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  1. Crabbing?

    I am thinking of catching my own blue crabs for bait and maybe to eat if any size. Any ideas about some good spots to put out a few traps around south Matlacha pass or St James City? Or if the crabbing is any good in general. Thanks
  2. Redfisher Running Lights

    Try to find the old wires, test them to see if they work or pull new wire replace lights with LED lights. I liked the marpac LED nav lights
  3. How can I tell if I have a mounting plate glassed in?

    That's a good one...
  4. Lenght / Height of Redfishers? (Garage)

    Check the width of your trailer. My RF 16 trailer does not fit in a 8' wide garage door.
  5. fuel vent on Bayfisher

    I think I have the same boat I have a 2000 bayfisher but it looks like a redfisher. I also had water in the tank. Had to drain the tank. Now it's only non ethanol gas. And no problems
  6. fuel vent on Bayfisher

    Do you have a folding push pole holder on the deck just above That little hole? If so that is the drain for that holder The fuel vent is in / under the fuel fill cap
  7. IPilot Installation - 2007 Hewes Redfisher

    Is there an aluminum plate in that model? The bolts I could not reach I was able to drill and tap the Aluminum plate
  8. Help Throtal Cable

    There should be numbers stamped or printed on the cable near the motor end. They would be part number and or length
  9. 2003 Hewes Refisher 16

    What are the numbers on the prop you are using My 16 likes a 13 1/2 x 15
  10. Water quality

    Here's a link to a local guides blog. "Big fish in dark water" http://www.pineislandangler.com/
  11. Steering wheel removal

    And the winner is ........ How did you remove the wheel?
  12. Steering wheel removal

    Soak with pb blaster Put the nut back on just so it's flush with the top of the threads Heat wheel some if needed Have a helper pull up on the wheel Hit or tap with hammer on nut