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  1. Maverick HPX-V 17 price drop

    Congrats, someone got a great deal. Lets see a pic of the new steed! BTW, cool pictures, its nice change to see action shots.
  2. Capt Willy Le @ www.nativeflycharters.com - if he has availability. Capt Brian Clancy is also a great ML guide
  3. Yeti Bucket

    This is so true, $40 doesn't see all that much in comparison, as absurd as it sounds. Yeti has a field of dreams customer base right now, build and they will buy it. I am going out on a limb and guessing a future Yeti product will be fish bags, maybe?
  4. WTB Pathfinder 2000V or 1900V

    Man that is in great shape if those are recent pictures. Its got to scoot with a 150 on it.
  5. New PowerPole Products

    Neat products no doubt. On my skiff I tend to take the less is more approach. I could see those products being handy on a big bay boat console that has a slew of batteries, dual power poles and what not.
  6. Tarpon showing up

    Yep, usually not reachable from the shore though. Sabiki up the bait of your choice, its hard to miss, blankets of bait in between the tarpon and the shore. Look for birds. Free line the bait. Its a game of patience and persistence. Hoping to get out there this weekend!
  7. WTB - Bow Casting Platform

    Still looking.
  8. Where were you a month ago! Great deal by the way, saving someone $150+ after tax.
  9. Tarpon Season

    Nice job on the bones!
  10. Fire Extinguishers?

    So very true. 1 second per pound is the average discharge rate. At that rate you better be very accurate and efficient, or better yet have several on board.
  11. 2000 hpxt refurb

    Not a bad idea at all, practical solution. I believe I read somewhere that the Bahamian guide boats prefer the removable tanks due to the gas stations being in the city center versus the lodges being in remote areas so a removable tank is easier to pull and fill rather than loading up the skiff or transporting several gas cans.
  12. WTB Maverick Poling Platform

    Seems to me the marine fabrication prices can be all over the board. I was quote $600 for a basic bow casting platform from one fabricator and $400 from another that was more local to me.
  13. I am looking the factory larger bow casting platform that is an option on the newer Mavericks. Before I ask TNT to make me one, I figured I'd ask to see if there is a neglected one available. Thanks!
  14. WTB - Maverick HPX 17 or 18

    Bought a boat, thanks MHP family!
  15. WTB - Maverick HPX 17 or 18

    I am in the market to buy a Maverick HPX 17V or 18V. Preferences: Ten years old or newer. 2007's and up. Four stroke Yamaha Engine hours are not a concern if service records can be provided or an inspection can be performed by a marine mechanic. Hull is in decent shape both structurally and cosmetically Budget is desired to be around $25,000. I have a little flexibility on the budget based on the boat package, options and condition. Please PM me with leads or information. Thanks in advance!