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  1. On board charger

    Stealth chargers put out very little heat.
  2. On board charger

    Charges your trolling motor batteries while boat is running (charges off the motor)
  3. Power pole didn't stop my boat

    It's a hole shot killer.
  4. And to finish off all of the above you might want to consider adding a second nut to each bolt.
  5. Yamaha Round Gauges

  6. Dri Dek in Cockpit?

    I have all my hatches lined w/ it, good stuff. My only 2 concerns in your case would be 1) will the dogs nails get caught up in it? 2) ease/pain of cleaning the deck under/through it.
  7. As an avid Trout fisherman I will admit that my GPS is either removed or disabled when the boat has to go into the shop.
  8. Coast Guard rescues 5 from capsized boat near Cape Fear, NC WILMINGTON, N.C. — The Coast Guard rescued five people from the water approximately 15 miles east of Cape Fear Tuesday. One of the individuals from the 48-foot boat contacted Coast Guard Sector North Carolina watchstanders at 5:15 p.m. and reported that their boat was taking on water and all five of them were entering the water. They also activated an emergency position indicating radio beacon to help rescuers locate them. Sector North Carolina watchstanders issued an urgent marine information broadcast and launched a boat crew on a Station Wrightsville Beach 45-foot Response Boat — Medium and an aircrew on an Air Station Elizabeth City MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter to respond. The Coast Guard boat crew found all five people, wearing life jackets, clinging to the overturned hull. They were pulled from the water and taken to Station Wrightsville Beach where EMS was waiting. They were treated for mild hypothermia. Like
  9. 300 Suzuki on a 22 TRS

    What about insurance? I guess maybe you don’t need it.
  10. 300 Suzuki on a 22 TRS

    First thought. Boat is rated for a 250.
  11. Ideas For Deck Grab Rails

    What about a "bass seat plate" and something fabricated to go in it?
  12. Leaning Post Question

    Then it is permanent. I would say half the time I go out I like to take mine off.
  13. Leaning post seat latch

    Lol. This past Tuesday I found those adjustment screws. I guess I’m slow I have been cursing and beating on mine for 3 1/2 or 4 years now. Amazing what 1/2 to 3/4 turn on a screw will do.
  14. 2002 2200V Port Rod storage?

    Agree with JEM, rod not in your hand goes in a rod holder. I keep 10 rods in the rod lockers. Each side has 4 in the racks and 1 laying on the bottom. The lockers have Dri-dek on the bottom. Boat is a TRS so it has no tubes so I use Rod Sox and they work great. Keep things from tangleing and offer protection in the locker and transporting off the boat. I would think MBG would sell you the racks. Back when I ordered my boat I got them put in both lockers.
  15. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    Anyone need to hire a good marketing person? https://www.grizzlycoolers.com/2nd-amendment-edition?adw=PPC_Google_d_1044233036&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7Of6y83g2gIVjpjICh1UCwrIEAEYASAAEgLkPvD_BwE