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    Steven Bringle born and raised in Key West Fl. Married with a little girl on the way. Hobbies are racing anything with a steering wheel even some without, anything and everything that puts me on the water is a good time. Owner of a 1972 23 Sea Craft pott
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    Everything on the water
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    Steven Bringle

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  1. KWConch

    96 17MA fuel leak

    Thanks Skip for giving me a contact. I'm gonna give him a call today.
  2. KWConch

    96 17MA fuel leak

    I will definitely post pics of the project. I am surprised I haven't found any on this model. Thanks for the help.
  3. Hey fellas, Long story short I'm looking for some help putting a new gas tank in my 96 17MA. Is it possible to remove tank by only taking off the cap? Does the floor have to be cut as well. The boat has been redone by previous owner but it looks bone stock. Any advice would be grately appreciated.
  4. KWConch

    88 BoneFisher

    My new to me 88 BoneFisher. Needs a new transom. Any pointers on replacing it without pulling the cap? This will be my first transom rebuild so any info available would be greatly appreciated. There was work done by previous owner as you can see the raised bow deck and they gl***ed it to the floor so pulling the cap would be a little more time and money and I really don't have either one with a baby on the way! Thanks in advance.