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    2013 Ice Blue 22 TRS, 250 SHO, PP, Ipilot, Fusion radio, JL Speakers, Stealth Charger, Lowrance HDS Gen 2 12.
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  1. ISO Lowrance

    I have a lowrance HDS Gen 2 Touch that has a black dot in the screen on the upper left corner. If you are interested send me a PM
  2. I am also interested in this thread.
  3. Top Coat Products

    HeadHunter Now that you are a few more weeks into the application how are you liking the product? I ended up buying the smaller bottle. I did my wife's car once and the boat once. I think I will need to apply a couple more coats of the product before I really see the benefit.
  4. Pathfinder 22 TRS Speaker Locations

    can you take a picture of the sub as well as the amp (assuming you have an amp)
  5. Bobber Storage

    I accidentally stumbled on this idea last night and thought I would share. simple but it works! Enjoy
  6. Best inshore combos on a budget

    I made the switch to Daiwa a couple of years ago I first purchased the Procyon's with mixed reviews on these reels. One of them is still perfect and the other might have an early retirement. This year I purchased the Diawa BG2500 and it is by the the best $100 reel I have ever fished. I paired it with a Calico Jack rod and I have been very impressed. So smooth!
  7. Mounting things inside console

    Nice work. I think this will be my plan. Thank you everyone for all the advice/ideas.
  8. Mounting things inside console

    Really cool product!
  9. Mounting things inside console

    Did you just buy larger screws? or did you turn it into a thru bolt?
  10. Looking for some advise. I would like to mount an amplifier inside the console but I do not want to thru bolt it. Has anyone mounted some starboard inside the console with glue or 5200? Does this work? Any other ideas on the best approach? Thanks!
  11. Installing Jl 8.8's in front of rod locker

    Good information here. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Recommendations for Rewiring Tampa area

    I have also used Mac at Central Marine. He does good work and he comes to you! Honest and treats every boat like it was his. He is making a good name for himself over here and it is well deserved.
  13. Thanks to Master Repair

    WOW that looks great!
  14. Note to Self

    I want to see the video.... I think I was one of the boats that got buzzed by the group.
  15. TRS Seat Question

    I have noticed almost all the screws on my piano hing for the seat are rusting. is the fix just replace the screws? Any tips on the rust removal? Thanks in advance!