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    Several years ago I sent some fish pics of us on our Pathfinder 2400 to Skip. Fast forward to today - I’m walking towards the MBG area and my son says “Hey that’s us” lol ... Pretty cool to see our pic on the banner at the Miami Boat Show. Thanks guys you made our day!
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    Headed out at 0430 and made our way to Everglades City....stopped at EC Bait and I had them give me 6 doz hand selects......some great shrimp It was a negative low and a bit "skinny" on the way out......launching the MA17 was "fun".....as the trailer needed to be dropped off the end of the ramp, into the mud, in order to float her off.... Headed out through the oysters.....and hit some of our old haunts....but, without the Trolling Motor.....we were going old school :) At each of our spots I came in very slowly and in the last 25 yards, gave it one bit of rpms and then shut it off.....floated to the spot, then hit the power poles.....we found ourselves sitting for a while to settle things down. Maybe by not using the TM and finding ourselves staked out with the Powerpole it made a difference... The rat reds were everywhere......it was non-stop action.....Don even got into the game with his fly rod and found this little guy on a shoreline. I found one nice snook on the shoreline, a few trout, a nice black drum for dinner.....and we called it a day early at 2pm.
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    TGIF Back @ it ! YOLO 🇺🇸☠️
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    2018 Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid - Like New Condition Options: Engine: Yamaha F300NCA Engine Lower Unit: Engine LU kit, 4.2L, 25 in. Rigging: CL DEC Control w/ 6YC Gauge Steering: Hydraulic tilt steering Hull Color: Pure White Other Color Options: Two-tone cushion color upgrade: grey/white Other Color Options: Black console trim (glove box door & keeper) T-top: T-top, Weblon w/ spreader light Powder coating package: Matte Black powder coating: t-top, leaning post, grab rails Fishing Features: Spring line cleats (2, folding) Fishing Features: Fish box pump-out w/ macerator Fishing Features: Rod rack for leaning post helm seat Fishing Features: Trim tabs Fishing Features: T-top kingfish rod holders (1 port, 1 stbd) Pro Package: Power Pole & battery charger: Pro Pkg: 4-bank, Power Pole Blade (8 ft black) Livewells Pumps: Recirculating pump system (livewell, aft center) Livewells Pumps: Crab well (aft port) Helm Seating: Leaning post w/ Engel cooler Cockpit & Storage: Steering wheel upgrade: Edson w/ power knob (black) Cockpit & Storage: Faux teak decking: under-gunnel, grey/ black Trailer: AmeraTrail Pathfinder trailer (tandem axle), Spare tire, 5 aluminum wheels Simrad VHF Simrad G09 XSE Chart plotter Fusion MS-RA55 & 4 – JL Audio Speakers Minn Kota, Riptide I-Pilot Trolling Motor Hours: 498 (mostly slow trolling and idling) Located in St. Augustine, FL $85,000
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    Good stuff Dino & Don! Glad ya’ll got in on the fun I’ve been at my place in Choko since Wednesday. Freshly iced Tripletail or Reds for supper each nite. Low morning tides & great fishing each day. Life is good! 🌞
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    Here is Funky Monkey.....” Marcus”. Phone number....318-688-1970 ext: 241
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    I really hate that my pro series got a small scratch on it the last negative tide trip , if I had to make a choice between my three props which one I would rather use as a sacrificial negative tide prop being this one doesn’t seem to be worth a third what I have invested this will be the easiest one to use I don’t want to bump the bottom or the prop but if I do it won’t hurt as bad . It’s like telling your kids you love them all the same everyone has a favorite kid we don’t tell the others who it is but we have a favorite . Kids like props all have things they do better or not as well as the others this doesn’t lift and ride as well as the others so if one goes over the mountain side into a ☄️ ball of fire it’s the Spitefire . Let the ceremony begin long live the Pro series .
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    BTW, 10 bucks you are leaking through your trim tab screws too. I will post a pic and show you what we found in my boat, but you have about 16 screw holes penetrating the hull. . .
