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  1. bigsnook35

    Shark Eyes Install

    I had console mounted nav lights on my first Lappy and hated the amount of light that hit my eyes while driving. I have shark eyes on my Light Tackle and love them. I used the gasket that came with them as a template. It was a lot easier install than most of the extras on my boat.
  2. bigsnook35

    need help with final upgrade

    Central Gulf Coast Marine (813)244-9573 Mac Carter is the owner. He has done numerous boats from the forum.
  3. bigsnook35

    Lt20 center console floor

    I don’t think i took any pics when i was Rebuilding my LT. If you send me contact information. I can describe it to the best of my abilities. I did a lot of work on my LT above and below the deck.
  4. bigsnook35

    MBC Tampa Owners Tournament

    I may have a spot on my boat Shane. In the yes for the rest of the month. I have To check with the two guys that fish the one in Pine Island with me.
  5. bigsnook35

    Powerpole customer service

    I know it hasn’t been said time and time again. But Powerpole customer service is the best in any business. Not just in the marine business. I had a pump go bad yesterday while fishing in Pineland for the owner’s tournament. Called the shop and they overnighted one to Tarpon Lodge. Got it installed while tied up to the dock earlier today. Just the best customer service i have ever experienced.
  6. bigsnook35

    Power Pole Anchor Light

    I saw that a couple years ago and thought the same thing. That is the only reason i ended up not buying one. You can hardware them as well.
  7. bigsnook35

    Stainless pipe fittings

    Taco Marine has the plates available as well.
  8. bigsnook35

    Fuel Dock in Big Pine?

    Old Wooden Bridge had fuel when i was down there a month or two ago. Give Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge a call. I seem to remember seeing the fuel pump there. I dont know if they are set up to dispense of it yet. The fishing lodge always had the best price on fuel. Even over the stations that were land locked.
  9. bigsnook35

    2018 SW MOT at the Tarpon Lodge

    Can’t wait. I’ll be keeping my boat next door at Pineland Marina and staying in a house a couple down from the lodge. My crew and I will be getting in on Wednesday.
  10. bigsnook35

    Bow mount trolling motor install on RF18

    Agms are the way to go. I was able to get 3 batteries in the console of my old 18’ Bayfisher. And i was able to shoehorn 4 batteries in the console of my LT20. Just gotta work on layout a bunch.
  11. bigsnook35

    Big Pine Key Rental

    They are booked solid unfortunately. That was one of our first checks. As weird as it sounds they have the best price on non ethanol fuel around down there. With the added benefit of not having to lug fuel cans to gas station and back. Appreciate the ideas.
  12. bigsnook35

    Big Pine Key Rental

    I have checked and there is only one on there right now. I sent an email to the one from VRBO and have not gotten anything back yet. I just wanted to see if there were any other options out there. Trying to get as many options as possible.
  13. bigsnook35

    Big Pine Key Rental

    Hoping for any help from you guys for a rental on Big Pine Key. This is a family trip we have been taking for the past 16 years or so and could possibly be the last one for my mother so trying to make sure the tradition continues. I appreciate any help that can be found. The house my family and I have been staying at the past 8 years won’t be ready by Lobster season. Seems the insurance companies are always quick to take payments but very slow to payout. As some of you know first hand. We usually go down for two weeks at the start of lobster season. This year it would be August 4-18. If anyone has any leads or friends that happen to have houses being unused at that time it would be greatly appreciated to put us in contact. There are usually 6-8 of us, depending on what days people are able to get off work. Except my parents that is. They are living that retirement life. I’ll be there in 25 years or so. Not that I am counting. The house would need to be at least a 2 bed/ 2 bath, 3 bed/ 2 bath would be even better. But we can work around what is available. The house would need to be on a canal without height restrictions as I know a few canals have low bridges. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please pm me on here or let me know how to contact you. Attached are a few photos from past trips. Thank you guys very much.
  14. bigsnook35

    Ulterra Users - Take Note-Discconnect ALL POWER

    Always used a breaker as an extra way to make sure there is no draw down on the batteries. Same as with any electronics on the boat. The only thing in the boat that can draw power when off the water is automatic bilge pump.
  15. bigsnook35

    2018 SW MOT at the Tarpon Lodge

    Bigsnook35 is in for 3. Can’t wait.