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  1. Xi5 motor guide or power pole????

    Both. If its a budget thing TM first PP later.
  2. 2005 2200v trolling motor

    I'm good with my 24v. 3 fat guys, 4 cases of beer, 50lbs.of ice and 2 full live wells, a 250 hanging on the transom, you better go with a 36v. Kind of a loaded question, depends on load and conditions.
  3. She's Gone

    What do you consider large? Love my Regulator.
  4. 2005 2200v trolling motor

    I have a 60" shaft on a 2200TRS and if I needed a 72" to keep the head in the water I would be back at the barn.
  5. Perko battery switch question

    My wet cell Starting battery is just short of 5 years old and holding 12.74 volts (trolling motor batteries, wet cell also, same age and at 12.73). It is not the age but how you take care of them. Stealth AC/DC has paid for itself. No reason for me to go AGM! Waste of money, not to mention they weigh more. I guess I should also add that I see no signs of corrosion either.
  6. Perko battery switch question

    Not good. 12.1 volts is about 50%
  7. Yami F150 Service

    I believe the manual is 100 hrs or annually for fluids and filters. (50 hrs on the water separator filter). Plugs are a 100 hr. / annual inspection, change if needed.
  8. scupper check valves question

    No water problem on my deck.
  9. Trying to Arrange a Test Ride- Eastern NC

    Local dealer can't help you????
  10. Suzuki

    There was a thread on that some time ago. If I had to repower I think I would go that way.
  11. Looking to see who makes this backrest..

    You can always add some that clamp on.
  12. VF250 SHO overheat alarm

    The boat being new I would assume the jack plate and motor were mounted at the factory and they would know the correct mounting height.
  13. Bimini Dimensions

    Boat Covers Direct has the 60" high. Remember it is from the top of the gunnel. (in most cases)
  14. 2200V with 150SHO

    I have not talked with anyone that is HAPPY with their F200 and have talked to several that are less than pleased.
  15. 2016 2200 TRS Rigging Tube - Too Long??

    Maybe your tube is “jack plate length”???