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  1. Unfortunate the 25” shaft motor is a no go. It will be too long below the keel. 20” shaft is the correct and only length motor for these boats.
  2. bigsnook35

    36v Minn Kota Riptide SF (tiller)

    I’ll buy you a case of IPA. What’s your flavor of choice?
  3. bigsnook35

    Hewes Redfisher poling platform screws

    West Marine sells them. They are called finish washers.
  4. bigsnook35

    Yamaha 2014 250 SHO for sale

    Sent another one inshore.
  5. bigsnook35

    Yamaha 2014 250 SHO for sale

    Inshore 1 sent you a pm.
  6. bigsnook35

    Electrical wiring question

    You shouldn't have power ran through the fuse block for the starter. When I rewired mine I ran two wires from the battery switch to a double post mounted on the transom. Then the wires from the motor to the matching post. The switch is what lets the power go to the motor. And the motor wiring does everything under the cowling. You shouldn't have to run power to each of those individually. Hope this helps.
  7. bigsnook35

    Boat Fiberglass Stringer/Floor Repair Tampa Florida

    The Boat Doctor. They also build Sheaffer bay boats there. They are the best in the area. They are located in Drew Park near the Bucs stadium.
  8. bigsnook35

    LT20 replacement windshields?

    Do you have your current windshield still? I did the same thing with my windshield. I took it to a local place called Plastics America and they made me a new windshield without the nav light cut outs.
  9. bigsnook35

    2018 SW MOT at the Tarpon Lodge

    Any word on the Owner's Tournament this year?
  10. bigsnook35

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Upgraded to dual 10’ blades.
  11. bigsnook35

    Shark Eyes Install

    I had console mounted nav lights on my first Lappy and hated the amount of light that hit my eyes while driving. I have shark eyes on my Light Tackle and love them. I used the gasket that came with them as a template. It was a lot easier install than most of the extras on my boat.
  12. bigsnook35

    need help with final upgrade

    Central Gulf Coast Marine (813)244-9573 Mac Carter is the owner. He has done numerous boats from the forum.
  13. bigsnook35

    Lt20 center console floor

    I don’t think i took any pics when i was Rebuilding my LT. If you send me contact information. I can describe it to the best of my abilities. I did a lot of work on my LT above and below the deck.
  14. bigsnook35

    MBC Tampa Owners Tournament

    I may have a spot on my boat Shane. In the yes for the rest of the month. I have To check with the two guys that fish the one in Pine Island with me.
  15. bigsnook35

    Powerpole customer service

    I know it hasn’t been said time and time again. But Powerpole customer service is the best in any business. Not just in the marine business. I had a pump go bad yesterday while fishing in Pineland for the owner’s tournament. Called the shop and they overnighted one to Tarpon Lodge. Got it installed while tied up to the dock earlier today. Just the best customer service i have ever experienced.
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