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  1. bernieNC

    Costa sunglasses (Price Drop!) SOLD!

    3 years ago my progressives (Costa lens) in Costa frames were priced just under $700. But as I stated above the Costa lens did not work for me. I have always used Varilux lenses so that was the difference. Ended up getting my eye doctor’s lab to put in Varilux lenses (dark tinted (gray), polarized, with Crizal coating). This is the same as I have done for several previous pairs and is what works for me. Luckily I can go 3 years between changes. Last time it was about $1500 for my 2 pair of glasses (everyday and sun). That said $8/900 if done right for farms and lenses I can see that, easy. (3 years ago my every day glasses were around $800). You only have one pair of eyes.
  2. bernieNC

    Insurance for new boat

    My Progressive policy is through USAA.
  3. bernieNC

    I-Pilot remote magical fix

  4. bernieNC

    East Coast dealer with an Redfisher in the water?

    FYI Do not know how true it is but a couple of weeks ago I was told, by a dealer, that the 16RF was on a "production hold". Something about it being a slow seller right now. Maybe Skip can clear that rumor up for us???
  5. bernieNC

    2013 Ameritrail Pathfinder Trailer

    If you sell it you may regret it later. I just ordered one I will "rarely need". I guess it is one of those things when you need it, you need it.
  6. bernieNC

    Best anchor for older 2200s?

    Watch the video. They show it just after the 1:30 mark. http://www.reelcharterfishing.com/index.html
  7. bernieNC

    Anybody know a cork that won't tangle?

    What's a mangrove??? LOL
  8. bernieNC

    !!!!! 2013 Pathfinder 2200 !!!!!

    No location or contact info.?
  9. bernieNC

    New Selling Price and Buying Info?

    Here is another good example for you. I just ordered an Ameri Trail for my 2200 and I am paying more than 20% less than the “build your boat” price.
  10. bernieNC

    Anybody know a cork that won't tangle?

    I rig “bobber stoppers” all the time Crappie fishing. Whole different presentation.
  11. bernieNC

    Anybody know a cork that won't tangle?

    I would think a 30 lb fluro would work fine. I just happen to have a 300 yd spool of 40 lb mono with no use for it so I am using it and it does the job. I figure I can tie a lifetime of popping corks w/ that one spool. All the corks stored on the boat get about 18” tied on out of the package so they are ready to go.
  12. bernieNC

    Anybody know a cork that won't tangle?

    I use a piece of 6" 40 lb. mono between the cork and the running line (Power Pro). This helps keep the limp braid away from the wire and reduce/eliminate tangles. Yes you are adding another knot but it far out weighs the tangles. Good luck.
  13. bernieNC

    New Selling Price and Buying Info?

    ^^^^^^ That sounds about right. When I had my 2200 built there were several things the dealer said they could do for less than having them done at the factory. GPS, trolling motor, power pole, battery charger, t-top etc.
  14. bernieNC

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    I have a GB40. It is rated to start a 6.0 liter gas engine. Shop around they go on sale often.
  15. bernieNC

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    https://no.co/gb40 I carry one in my boat bag.
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