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    I was the second person to respond to a post by Outlaw he had a polling platform he was giving away. I responded by say that if the first fella did not come I would be delighted to come pick it up. Well Outlaw got back to me and said come get it. Wow what a great guy. Thanks Outlaw really really cool of you! And now my 2006 Redfisher 16 has a platform were before there was none. Outlaw your the best!
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    Not sure if it’s the path or the salt that puts that cheese grin on my son!
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    Fished the IFA redfish tour in crystal river Saturday with a tough tide/moon phase. That place is downright scary to fish, nasty boulders, rocks, etc. I will say the fish are much more cooperative, and sight fishing them was pretty easy. Watched a 40lb cobia bust a mullet out of the water and eat it before I could throw a bait at it! Ended up sticking 2 right fish and as luck would have it we managed to win 1st overall and big fish. Went out Sunday for tarpon and they are here in full force! Egmont was scattered fish and inconsistent so hopped over to bean point and got 1 before the wind picked up and we left. Pass crabs were hard to come by but finally got a few and that's what did the trick. All in all a great weekend!
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    Ok, just have to ask. Since the vehicles you prefer only weigh about 400 lbs more than a light truck, how are they so much better on wet roads? Physics do not support your claim. The tires used on truck/trailer, brake pads and trailer brakes will have a much greater affect. Take over the road trucks for example, the truck itself is dramatically out weighed by the trailer, so the trailer brakes is what stops them. Overall length of wheel base helps them keep going straight. Too many urban myths on light duty versus HD, they pull better and can carry heavier loads, but do not stop any better. Coefficient of friction, area of contact and weight determine stopping distance for a given speed, assuming the brakes can lock the wheel. ABS will keep the coefficient friction in the static range, rather than the dynamic range. The brake systems and the tires are very similar, and the weight difference between a light duty truck and a HD is only 5-8%, which will not make a noticeable difference. Most likely you think it stops better because you have a preconceived notion it does, but actual test data will show it does not. I have been designing drivelines and and doing testing for almost 35 years now, not my first rodeo on this subject. Don’t just take my word, read this. https://rvlifemag.com/towing-half-ton-three-quarter-ton/
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    Really really well if they are alive and flying. When they are squished to the front of your windshield, you may need one of these:
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    This should do the trick....
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    It can be annoying when making a good point and you have s.ck or a.s in the root of a word get bleeped. Our Software is good.. but not perfect. I am so glad the Tech Boss got rid of the spacebar emoji.. That was annoying. Carry On ! MM
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    Well the weather and the fishing is really heating up. Took my brother Kevin out and had a great morning of light winds and solid clean water fishing yesterday. Bait is everywhere and the stuff that eats that bait is nearby. Fishing was solid all morning. Lots of pics of Kevin. None of me. Whats that all about?🤔 Love this time of year.
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    Yes it was a very beautiful and productive weekend . The bite has been epic last two weeks . Nice lookin feesh . 🇺🇸☠️
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    uni to uni with 4 wraps here. like Limitless said, in the wind on seas it's easier.
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    In all seriousness I appreciate the “filtering” on this forum. It only takes a quick glance through FS or THT to see how out of control a simple question can get. Don’t even bother with the “what’s the best boat” threads. This forum has always been the go-to, no-nonsense forum for anything MBC and how to repair and maintain it.
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    Chris bailey does custom ones. Love my foil
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    On my 22 Pathfinder.....I have found that a large inflatable beach ball ( child’s toy dept at Walmart ) on each side of rear deck hatches underneath the cover prevents water from pooling between the center console and the rear transom area. For the front, I run a dock line from bow cleat to center of windshield frame and it forms a perfect “ tent” in front area and keeps water flowing off the cover during a rain. I hope this helps...
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    Great, there goes his image. The Outlaw has to portray a rough and rugged individual you don't want to mess with! Now we should call him "The big ole softy" Seriously though, Ralph is a good guy and a man of his word. He won my business!
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    OK, I just have to get in on this discussion as I also have had both boats and based strictly upon the lines of the boats, the look of each one - I loved the 2010 20 footer. It was lower, slimmer, sleeker whereas the 22, in stead of looking like the 20 "on steroids" looks like the 20 having become "matronly". Here's the 20's rear... Wide, low, sleek. Here's the 22's rear... Kind of a chunky butt, you could even say fat. From the side, the 20... From the side, the 22... OK, I get that the higher freeboard is marginally more seaworthy and she handles the chop slightly better, but if they had still made that model 20 (not the new design) I would have bought it. Oh yeah, one more thing. The 20 had a single axle Ameritrail - IT USED TO ACTUALLY FOLLOW MY TRUCK. The 22 has the twin axle trailer which I need to drive like an 18 wheeler - it cuts way inside on the turns. The 22 is still a great boat but there is nothing like your first Pathfinder love.
