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  1. blackacre

    GPS Screen Size

    How many user names does Glen have on here?
  2. blackacre

    Boat Detailing Prices

    My mobile detailer charges $15/foot. That includes Hand Wash Remove Rust Stains Wax Top surfaces/gelcoat Clean Top Polish Engine Cover Polish Stainless Props Remove Black Scuffs Clean Center Console and compartments
  3. blackacre

    GPS Screen Size

    My Garmin 840XS was pretty tight fit on my 2004, 2200V.
  4. blackacre

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    I would bracket mount a second unit on a Balzout mount.
  5. blackacre


    No info on Michael?
  6. blackacre

    Hatch seal dimensions

    Jazzy how many feet did you order to redo all the hatches on a 22'?
  7. blackacre

    Console Wiring Clean Up

    I'm sure costs vary greatly on a job like this based on the condition of your wiring and what is involved. I had a livewell pump replaced, the float switch on the bilge repaired and a trolling motor issue looked at as well. I was able to text them pictures on my wiring prior to bringing it in and get a rough estimate. I would suggest doing the same if you can.
  8. blackacre

    Console Wiring Clean Up

    Had a project done that I've been meaning to get around to ever since I bought my boat. Over the years wiring in the console had turned into quite a mess. I didn't think my 2004 Pathfinder needed a full rewire job. I was was able to work with St. Marks Pro Marine in St. Marks, FL to get everything squared away. It will be much easier to track down future issues with neat and labeled wiring. Here's some before and after pics.
  9. blackacre

    Pathfinder 2200 Aerator Pump Replacement?

    Never mind. Saw another post and got it figured out. Went with the new style Rule 800 tournament. You can see the old style rule feeding the livewell, next to the new style pump for the release well.
  10. The pump going to the release well in my 2200v stopped working. I believe this is an older Rule model no longer made. Any suggestions on a replacement? See pics.
  11. blackacre

    Boarding ladder Installation (Finally)

    My transducer is mounted here:
  12. blackacre

    Boarding ladder Installation (Finally)

    Noticed your transducer in the pictures. Are you getting readings while up on plane? Don't see many mounted behind the pocket.
  13. blackacre

    Proud to introduce Lake Maverick!

    Where's the boat ramp?
  14. blackacre

    Florida Map Tracks compatible unit

    I run the FMT chip in a GO7 XSE. Love the chip and would highly recommend. As far as the GO7, there's certainly times I wish I had a bigger screen. When it's bouncy its difficult to zoom in and out, or adjust volume or songs if you run a SonicHub. If you zoom too far out on the 7" the screen gets too cluttered to be of any use with the multiple map layers and depth soundings. I have both the North and South FL chip but have only needed to run one at a time. If you fished on the border between the north and south chip that may be an issue. Lastly, keep in mind on the GO series the chips are inserted from a port in the back of the unit. Not an issue, unless you plan to flush mount. It could be a pain having to access the back of the unit in the console to change chips.