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    Hello everyone Brad M invited me to join your forum and help provide some technical help and answers to some of the questions being asked regrading Flash tuning the Yamaha 4.2 litre V6 engines and possibly our Nizpro 450s Supercharger systems. I see Brian from Ft Myers has also come aboard and shared some of his customers results, hi Brian, great to see you posting. I guess after reading this thread I can clearly see a number of questions and comments that need addressing, some I will be able to help with and some are simply peoples differing views about modify factory standard engines. These can never be answered with a right or wrong answer and are simply different people’s views which they are certainly entitled to, all I can do is possibly offer a different perspective. Please let me start with the mechanical side of the discussion. The Yamaha 4.2 litre V6 engine is a very well designed robust and an efficient power plant. All outboard engines work in a very harsh hi duty cycle environment, so there will always be an odd issue with all brands of engine, non are perfect. However Yamaha is at the pointy end of reliability, economy and performance. Some will say that if you want to go fast you must have Mercury. In many ways this is an accurate statement. Mercury for as long as I can remember ( 30 years plus ) have always developed products that are more speed focused, their marketing has always relied on race results to enforced there performance and they have really been the only manufacture that has constantly supported race series ,even to this day. By contrast Yamaha have been very conservative, however this does not mean that they also cannot produce a performance engine. The main problem is if you want to go fast there is simply a very limited range of parts available off the shelf for Yamaha product. Props, steering, 15 inch trunks are all easily obtainable for Mercury, all the other brands up to now there has been virtually nothing available. So if you are focusing on a high speed mono or cats Mercury really has been your choice, your circles of friends have similar boats and engines, it’s all you see, but please be open minded, there are now other options becoming available. This is a hugh benefit for all outboard owners, remember competition breeds innovation. So let’s clear this up once and for all. Are all 4.2 litre 200 though to 300 hp engine s the same? It terms of power output all Yamaha V6 4.2 litre power heads are the same. Yes Offshore have added corrosion protection and larger charge rates. But the rotating assembly and its ability to produce a given Hp number is the same wether it has a 200,225,250 or 300 hp sticker placed on the engine cowl. Yamaha are far from alone in both the automotive and marine industry in producing one engine series while being able to market and sell them at difference power levels. This would now be more common than not. The change in power output is confined to Engine Management Calibration and normally done over a number of different areas within the calibration. Fuel, spark, camshaft timing and throttle opening can all be adjusted to deliver the power and torque curve needed to produce engines of different ratings to suit difference applications at difference consumer price points, while at the exact same design, tooling and manufacturing costs to the manufacture. Typically manufactures will have the model engine that is currently available in its highest power output already developing more power for an upcoming model for later release, with minimal changes required. Of course at some point the same basic architecture has a power limit within the original design scope. So once the above is explained turning a 200 SHO or a 225 offshore into a 300 hp engine has zero impact in reliability, emissions or economy over buying a standard 300 hp engine from Yamaha in the first place. Once you look at it in these terms and then look at our re flashing power outputs we have a 10% increase in output over standard, hardly a reliability breaker when done correctly. Why don’t Yamaha offer a 325 hp version? The answer to this question is purely guess work. Yamaha do have a 275 SHO for their own Japanese market, why don’t we have it? Who knows? Why don’t they offer a 325 Offshore? Maybe they believed it would take sales from their F350 V8. It’s not because of durability of the power head or lower unit. Durability tests can be performed a number of ways. One would be to take the maximum horse power derivative engine of that series and run 1000 hours at full throttle, maximum load at the maximum rated engine speed and see if the engineers got it right. Do this to a number of production samples and if all is successful they are ready for release. Like most manufactures this would be just one of the durability tests performed, or something very similar. Given this above example the same company would not need to test their lower hp models of identical mechanical specification for durability, as they have much lower outputs than the original test