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    Chris bailey does custom ones. Love my foil
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    On my 22 Pathfinder.....I have found that a large inflatable beach ball ( child’s toy dept at Walmart ) on each side of rear deck hatches underneath the cover prevents water from pooling between the center console and the rear transom area. For the front, I run a dock line from bow cleat to center of windshield frame and it forms a perfect “ tent” in front area and keeps water flowing off the cover during a rain. I hope this helps...
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    Great, there goes his image. The Outlaw has to portray a rough and rugged individual you don't want to mess with! Now we should call him "The big ole softy" Seriously though, Ralph is a good guy and a man of his word. He won my business!
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    I was the second person to respond to a post by Outlaw he had a polling platform he was giving away. I responded by say that if the first fella did not come I would be delighted to come pick it up. Well Outlaw got back to me and said come get it. Wow what a great guy. Thanks Outlaw really really cool of you! And now my 2006 Redfisher 16 has a platform were before there was none. Outlaw your the best!
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    OK, I just have to get in on this discussion as I also have had both boats and based strictly upon the lines of the boats, the look of each one - I loved the 2010 20 footer. It was lower, slimmer, sleeker whereas the 22, in stead of looking like the 20 "on steroids" looks like the 20 having become "matronly". Here's the 20's rear... Wide, low, sleek. Here's the 22's rear... Kind of a chunky butt, you could even say fat. From the side, the 20... From the side, the 22... OK, I get that the higher freeboard is marginally more seaworthy and she handles the chop slightly better, but if they had still made that model 20 (not the new design) I would have bought it. Oh yeah, one more thing. The 20 had a single axle Ameritrail - IT USED TO ACTUALLY FOLLOW MY TRUCK. The 22 has the twin axle trailer which I need to drive like an 18 wheeler - it cuts way inside on the turns. The 22 is still a great boat but there is nothing like your first Pathfinder love.
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    I can second this solution! Whenever we launch in salt water, Laurie always drives the boat off the trailer. I ask her to meet me at the dock in 10 minutes. That gives me time to park the rig and get out the garden sprayer with the Salt-Away solution and spray the Heck out of the brakes while they are still dripping wet. With the boat off the trailer, you can stand inside the bunks and easily reach the inside brake surfaces with the sprayer. Of course, when you retrieve the boat, same drill, either sprayer or hose if the launch area has one. Good luck!
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    I didn't see any at seven mile last week but plenty at long key. They only hit mullet there from my experience. There are plenty of people there in those tiny flats boats so I would think a Pathfinder would be comfortable compared to that. It's very difficult to keep mullet overnight so the best option is to get up at daybreak and throw a heavy cast net with a large opening so it sinks fast. I did ok in the canals but it's hard where the water is very deep. Caught two sharks in the net as well. I never saw any on the flats or looked there much.
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    This should do the trick....
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    Thanks for the offer, Dino. You'd never fish your spots again if I showed you 5 of mine! 😂 Ralph can bring you to the spots I haven't visited since he looted them after I shared with him many many years ago. 😜
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    Dobey1..., good point on the later year 21MA’s..., I have also read that the bay boat explosion started a new trend about that time too. I bought the blue 2007 with a 250 HPDI & about 500 hrs..., Going with a new 250 SHO is the ideal option but to spend that kind of $ is a little far fetched when I have a perfectly good running HPDI that only sees REC 90, old owner too ran that fuel also. Now, if I could get $9/$10k for it I would consider this 4 stroke option and be done with it but I’m old school. Let me say that I have run on alot of flats boats in biscayne bay and the keys over the years but this 21 MA hull is really smooth, dry, responsive and an aircraft carrier lid to fish on. I am really impressed. I also have a ‘04 Seavee 29’ with twin 225 Opti’s and would not trade that offshore (yet trailerable) boat for the world. It’s so true that no one boat can do it all which is why you should own at lease 2! You also don’t need to break the bank to do it..., just find the right project and jump on it fast! Also, helps to not be married & have the kids grown up. BTW how do you Ike the TRS in comparison?
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    MA 21 was meant to run a 2 stroke, #239-404-4607, I may be listing mine soon.
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