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    After discussions on the spitfire, I purchased an Evinrude Rogue 4 blade prop used prop from another forum group member. This is a 13" diameter, 19pitch prop very similar to the spitfire. Tested this morning on freshwater lake and it ran overall much better than the 3 blade 21Pitch pro series yamaha prop. It ran top speed of 48mph at 6000rpm. The boat planed flatter and overall the boat seemed to handle much better in turns and didn't lose grip even with motor trimmed to max rpm. Could stay on plane with trim tabs all the way down at 12mph as well. Much better midrange acceleration. Did not jack rabbit start due to hub needing breaking-in but I am assuming it will have much better holeshot as well.
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    Great looking RF 16! I like the matching color on the topside and black powdercoat to match the SHO. I think this makes it official - there are now two Redfisher 16s with factory rigged VF115 SHOs. It's been a great boat for us. My wife loves that it is a stable fishing platform and hardly moves, even when walking the gunnels. It looks and behaves like a larger boat but fits in my 21' deep garage with room to spare. Great performance and gets 7+ MPG @ 34 MPH. It always gets a lot of looks and compliments at the boat ramp from Bass fishermen on the lakes here in SC. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your new boat as much as we have!
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    If you ever meet my wife,,,you never saw this pic!