engine. So the next question I hear is what durability testing has Nizpro performed on their 332hp tune. From our perspective we have done a similar version of testing as the above example but we have done this using a 450 Supercharged version of the same engine. Using the same engineering reasoning , if the same power unit can survive a durability test at 450 hp then the likely hood of a mechanical rotating assemble failure at 335 hp would be very very low and not to mention odd. While saying that we have also tested the 332 NA tune very well separately. The exact same principle can be carried over the rest of the outboards components including the lower unit. The lower unit gets many mentions regarding how quickly they are going to explode after we install a supercharger to the engine on many forums and social media pages. However that has simply not been our experience. We have actually seen no lower unit failures caused by the add power being added to the engines via Supercharging. All lower units and engines wear out over time, that time can be influenced by servicing or lack thereof, but it terms of failure from increased power we have seen zero. Not a single broken gear or prop shaft. In our own testing running power levels well beyond 500 hp we still have never seen a failure of a standard Yamaha lower unit. I would also like to touch on Brian’s point regarding costs of The Supercharger system and some of its benefits. The Supercharger system has a broad application base, from very high speed bass boats to large centre consul boats. The added upgrades that Brian mentioned can certain be true in the case of a 22 Foot bass boat that with the standard 250 SHO engine is already running 85 mph. Adding the Supercharger system will have this same boat in the low 100 mph bracket. Yes this boat for handling purposes needs added modifications, better steering, lower unit nose cone and so on. Anyone aiming for maximum speed is always going to want to test and purchase the fastest prop also. But this is a little like hotting up your car’s engine and then fitting better brakes, wheels and tyres, very sensible but it’s just the cost of wanting to go fast. On the other hand taking a 50 mph Centre consul boat owner who wants to increase his cruise speed by 8 to 10 MPH while still only wanting to sit on 4000 rpm so his economy is still good and not wanting to rev the hell out of his engine for hours at a time, the installation of the supercharger can be done with no other modifications or upgrades other than a prop change, we all except this is standard procedure when wanting the best performance for an individual application. We have also had installs where the standard engines have been prop’s to 5400 rpm, adding the supercharger allowed 6400 rpm and no prop change was require. So Brian’s point is very valid in as far as the cost consideration is on a case by case application. Now for the warranty question. I have a very different opinion regarding warranty than many, not all but many. Firstly for customers wanting to take their 200 or 225 SHO engines up to a standard Yamaha 250 SHO power rating yes we can simple load a standard 250 HP file into your ECU. At this point all the talk about reliability and so on goes out the window, you now have a standard Yamaha 250 hp calibration., its not aftermarket if factory Yamaha. The same goes for the Offshore 225 and 250 and getting them to 300. We of course offer the 332 hp tune as our standard upgrade with a few rpm limiter options. My comment with warranty is this, people often say I will wait until my warranty runs out, then I will modify my engine, if it then has an issue I will pay for it. This makes no sense to me personally. If you are willing to pay for a problem after the engine runs out of warranty then what really is the difference if you have a problem with a modified engine while it’s in warranty, you’re still going to be paying if an issue arises. But your engine is now 3 years older Ok you’re losing the built in cost that you paid for your warranty at the time of purchase, banking on whatever goes wrong will be fully covered. On the flip side you’re going to drive around for 3 years knowing that the engine you have is capable of so much more. People are so much more patient than me!! If you engines are for commercial purposes and you are changing them every 12 month so they are always covered then fine I get it. But if you are generally serious about modifying when the warranty runs out, then when that day comes you have excepted you’re on your own, at that point life’s short modify now and have some fun. Thanks for having me, hope I’ve helped clear up some of your questions. Simon
