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  1. Pathfinder 23 DV (not mine)

    Wow! Would love to add one of these to the fleet.
  2. Truck Seat covers

    Wet Okole are nice but also pricey.
  3. Florida Skiff Challenge

    Kinda fun to watch the satellite ping updates to see how the guys are doing. https://www.saltwatersportsman.com/florida-skiff-challenge Chittum starting to fall to the back a little bit. Last year the Yellowfin team finished with a tiller motor, insane. I may try and snap a photo as they come through the intracoastal in the Brevard area.
  4. Tarpon reel size

    FWIW, I have a similar rod Gloomis E6X Inshore Mag Heavy - 15-40lb and paired it with a Saragosa 10,000. The setups purpose is to stop tarpon near structure, not the best setup for making lots of casts. I also have a more casting friendly setup with a Saragosa 5,000 on a Gloomis E6X Heavy - 10-20lb, I use this setup for beach fishing and jigging the inlets/ports. You may consider a smaller weight option if money allows.
  5. Fuel Delivery Issue

    That's great to hear. I recently had the same scenario with my F90, I took it a step further and had the injector screens replaced. Issue was the VST filter as well.
  6. Fuel Delivery Issue

    Let us know if you still experience the motor stuttering or hesitation while at high RPM's, I am curious if the crud made it past the VST filter and through to the screens on the injectors causing blockage. Good luck!
  7. Service Shout Outs

    Several hundred, guesstimate of $300 more for the torsion. The ride is far better and will outlast springs.
  8. Black Uglies

    Thanks for sharing and reporting on what works for them.
  9. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    I'm booked and in for two. Looking forward to it.
  10. Skiff Shop - Tom Gordon Review

    I remember similar scenario years ago with Castaway Customs, they have turned their customer service/response time around now. I'd bet the same could be said for the Skiff Shop, probably very busy working through the jobs and the customer service/response/follow through is slipping. I'd be persistent if you really want the boat worked on by them. They have to be busy for a reason. BTW, I cannot speak for their work but have contacted them for a quote which I did receive after about a week of waiting. I am interested to hear your outcome because I was leaning towards using them for a few upgrades I have planned. Keep us posted if you don't mind, even if you don't end up using them!
  11. captains For Clean Water Golf Tournament

    Hey @DaveC by chance do you have the registration form? I have searched the interwebs with no luck on finding info on this event except for what you posted. Thanks

    Is the casting platform the one in your picture? Powder coated black? Thanks
  13. captains For Clean Water Golf Tournament

    Thanks for sharing!
  14. Newbee Help Please 17V Vs 17 S

    The S is slightly longer than the V (+11") and has a softer entry = less V therefore a flatter hull. Its a shallower poling skiff than the V. Both boats have their respective pros and cons. They are similar boats but to the discerning flats fisherman they are noticeable and will sway the decision as to which boat to go with. My opinion is the V will handle choppier conditions well whereas S will get you shallower.
  15. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Has anyone trailer their boat down and stayed at Breezy Palms while launching/storing their boat off the property? If so, where? Breezy does not allow boats to be parked/stored on the property if you do not have a slip.