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    I have a 2007 Pathfinder 22 Te. The Yamaha 250 four stroke has 650 hours and will continually to increase with use. I put a new continental dual axle trailer under it in April of 18. Four new batteries within the last 6 months. 24v ipilot trolling motor 80lb thrust with battery tender connections. Garmin 942xs touch screen installed in April of 18. Four wetsounds 8” speakers with an amp installed in April of 18 as well. 8’ power pole. 6” jackplate. All upholstery was redone in May of 18 by sandy. Will be updating the vhf and a few other things. Asking 34,500. Call or text Matt at 772-532-2569 for more pictures or info.
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    I can second this solution! Whenever we launch in salt water, Laurie always drives the boat off the trailer. I ask her to meet me at the dock in 10 minutes. That gives me time to park the rig and get out the garden sprayer with the Salt-Away solution and spray the Heck out of the brakes while they are still dripping wet. With the boat off the trailer, you can stand inside the bunks and easily reach the inside brake surfaces with the sprayer. Of course, when you retrieve the boat, same drill, either sprayer or hose if the launch area has one. Good luck!
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    I didn't see any at seven mile last week but plenty at long key. They only hit mullet there from my experience. There are plenty of people there in those tiny flats boats so I would think a Pathfinder would be comfortable compared to that. It's very difficult to keep mullet overnight so the best option is to get up at daybreak and throw a heavy cast net with a large opening so it sinks fast. I did ok in the canals but it's hard where the water is very deep. Caught two sharks in the net as well. I never saw any on the flats or looked there much.
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    I think you hit the number one consideration - keeping it at your house. Remote boat storage, at least for me is the death knell for any boat ownershio in the long run. Assuming the 18 RF fits, the question then becomes whether it will suit what you do 80% of the time. If you pole skinny a lot, it probablybisnt the right boat, but it can be poled short distances and in reasonable conditions. As for the family, no boat fishes 4 people great, but for sandbar cuises, the 18 "general flats boat" like the MA and the Redfisher are very adequate in my opinion (disclaimer, I am basing thus on the 18 MA which is reasonably similar) If fishing in 2' or more water is your 80% activity, and sandbarring with 4 people is the 20% thing, and it fits in the garage, I think you will find it a good choice.
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    You guys north of the ENP boundary have it tough. I wonder how many more jet skis & jet boats will be on the water up there in 10 years?! 😑 If the ENP ever allowed jet propulsion then I'd likely sell my boat, fish camp & become a monk. ☯️
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    Post pics when you get it back. I have a little project I’m finishing up that I need to send him. I’m a ways out on it, but have the shape. It started life as a 1-1/4” Snap-On combination wrench. That’s a 65qt. cooler it’s on.
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    After seeing y’alls holsters and getting seriously jealous, I got w Mr King and sent my and my father in laws ( brand new pair) pliers to him for their fittings. It will be a little late for Father’s Day for him, but will make a one of a kind gift. Thanks for the heads up gentlemen. Can’t wait
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    Great Job, Guys That's a sweet check !
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    yes, the Bob's......the Holy Ghost says you are forgiven dc
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    Don’t remember seeing the black plastic one on your boat, if you are talking about the Bob’s those are better, they are just like an extra large cavitation plate.
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    Hmmmmm....guess you haven't looked on my lower unit It works on my MA17 with a 1995 115 2 stroker dc
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    I had a foil on one of mine and it was great! Really helped mid range. I ran a solas prop but forgot the model and pitch. Don't hesitate to text me with quick setup questions. I can tell you my favorite 2 combinations were 115 4 stroke and 90 2 stroke.
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    Captain Tom and I fished Saturday out of Chokoloskee. We launched at OR at first light, sunrise at 6:37 a.m. Low tide was at 9:46 a.m. so we had a few hours of falling water to fish before the tide change. Full moon on the 19th, so I was a little anxious about the prospects for the day as the overnight was clear. Weatherman predicted scattered rain and winds from S/SE. It was 66 degrees in the morning as we launched, so the jackets came out of the hatch. Turned out to be a beautiful day. We fished within 10 miles of Chokoloskee for most of the day, casting live shrimp on jig heads, GULP! shrimp on jig heads, soft plastic jerk shads and paddle tails, and hard baits. This turned out to be one of the best days in a long while, with best guess 100 fish brought to the boat. Dink size snook plus 3 slot size (including a just short of 30" fish caught early in the morning), numerous smaller reds and a few slot size reds, several trout, a mixture of jacks, mangrove snapper (including 2 real nice ones that came home for tocos!), 3 whiting (which is unusual for this time of year), and several other species. Last catch of the day was a 22" triple tail that also got invited home for dinner. I seldom do really well on the days around the full moon. So, the only explanation I have is perhaps the fish felt the pressure from a tropical storm that is well offshore and were feeding hard before the storm. Otherwise, who knows? Regardless, it was an epic day! Here are a few pictures from the day.