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    Regardless of who's cup of tea it is or isn't, as you mention Capt. Troy, there's a lot of great info here! I designed and built a 900 h.p small block Chevy for a car that came from the factory with a 150 h.p. and 190 lb. ft. of torque. It was reliable and I drove it daily. Even had a/c and cruise control. I'm not saying I kept the stock transmission, drive shaft, rear end, etc. in it. I built my first maximum effort small block Chevy at age 12, before that I washed parts, lubed bearings, installed lifters or any other small, odd job my dad would allow me to do. He was a professional drag racer and mechanic when I was a kid. I was at home in the pit of the NHRA, with old timers such as Don Garlits, Arnie Beswick (dads close friend), Don Nicholson, Shirley Muldowney, and many more. After that, he worked as a diesel mechanic; this is why I have a hard time blurring the lines with gas and diesel engines. I know both better than most, and have built hundreds of one and thousands of the other. I even pulled a stint at Caterpillar, in their engine dept. for a short period of time. My dad, in his early life, was a machinist at Caterpillar, in Illinois, his bothers too. My uncle went on to own and run his own machine shop (I apprenticed in as a teenager) until his passing in 2000. I've built single cylinder Wisconsin engines for mini pulling tractors (standard garden tractor) on up to 2500-3000 h.p. blown, nitro engines and just about everything in between. I currently work in, no surprise, a manufacturing facility with a full machine shop, but a completely different (more stable/promising) industry. While it doesn't satisfy my urge to build engines, it does satisfy my desire to engineer, produce and make cool stuff. So this seemingly simple (I know it isn't, Simon) tune doesn't concern me in the least. I understand the parameters being changed and what the end result is. Prior to Simon joining this forum, and giving a much more detailed explanation than I ever would have, we communicated via email for a week or so. Simon gave me the graphs, charts, and data I needed to see before I even posted this thread. If I thought it was garbage, I wouldn't have subjected anyone here with mis-information or 'hack' tunes. Once I noticed some interest in his product, I invited Simon here to see the message I had conveyed and he offered to elaborate. I'm glad he did! So, if it's your thing or not, I think anyone interested can extrapolate the information they need to make an educated decision as to if this tune is an option for them or not. Me personally, I wouldn't mind seeing a few MPH more of cruise speed and if I gain 3-4 MPH on top, great! Truth is, just me and 20 gallons of fuel, and all my batteries can see 63 MPH...add a buddy, tackle, beverages and 20 more gallons of fuel, I'm down to 58-59. I'd simply like to be back at 63-64 when loaded. That's all. I see my same hull with a 300 can run around 65 MPH with gear, that's all I want. Do I need it? Nope....I also don't need a 23 HPS, but I have one. I appreciate everyone's participation in this thread and hope that those who got banned find their way back in time. Tight lines and be safe!
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    Between this post and the Nizpro I know why your in law school. Target rich environment. Just kidding again and LOL. You will have nothing for me soon. Gonna supercharge my SHO on the Maverick. Gonna have Power Tech build me a OFX 30 pitch 5 blade ported and put cushioned seating in my live well. The heck with my passengers, just don't hurt my bait.
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    Certain posts have been deleted from this thread and one member has been banned! Everyone please be civil! This thread was initiated to provide technical information on performance enhancement! It is okay to discuss, agree, disagree, but no personal attacks or lack of civility will be tolerated. Thank you!! MOD2
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    Added a back cushion to my console on my MA18 today.
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    Even the redfish can't help but stare at such a good looking boat.
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    Well,,,,, this got weird!
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    Always an awesome time that many of us look forward to all year. Thanks MBG, Yamaha, Powerpole and all the other sponsors supporting this OT. Many thanks to Larry and his crew at the Breezy for always taking care of us.
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    THANK YOU MBG for another great year at the Breezy. It was great see everyone once again!
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    I will say that standing against the leaning post at 74 isn't my preferred seating arrangement! You are dead on with that Lol. We did a run with 2 people and the preferred seating was 1 behind the other, not side by side. I couldn't believe the boat was actually stable at that speed. I thought it would be all over the place.
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    Baits gonna die The added drag is from picking up water. At 74 MPH the bait is gonna die without helmets anyhow. Just busting chops, but sitting on that leaning post at 74 is for you young thunder cats. One chine dip or a need to turn fast your out of there. Race boats always have the driver low in the cockpit. Never above the gunnels in a seat.
