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    not me, but i was the guide and it is my boat.
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    Who says that stringers cant be sexy??? Making progress, stringers are now fully tabbed in, channels made for water to drain from the areas outside of the stringers, stringers have been extended back to the transom and tied into the transom support knees. Through hulls are being replaced, throttle/shifter are being replaced, new hoses and pumps going in, we are getting close to putting her back together!
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    Great article . Over thirteen years there are many things that could of happened to any boat that could cause minimal external damage to the gel coat anytime the gel coat is not 100% sealed over time things like this can happen . Scary but true .
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    Before you pickup the phone to call the insurance company, consider sending a PM to "whichwaysup", Gus. If you don't wanna do that, at least look back to his posts and read what he had to say about his experience with insurance. He just dealt with insurance and would probably give you some very valuable information.
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    So I haven't been on for a while...and this was a few months ago... We love our Pathfinder 2200!
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    OK, here is the final product. I'm pretty excited about it. Boat is being delivered Saturday July 14th but here are the pictures. I'll add more pictures when I get it home and have time to do so. Will probably do a video as well. 2018 Yami SHO SeaDek Power Pole Blade Hydraulic Jackplate Trailer mods to lower the boat in between the wheel wells and change boards and carpet, etc. New Tires
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    I can only speak for my 2007 2200V, but it doesn't have a pad. It does have a pocket, but I am pretty sure that is not considered a pad. A pad is a flat section on the keel at the stern. Here is an image of a pad, and the pocket on my boat.
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    Topshelf 2 that ***! In the future make a call out on the forum to the local members that live in the area and they can do a pre-inspection for ya! That's how we roll here, helping each other out!
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    Good points wana, gee & hurricane 👍🏻 If you report this hull issue to your insurer then they may issue notice of cancellation due to unseaworthiness OR they may limit coverage until the boat has been repaired & a surveyor confirms that the repairs have been completed to standard marine practice. Most boat policies exclude wear & tear, gradual deterioration, latent & manufacturers defect so since there was no “occurrence” (ie. you didn’t hit anything), I’m not sure your policy will respond. As wana said, its all glass & gel. No big deal. Fix her up right, enjoy or sell it. I’d have MBC fix it if I had to make the decision.
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    X2... Dutton Lainson jacks and winches are far superior to anything Fulton is currently producing.
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    I have a 22 and we spent all last week in Islamorada. Trolled out at the hump and all around. I have never been in a 24, but my thought would be the days you want to be offshore, either is fine. The days that aren’t good, the 24 isn’t going to make a difference. Last Friday we didn’t even make it to the reef line before turning around.
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    Finally back in a Pathfinder! Was planning to order a new one, but I decided I couldn’t pass this used one. It’s not exactly how I would have built it out. But it’s a 2016 with 60 hours and always stored inside. Still smells new. It was a long drive to Destin, but I saved a bunch of money. Heck, just the savings in sales tax will cover a trolling motor. Im sure I’ll have some questions as I start really going through it. I don’t think there are many 2600 TRS owners on here. However, some of my questions may apply to the HPS too. I know I need to do some stand pipe research.
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    I was looking for a bean bag for my young son and also for adults that would fit my Pathfinder 2200. After endless research and talking with Ocean Tamer and E-Searider I still wasn't clear on what would work. I really wanted a teardrop for my son to be able to sleep on when he wanted to but the manufacturers recommended a wedge given the space available on the Pathfinder. The wedges sit more upright which is good for general cruising but does not accommodate sleeping as well. They also sit higher which would have put my son sitting about equal with the top of the sides which also did not appeal to me. I researched the small teardrop but there was not much feedback available on them as most people seem to purchase the large or medium teardrop for larger offshore boats. I was concerned that my son would outgrow it too quickly and that it would not be useful for adults giving me less functionality. I ultimately decided to pull the trigger and try the small teardrop from E-Searider as the specs were a little larger than the Ocean Tamer version. I am happy with the choice as my son loves it and it keeps him lower in the boat which make me more comfortable as well as him. He fell asleep on it during our maiden voyage which validated the choice. I also found it to be perfectly fine for adults as well. I have a medium build at 5'11" and around 200 pounds and it works just fine for me. I am not able to sink into it like you would on a larger version but I am still very comfortable. Other adults have also used it and liked the experience. I don't think you could fit anything bigger on the Pathfinder without going to a wedge style or placing it in front of the center console. Hopefully this post helps others who are going through the same process I was in trying to find a bean bag to fit a bay boat. Below are some pictures.
