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  1. Sedek Question

    It really is easy stuff to work with. If you are close to Fiberglass Florida in Rockledge, they often times have bulk leftover from projects for cheap, limited selection though. I did my Gheenoe with the leftovers and it turned out really nice, simple routed edges, no fancy faux teak patterning. I did it all with a straight edge, box cutter and a Harbor Freight trim router.
  2. Retract-a-Rack: Rod Storage

    Lowered asking price to $150.
  3. All new Pathfinder 2005

    Cool to see a boat this size re-introduced to the lineup. Keeping a boat in the garage is nice and you all were obviously considering this in the design aspect with the flip down windshield and grab bar. I like it!
  4. More opinions requested- scuba tanks, big fish

    A friend of mine makes portable dive tank holders (Melbourne FL), you can check out his site for pictures of the products here: http://store.ogremaxxraxx.com/
  5. Platinum+ Navionics 632P central and south Florida CF

    I may be interested if it will work with my unit, a Humminbird 998C SI. I am researching it now. I am local to you, in Rockledge.
  6. Pretty neat non MBG find

    Cool find for sure.
  7. Port Canaveral

    Thanks for the report!
  8. Retract-a-Rack: Rod Storage

    I bought this unit in white from a boat show and after getting home a few days later I decided that I was content with my old rod storage setup. The unit is still in the box unopened. I bought the additional rod holder attachments, so it holds approximately 24 rods. http://www.retract-a-rack.com/services.html Asking $175 or reasonable offer, local pickup/delivery only at this time. Box is big and heavy (50lbs), would imagine shipping would be quite a bit. Located in Rockledge/Melbourne area.
  9. HPX Gunnel Carpet Removal and Fix Suggestions

    Ah yes I see what you mean now. I agree with you, the older HPX rod holders can be improved on. Sounds like you've got a fun project ahead of you, post some finished pics if you dont mind, it'd be nice to see how it turns out. I am about to pull the trigger on replacing the unraveling carpet on mine with Seadek as well.
  10. HPX Gunnel Carpet Removal and Fix Suggestions

    The Maverick picture you posted from the Castaway Customs site is a later model HPX-V and has a different under gunnel rod holder layout than what you have. You might want to reach out to them and ask for a picture of a HPX-T that they have installed that is closer to your model year boat. Just a thought.
  11. New Member, Old Maverick, ISO USCG Capacites placard

    Once someone can confirm the USCG sticker details, you might want to check this site to see if a sticker they stock meets your requirements. http://www.fpmarine.com/Maverick-Hewes-Pathfinder-Cobia-s/77.htm?searching=Y&sort=13&cat=77&show=40&page=2 Pretty boat BTW!
  12. Pathfinder 23 DV (not mine)

    Wow! Would love to add one of these to the fleet.
  13. Truck Seat covers

    Wet Okole are nice but also pricey.
  14. Florida Skiff Challenge

    Kinda fun to watch the satellite ping updates to see how the guys are doing. https://www.saltwatersportsman.com/florida-skiff-challenge Chittum starting to fall to the back a little bit. Last year the Yellowfin team finished with a tiller motor, insane. I may try and snap a photo as they come through the intracoastal in the Brevard area.
  15. Tarpon reel size

    FWIW, I have a similar rod Gloomis E6X Inshore Mag Heavy - 15-40lb and paired it with a Saragosa 10,000. The setups purpose is to stop tarpon near structure, not the best setup for making lots of casts. I also have a more casting friendly setup with a Saragosa 5,000 on a Gloomis E6X Heavy - 10-20lb, I use this setup for beach fishing and jigging the inlets/ports. You may consider a smaller weight option if money allows.