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    Been running sea trials on the new Cobia 320CC this week after making her debut in Ft. Lauderdale, what a nice boat! Skip
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    I took two guys. It was slower than Thursday. We scrapped and moved around a lot to keep 15 trout to 19", 5 reds, 3 nice sheeps, 3 drum, and a nice 20" flounder. The Ulterra really got a workout .......deploy and stow, rinse and repeat!
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    Nice work and what a perfect looking fish. That fish looks like a mount, it doesn't even look real!
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    Nice morning of catching!!
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    I admire all you campers and enjoy reading the posts from everyone....yes, I've seen the boyz on the beach at New Turkey........small little generators running, lots of big fires awaiting, coolers full of steaks and I'm sure some nice rum for the cold winter nights.....tents that look like something out of Lawerence of Arabia..... enjoy.....just not for me.....