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    A little video our new Social Media Manager put together: Skip
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    Inspection passed, footers are poured, blockwork starts tomorow !
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    31* here this morn. Tide goin out for another hour. It may never come back in today with NNE winds @ 20-25. Stay warm! ❄️🎣
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    If you paid half on the repair of a boat sold as is where is , you went beyond the right thing. Good on you sir!
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    Since all the specs are the same and I figured why not ya only live once....lol.......I got the 250. Think they started the install this afternoon but not sure.
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    Another beautiful trip .
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    After discussions on the spitfire, I purchased an Evinrude Rogue 4 blade prop used prop from another forum group member. This is a 13" diameter, 19pitch prop very similar to the spitfire. Tested this morning on freshwater lake and it ran overall much better than the 3 blade 21Pitch pro series yamaha prop. It ran top speed of 48mph at 6000rpm. The boat planed flatter and overall the boat seemed to handle much better in turns and didn't lose grip even with motor trimmed to max rpm. Could stay on plane with trim tabs all the way down at 12mph as well. Much better midrange acceleration. Did not jack rabbit start due to hub needing breaking-in but I am assuming it will have much better holeshot as well.
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    Finally got pictures on here and updated price of 25,500.
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    Thanks for taking the time to post you prop tests. Just took delivery of my 2018 hewes 16 with 115 sho w/ the spitefire prop. Absolutely love the boat and the ride.
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    2016 Maverick 18 HPX -$48,500 Yamaha 115 SHO 645 Hours Warranty through May 2019 Garmin 740 SV Minn Kota I-Pilot 80lb Thrust 8ft Power Pole Blade Fusion Stereo with 2 Speakers Removable Backrest Bow Casting Platform Ice Blue Hull Color White Powder Coating Color matched Cooler Tall Color Marched Console 3 Bank Battery Charger Compass New Bubbler System New Livewell and Recirc Pumps Hydraulic Tilt Steering Aluminum Star Wheels with Spare Flushed after every use Serviced every 100 hours Given a clean bill of health from Palmetto Boat Sales less than 100 hours ago Located in Mount Pleasant,SC $48,500 843-478-8216
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    People once laughed at spending $40 on a cup, $400 on a cooler, $50k on a flats boat, $100k on a bay boat....
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    Certainly doable in someone else's skiff!
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    This has been floating around on the Interweb but I thought I would share it. reminder to ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL!!!!
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    I thought with global warming, we were going to have sea levels rising. What happened? We might need to check with Al Gore! LOL
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    In my opinion it comes down to would you buy a Chevrolet or Mercedes. They both will do the same thing and will be reliable if taken care of. It really comes down to build quality and options. In my space, if I had the choice between a 2014 yellowfin bayboat or a brand new pathfinder for the same $, I would get the yellowfin.
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    Jem, I am sorry for your loss, it is truly one of the hardest things to do. We had to say goodbye on Friday to our 14 year old black lab, Bud. He declined rapidly after being diagnosed 2 months ago with bladder cancer. I know you will never forget him, but I hope time helps the pain.
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    Just a short story from the seller's perspective. Several years ago I briefly owned an 18MA (about six months). I bought it without a full survey; just visual inspection and mechanic's engine check. It was a beautiful boat but ended up being just a bit too small for my needs so I put it on here and on Boat Trader. A nice young guy came to look, made me a verbal offer, we went for a ride, done deal. I strongly suggested to him he check the boat out, bring a mechanic, etc. I had told him 100% the truth about how long I owned the boat and why I was selling, and that I was not comfortable making any promises or assurances since I had owned it for such a short time and put maybe 20 hours on it. When he came back to do the deal he brought his father-in-law and, again, I strongly suggested they check the boat out. They said "No, we're good." Paid me cash, signed the papers, and away they went. A week later I get a call and a text from the young guy showing a bow-to-stern crack along the inside of one of the chines - very similar looking to the pic posted by the OP, although smaller and harder to see because it was inside facing the keel. I've sold a few boats and this has never happened. What do I do? Was the crack there when I sold it to him and we both missed it? Did he hit something in the week he owned the boat and cause the crack? In the end, I helped him find a glass guy and paid half the $1000 "repair." I still wonder if I did the right thing, but it felt right. A survey could have provided clarity for both of us.
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    Worth the drive....Ralph's work is among the best in the SE....if you can think it.....he can make it dc
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    Finally something to add... the plan change and rainy weather has slowed things down as far as getting footers going, but they are finally dug. They are actually going right on top of original footers so should be super stable. The slab will be approx 4” above the old carport slab so they will pour right on top of that as well Inspection today and hopefully concrete tomorrow. Then piers start. Sorry...Not sure why this site continues to post some pics sideways.
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    Sorry for your loss. It's so hard losing a dog. I lost a black lab a week shy of her 11th bday. It took me 5 years to get another. After getting my choc lab I wondered why I waited so long to get another one. They are such loyal companions and it's so hard to see them start going downhill
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    We put our house on the market ...sold to cash buyer in 5 days ...have to move to the beach for 2 months while waiting for new house to be completed. New house will have a special place for my boat. Can't wait ...lots of projects for me to do. Happy wife happy life.
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    I removed the poling platform from my 1900 today. I just couldn't handle it being on there anymore. NOW it's a slick , clean lined fishing machine!! Platform is for sale
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    Here's my opinion or two cents worth..... really nice well taken care of boats are hard to find, if you find the perfect boat...buy it, you can always get any brand or horse power motor later....motors are easy to buy..... you can always trade the motor or sell it. JJ
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    Well I appreciate the feedback guys! It's just me and my wife.
