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  1. Redfisher 19 Lappy vs. LT 20

    I have a 225 optimax on my LT. I've had it up to 48 but have a rough bottom so I know I am loosing speed there. But it's a great boat. If I could have found a master angler 21 when I was looking I would have bought it. But the LT has worked out great and don't think I will get rid of it. Too many memories rebuilding it with my father.
  2. Redfisher 19 Lappy vs. LT 20

    The red fisher will be a faster boat as it is narrow and lighter. The size difference when you are on the deck seems big. The LT has a ton of room everywhere. I looked at a 19 before I bought my LT but just wanted more storage and a wider all around boat. Both should float in pretty much the same amount of water. I do love the front livewell on the 19 though. I wish my LT had one of those. Hard to go wrong with either one.
  3. Northbound traffic

    Strapped the boat down outside at the house in plant city and hoping for the best. I'll be at work till probably Tuesday at least. Hoping it keeps trending west at this point. Hope everyone is safe.
  4. Keel Guard on MA17

    You know the old saying. You can do it cheap or you can do it right. You will end up doing it right eventually and then it definitely won't be cheap. As much as you use your boat $400 isn't bad at all.
  5. IRMA

    I will be here if it hits but I will be working. Hoping we only get the side of it and not a direct hit. I would highly recommend anyone that is in the path of the hurricane to evacuate and not wait till the end.
  6. Keel repair

    I have the line x keel guard. It works good. It is smooth and I can't see it causing any more loss of speed than a regular keel guard will if any. The only issue is that dealing with the shop that does it isn't the best any a long shot. I like it but probably will not do it again just do to the way I was treated. Good luck.
  7. 20lt evinrude G2 prop testing

    Those are awesome numbers. Congrats.
  8. What speakers to buy.

    I have Rockford fosgates becuase I wouldn't bring myself to pony up for the JLs. When I replace it will either be the same or same size JLs. These have really surprised me and everyone else who has heard them.
  9. What did you do to your boat today?

    Put a brand new seastar helm in and fixed steering issues that have been ongoing.
  10. 20lt evinrude G2 prop testing

    Mine rides now heavy as well. Just a nature of the hull. That is my only complaint and isn't that big of an issue for me as I usually cruise every I go.
  11. Purina Fish Chow

    Couldn't find much bait last week for the owners tournament. Everything was small. Pinfish were plentiful. Pass crabs were everywhere on the flush.
  12. S.W. Owners tournament.

    I'll be down there first thing Friday morning
  13. Hewes Scam?

    99% positive it is a scam. I doubt it would be listed on Craigslist and not in here. Especially at that price. Usually things too good to be true are just that. I'm sure RL will chime in.
  14. Big pine key and e free gas

    The best price you will find will be at big line key fishing lodge. It is priced even better than the gas stations on the island. We have been doing it that way for the last 10 years or so. And it is a nice easy boat ride. Call around when you get there but that is what we do every year.
  15. Tampa area get together

    Too busy driving an ambulance around today. Have fun guys.