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    Great info here, indeed. I've learned a lot reading thru all the posts. Being insurable and avoiding the possibility of having a claim denied would be of primary concern if I were thinking about tuning my motor, especially if I was a guide. The bottom line is this....if the actual horsepower of your motor exceeds the stamp on your boat then your policy could be null & void. If you don't disclose that you've tuned your motor then you're withholding info from your insurer. Tuning a motor during a policy term would be viewed as a "material change in risk". Stupidity claims are often covered but claims involving the absence of full material disclosure are denied 99% of the time. I don't know any insurers that will endorse a policy to cover a vessel that is powered by a motor that exceeds a manufacturer's max HP rating. In this instance, one of the key facts in a liability claim that arises due to a passenger injury while running or collision/allision would be the engine horsepower not exceeding the stamp on the boat. A physical damage claim (transom and/or hull failure) would be simple to deny if a vessel is overpowered. If someone is injured bad enough (or possibly killed) and/or if enough property is damaged then you can guarantee the attorney that the insurer hires will confirm the motor's actual horsepower and cross reference that info with the stamp on the boat. I've seen it happen dozens of times. Sorry to rain on anyone's parade but I've been in the yacht/boat insurance business for 20 years. I've seen bad things happen to a lot of good people and I'd like to have all of my fellow forum members avoid anything bad happening to them. With that being said.....have any of you with tuned motors disclosed that info to your insurers?? If yes, I would like to know what their response was. If no, then you may want to think about doing so.
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    Getting out of the nearshore, offshore stuff plus some stuff I don't use anymore.so see if there is anything here that tickles your fancy. 2- Shimano TLD20 on Penn Marina rods. On the boat three times. I have the boxes for the reels. $200 each, both $350. 1- Crowder Ess-815 15-30# line 3/8-2oz. Great Tarpon rod $100. 1- Shimano Calcutta 400 on Chaos 7ft 12-20# $125 1- CCA 701HS 10-20# 7ft fast action with Shimano Stratic 3000FI $125 1-Hooked Rods (new) HCF509BR 7ft medium action 10-20# with Stratic 4000FH $150 1- Star Aerial EX815s76 6-16# 1/4-3/4, butt cut 6 inches to 7Ft $50 In Ormond Beach but can ship if you pay.
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    - 2013 Pathfinder 24 TRS - 2013 Yamaha F300 w/ 697hours - EZ Loader aluminum dual axle trailer (c channel design) - TTop with white canvas - 6” Atlas jackplate - 10ft PowerPole Blade - MinnKota Riptide Ipilot 80lb 24volt trolling motor w/ quick release mount - Garmin 740s with transom mount transducer (replacing with 742XS) - JL Audio marine amplifier - JL Audio M770 speakers (x4) - Freshwater washdown - Saltwater washdown - Leaning post tackle station with removable backrest - New upholstery throughout - Front and rear led spreader lights - Ttop led light - Cockpit & live well led lights - 1 front live well and 2 rear live wells - Complete switch panel rewire with all new switches and breakers Top end: 60mph at 6,000rpm Cruise: 40-45mph at 4,000-4,500rpm doing roughly 4mpg Original owner boat (besides me). Boat is in mint condition and everything works. Boat is 100% turn key. I received this boat as a trade for the boat I was selling. I’m looking to get into a larger center console (28ft+) and will consider trades +/- cash. Title in hand. $54,900 with current trailer $56,900 with brand new trailer Call/Text Juan (305) 775-7726
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    Little update! Swapped out the livewell grate for one completely flush and BAM, 74.6 mph light. Livewell grate was causing major slip and speed loss. Boat was extremely stable at that speed and spun the 26.5 bravo all the way to 6000 rpm. This boat went from 47 mph with a 150 4 stroke to 74.6 with a 250 SHO. WOWW!!
