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  1. 2006 18 Maverick MA w/F150

    Make him an offer that you would be comfortable/happy paying for the boat, hopefully that'll resolve any buyers remorse concerns. Or, wait till that 17' comes along!
  2. 2006 18 Maverick MA w/F150

  3. Boat Ramps Open/Closed

    As of October 14th; Christenson Landing, Grant - Open Main Street, Sebastian - Closed Sebastian Yacht Club Ramp - Open
  4. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    You could try calling a fiberglass repair shop and provide pictures as I'd bet they could give you an approximate idea on what you are facing. I have had no experience with this guy but have seen from his social media sites that he's repaired gel coat blisters: Glasser Boatworks 3.02 Google reviews Boat repair shop in Rockledge, Florida Address: 1670 Barrett Dr, Rockledge, FL 32955 Hours: Open today · 8:30AM–5PM Phone: (321) 626-0061
  5. Need a new switch panel MA 17'

  6. This last weekend I took the Maverick up to Riverbreeze Park in Edgewater and drove by many public ramps that were closed due to damage from Irma. I thought it'd be informative for others to know what ramps are open/closed for planning purposes. Here is a list of ramps I know the status of as of Saturday October 7th. Kelly Park Merritt Island - Open, docks are under water Lee Wenner, Cocoa - Closed MacFarland Park, Cocoa - Closed Docs Bait House, Merritt Island - Open Port St. John - Closed Kennedy Point, Titusville - Closed Riverbreeze, Edgewater - Open, docks barely above water Lopez, Oak Hill - Closed Water Landing Dr, Oak Hill - Open, but dock is gone Feel free to add to this list or reply with updates if you happen to have any new developments. Thanks!
  7. Generators

    One thing I have learned with this whole Irma experience is that FPL electricity is cheap! Now I can expect a price increase after writing that.... The generator discussion came up with my brothers and dad, sometimes less is more. Seems like from my experience being caught in the middle is not really worth it, either go all out and power the whole house or stick to a small generator that sips fuel that'll get you by. I used a 3kw for a few days and enjoyed the low fuel consumption and quiet engine. I then switched over to a 6kw and was burning twice as much fuel and still didnt have the real creature comforts like whole home a/c or hot water showers and was running to the gas station every couple days, filling the generator up right before bed and early early the following morning. I calculated 8 gallons of fuel a day on the 6kw. I'd love to go JasonP's route. Thinking propane would be my first choice of fuel since I could pipe it to my grill, I have no secondary use for diesel fuel and shelf life would be a concern of mine, hate to see fuel go bad.
  8. Ideas for new fish cleaning stand

    FWIW just an idea based on others recommendations, this may be more readily available if the used route doesn't offer anything up: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00058487/ I cannot speak for the quality of stainless on that product.
  9. Master Angler Production

    I doubt you all have much to worry about, if the MA does come back I'd bet the new price tag will only reinforce the used resale market value similar to the HPX market. I'd love to see the MA back as well, it'd be a better boat for my family of four than my current boat but still allow me to fish where I like to.
  10. Checking in on our Florida Members

    Ditto with what JohnD said. East Central Florida here, Rockledge specifically: the landscape has change but fortunately the house faired well and the family is intact. No power no water (currently at work now). The fun (fishing) will be put on hold for a while as the nhood dock is destroyed as is many of the residents docks who live along the west side of the Indian River Lagoon. I'd be very cautious taking any vessel out in the river right now, lots of floating debris. The storm was brutal for being so far away from the eye, overall happy to have it behind us.
  11. Tibor- Push Pole Caddy

    I'll take it if shipping is not an issue for you. Feel free to shoot me a PM on how to make payment and I'll pass along my address and what not. Thanks!
  12. Maverick HPX-V 17 price drop

    Congrats, someone got a great deal. Lets see a pic of the new steed! BTW, cool pictures, its nice change to see action shots.
  13. Capt Willy Le @ www.nativeflycharters.com - if he has availability. Capt Brian Clancy is also a great ML guide
  14. Yeti Bucket

    This is so true, $40 doesn't see all that much in comparison, as absurd as it sounds. Yeti has a field of dreams customer base right now, build and they will buy it. I am going out on a limb and guessing a future Yeti product will be fish bags, maybe?
  15. WTB Pathfinder 2000V or 1900V

    Man that is in great shape if those are recent pictures. Its got to scoot with a 150 on it.