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  1. Reds on topwater

    Client with a perfect slot redfish 27”
  2. Post your MA pics here!

    My 1999 21’ MA etec 225HO 2016 Oh and a pic of my little boat
  3. Charleston down the east coast of Florida

    St. Augustine is always a great place to hang for a day. If you wanna fish check out Local knowledge fishing charters.
  4. 01 maverick ma 21 livewell issues

    Sounds like a bad ground. May not be getting full power.
  5. Any pictures of 21ft MA with push pole on deck

    Thanks got them on yesterday have to take a picture. Was pretty simple. Talked with v marine and they walked me right through it even sent me a picture with dots of where they would put it.
  6. Any pictures of 21ft MA with push pole on deck

    Where are u located.
  7. Looking to see how they mounted there push pole on the boat and what length they use. Client bought me a push pole said that I needed one. It’s just a TFO but it’s 24ft.
  8. Reds devils elbow

    Not sure how to do videos
  9. Reds devils elbow

  10. Average cost for custom polling platform

    I hear you on that. Trying to find a used one that will fit is near impossible.
  11. Average cost for custom polling platform

    Wow I was thinking 600-800$.
  12. Average cost for custom polling platform

    Just trying to figure out what a simple but tall poling platform runs nowadays at local shops around NE FL. MA 21.
  13. Reds devils elbow

    Been catching some decent reds on topwater. D13C898A-2612-4B5F-BAE4-934E094FE9ED.MOV 190B0226-0F4D-47BB-92A0-1C1D530A9030.MOV
  14. Dog Days of Summer

    Fish licker
  15. 21' Maverick Poling Platform

    Honestly I had my local shop install it. They said it was easy enough though. Used lock nuts. I bought the 24v 60” and couldn’t be happier. It will hold me in anything under 3kts of current.