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    Not yet but I have a 18 month old and looking forward to it although I did coach HS a number of years ago I was a 4 year college baseball player and my brother was a minor league player for 8 or 9 years with a short stint in the big leagues so baseball is in our blood. Bragging moment: coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life - Lil brother getting his first major league hit. Two outs bottom of 8th he hits RBI single to keep game alive and tie it up. Ricky Weeks comes behind him hits a HR to take lead and win it. We played together all growing up and a year in colllege so I know the efforts it takes to get to that level.... Still gives me chills thinking about that.
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    Why is there not a "What did you catch today" or "THIS is a fish" thread? I mean thats what all this is for right!
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    Expanded pvc sheet...holds screws well and you can use methacralyte epoxy to adhear it to the console walls/sides. It's light and readily available...affordable, too! A sheet of 1/2" x 2' x 4' is $27 at Home Depot. They also carry 3/4" and it's closer to $50. The epoxy was a challenge to find at the usual places, but my local Ace had it. It's Devcon Plastic Weld...read the back and make sure it has methacralyte in it.
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    Picked up a 2011 Maverick 18 HPX-V last week thanks to Scott Slappey. This is my first skiff. I Could not be more excited to be a member of the MBG family! I am looking forward to being a part of this group and am sure I will have many questions as I learn the ins and outs of this boat.
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    Not that anyone is keeping score or anything, and certainly no pride involved here at all. . . But I did notice that Hewesyourdaddy's "What did you do on your boat today" thread is beginning to outpace my (far superior) "THIS is a sunrise" thread. It would seem to me that you boys are spending too much time babying your boats and not enough time using them. Thankfully, Outlaw is demonstrating proper priorities. Its spring, the fish are hungry. Pack up your tools and buffers and grease guns and GO FISH (and take pics)! I mean, not that I really care if Hewesyourdaddy's thread is longer than mine. Really . .
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    New wheel is wrapped for the MA. Hunter did an awesome job with it. Sent the grab bars out for powder and wrap as well.
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    Hey Fish Slayer and Deck Swabber- I can't recall if I posted pics of the finished project with the SeaDek. Here you go!!! LMK if you have any questions or want to see close ups of any of the sections of the decking!
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    Gus you need a fishing trip. Both threads mentioned above have to be torture. You have no boat to tinker with and no boat to catch a sunrise. The keys are in mine. Come get it and make sure you use non ethanol gas😂
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    Yesterday I installed the MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch and fob. I have not gotten the boat out to test it, but it seems like a great idea. I may get the watch band for the fob or just keep it in the zip up pocket of my Mustang inflatable life vest.
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    I decided to do some upgrades to my Parhdinder 2400. I got a Minn Kota riptide ulterra 112 auto deploy, JL Audio speakers amp and Fusion Bluetooth module, and replaced the garbage factory trim tab switches. I had it all installed by Raymond McNamara 772-812-4599 http://www.mcnamaramarine.com/ He did excellent work and was very thorough. Not the cheapest but that’s not what I was looking for. His work is excellent and he uses all quality materials. Heres a few photos, he’s coming back to add a second power pole for me in a couple weeks.
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    Got my share of catfish yesterday. Really windy and dirty water from all the rain lately so fished some mullet chunks on the bottom. Nothing but cats. Switched to jig head/gulp shrimp later on and in a different spot and got this guy. Forgot to bring my darn phone on the boat so just a cooler pic. Looks like he had a run in with a porpoise or something.
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    Wait a cotton pickin minute! NO rec angler on this forum logs more annual days on the water in the Glades than I do. No way, no how. Posting on the "what did you do on your boat today" thread makes one guilty of too much boat pampering and not enough boat usage IMO!
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    First, if you are using it to mount batteries, you want the stiff stuff....when I mounted mine in a starboard box i made, i even screwed a 1/4 inch aluminum backing plate what was larger than the starboard to allow little to no flex...... I would also use, for anything not on the floor, PVC board which you can get at Lowes or Home Depot....you are not saving much weight by going lighter. dc
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    There was on listed below that might fit your requirements. If not, I know where another one is that doesn’t need as much work. 😁
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    We use weld mount studs to mount starboard then screw the components to the starboard http://www.weldmountsystems.com/
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    That is a very nice looking color on those boats ! Both are beautiful
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    Duracell at Sams Club Dual purpose AGM Don't run the stereo when your fishing and running the live wells or I will give you some more bad info. If your 36 volt on the TM I would have 5 batteries in that boat. 2 would be for all accessories and start. Without proper switching 1 battery for the house and start as you want to run will become a dead battery sooner or later. I run 4 on my 21 MA 2 for TM and 2 in parallel for the house and start.
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    2014 Maverick 18 HPX-V 2014 Yamaha 115 Fourstroke with aprox 1300 hours Garmin Echomap 70dv 7" chartplotter Minnkota iPilot 24vt 80lb thrust (new in 2016) 8' Power Pole Blade Upgraded Aluminum Ameratrail Trailer customized removable forward casting platform with 2 different style lean bars Center Consoler with 50qt Yeti cooler included as a additional seat Console grab bar Push pole This is a well kept, one owner Maverick 18HPX V that is turn-key and ready to chase fish tomorrow! Engine and boat are serviced regualrly. The 18 hpx is arguably one of most versatile skiffs on the market today. Take advantage of this pre-owned boat that is priced to move fast! Motivated seller, bring offers. Asking Price: $36,900 Contact Matt, call or text: 239-849-4719 email: matt.norman2011@gmail.com Boat is located in Naples, FL
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    Not fishing or posting much lately. Have spent the last several weeks dealing with dads eye issues. Crazy hours at the hospitals and doctors appointments for a detached retina and cataracts. For those that know me and wonder whats wrong with me, my dad told me on the way home in my truck to move and take him with me to Alaska and run your trips up there. He said it's dark most of the time up there and you can't catch crap with 2 good eyes in broad daylight. The apple and the tree are close in my case. Soon as I got him home he asked me to get his mail and newspaper. There was a flyer in his mail box for a seeing eye dog recruit. I have never laughed so hard in my life.