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    It started last week of september and is getting better every day... almost too good. This past Thurs night / Fri morning there was an insane amount of mullet pushing... ive never seen so many. Picked up a nice bonus Gag last week so I hope they keep coming. The Tarpon and snook are going absolutely nuts... it literally looks like fish Armageddon some nights, exciting for sure. Lots of slots, overslots, shorts being caught as well as alot of near misses and those that are able to spit it before getting to the net. These are highlight pics of my last 5 trips
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    JEM - what I can expect is Maverick to let me know via bulletin that this is an issue - much like an automotive manufacturer will (should). Rather address it at the dock than to burn fuel and time only to have to deal with it on the water. Also, the Pathy's come with a premium price and the switches, particularly the trim tabs switches could be better - Lenco tactile as an example. I'm giving an honest, no BS appraisal of the machine, its a good one to be sure. As I stated, I bought it to run skinny and somewhat comfortably in the Charlotte Harbor area and that it does.
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    Daylight in South Georgia....
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    Man, sheep are tough. Only time I've had any luck with them was using "clear" materials with tan pen stripes for clear water, tan much like your second one in the typical Pine Island Sound sugar water. Only back in the shadows of the mangroves have the darker versions worked for me, but dark brown rather than olive. Gotta try olive next, and thanks!
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    Be careful guys when running in the early and dark hours. Very Unfortunate - pics taken by Capt Goodwine of Blackneck Charters. 1 TAMPA, Florida – One person died and another person was seriously injured Saturday in a boat crash near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Man killed in boat crash near Sunshine Skyway Bridge Woman injured in crash, listed in serious condition Boat collided with a range marker piling The crash happened in the Tampa Bay shipping channel at about 4 a.m. Michael Anderson, 53, and Cheryl Lorio, 50, were on board the boat when it collided with a range marker piling. Both people were taken to Bayfront Hospital in St. Petersburg for treatment. Anderson died from his injuries, according to FWC. Lorio, at last check, is listed in serious condition. Authorities are working to have the boat removed from the piling. St. Petersburg Fire Rescue, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office assisted with the investigation. Skyway Bridge By Spectrum News Staff | October 13, 2018 @5:13 PM TAMPA, Florida – One person died and another person was seriously injured Saturday in a boat crash near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Man killed in boat crash near Sunshine Skyway Bridge Woman injured in crash, listed in serious condition Boat collided with a range marker piling The crash happened in the Tampa Bay shipping channel at about 4 a.m. Michael Anderson, 53, and Cheryl Lorio, 50, were on board the boat when it collided with a range marker piling. Both people were taken to Bayfront Hospital in St. Petersburg for treatment. Anderson died from his injuries, according to FWC. Lorio, at last check, is listed in serious condition. Authorities are working to have the boat removed from the piling. St. Petersburg Fire Rescue, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office assisted with the investiga By Spectrum News Staff | October 13, 2018 @5:13 PM TAMPA, Florida – One person died and another person was seriously injured Saturday in a boat crash near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Man killed in boat crash near Sunshine Skyway Bridge Woman injured in crash, listed in serious condition Boat collided with a range marker piling The crash happened in the Tampa Bay shipping channel at about 4 a.m. Michael Anderson, 53, and Cheryl Lorio, 50, were on board the boat when it collided with a range marker piling. Both people were taken to Bayfront Hospital in St. Petersburg for treatment. Anderson died from his injuries, according to FWC. Lorio, at last check, is listed in serious condition. Authorities are working to have the boat removed from the piling. St. Petersburg Fire Rescue, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office assisted with the investi
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    FWIW, I just purchased a 2003 last week and the guy had it compression checked, with the compression of each cylinder written next to each plug. I was going to trust it but it kept bothering me so I ended up taking it to a Yamaha/Maverick dealer. Guess what, compression was exactly what was written but the mechanic checked everything for me. Pointed out a leak in the trim motor but that's about it. Charged me $60 for 1/2 hour of service, pretty cheap peace of mind.
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    If just the compression test, the broker can do it, just be there to watch and verify the numbers. Nothing hard about the test. If you want a more in-depth inspection then I'd have an outside mech do it.
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    Thanks all. I got my new sled! My son and I put a few snook on her this weekend.
