad vs all the rest

    My current setup is a GO7 XSE running the FMT Chip, and a Garmin 841 XS. The Garmin is easier to use, perhaps I'm more familiar with the software from years of using Garmin products. However, Garmin mapping is terrible for inshore. The Garmin mapping software constantly shows you on land when you are fishing 2' of water. The FMT satellite images are awesome and very accurate. A game changer in the way I fish new areas. If you are going to run one unit I would go with the GO9 or the HDS 9 Gen 3, with the FMT chip and a totalscan transducer. I'm pretty sure the G09 displays water temperature. I do not have a transducer hooked up to my Go7.
  13. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    I also have a Sams Club Group 31 Duracell AGM as my starting/house battery. Had it for a year with no complaints. Priced very reasonable compared to Odyssey or Optima. I too have a battery switch to use one of my trolling motor batteries when I select "ALL". If you are still worried about only have 1 starting/house battery, then carry a lithium ion jump starter. Cheap insurance in a light weight package. Having 5 batteries is probably over 300 Lbs. in battery weight. If you are concerned about draft that is a lot of extra weight.
  14. Tarpon reel size

    My go to setup for sight casting artificials at tarpon is a Shimano Stradic 5000 on an 8' Teramar spooled with 30 lbs. braid. Casts a hogy much further than a heavier setup. I feel like it is plenty of reel if you know how to fight a fish and can quickly chase down a fish with the boat. Now if you are floating live bait then by all means go with a 6000 or 8000 reel.
  15. Simrad Total Scan

    My Pathfinder 2200 had a flush mounted 5" Lowrance black and white bottom machine and a bracket mounted Garmin 740. I updated with a flush mounted Garmin 840xs and a ram mounted Simrad GO7 XSE. I'm running the FMT chip in the Simrad. See picture below I took while testing the new electronics, prior to filling old holes and finalizing the install. I primarily fish shallow (2'-3') for red fish and trout while using the trolling motor to fish around oyster bars, structure or shoreline. I'm using artificial lures and fan casting or sight casting. Only thing different I would of done was go with a larger screen on the Simrad but budget was the constraining factor.