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  1. bernieNC

    A Towing Question...

    Read your manuals guys! Last line of the Atlas manual clearly states: (below is a direct copy and paste) 6. Always trailer with the jackplate in the lowest “down” position! Yamaha sells the My-wedge relabeled. I would say that is an endorsement.
  2. bernieNC

    Hatch latch issue

    So that confirms what I had heard years ago. There is only one key.
  3. bernieNC

    2013 Pathfinder 2200TRS with 53 Hours FOR SALE

    Wow again! Seller really wants it gone!
  4. bernieNC

    2013 Pathfinder 2200TRS with 53 Hours FOR SALE

    That's a good deal!!! It would be around $60K, or more, for a 2020
  5. In NC it would be right about in the middle of those numbers. A few months ago I asked the same question to a broker about mine and linsider is spot on.
  6. bernieNC

    Hatch latch issue

    Are they all keyed the same?
  7. bernieNC

    No Responses from Posts

    20 responses and counting.
  8. bernieNC

    2004 Pathfinder 2200V w/Yamaha 150

    My first thought also.
  9. bernieNC

    2300 HPS dry racked

    There is a guide with a 23 HPS at the dry stack where I keep mine. He has never had a problem that I know of. I have seen other stepped hulls in the building and none of the racks are modified for them.
  10. bernieNC

    Battery post distribution block

    After they charge it is best to let them "rest" for 24 hours before testing to get a more accurate results. Danny can also help you do a "load test" if you think you may need to go that far.
  11. bernieNC

    Battery post distribution block

    Plugging up once a month, if idle, should be good enough. I think my long battery life is directly related to the charge on the fly of the Stealth.
  12. bernieNC

    Battery post distribution block

    That is how mine it set up. 6.5 years and still strong on group 27 Interstate wet cells. Are you running a starting or deep cycle for starting. I have a starting and deep cycles for TM.
  13. bernieNC

    Battery post distribution block

    There are some diagrams here: http://www.stealth1charging.com/MANUALCOVERPG/2016 New Manual for DC charger 24-36 .pdf if you don’t see what you are looking for ask Danny and he will get you one.
  14. bernieNC

    Battery post distribution block

    I run the DC and AC and outside of main buss and bilge the charger cables are the only ones direct to batteries and it is not bad at all.
  15. bernieNC

    Battery post distribution block

    Boat wiring 101. "It’s pretty standard in boat wiring to bypass the main battery switch for one thing:" Bilge Pump. Key Phrase ONE THING. https://newwiremarine.com/how-to/wiring-a-boat/
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