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    2012 23 HPS for sale. 300 Yamaha with slightly over 300 hours. Newer model 36V Terrova iPilot Trolling Motor. Twin Power Poles. Lowrance GPS/Fish Finder with 10" Screen. VHF Radio, Bluetooth Stereo. Very fast and in very good condition. Located near New Orleans. $52k. Bryan 985.860.8238
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    Went and viewed the boat, Great looking boat well kept and maintained. Found my Master Angler 18.5, had to leave the state, but was at a price and condition could not pass up. Strongly considered Doubledek Maverick, but my budget was less than $19,000. Good Luck with sale. Thanks to Nagjuice, went above and beyond, helping me with advice and providing guidance through the entire process of buying first boat
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    What size screens can you fit on the dash of the 2600 TRS? I was thinking two Humminbird Solix 12's which are 8.25" x 14".
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    I would go the independent mechanic route, too. Unless he is your son, he has too much vested interest in the sale. He should accommodate your reasonable request to take it elsewhere, or have a “mobile” mechanic come to the sales lot. Too much money involved IMO. In addition to the compression test, which is easy and within the capabilities of a broker, do a leak down test. This test is pretty much mandatory for 4 stroke wellness checks. A leakdown test is where the cylinder being tested is brought up to TDC, air is put into the cylinder through the plug hole at 100 psi. The test apparatus has two gauges, one for air entering and one for the percentage of air leaking. Less than 20% is considered good. You will have to judge if the broker is willing, and has the experience to perform. If he says not necessary,....run away, or take to another mechanic to perform. The compression test only tests momentary max compression. The leak down tests the integretary of the valves and rings to hold compression. An unacceptable compression and leak down test leads to more advanced checks that qualified mechanics can perform. You can go hog wild on preinspection tests at a dealer, all of them providing useful, peace of mind information, but $$. Questionable numbers on the two basic tests would send me looking for another boat.
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    100% CAMP TIME YOLO 🇺🇸☠️🥃
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    A compression test is very simple to do. It takes a good compression gauge, plug wrench and someone at the key switch if you do not have a remote start button. Make sure all plugs are out before pulling compression. No need to pull the boat to a mechanic.
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    My dad always told me "Its better to ask for forgiveness than permission!"
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    Have this on hand and bugs are no problem . I will be there Fri-Mon as well . 🇺🇸☠️
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    Headed to Titusville on Monday. Don’t have all your color materials on hand but going to try one in outlandish orange and the purple and black which works great on big black drum. The bull reds up there seem to be be very selective. We’ll see.
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    👍 where, LA or central Florida? Have you tried purple and black, or other colors?
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    2018 Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Yamaha 300HP Outboard w/ Hydraulic Steering - 350hrs Pure White Hull & Topside White Powder Coating White Rub Rail Insert Leaning Post w/ Livewell T-top Weblon w/ Spreader Lights Reflex Faux Teak Under Gunnels Stainless Edson Steering Wheel w/ Power Knob Advanced Bubbler System in Rear Livewell & Recirc Pump Lenco Trim Tabs Spring Line Cleats Fish Box Pump Out w/ Macerator Raw Water Washdown Simrad NSS12 EVO3 GPS/Sounder Combo Unit Airmar SS75H Tranducer - Thru Hull Factory Installed Simrad RS20 VHF W/ 8' Simrad Anntena Simrad Sonic Hub W/ Bluetooth (4) JL Audio 7.5" Speakers (3) Interstate 31 Series AGM Batteries for Trolling Motor Minn Kota 36V 112lb Thrust Ulterra W/ 72" Shaft & Quick Disconnect (2) 8' Power Pole Pro Series W/ Jack Plate Brackets Minn Kota 4 Bank Battery Charger AmeraTrail Trailer Boat will be available in January 2019. $90K obo Contact: Rob Bennett 407-417-2132 coastalfishcapt@gmail.com Located in St Augustine, FL
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    Gonna be a lot of surge with this thing from my area north. No place for the water to go when it gets to the Big Bend.
