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    Picked up my new fishing buddy a couple of weeks ago. Her name is "Maggie May"--she's really smart. I've been putting her on the boat in the garage for a while to let her get used to it. Will probably try it on the water in a couple more weeks. Can't wait!
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    Just want to say thanks for all the input, suggestions and ideas that members have shared on this thread, and all other threads on this forum, for that matter. The ability to just sign-on to this forum and ask for help, or share some knowledge that might help others, is an awesome thing. The help and advice I've received from everyone on this board is greatly appreciated!
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    Let me see if I can clarify what I wrote. When sitting still the pump would pump a full stream of water then taper off to a light stream or dribble, then the pump would catch some water and pump at full flow again continuously. I was thinking that the holes in the grater were to small and the sea chest could not refill fast enough. I see where Geeviam says I need to go with vertical holes instead of larger angled holes. He needs to type faster as I already drilled angled holes!! haha Again me getting my thoughts to paper is tough for an old guy like me. On the trim tabs, I always have to use my tabs at cruising speeds to keep my boat from porpoising. It has done it since brand new no matter which prop I run. Sunday I was at cruising speeds and my boat did not porpoise like it has in the past. It may not be all gone but this is a huge improvement. As for speeds, it was a little choppy for me, but I did notice a 1-1.5 mph increase with the prop I ran that day running with him across the bay..
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    Today I got the rigging hatch and rigging tube ready for SHOtime Monday . New rigging tube New Pro Air bubbler New alum battery tray New led light New SeaDek Sharkhide polish the PT prop Im tired ! #ITSFIVEOCLOCKSOMEWHERE 🇺🇸☠️
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    One does not VS. the other. Glenn has a product that has revolutionized the way people fish in the florida region. I fish with a guy that has been fishing out of chokoloskee since the 80's. I wont say his name, but alot of his lines are on the FMT chip in the choko region. These aren't one of those arguments where you win if you've fished a region longer than me, I dont care if you think you know how to read water or you think you know where a sandbar or oyster bar is, or if you say you've been fishing here since ive been sucking on my thumb. If you run this chip it will change the way you fish the everglades, no debate..... When you plug in that 400 dollar chip and see what it is, if your not 100% impressed please message me and I'll buy your chip back at full price and re sell it. It's saved the bottom of my boat and has put me on prized fish time and time again. I'm baffled its not a standard feature on every MBG produced boat, and I am no way affiliated with glenn, I own a brand x boat, i get nothing of expressing my opinion on his product. Theres nothing like running into lostmans south entrance, seeing a few beached boats on a -0.5. You just run right by them, and at that moment you know you made the right choice running FMT. Glenn, if you read this, make it a testimonial on your website.
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    Well this could be a game changer! A typical VARIS infused deck for this model averages about 846lbs, this deck weighs 518lbs., a difference of 328lbs! Stay tuned, hull comes out this afternoon. Skip
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    She’s probably best looking yellow lab I’ve ever seen! Great dogs no doubt......at least 2 years from now she will be anyway. It is amazing how something so cute can be so destructive....9 months will be her peak of being a one dog wrecking crew.
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    I wouldn't use anything other than 316 stainless fasteners. I order all my stainless online at boltdepot.com , one of the best online merchants I've dealt with.
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    What Lurem said. To get a flush fit it is going to have to be a one off for every boat. We took his that fit his boat nicely and tried putting it on mine and it was not even close to fitting. I am not saying it was miles off but when getting things flush a few .001 here and there is a lot. I would guess you can copy the factory grate and get good results but it is not going to be dead on flush. I did the redneck scan and CNC (caliper, saw, sander) and it saved a bunch or trips crawling back under the boat.
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    https://www.boattrader.com/listing/2007-pathfinder-2200-tournament-103355139/ Beautiful 2007 PathFinder 2200TE in Emasculate Condition.... loaded with all the options. Perfect set up for Trout and Red Fishing or just cruising the waterway.
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    A true speed freak would need a shut off grater plate . It would be possible to make a lexan cheese grater plate with all the holes needed for your livewell to perform and drain great when you are using your livewell . Than on that rare occasion when you wouldn’t be using the live well and wanted to try and get every possible MPH out of your fishing boat. You could place the plate in the closed position before putting the boat in the water. This lexan plate would be shorter than the lower plate so it could slide into position to open and close all the holes in the cheese grater. The upper plate would be able to slide forward to open water holes in that position all the holes would be a exact match , There would be four screws in a slot that could be loeesened to let the upper plate move back covering all holes in that closed position the plate would slide into the closed position in the slot than you could tighten the screws down . The plate would be able to slide forward with the screws in the slot than when in full open and full closed position the plate would move to the side that way when screws are tight in could not move . Joe R
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    X2! After I got off the phone with Lurem and heard he was struggling to get enough water to his pumps, I crawled back under my boat to make my holes a little larger. I now have 4 angled 7/32" holes down the outside a small drain hole on the inside and a 1/4" vertical hole in the center rear. I am putting the drill down for now!
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    Oh Lord..... I love this thing. You’re just a little early for me.