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    2014 Maverick 18’ HPX-V Yamaha 150 SHO (164hrs, still being used) Light blue hull, bulkheads, console Nonskid light grey (two tone deck) 8’ Power Pole Blade iPilot trolling motor AGM batteries Fusion radio w/ JL speakers Live aerator engine & console covers Lowrance GPS with transducer 29 gal fuel tank Ameritrail aluminum trailer Engel cooler Removable casting deck asking $42,500 (title in hand) Please call or send direct messages to schedule a time to see the boat or if you have any questions. Bob 239-771-2420
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    Mercury Spitfire Prop Ported 3/8” 13x17” Bobs stabalizer plate Bye bye porpoise ! 🇺🇸☠️
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    Boat lunch box ! Breakfast sandwich Coffee Too go ! 🇺🇸☠️
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    Double uni with three wraps with floro leader. Easy and quick. Loop knot at hook/artificial .
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    Like I said I aimt no pro . Class 4 hitch OUTLAW OUT ! 🇺🇸☠️ My post is directed to the original poster on some stats I had , not you .
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    No need Dont think there are any 150 with that kinda overkill. 🇺🇸☠️ Listen I aint gonna get into a tit for tat . Life is too short Garmin /Simrad Gas / Diesel Tomatoe / Tomato . Yall can have it too yourselves . I gots feesh too catch . PEACE ! 🇺🇸☠️
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    ... however no trucks mentioned above can pull a space shuttle like a Tundra.
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    Could be a variety of things, maybe the stiffer suspension caused less pitch, so the sensation of stopping is different. Run into it all the time where operators tell me something is happening during testing and data shows something different. Tactile input can interesting. If you have ever been at an amusement park and watched one of the movies where you are sitting in a chair, yet feel like you are falling, accelerating, bouncing around etc. What you think is happening really is not happening. Hopefully I did not come across too strongly, not trying call anyone out, just trying to explain things. But Engineers have never had a reputation of being subtle.
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    I've towed skiffs & bay boats many thousands of miles with the following vehicles: Sequoia, Tundra, Excursion, 2500 Chevy HD, F150. The Excursion & 2500 Chevy were the only two vehicles that could effectively stop while towing the bay boat on wet roads. My Sequoia, Tundra & F150 brakes worked fine with my skiff behind me on a wet road but not so much with a bay boat. I would never trust towing a bay boat regularly on the highway with a light duty truck or SUV. Just my opinion!
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    Now that's a mother to celebrate !!
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    I will have to install wing nuts on the t top so i can pop it off to keep up with you .. but you cant blame a guy for trying
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    Stopping with similiar size trucks is not so much the problem as are these mid size vehicles that have overexagerated towing capacity. I have a fishing buddy that has a 2500 with hard top and tows it with a Mercedes SUV. Doesn't have to go far but still
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    Upgrade both a pathy and truck you are looking at $125-150K......Don't know if you've priced new trucks....NOT inexpensive.... I ran my 22 Pathy for years with a 6 cycl, F150, tranny cooler, limited slip....2x's a month at over 200 miles rt/ to keys and west coast...if you don't have a tranny cooler, that would be the upgrade I would install and is probably the most important. I sold my F150 with over 250K miles. Since you are in Florida, not many hills to climb and if you run conservatively, e.g. 60-65 mph, you should have no problem...just keep an eye on the break pads, keep trans fluid and radiator updated with fresh fluids. DC
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    What day was that? Monday the 15th??
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    Thanks for the offer, Dino. You'd never fish your spots again if I showed you 5 of mine! 😂 Ralph can bring you to the spots I haven't visited since he looted them after I shared with him many many years ago. 😜
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    Dobey1..., good point on the later year 21MA’s..., I have also read that the bay boat explosion started a new trend about that time too. I bought the blue 2007 with a 250 HPDI & about 500 hrs..., Going with a new 250 SHO is the ideal option but to spend that kind of $ is a little far fetched when I have a perfectly good running HPDI that only sees REC 90, old owner too ran that fuel also. Now, if I could get $9/$10k for it I would consider this 4 stroke option and be done with it but I’m old school. Let me say that I have run on alot of flats boats in biscayne bay and the keys over the years but this 21 MA hull is really smooth, dry, responsive and an aircraft carrier lid to fish on. I am really impressed. I also have a ‘04 Seavee 29’ with twin 225 Opti’s and would not trade that offshore (yet trailerable) boat for the world. It’s so true that no one boat can do it all which is why you should own at lease 2! You also don’t need to break the bank to do it..., just find the right project and jump on it fast! Also, helps to not be married & have the kids grown up. BTW how do you Ike the TRS in comparison?
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    MA 21 was meant to run a 2 stroke, #239-404-4607, I may be listing mine soon.
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