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    There are a lot of knots mentioned above and they all work, the best knot for you is the one you can tie well. Doug
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    I think Charlie said last Thursday in Sept 2019
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    Firstly, I have to thank the Deal family, Skip, Charlie and Kent for all the work that it took to make this Tournament happen again. They did all the background work to throw a three-day party for 135 people ! The sponsors kept the Tournament costs down for the families and supplied 45 minutes worth of incredible raffle prizes. It is great that a 10" Mangrove Snapper catch can be the raffle ticket that wins a Powerpole Blade system, Engle coolers and tumblers, Costa sunglasses or a Shimano inshore rod.. Other prizes by Yamaha, CCA, local restaurants.. and more. The weather was windy, with some impressive squalls passing by.. The breakwater around the Breezy Palms' marina kept the boats protected. It is a great venue. My son and I had such a good time, even though the fishing was tough. It was great seeing all our old friends again and meeting new friends. Marc p.s. Rick Weider is a pretty good dancer. He scuffed up the dock past midnight on Saturday..
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    And we only have 358 days until the next one...
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    I owned an 07' HPXV and it had a very good ride in a chop, easy to pole, and got into very skinny water. The only thing I hated about it was how tippy it was. I will never forget my wife's face when she first stepped off the dock on to it and felt that tilt. When you are on the poling tower you need to be solidly planted a stiff gust or a novice guy up at the front who makes a sudden move and you could be qualifying for the olympic dive team...just saying. Everything with boats is a give and take, it just depends on what you are willing to give up in the pursuit of your passion.
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    Only if you want to chip your teeth running across the bay....it's the old Pathfinder 17T design...I couldn't even run it Chokoloskee on most days out front...took a beating. Mirage Series..I can't comment, haven't owned or been in one...many have here... I own the 17MA...Hurricane is dead one...I love mine and it cuts the Choko chop like buddddda DC
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    Kent got some good shots! https://galleries.maverickboatgroup.com/2018-MBG-Islamorada-Owners-Tournament/ Skip
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    17 MA. There is not a better riding boat for crossing Tampa Bay.
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    All good advise here. The 21's especially older ones have issues with the 5lb putty falling apart between the floor supports and the floor. The signs are stress cracks or slight raised area on the cockpit floor (in front and behind the console). Also check the knees that connect stringers to the transom. Check all around the transom for cracking or signs of separation / delamination. There is a lot of plumbing that goes into these boats with three livewells. Turn everything on and stick your head in the bilge with a flashlight and look around. I'd also take a look at all the 19 year old wiring. Try every switch and use the ones that don't work as negotiation tool. Hard to inspect a bottom with bottom paint but I would still crawl under it and look for any signs of damage, hard hits to trailer or dock, hard beaches etc. Look for cracking around the chines and running pad. OX66 is a great combo for that rig. Spark, compression, fuel and make sure gear case spins with no noise and no wobble in the prop shaft. If there is no bearing noise when rotated by hand and it shifts in and out smoothly, there really isn't a need to check his gearlube (IMO), just change it along with all seals after you buy it.
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    You have listed all good things to look at. 21s are cool for sure, just check the areas that you mentioned. Spend some time on the sea trial. Cruise around, idle around, livewell running, check the bilge, try the tabs, smell for gas... checking for excess water in the bilge (pump kicking on when getting on plane? Could be the live well overflowing or a simple plumbing leak or ...) Check the sea chest area (next to the starboard trim tab) Check the gear oil after the sea trial That's a great motor for the 21.
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    We hope everyone had a good time, great crowd. Charlie and I actually got a chance to fish a bit! Skip
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    Even though we have 8 ft tides this weekend....with hurricane Florence coming this way, we decided to go after tripletail for possibly the last time this season before they migrate down south. The water temp has dropped 4 degrees in the past 7 days, so these fish will start moving. I did get lucky and manage to catch one in the coffee colored water...... prayers for everyone in the path of Florence and the two storms following.....
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    Can you tell me how many hours are on the motor, and the price. Also, where is it located. It's a beautiful rig.