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    Got my plate installed last weekend with the help of Mulligan and took it out this past Sunday to see how it worked. I have the small 4 holes per Gevviam's example. I could definitely tell that I did not have to use my trim tabs and trim as much during the day to keep the boat from hopping. Definitely worth the time and effort! On the holes, mine are to small, they worked ok while running on plane but when sitting still the sea chest would not stay full causing my livewell pump (800 GPH) to fluctuate and *** air then *** water over and over again. When I got home I used the same 4 holes and went a couple drill bit sizes larger and will test again and report back. So far I am excited about this modification! Saw Hurricane on the water and we fished some together and chatted then made the run home back to the ramp.
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    Try finding your way around Hell's Bay with a Garmin. The display shows you on dry land most of the time.
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    Thanks for the info DIno, it's a shame that it's not at another store cause I don't by from Dick's. There name says it all.
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    Use him while he is affordable! My nephew was $5 now at 11 it seems $20 is the going rate. My niece is 4 and works for candy but you get what you pay for with her.
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    Caught some nice pompanos the other day
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    Great looking puppy!
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    Beautiful puppy, congratulations.
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    Good looking fishing partner , will Maggie May be fishing off the front or rear ? Be careful with your new buddy we took my wife minature toy puddle to Flamingo a long time ago 14 years and it walked off the front of my 16 RF and sank fast almost didn’t get it in time . That was that dogs last fishing trip .
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    Water temp drop in the bay has turned the gag bite on. Drop a big pinfish or grass grunt down at your favorite inshore reef and hold on! (Why this forum inserts pics turned to a different direction than original is a mystery to me - just sayin’) pf
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    I have some pretty cool toys at work. I may look into burning one for my boat...Like lurem said, if they were all the same, I could make a couple hundred in an hour or two. Nice work geeviam!
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    Dicks fishing department is deffently not for salt water sportsman
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    To bad the sea chests are not uniform from boat to boat so they could be mass produced. I have had offers to make them with a CNC machine and a 3D printer from different people but I do not have exact measurements and I am no engineer. it looks like they would all take adjusting to fit each individual boats sea chest from what most are saying that have made them. However, they are working on the carbon fiber boat on the other thread and I am sure they have some scraps here and there. Come to think of it Skip owes me a favor for helping him out a while back. I am going leave room in my stocking for a custom carbon fiber grate from him.
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    My wife has dubbed the first photo Christmas Wrap. Come to think of it, I'd get my hopes up receiving a gift wrapped like that! Our son-in-law will be spending several months in Central and South America, and he really wants flies for the trip. Sooooo, with Christmas on the horizon it was time to sit down at the vise. I'd intended to tie a gross, but upon arranging the flies for the shot I discovered I shorted him by a few. Time for counting lessons, for sure! A brief trip back to the vise will fix that. The larger Deceivers are 3/0 and the smaller are 1/0, while the Clausers are all 1/0. The Deceivers are variations, including heavy heads for deep sinks. All are tied "bomb proof" style with epoxy in all the right places. The second shot is his new fly box with a few tools tossed in for scale.
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    Yes custom ordered from the factory.
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    Here is a good starting point.
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    I did a retrofit to eliminate the Pathfinder trim tab switch setup. The rocker switches just aren’t waterproof and they’re a pain to replace. I bought a Lenco LED integral switch and controller and installed them in the same hole as the factory switches. The Pathfinder trim plate works great with a piece of 1/4” starboard custom fit to make a 2-1/8” round hole. Cut a rectangular piece of starboard as a backing plate to cover the back side of the square hole in the console. Original wires are disconnected and rewired to the Lenco controller. I now have reliable switches, LED trim indicators and auto trim tab retract.
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    A good OCD Looking good bro I really like the sea deck inside the hatches...very clean install. dc
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    MAN....I wish I had an on hand stock of Lexan for sale!!! With this thread I see potential DIY customers!!
