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  1. bernieNC

    TM breaker question

    My is in the console “glove box”. The storage area above the foot rest in the console.
  2. bernieNC

    Which boat. 2000 or 2200

    I bet he would
  3. bernieNC

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    Notice the cracks in the powder. The knuckles are where these things see the most pressure. I remember when I was getting mine a couple of guides in my area said to be wary of the Blade due to knuckles failing under pressure. I have not had that problem and I may be mistaken but I believe PP has addressed the problem since then.
  4. bernieNC

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    PM sent
  5. bernieNC

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    I will check that. Would be a surprisingly easy fix after all I have been through with it.
  6. bernieNC

    Which boat. 2000 or 2200

    That’s a loaded question. I have a 22 and if I had it to do over would get a 16 Hewes.
  7. bernieNC

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    I did not list it but I have checked and lubed the hinge points and feel certain the problem is not there. By no means am I set on going to another brand but am exploring options. Heck if I thought a stick it might hold a 22 Pathy in a ripping tidal current I would try one. A question I will have for PP will be is the mounting bolt pattern the same for the one I have and a new one.
  8. bernieNC

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    I started this thread to get user input on Talons not to bash. So I could decide if I want to switch. To answer questions: Yes I have been in touch with PP may times. Intermittent problem still continues. I plan on calling yet again. I have an 8’ Blade (6 years old, intermediate use) that early on had spike and remote problems that they were able to help with. Almost 2 years ago it started having intermittent deploy/stow problems. I have been stuck in the marsh with PP deployed waiting for customer service to come to work. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Working with customer service they tell me they have replaced the board and rebuilt the pump. I have blown out the lines, replaced the fluid taken out the motor/pump sent it to them and reinstalled a couple of times, traced the electrical. It had worked again for a while until the other day. What is it doing? When you push a deploy button nothing moves but you can hear the motor/pump running and there is a solid green light on top. Next time out or trouble shooting it may work or it may not. Repeat again and again. Very frustrating to the point I actually avoid using it to keep from mentally ruining a good day fishing. It either needs to work or go, that simple.
  9. My PP has been unreliable for well over a year now and it needs to go. Would like to hear experiences folks have had with Talons now that they seem to have ironed out the kinks.
  10. bernieNC

    1991 Hewes 16ft Bonefisher "Lappy"

    I’m dizzy
  11. bernieNC

    Redfish question

    Are you referring to what we have always called turd grass? It is really thick dense stuff. Grows over the winter and thins and goes away after the water temps rise.
  12. bernieNC

    Pathfinder T-Top pictures

    Add weight and impair field of vision but I am 6'4'.
  13. It would need to be a coffee table sized book. You know you can't get all that detail in a 7" book.
  14. bernieNC

    Bimini Top Recommendation - PF 22

    Do you need the Bimini up at night? I guess maybe if it is raining.
  15. bernieNC

    2012 Pathfinder 22 TRS- Deck Gelcoat Repair

    Call MBG
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