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  1. Reds devils elbow

    Been catching some decent reds on topwater. D13C898A-2612-4B5F-BAE4-934E094FE9ED.MOV 190B0226-0F4D-47BB-92A0-1C1D530A9030.MOV
  2. Dog Days of Summer

    Fish licker
  3. 21' Maverick Poling Platform

    Honestly I had my local shop install it. They said it was easy enough though. Used lock nuts. I bought the 24v 60” and couldn’t be happier. It will hold me in anything under 3kts of current.
  4. WTB Master Angler seat cushion

    Looking for one also but for a 21’ MA.
  5. 21' Maverick Poling Platform

    I’m up here in north Florida and I had a poling platform and hated it. We have to much current and wind up here. And with the trolling motors nowadays forget it. Plus I couldn’t jack my motor all the way up and trim without hitting it. Just my 2cents.
  6. 01 maverick ma 21 livewell issues

    And installed 1000gph pumps
  7. 01 maverick ma 21 livewell issues

    Mine are facing up. I had them facing down and seemed like they got air lock more often. Hope this helps
  8. 21 MA E-tec 225HO

    Running a 18p cyclone. Getting about 56mph. I think I’m the only one running a evinrude on a master angler.
  9. Put a hurting on them today

    Good deal Steve is top notch. I’m also a guide In st. Augustine Local knowledge fishing charters.
  10. Put a hurting on them today

    That’s a good haul. Hope you had a knife sharpener. Lol.
  11. Reds in good numbers.

    62 in the flats. 57 in near the ocean. Here’s some pictures from today.
  12. Reds in good numbers.

    Yes sir 99 21 MA.
  13. Reds in good numbers.

  14. Reds in good numbers.

    Catching nice reds in some shallow water past couple days. 69921753-2C3F-4139-B074-655B8172B195.mp4 315BC0B3-8ACC-4337-AD73-F1497674C06B.mp4
  15. Reds Devils Elbow

    21 ft