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    Dang Gabe, that picture should be on the front cover of the 2020 Maverick brochure!! Of course there would have to be a 18' MA for 2020....hint, hint... P.S. when you are stirring up the pot,, is it better to stir clockwise or counterclockwise? Haha
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    Found a new off grid spot ! 🇺🇸☠️
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    I basically mirror Joe’s opinion. I have had the 22 and a couple 24’s. I can still remember the first time I took out the 24 which was only days after selling my 22. Since I was used to my 22 the difference was very apparent. Even my wife immediately noticed the difference which surprised me. That said they are both awesome hulls and I miss how much fun the 22 was to drive. I do take mine offshore occasionally but I definitely pick my days. Here in TX the bay system and offshore can turn real quick. The 24 is a noticeably larger boat and the extra 2 feet definitely helps with rough seas.
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    I have been in both boats extensively, and the ride in the 24 is far superior in a heavy chop, wind, running tide etc. Obviously the 24 is a heavier boat and is a much more comfortable ride overall. Plenty of room in the 24 over the 22. Would not hesitate to go offshore in the 24, having said that you have to pick your days. Even so you certainly have more options offshore with the 24. Others that have a 24 will chime in and have more experience than me.
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    Hey Gang! Thought I would sign up and introduce myself after stalking your forum for a number of months! In the midst of purchasing a new Atlantic Blue Hull and Cosole Redfisher 18. Super excited to join the Maverick family. I have owned 2 different Sailfish CC in the past 12 years and sold my 2008 2660 earlier this year. It was a well used boat with nearly 2500 hours on the clock and 27000 miles on the hull! Since then I have been crawling over all sorts of bay boats, skiffs and flats boats and was continually drawn back to the Redfisher. Last week my local dealer received the boat I’m purchasing and I had a “have to have it” moment : ) I put a deposit on it and patiently waited for a weather window for a sea trail which came yesterday. All went well and looking to take delivery the middle of next week. Looking forward to the mobility of a smaller boat and the chance to get around the state a bit and fish some different waters. Boat at is powered by a 115 SHO which seems like the perfect balance of power and efficiency. Came from the factory with a power pole and Garmin 741xs. I will be adding a trolling motor in the future but wanted to see exactly how I fish it before making a decision. Look forward to getting involved with this forum and contribute when I can! Tom from West Palm Beach
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    2004 22 TE 2014 Yamaha F150 approx 750 hours 2008 magic tilt dual axle trailer (with title) Fusion Stereo with 4 speakers & Amp (New in 2017) Lowrance HDS 5 36 V Ipilot trolling (2013) motor with batteries & 3 bank charger 2 cranking batteriesl I've used this boat weekly since acquisition in 2014. It has a small structural patch on the port hull bottom that is from prior to my acquisition. I had the patch surveyed prior to purchase and it was deemed structurally sound, but the gel coat in that spot isn't blended perfectly. I put the F150 on the boat in 2014 and have put over 700 hours on the hull and motor with ZERO issues. Non skid on deck shows some wear. The engine has been babied since purchased with oil changed every 100 hours religiously. I am not 100% on the exact hours as the tach that came with the boat was faded badly and I replaced with a new tach about two years ago so there are 250-300 hours on the engine that do not show on the tach. I have taken this boat over 70 miles out and it can get over 4MPG. The boat is located in Bay St. Louis, MS and can text pictures to anyone interested. The only reason I am selling is because I just bought a 24 TE. Not sure how to post pictures please text me at two two 8 – 332 – Three one 70 if you would like some pictures. There is a power pole in the pictures but it is being removed to put on the new boat. It is mounted to the jack plate so there are no holes on the transom from mounting it there. Also have 2018 dual axle Sport Trail trailer that was custom made for this hull which was delivered the day after I purchased the 24 which it will not fit. I was planning to sell separately but could be included with this boat for right price. Asking for $24,000 and open to reasonable offers but not trades. two two 8 – 332 – Three one 70
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    Black drum 16-18 pounds. Couple of pics. Boy is it hot! dh
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    2017 Cobia 277 in excellent condition fully loaded with Yamaha 250’s. The engines have approximately 210 hours on them and extended Yamaha warranty until 02/22/2022. The 250’s are very efficient since they don’t have to work hard, and push the boat to 58 MPH. The color is Guide Green which Is easy to maintain. Electronics include Dual Garmin 7612XSV screens, Garmin thru hull transducer, Garmin Auto Pilot with Handheld Remote, Standard Horizon VHF radio, Fusion Stereo with (8) 6.5” Fusion Speakers and (4) 10” Fusion Subwoofers and (2) Fusion Marine Amplifiers. I had custom covers made for the bow, dash, helm seat and rear seat. I also have custom Yamaha engine covers. I also installed a custom Sea Deck dash mat which keeps anything laid on the dash in place. This boat has been meticulously maintained and lift kept. The only reason it is being sold is I have a new Cobia 32 coming in. Available is a top of the line Custom Ameritrail welded trailer with less than 1,500 miles. It is fully loaded with Aluminum Wheels, Torsion Axles, LED lights, Spare Aluminum wheel and bow stop. The trailer can be purchased for $ 4,500 with the boat. This boat is priced to sell at $ 132,500 If you built the boat and trailer today the price on their web site is $ 189,021 · Paired with Yamaha Motor & Prop: Twin F250NCA · Steering: Hydraulic tilt steering w/ power assist · Rigging: Command Link Plus 5" Display Upgrade · Hull Gelcoat Color: