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  1. Hello everyone, need some feedback on my '06 18.5 MA set up. Current setup is - F150, 4" Atlas Jackplate, with a OFX19 Prop. Does pretty good, able to get 50mph at around 5900-6000 rpm trimmed up. Hole shot is good. Few things I'm noticing; loosing grip (slipping/caveating) at lower speeds and turning. Very noticable. Trouble getting the bow up when on plane. Feels like motor and trim tabs are working against each other when I trim it up. Few options come to mind. Keep the prop and lose the jackplate. Lifting the JP just a little the prop starts to blow-out so isn't much use to me now. Actually, a recommendation from my local service dept. Shop props and keep the jackplate Greatly appreciate any feedback or opinions, and curious what others are doing with a similar set up.
  2. eFlat

    Gas Deck Fill Stuck

    Greatly appreciate everyone's advice. Got the cap off by using a screw driver and gently tapping to un-screw. Now gonna see if I can salvage this cap with wd40. Like hawg's suggestion too. Back in business
  3. eFlat

    Gas Deck Fill Stuck

    Thanks guys for the replies. I'll give it a try this morning and post up how it goes.
  4. eFlat

    Gas Deck Fill Stuck

    Went to the gas station and couldn't get my gas cap off with the key. Deck Fill is stuck down and won't pop up to unscrew. Any quick fix, or is it shot? If it's shot, how easy is it to replace. Boat is an '06 MA. Greatly appreciate the input
  5. eFlat

    Powerpole Install on MA 18.5

    Thanks Guys. Getting the bracket.
  6. eFlat

    Powerpole Install on MA 18.5

    Thanks Nag. Less holes the better. Wasn't sure there was any benefit to through hull vs bracket.
  7. eFlat

    Powerpole Install on MA 18.5

    I have an 8' Powerpole blade ready to install on my MA 18.5. Guess I have two options for the install; get a bracket from Powerpole for the Atlas jackplate, or through hull to the transom. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to either of these methods I should take into consideration? Greatly appreciate the input
  8. eFlat

    Anyone build rods?

    Can't go wrong with the MHX blank. I got a few of them and really like them - both standard and HM. Most important thing is the warranty on these blanks and mudhole is great to work with if you have any questions on the components. Post up on their forum on what exactly your looking for and they will lead you in the right direction. Kind of hard to pick a blank w/o putting it in your hands. Few more worth looking at is the Rainshadow Revelation or RX7. These things are indestructible. Got a bunch of buddies on these blanks and they abuse 'em w/o fail. Rainshadow has a good warranty too. Another contender on the market are the CRC blanks from customrodcomponents.com. Was in the shop the other day and really impressed with these blanks. Haven't built on one yet; but will in the near future. Cajun Custom Rods are built on these blanks. Rodgeeks have a nice blank too. Rodgeeks is St Croix's little sister. Order direct. I've been fishing with Lamiglas blanks for the past year and love them to death. They seem to have a very limited selection for builders, but these blanks are bad to the bone for the price. Order direct from Lamiglas and save a bundle. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Things have expanded dramatically in the rod-building industry these past 5yrs.
  9. eFlat

    2006 18 Maverick MA w/F150

    SOLD !!!! Made if from Miami to Jax and safely tucked in and ready to go
  10. eFlat

    Boat Shopping - Motor Hours

    Greatly appreciate everyone's advice. Will definitely get a mech's evaluation before I pull the trigger. Nag - yeah, ran into a blue 18 today in Naples that was a guide boat. Probably the same one; not sure it's still on the market though. There is a '12 18 hpx on this site that's got my attention too, but the MA seems like a more stable platform for up here in NE FL.
  11. eFlat

    Pre '09 HPX 18

    Greatly appreciate the input
  12. Hello Everyone, In the market for a new-to-me boat. Narrowed the search to a Master Angler 18.5. Well maintained VMax 150 showing no issues on diagnostics with 1000 hrs anything to be concerned with, or is this a just stay away. I know this is an opened ended question, but greatly appreciate any and all opinions. Don't know if 1000hrs on these motors is reaching end of life and anything past is luck.
  13. eFlat

    Pre '09 HPX 18

    About to be in the market for a new-to-me boat. Pretty much zoning in on an HPX. Any compelling reasons not to consider a Pre '09 HPX 18 (old style hull if that was pre '09). Greatly appreciate the feed back
  14. eFlat

    2004 Maverick HPX 18 Carbon/Kevlar

    Very Interested. How can I get in touch?
  15. eFlat

    2007 R16 Throttle/Shift Cable Length?

    Thanks Skip New cables installed, and back in business