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    Basics 2003 Maverick HPX Tunnel ‐ $24,500 – Completely upgraded and reconditioned 􀂾 Reconditioned including console in 2011; Tom Gordon‐Isla Marine 􀂾 F70A – 411 about 700 hours 􀂾 Protech NRS3R14 prop (one and ½ seasons old); perfect condition; see extras below 􀂾 Hull professionally reconditioned in 2017; excellent condition ; whisper grey 􀂾 Poling platform tower powder coated matching whisper grey hull 􀂾 New lower unit (about 70 hours by likely sale date) (I replaced the lower unit just because. The one I took off was working perfectly without a problem.) It remains a back up and will go with the boat. 􀂾 Garaged when not in use; generally 9 months a year 􀂾 Professionally wired for front mount trolling motor (motor included) 􀂾 Currently located in South Padre Island, Texas Trailer 􀂾 Ameratrail with folding tongue ‐ fitted to skiff 􀂾 Trailer reconditioned in 2013 including lighting, wiring, and axle. 􀂾 Stainless steel mag wheels in 2016 and jack replaced 􀂾 Bunks completely reconstructed in 2017 when hull was reconditioned 􀂾 Goodyear Marathon tires; very good condition 􀂾 Matching spare with mount 􀂾 Monkey Grip push pole mounts for extra push pole Frills and Extras 􀂾 Garmin 546 GPS flush mount with entire Gulf Coast land mapping (Blue Chart G2 Vision) 􀂾 Matching whisper grey sea deck; floor, under gunnels, poling platform 􀂾 Custom fit Yeti cooler with sea deck matching 􀂾 BayStar hydraulic steering (occasional drip from one seal fixed with replacement this year) 􀂾 “Heart” stripping basket; aluminum with all stainless mounting hardware 􀂾 20 foot and 22 foot Stiffy push poles go with boat 􀂾 Protech NRS3R15 prop as extra – reconditioned by Protech 􀂾 Minn Kota Copilot 70 lb 24 volt trolling motor (remote controlled) with two Odyssey 1200 batteries for under console mount (shaft was professionally shortened to allow for low bow height on skiff) 􀂾 Back up lower unit will go with boat (about 650 hours) 􀂾 Back‐up trim tab actuator 􀂾 Miscellaneous new extra service items for regular services (filters, gaskets, TPS, thermostat and housing, etc.) included in sale 􀂾 Tibor Push Pole Cady 􀂾 Toe Rails 􀂾 Extra trailer wheel hub (new) Comments 􀂾 Skiff floats higher, poles shallower than most Mavericks I have been in, due to 2011 and 2017 reconditioning; 39 MPH hour skiff with 15 pitch prop and 37 mph with 14 pitch prop. 􀂾 I cannot transfer title until 11/15/2018, when I finish up my last Laguna Madre charters. Capt. Mark Cowan 575-770-0440 cell cowan@taosnet.com
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    Alright, already! Went to the Youtube as someone directed, and in the brief view of our area saw clearly how some guys were flying through waters where I tiptoe. I was sold. Just placed my order. Thanks!
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    Like others have stated, weather is the most important factor. The other is allowing enough time to stay there in case the seas turn bad. Know several people that had to extend their stay 3-4 day and longer due to weather. Best to go with at least one other boat.
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    I fish out of Homosassa a lot and what Glen says is correct. The coverage for that area is outstanding. There is a couple YouTube videos of him reviewing his product. Watch the videos he pans around the state and shows just how extensive the coverage is. You will see as he talks about Homosassa, Crystal River, Ceder Key just how good the chip is. As you already know that whole area is extremely unforgiving. Solid limestone is a lot worse than oyster and sand bars. I run his tracks around the area and have never had any issues or worries. I virtually have the identical boat as you.
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    Hewey, I've been on the forum over 15 years...and while most of the members are probably old geeezers or middle aged males....many of the forum members have their kids or grandkids reading reading the forum...now, most 12-15 y/o have heard much worse in the class rooms or seen "stuff" on the net, the Mod's have tried to keep a pretty high standard for language or "colorful" examples.... DC
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    I was emailed by a mod sometime today of my offensive remarks I made with regards of FMT and child nursing. I respectfully apologize if i offended anyone on this forum. Last time I checked we are all grown men here, but obviously not. Hopefully the mods aren't Jim Acosta/CNN fans here censor this informative post. @bernieNC , I should of been more clear on what I said. Any florida sold boat and some parts of alabama should have a FMT chip. With the post you made its obvious you've never fished the everglades, and if you have you may of been 10ft from the dock. I tried making it clear in my last post, "this isn't a deal of whose fished longer than the other, one size fits all, or you like simrad better than lowrance or garmin or whatever. Unless you've seen the content of FMT, you haven't seen anything. I'd like to see you in a 140k TRS, launching from outdoor resorts with a nice Garmin screen. You said "Glad its not" LOL, 10 feet and a new bottom job, you'd be saying "Dont get mad, get FMT!"
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    Let's see how this plays out first! I can tell you the materials are ungodly expensive, not for the faint of heart for sure. In the future we might offer the all Carbon option, need to add up all the additional costs and see if this might fly. Skip
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    Won't work for the front hatch. No Lip like that to attach. Too far back on that hatch. It ain't the shock it's the mount. The link provided for the above is great for factory mounts. If you add them the stroke and length go by the mounting position. Most require the 30 lb psi shock to do the job. As an add it is rocket science for stroke and length and position for the mount. Hard to look in there when the hatch is closed to accommodate length and stroke. You miss and it will open but won't close. Compressed closure is critical for a add on.
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    Simrad is the top of the line no doubt, but I have never had any issues using the +/- on my Lowrance. I rarely if ever touch my screen, I use the buttons on the right 99% of the time.
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    Not to step on toes or thread but comparing pitch in a Bravo and OFX are night and day I would say more so than comparing most props. Due to the blade on an OFX they tend to be harder to spin than many "normal" props while the Bravo spins rather easily. I can spin a Bravo with more pitch higher than an OFX with less pitch. There is a lot more to props than pitch and diameter. Props are a funny thing that can drive you crazy and put a big smile on your face at the same time just like fish.
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    Thanks for the responses everyone. Had a great weekend with awesome weather and even better fishing. Sunrise.lnk