Aqua Mist · Hull Color Pattern: Standard 2-tone · Engine color: OEM color · Cushion color: Almond/tan · Rub rail: White w/ SS insert · Hard top color options: Two-tone hard top (underside non-white) · T-top: T-top fiberglass hard top · Powder coating package: White (w/ t-top) · Electronics: Garmin VHF radio (VHF 200) · Electronics: Garmin 12" touch w/ sonar dual screen · Electronics: Garmin transducer B175L upgrade for 12" systems · Electronics: Garmin autopilot for EPS steering · Trailer: Cobia tandem axle trailer · Trailer: Aluminum wheels (4) · Trailer: Spare tire & wheel · Trailer: Aluminum wheel for spare · Other Options: Cushion, bow (9 pc set) · Other Options: Forward-facing bow backrest (port & stbd) · Other Options: Stereo (4-speaker) · Other Options: Speakers (4 for hard-top) · Other Options: Rod rack for leaning post · Other Options: Trim tab indicator · Other Options: Faux teak decking, console floor (brown/black) · Other Options: Steering wheel upgrade: Edson w/ power knob (stainless) · Other Options: Underwater lights, blue (set of 2) · Other Options: Windlass system, deluxe · Other Options: SS windlass anchor upgrade · : Battery, 27 series : Battery charger (w/ inlet)
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    Fixed gel coat voids on keel and gunnels no bueno replaced lid straps on back hatches yesterday
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    With all the old Hewes popping back up on here it got me thinking about Bill Curtis you can read his life story here.............................. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/obituaries/article112149762.html He was a unique man, had the pleasure of meeting him a few times, he worked at the Bass Pro Shops in Miami in the fly shop before his passing. As a matter of fact the mural painted on the wall of the fly shop is Bill on the "Grasshopper" bone fishing. All of his boats were blue and yellow. It is an interesting read and references a book some of you might be interested in reading. Just to add to his legacy, his urn containing his ashes was stolen from a close friend of the family's truck in Coconut Grove and to this day has not been recovered! https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article129617454.html
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    Is it me, or does the seadek make the boat look longer than it is? Haha.
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    If you guys no anyone with a Ranger / Gambler / STV / etc freshwater bass boat....look underneath it from the drain plug forward, you'll see a real pad. Those boats run on the pad at high speeds, there is literally very little if any boat hull in the water. If you are watching these boats run out across open water, you'll see about 90% of the boat completely out of the water. Neither my PF 24 or my PF 22 has a true running pad.
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    Thanks for the response guys. I see where it can help with planing and running now. My single track mind just always saw pads as aired out hulls.
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    Pathfinders do not. The only MBC boats I have seen with a real pad is the lappy 19 Redfisher and a 21 MA
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    Yeah, the more I look, the more I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and find a 25 or 26.
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    I apologize as it isn’t a MBC product but I thought it would of some interest to put this up in here. i picked up an old prosports flats boat for a good deal that had been living outdoors and needed some life breathed back into it. one year later here is the before and after with what all has been done..... new trolling motor circuit board and wire full rewire fill and fair all scratches/chips on hull bottom and deck endless gelcoat compounding and cleaning new electronics new trim tabs New trailer new seating New pumps and plumbing and a lot more little things I’m forgetting its nowhere near what some have done but it’s been great having something to work on in the evenings while fishing it on the weekends and I keep thinking of more to do with it.
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    Every 18 HPX set up is a little different , trolling motor or no trolling motor , 1 , 2 , or 3 battery’s . Battery’s can be mounted a variety of different locations some run them way up in the nose , one in the nose one in the console , up front they can be as far forward as possible to on top on the tank as far to the rear as possible in the front storage . Two in the front and one in the console , two in console and one up front , all three in the console . When my HPX had a 150 hanging on the rear my boat performed and rode best with the front trolling motor battery’s-in the front compartment on the tank as far back as possible and the cranking battery in the center console as far forward as I could get it ( moving the battery’s around a couple feet does make a difference in the way these boats perform and ride) When I down sized my motor from a 150 to a SHO 115 my boat performs best with all three battery’s in the center console . I always have a 24 volt trolling motor mounted and never pole, 85% of the time I fish one on the bow running the trolling motor and fishing up front and one on the rear . My boat is balanced pretty good fishing this way . Motor size and torque also effect how easy it is to hold the bow up and ride on the pad as much as the balance of your ride. My set up would be different if I poled my boat or had a different HP and torque motor . A boat that doesn’t weight a lot and is narrow usually is more weight sensitive than a heavier wider boat . If you want better gas mileage and speed and a better ride in calm conditions these things need to be out of the water riding on the pad . If your more interested in poling than your boat set up may be more towards a heavier bow . Can’t have everything you have to set it up for what you use your boat for most of the time. Joe R
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    Nicely done!! Got out in the marsh today, missed a lot of topwater reds, but ended up pulling three 26' fish over the gunnels. Was able to give my Nephew his first topwater red experience. His quote, "Wow, those dont fight like Bass!"
