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  1. Thru-hull help please

    I want to replace my poly thru-hulls with stainless. Is there a thru-hill that has finished mushroom shape on both ends? This is for the coolers that drain to the cockpit floor.
  2. LT20 repower 200 vs 150HP

    I'm having a hard time finding pre owned 200's. Still looking. Thanks for the input
  3. LT20 repower 200 vs 150HP

    Thanks matt, I'm still going back and forth on it. Will decide soon. Fish won't wait....
  4. LT20 repower 200 vs 150HP

    I agree. "I'd like to go slower and plane longer" said no one ever! However, I'm ***uming someone may have an LT20 powered with a 150 that could share their insight.
  5. I'm interested in your experience with repowering the LT20. Im replacing a 1995 200HP Yamaha Pro-v on my LT20. I have come across a 2003 Yamaha v-max. I enjoyed the 200 very much. im not in need of blazing speed but want to know if anyone thinks I will notice a big difference in hole shot and speed because of the HP difference. Im also interested in knowing who you all trust to buy used power from. thanks
  6. 98 Hewes LT 18 Rehab

    Its good to have company when that happens! Ha.. Glad nothing was damaged!
  7. 98 Hewes LT 18 Rehab

    Looks nice. Did you sew them yourself?
  8. New whip. 94 Hewes Light Tackle.

    Can you forward your friends contact info? I need to have decals made for my lt20. Thank you..
  9. I just bought a whole new kill switch with a key included. Never could find the key to match the old switch. Send me a pic of yours. Ill send you the key to the switch i removed if it is the same. I replaced mine as it was old and i wanted to have a spare key for peace of mind.
  10. Little manatee shallows...

    Ha... I think people that say they have never run aground.... Either dont fish much or are lying....ha.. Im sure there are much better/smarter boaters than i. Maybe it's possible.
  11. Little manatee shallows...

    Thks Kdawson. I have had it for a year now. My family and i have had such a great time! Best money i ever spent. No regrets for buying it!looking forward to more exploring and time on the water.....
  12. Saturday on the southshore

    This one had a cool blue tail...(pic does not do it justice)