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  1. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    If you don't have a scrapped up skeg, your not fishing right. As long as we don't break it off though. lol
  2. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    Wannafiah, when I finally get the sled, you down for a fishing trip? I need to learn the ropes man.
  3. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    My garage is 18 x 18 for everyone out there to know. Eric from Boat center is the man and I can’t wait to order a 18 now that I know it fits. Now the hard part, what color to get. I’m digging the white with the white powdercoat. Liking the grey as well.
  4. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    The 18hpx fits you all. Super excited!
  5. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    I like him and the fact he is coming out means a ton. I really really really hope the 18 fits.
  6. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    Pretty excited, I have Eric from Boatcenter coming out to my house on the 7th to see if the 18 will fit. Fingers crossed! It would be a great birthday gift since the 7th is also my birthday.
  7. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    Still up in the air at this time. Going to the boat show before anything is decided. For obvious reasons, I want the biggest boat I could fit in the garage.
  8. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    My garage is 18 x 18 so it's on the small side. I have 81" inches of height clearance to get through the door. Thought?
  9. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    Nope, not at all.
  10. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    I did goto Bob Hewes and measured a 17 they had there. I figured 2 feet off the stern and about 1 foot off the bow. I then gave another 6 inches and came up with 20'6". It sits really low on a ameritrail trailer and I was actually told the swing tongue only sticks out about 6" inches so I think I am being overly cautious. I'm pretty sure that boat will fit but it would still be nice to try one out to see. I asked the dealer and they said they can't due to liability issues. ARG!!!
  11. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    At a angle, I have 21 feet. I'm pretty sure the 17 will fit, I want the 18 to fit though. lol
  12. 18 HPX Too Pretty Not To Share!

    Just sent you a PM. Trying to get measurements. Love the boat, I mean it is sick looking. COngrats.
  13. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    I'm in the market for a 17 or 18 and what concerns me is fitting it in my garage. I'm pretty sure I need a swing tongue trailer. I live in Miramar, FL out west and I thought I would see if anyone is willing to try to stick their boat in my garage to see if it fits. I would be more than willing to pay for fuel, lunch, dinner and or time and you would be doing me a HUGE favor. It would be confirmation that it would fit before spending hard earned money and I would owe you big time. Fingers crossed!! Joe
  14. 2015 cobia 256

  15. 2015 cobia 256

    *****sale pendimg*****