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    Great looking RF 16! I like the matching color on the topside and black powdercoat to match the SHO. I think this makes it official - there are now two Redfisher 16s with factory rigged VF115 SHOs. It's been a great boat for us. My wife loves that it is a stable fishing platform and hardly moves, even when walking the gunnels. It looks and behaves like a larger boat but fits in my 21' deep garage with room to spare. Great performance and gets 7+ MPG @ 34 MPH. It always gets a lot of looks and compliments at the boat ramp from Bass fishermen on the lakes here in SC. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your new boat as much as we have!
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    Well that depends. Can’t do the personal check, but if the 10 year old is trained to babysit a 3 & 5 year old we may have a deal👍
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    I broke in my last 4 stroke on the hard side. After 10 hrs I drained the oil and replaced the filter. I was shocked by the amount of fine metal that was in the filter. I still wonder if I was too hard on it? It didn't make oil though and it ran great. I'm assuming the fine metal in the filter was from the rings seating into the cylinder walls.
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    I followed yamahas break in directions in my owners book on my yamaha 4 strokes . I figured yamaha would know the best break in procedure to break in there motors being they have seen the results of how thousands of there SHO's last and perform after break in . We paid a lot of money for our new motors and want to break them so the rings seal best .The first ten hours are important hours. .
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    What a beautiful sight late this afternoon! Got the SHO put on today. 0 hours on it. Break in starts tomorrow. Big thanks to Brookside Marine in Naples. Good to be back.
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    For all of you that have pimped their boat the the extreme, may I suggest an additional item....think of the weight you will save! http://www.edsonmarine.com/marinestore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=159_160_174_386&products_id=1824 thats right folks! A $1400 carbon fiber steering wheel! I saw it last night and just had to share. Enjoy the laugh.
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    You don't hear about the move from HB to Maverick much these days. Good luck in your search!
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    Chris, I sent you an email. Bob
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    C'mon man! Tabs down, motor trimmed up you could get on plane no problem! Skip
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    If its a Hella, after you replace it keep it in the up position. If you put it down it gets water in it and corrodes.
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    It’s a little skinnier here now 😲
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    Love to see a well used skeg . Kinda reminds me of mine . Leaving this evening for another adventure ala solo . Boat looks nice Paul . 🇺🇸☠️
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    Try to charter Andrew Bostic for a fly trip and he was booked months ahead. He used to guide the Bush boys from Texas.
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    You know it. rewired, moved stuff around a little since then, and that's it........no troller, pole it where you need to, stand on the front of the girl and fish. People should not talk about these boats, leave them alone and fish them as they are....BUT know them. Good Jimmy was family, bunch of free props that didn't work........and those that did. thanks for your comments JR and will tell Jim when I see him. He's redoing his Mooney and last I talked was building the frame and running gear for an old side oiler 427 he had laying around to build an SC Cobra complete with an alum body.duplicate that a guy in Indy built a few of to spec 35+ years ago. Small project he's up to.....and me, can't wait to be scared in the right seat @ 69 yrs.
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    It may be lil older then you desire But I am going to be selling my 2006 24TE with a 250 yami 4 stroke. Asking 35k. Way under your budget, leaves room for lots of fishing gear and beer. Maybe you can repower if you want a warrenty with the spare change, Although the current motor runs like a champ. Text me at 386-235-3069 if you want to pursue and get pics
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    Hello Sorry I do not do online quotes . Each top is custom made to customer specs . PM for info . Shin , my shop is located @ Davie Blvd & 441 . Here are some of the last Pathy’s that I have had the pleasure of working on . 🇺🇸☠️#AIMWELDING
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    For arties I use 30lb, I feel since Im moving bait pretty quick(swim bait) the fish really don't see the leader anyway. Live bait, if the water is clear Ill go to 20lb, murky water 30lb. Troy prolly has it just right at 25lb, makes life easier to split it right down the middle. Also I only use Seagar, its pricey but it seems to be the most durable.
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    Can someone please scan those manuals, and post them in the Maverick Information section ? We try to get as many as we can for the Archives and new owners of older models.. Thank you, Mod-1
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    We just lost our best friend and fishing partner Boone to cancer on 12/7/2017.... just 4 days earlier he was out with us hunting Muskie on the great lakes, then gone. We feel your pain and so sorry for your loss.
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    So sorry. My son and daughter-in-law lost their pup, Kai, around the same time under similar circumstances. We had her for almost a year while my son was in school before they married. It's sad--they are with us but for a short while, yet they make such an impact on our lives. God bless.
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    This was actually an 03. I picked that up right away and questioned it. It was the platform base that made me question it. Truth be told I love the look of line rub rails on skiffs/flats boats.
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    Well I just got an incredible deal and could not be more thankful or excited about what just happened today. Just got her tucked into the garage and boy I am praying for some warmer weather here in the panhandle. 1993 Hewes Bonefisher 16 w/ 2013 Etec 90
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    Negative low tide, full moon and North Wind around the Shark = broken Power Pole. The current was ripp'n as DonH and I were slamming the upper slot reds over the side in front of one of the creeks....I had to powerpole down stern forward to hold us in place.... The current was so strong I must have cracked the upper Knuckle....and it twisted hard and came off on the way home... Called the boyz at PP and Todd had one for me next day.....it never fails...they have got to be the best in the industry in Customer Follow up DC
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    Those dudes ROCK the customer service. I have broken a couple of 8 foot poles as well. Wind cranks here and all hard bottom. Nothing but "we have you covered" from PowerPole.