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    Stopped by to see the patient today. Part 1 of the job is done now. Everything looks good. Some new progress: - the bottom is repaired, - chips fixed, - seachest air pocket ground down, repaired and cheesegrater refitted flush. - the baitwell has now been fully repaired - it cracked when the deck was removed and it was put on the ground with the drain pipe still on the bottom. - the cut for the new, larger access hatch has been made and the hatch will be installed when the deck is put back together - thanks Hurricane for the lead on that hatch. Now on to part 2. . .We talked through the best way to put her back together and he had some good thoughts: 1) He is going to add another layer of matt to the inside of the hull bottom on the portions external to the stringers, then use high density foam sheets to both dampen and reinforce the area further. He will run pvc pipe channels to allow water to drain into the bilge (these will run lengthwise and connect to the pvc drains that we ran through the extended stringers). On the starboard side, where the rod tubes extend back from the cockpit, he will use the same high density foam sheets to form a support (attached perpendicularly to the side of the boat and vertically from the bottom) and keep the tubes in place. These had been supported by the 2 part foam that was poured in when the boat was built, but was removed to get the deck off. The first two pics show a rough idea of what I'm talking about here. 2) He has great access to the bottom of the deck on the port side, but the starboard side (only a few inches due to the hatch location) will be a challenge. He will attach tabs on that side before reattaching the deck. He had a clever plan for ensuring the deck is extremely strong on that side, which I can show/explain when we get there. Suffice to say that if this boat ever has a tree land across it (like Nags first MA), right at this seam, it will break everywhere else, but not where its being put back together. The last three pics give you an idea of what the deck re-attachment will entail, bu they are not current pics. Then plumbing goes back in with new, all metal through hulls, then she gets wired up, then the fun begins putting the deck back together.
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    Chocko bound ! 🇺🇸☠️
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    Actually, your PF 1900T is lighter than I thought, so a 21 pitch is not out of the question. Again, best advice is to talk to someone who has already setup many Zukes. Good luck!
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    X2. My grater plate was installed with screws piercing the through the hull, into the bilge also. I wasn't real happy about that and the fact that the factory installer broke off one of the screw heads and didn't remove the broken screw, so the threads were exposed about 3/16" above flush in the sea chest. The installer drilled another hole right next to the broken screw and mounted the SS grater plate against that broken screw and filled it with caulk. The SS grater plate was slightly buckled and did not fit flush inside the sea chest. When I replaced the SS grate with the custom Lexan cheese grater plate, I removed the broken screw with vise grips (not too difficult), and up'd the diameter of the screws for more tightness (#8 instead of #6 - I think), and used 3M 4200 around the screw holes on bilge side and outside of the hull. If it ever leaked and I had to do it over again, I would mix some epoxy resin with some fiber-filler, to make a thicker paste, and build up the bilge side where the holes are, so the screws would not break through. At that time it would probably be best to fill the holes on the outside too, and drill new holes altogether.
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    Always turn off your power switch. My power pole remote was in the leaning post and bouncing down the highway deployed the power pole. Something must have been on top of it. Needless to say it never slowed the boat or truck down and I ended up with half a power pole.
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    I do not know about running on a pathfinder. I do have a friend that bought a new zuke 140 last year for a key West 176. It does not preform very well on his boat. We have lifted the motor and ran a couple of different props. Low 40’s is about it and it just doesn’t feel good anywhere from getting on plane to wot. I am sure I will get beat up over this post as I know there is a lot of zuke love out there. I just was not impressed
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    At the recommendation of FMT I bought the Lowrance Elite TI2 9" and must say that I am extremely satisfied with it using the ISLA charts. I didn't want to spent the extra $$ on the EVO3. Resolution is very good and the refresh rate is excellent.
