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    Between this post and the Nizpro I know why your in law school. Target rich environment. Just kidding again and LOL. You will have nothing for me soon. Gonna supercharge my SHO on the Maverick. Gonna have Power Tech build me a OFX 30 pitch 5 blade ported and put cushioned seating in my live well. The heck with my passengers, just don't hurt my bait.
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    I will say that standing against the leaning post at 74 isn't my preferred seating arrangement! You are dead on with that Lol. We did a run with 2 people and the preferred seating was 1 behind the other, not side by side. I couldn't believe the boat was actually stable at that speed. I thought it would be all over the place.
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    Getting out of the nearshore, offshore stuff plus some stuff I don't use anymore.so see if there is anything here that tickles your fancy. 2- Shimano TLD20 on Penn Marina rods. On the boat three times. I have the boxes for the reels. $200 each, both $350. 1- Crowder Ess-815 15-30# line 3/8-2oz. Great Tarpon rod $100. 1- Shimano Calcutta 400 on Chaos 7ft 12-20# $125 1- CCA 701HS 10-20# 7ft fast action with Shimano Stratic 3000FI $125 1-Hooked Rods (new) HCF509BR 7ft medium action 10-20# with Stratic 4000FH $150 1- Star Aerial EX815s76 6-16# 1/4-3/4, butt cut 6 inches to 7Ft $50 In Ormond Beach but can ship if you pay.
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    Can you tell me how many hours are on the motor, and the price. Also, where is it located. It's a beautiful rig.