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  1. Put a hurting on them today

    Good deal Steve is top notch. I’m also a guide In st. Augustine Local knowledge fishing charters.
  2. Put a hurting on them today

    That’s a good haul. Hope you had a knife sharpener. Lol.
  3. Reds in good numbers.

    62 in the flats. 57 in near the ocean. Here’s some pictures from today.
  4. Reds in good numbers.

    Catching nice reds in some shallow water past couple days. 69921753-2C3F-4139-B074-655B8172B195.mp4 315BC0B3-8ACC-4337-AD73-F1497674C06B.mp4
  5. Reds in good numbers.

    Yes sir 99 21 MA.
  6. Reds in good numbers.

  7. Trying to find out what is the closest tournament to me. Would love to see a mob of mavericks.
  8. Reds Devils Elbow

    21 ft
  9. Reds Devils Elbow

    Been catching some very nice reds real shallow or as shallow as my boat will get. Find the little mullet schools you found the reds. Been seeing them waking at low tides.
  10. Trout bite on fire

    Been catching a ton of trout on every color shad tail I have. Caught over 40 yesterday fishing artificial. Caught 7 rat reds too.
  11. Tarpon off matanzas

    Went 2 out of 5 on tarpon right outside inlet. Outgoing tide using pogies on a float. Told my buddy I had a surprise for him. Caught his first tarpon and released it. IMG_3034.mp4
  12. Tarpon off matanzas

  13. Matanzas area ICW

    Caught some nice reds in the intercostal tried all the flats behind devils elbow with nothing but jacks on artificial. Went south a little bit tried some shell banks pulled 7 reds outta one spot. Switched over to the old faithful jig head and live shrimp. Lol. Turned my morning around.
  14. Matanzas area ICW

    Thanks appreciate it.
  15. I have a old kinda beat up polling platform took it off my boat because I can't push a 21' boat. Made a great table for making sandwiches. Has a couple busted welds and needs to be painted. 300$ OBO. Located in St. Augustine.
  16. Polling platform off 99 MA 21'

  17. which Garmin to buy

    If you buy from Florida marine tracks for a unit they give you 50% off of there maps. Which are the best in my opinion. Have Garmin now and works great hate the maps for inshore.
  18. Look what I found!!

    Very nice. I have a 99 ma 21. Love it.
  19. Ulterra Heading Sensor

    Didn't install mine. They told me it would go thru the console and my cooler up front. Works great without it just don't have the jog feature.
  20. What speakers to buy.

    Just bought jl audio for 230$ something I believe went with a cheap amp that had Bluetooth with 400 watts max. Love it. Really load and clear. Total set up cost about 300$.
  21. 21' Maverick Master Angler Repower

    I have the same year. I had a merc 225 and repowered with a 225HO evinrude. I believe our year they are rated for max of 225hp.
  22. Livewell Pumps

    I use johnsons pumps and have to replace every 3-4 months. But there easy to change and cheap.
  23. FS: $250 full set of MA17 cushions with back-rests

    Interested sent a txt.
  24. Reds Devils Elbow

    I go back there usually two hours after lowtide. It's about 2ft deep at that point. And work my way along the oysters where I see current or a lot of bait. Baits been the trick lately. Love this time of year. I go in either straight behind devils elbow or across from the clam leases.(all the white polls.)
  25. VHF - Fixed Mount or Handheld???

    Handheld all the way.