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    Great thread here. I experienced my own close call when my wife was 6 months pregnant with our first child. I live in Mobile AL and fish a lot in the MS Sound / Mobile Bay. I was out by myself one day and managed to go over board while setting a small bait net (shrimp trawl) off the back of my 2000V. I was in water well over my head and over 2 miles from anything I could stand up in. LIke most "inshore" guys around here I had no life jacket on and to make it worse was not wearing the kill switch because it wasn't long enough to reach the back deck of my boat. Boat was in gear at an idle and it was a sick feeling watching it leave me. Conditions were choppy 1-2 ft seas and there was not way I was catching it. ~4-5 hours later I made it to the nearest mud lump of an island and an hour after that thankfully the Sheriff's Flotilla picked me up. Later I learned she received a call from the Marine Police from my phone that my boat had been found and I was not in it. Not a phone call you ever want your wife to get. The only reason I made it was the tide was going slack and the summer time wind direction helped go in the only direction of shallow water anywhere close to me. Different conditions and I would have easily washed out of the MS Sound in to the gulf. Just a couple of many Lessons I Learned that day LIfe Jackets only work if you are wearing them. When an emergency strikes you might not be able to put it on. I now wear a Mustang Elite Inflatable any time the motor is running and all the time if by myself. I found that even with others on board I rarely take it off, and if I do its when we stop to fish and are usually in shallow water. Winter time conditons, it just stays on regardless. I also now own a PLB tied off to the D-Ring on my life jacket and it fits nicely inside so I always have it on me. If you are on my boat and the outboard is running, you will wear a life jacket....other wise I won't let you on. To me they are like seat belts and should always be worn. I know I'm preaching to the choir with some of you but it still amazes me the lack of life jacket use I see on my local waters. I get it that for most of us we think it won't happen to us....that was me for a long time. Kill Switches have to be connected to you to work. I was at an idle and would have thought I was low risk, but still wish I had been wearing it that day. Bottom line is if you spend enough time on a boat, one day something will happen that you didn't expect.....it's going to happen. You want to have enough safeguards in place so that you keep the tragedy from happening....what can you do to stack the deck in your favor? I'm in the minority when it comes to these types of stories. Usually they end much differently. Thankfully mine didn't and I try to share my experience any chance I get. This thread is making me think about what I keep on my boat and I've gotten several ideas on things I can do to improve. Just wanted to contribute from my own personal story. Thank you to everyone that has chimed in on this one. Greg
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    If you are going to get the EVO3 to run FMT, best to buy it from ISLA to get the 20% off the charts in addition to the mfg rebate.
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    Man ! glad I caught this . was going to pull the trigger on a Go 9 , but noway now . How about Raymarine ? Do any of their 9” units stack up for the FMT chip ? THANKS for this post 🇺🇸☠️
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    It may be worth some inspection. The sea chest has a lot of angles - and a lot of angles means the area can be prone to voids when the fiberglass is laid up in the mold. I just got off the phone with the shop that is putting my boat back together. While addressing the crack on the strake, they saw a void in the corner of the sea chest. The more they ground it down the further it extended along the edge, turned out to be a pretty good sized void. No doubt I was getting some leakage in that area. It wasn't structural, but clearly not a good thing. It's been ground down, repaired, and re-gel coated. Anytime you have angles, you are more likely to have voids. If you have leakage, it may be worth looking at. If you find something that looks like the pics below, it may be worth having a fiberglass shop fix it.
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    I don't know how I make it back to the ramp every time I go out. My Lowrance is not turned on 95% of the time and 4.5% of the other time it is on sonar or info. Maybe I should look at my gps more and not what is around me. Enjoy the new unit Fin.
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    I hope Garmin is poking around on these forums to see how many people are flocking away from their product because there inshore mapping stinks!
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    I heard some crazy red headed Capt from around Savannah was part of a fishing team that currently holds the Ga. record for wahoo.
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    I've been fishing Choko for 15years now....and I think I know the routes pretty well....but, the chip is worth every penny for me, especially when I'm running the back....worth every penny...but, I will say, if you decide to take the plunge, upgrade to the Simrad...the zoom knob makes all the difference in the world....when you are running tight quarters as you don't have to worry about touching the +/- buttons on the screen... dc
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    This is insane. Why not a 21???