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  1. New 22 TRS on order... few questions

    I would not start swapping props until you finish rigging. Things will change.
  2. 2019 22 TRS Engine choices

    Back in the day when I had my CJ5 w/ 36” mud tires and 10” lift the joke was: Best thing about 4 wheel drive is you can get stuck where no one can come get ya.
  3. So the 20 ft Pathy is back

    Never been a fan of in floor storage. I use the salt water wash down all day long and they would just stay wet inside. (wet = mold).
  4. Temple Fork and shimano rods - cheap

    Now that's a good deal on the TFOs!!!!!!!
  5. Good wiring guide

  6. 2019 22 TRS Engine choices

    My apologies to the mod.
  7. 2019 22 TRS Engine choices

    Because it cost less up front. Duh.......
  8. 2019 22 TRS Engine choices

    I’m thinking about selling and have several people standing in line and very interested (f150). Don’t know bout you but I have never caught a fish going 50.
  9. Repower

    Word in NC is January.
  10. Cooler Tie Downs

  11. looking for a new tackle box

    Plano locking trays and soft side of your choice. I have a couple/few different size soft sides.
  12. Minn Kota motherboard problem

    FYI Power Pole Tech just told me power should be disconnected when charging.
  13. Minn Kota motherboard problem

    I always flip the breaker between the batteries and the TM after use. Why not it makes to much sense. The breaker needs to be in a convenient location.
  14. WTB 22 Pathfinder

    Lots of F150 W/ jack plates
  15. 2017 Hewes Redfisher SOLD

    Wife saying this needs to go?