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    For sale 1998 Master Angler 17 with 2 stroke Yamaha 115 1998. Boat motor and trailer in good shape. Just got back from vacation and used it everyday. Hate to sell but life happens. Boat will come with like new troller electronics and pt 4 blade prop. Casting Platform and cage not included. Bottom paint has no primer underneath that I can tell. It is starting to flake off. Boat is located in Middle Ga. 4785210309 call or text
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    Chelsea, if Pathfinder is offering to fix it, you have a pedigree on the repair that will help in the resale. If they had offered to help me out with my delaminated stringer on my MA, I would have jumped on it. I wasn't so lucky. My repair guy actually reached out for advice and the response was apparently "Good luck with that." I am trying to get the actual email exchange to confirm that. A little disappointing, but if they are offering you help, its worth considering.
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    Gabe thats a hell of a catch! Nice fish, too!
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    Dale, we'll have to Photoshop in a new SHO Vmax for the 2020 18MA brochure.......
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    Different boat (21 MA) but bean bags transformed the boat for cruising. I need some better pics but I have two E-Searider small wedge bags that can be run between the gunnel and console or up in front of the console. Because the 21 MA has such a wide gunnel I have no concerns of kids falling out. They are very secure when sitting.
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    I own a 24 and my buddy had a 22. He claims that mine rides a lot better. Also, I can still remember the day that Capt. Dewalt reassured me, that there was plenty of water and there was. Good luck finding your new vessel.
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    Same exact place I had my cup in the corner.
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    Just noticed you have about 12 rod holders and zero cup holders...your priorities are admirable...
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    Very nice....small details really upgrade the look dc
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    OK anglers, I spent the day in and around Captiva today. Here's what I found. No red tide apparent, anywhere. I found some weeks old dead fish about half way up Cayo Costa on the gulf side. Inside was loaded with snook and mullet. Saw a couple redfish. Lots of small bait, typical 4 inch pilchards were non-existent. Tons of pinfish on the flats. Lots of bait on the flat inside Redfish Pass. All small. Tons of snook in the Gulf shorebreak from Cayo Costa to RF Pass. Snook were thick inside both passes. Saw some monsters. Ran out to natural bottom about 5 miles out RF Pass. Bite was hot. Lots of schools of large bait out there. Menhaden maybe? Bay water is tannic, but I have seen it much worse. Gulf is surprisingly clear. Put your boat in the water and go fishing!
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    Hurricane this is what i did rotate pic to right so pump is upright
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    Home Depot. I do not think this is the right size but you get the idea. Someone posted it a while back, I got a few and they work great. Just swap parts for stainless. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Oatey-2-in-Gripper-Mechanical-Plastic-Test-Plug-33401/100346775?cm_mmc=Shopping|B|Base|D26P|26-1_PIPE_AND_FITTINGS|NA|PLA|71700000034388180|58700003952496732|92700032054946979&msclkid=39db243012de191aabee7f71c52ca175&dclid=CKL4hIuXj9wCFZYUgQod_5UDuw
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    Been pretty much only Tarpon fishing and got one of my best friends his first sight fished Tarpon, he's a baby tarpon whisperer but never had the opportunity to do the sightfishing thing on the beach. The wife with a fish caught on a buddies boat, I didn't have to reel in a fish all day, it was great. After several years of trying, finally got my Uncle his first one, And one of the nicer snook I've caught in a while, mainly just Tarpon fish all the time so the nice hour long blitz we got on was a welcome change. Headed to Bahamas to do bonefish research next week and should have some cool pics when I return
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    Managed a couple of summertime striper on the river this a.m. with a buddy. My son kicked the skunk off the boat early with a topwater striper, and I managed one later in the a.m. subsurface. Missed about 5 other shor strikers, but not a bad morning for a pre-work dawn patrol.
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    Live well pump stopped working, but it wasn’t hard to find the culprit...when the live well pump was replaced the tech forgot to use waterproof butt connectors so I upgraded his work...