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    Man I was hoping to hear a better report than that. What areas did y’all try? I think my buddies want to head north Friday morning
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    I coached my son’s city soccer teams for 5 years and his middle school teams for 2. I played soccer for 11 years until I tore up my knee in high school. Add 6 years of tackle football, 10 years of baseball & 20 years of surfing to that....I can feel all my past injuries every day I wake up. Coaching was a lot of work. And I was always toughest on my son during practice which caused rifts at home. It’s still a love/hate conversation when we talk about those years. The city soccer teams I coached appeared in 4 straight final games & we won 2 championships, including the city of Pompano Beach’s first & only undefeated team in the 11-13year division. We were undefeated one other season prior to that but lost the final on penalty kicks after the most exciting overtime period I ever witnessed. I’ve never seen so many heart broken players & parents (and coach) on 1 field after that game. Our middle school teams were always pretty soft. We managed one semi final game appearance. Definitely memorable years that I will always miss! I took my son as far as I could and now he is playing jv soccer. He made a jump to that team in 8th grade and was starting strong side defender all last season. The school wants him to move up to the varsity team in 9th grade but I’m going to hold him back so he can become mentally & physically stronger. Admittedly I’m the worst parent spectator. I find myself constantly pacing in front of the bleechers just like I did on the sidelines when I was coaching. We have always fished (a lot) and spent time at our fish camp during the off season.
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    Had a problem with my motor "sticking" the PP down and not coming up... Two weeks ago, called Todd at PP and he gave me diagnostics...I took apart the PP engine and conducted his recommendation...it worked once or twice, then failed again. Called Todd on Monday...and Tuesday...looked what arrived???? With an instruction page in hand, took about 10 minutes to complete....swapped out the board......did the up and down 10 times...seems to be working like new Thanks Todd.....I have NEVER WORKED WITH ANY COMPANY SUCH AS PP- YOU GUYZ ALWAYS DELIVER
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    also put a proper set of slippers under the old girl. Ameritrail trailers enough said. my 5 year could load the boat. thats how easy it goes on the trailer. all stainless package with aluminum rims, spare tire. stainless tie down straps in the back and walking plank on driverside
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    It ended up being the rev limiter and the wrong prop
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    Agree....never ever had a PC job last...ever.
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    Saw dozens of beautiful goldish colored black drum in the ENP last week that wouldn't eat anything I threw at them. Wouldn't you know the one that agreed to eat an arti right next to the boat was black, gnarly & looked like my twin brother!
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    Good grief, that thing is uglier than old Nagjuice!
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    What was the load like, how much trim? If it was light just you, I would not be happy with only getting 5100, heavy 4 people might be ok. I would like to see close to 6100 light. I think if you can only get 5100 the engine is pretty loaded, and assume your fuel usage to be up. Its hard to direct compare props from different manufactures, there are other differences that just diameter. Mostly small differences, but those make a change in performance.
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    The vertical “wall” that goes from deck to cockpit floor
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    Call a good prop shop and pick their brain. You want to run very close or at max RPM. Much less wear and tear on the engine and less likely to make oil. You may have to drop some diameter.
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    Yeah I was going to six10 the old ones which is a full epoxy resin.
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    Perfect solution....use existing holes in boat...redrill grater if necessary.
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    You're welcome, I knew there had to something wrong for them to have never worked.
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    The official bragging board of the MBG boat owners. After all, its why we have these boats!
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    on the EVO3 i believe it's built in. dc
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    Corrected! Great call Gabe!
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    Looking at their site, it appears the regular 1/2" is 2.5# a square ft., with the XL at 2#. Not sure if it will make a difference in the center of the boat.
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    Haha was it the one for $8,500? I haven’t been able to get a hold of him but would love to talk with him. Your boat is beautiful, I have no idea how it hasn’t sold yet!
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    Looks like the same leaning post as my 2005 22 TE, I have a 75 Yeti that fits perfect under the post and a 45 Yeti for in front of the console. Some folks use a 50 Yeti in place of the 45 if they want a little more height. The 65 RTIC is almost the same size as the 75 Yeti, if you're on a budget. Never had any need for tie-downs; the weight and non-slip feet hold everything in place just fine. Enjoy the new ride!
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    have a bar welded onto the back of the leaning post about 3" off the deck. ought to keep the cooler in place and still be able to get it in and out. shouldn't be very expensive if you pull the leaning post and take it to a welding shop. 2 welds.
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    Whomever said the two best days in a boat owners life....wrong. I’m totally thrilled my skiff (92 Lappy) went to a really nice young man, but oh it was tough to see her drive away. Yeah, it’s “only” a boat, but the last decade with that boat..we only attended one MBG event, in SC, and you folks on this forum are like “family” and the miles and fish and memories. I’ve encouraged the young guy to join this forum. I’ll still lurk and when I can, contribute. At least for now, not fully part of the family. Who ever knows what the future will bring. Tight lines
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    Sounds to me that something is causing an air lock.
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    And when will the divorce be final?
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    A little video our new Social Media Manager put together: Skip