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    Who says that stringers cant be sexy??? Making progress, stringers are now fully tabbed in, channels made for water to drain from the areas outside of the stringers, stringers have been extended back to the transom and tied into the transom support knees. Through hulls are being replaced, throttle/shifter are being replaced, new hoses and pumps going in, we are getting close to putting her back together!
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    Hey Gang! Thought I would sign up and introduce myself after stalking your forum for a number of months! In the midst of purchasing a new Atlantic Blue Hull and Cosole Redfisher 18. Super excited to join the Maverick family. I have owned 2 different Sailfish CC in the past 12 years and sold my 2008 2660 earlier this year. It was a well used boat with nearly 2500 hours on the clock and 27000 miles on the hull! Since then I have been crawling over all sorts of bay boats, skiffs and flats boats and was continually drawn back to the Redfisher. Last week my local dealer received the boat I’m purchasing and I had a “have to have it” moment : ) I put a deposit on it and patiently waited for a weather window for a sea trail which came yesterday. All went well and looking to take delivery the middle of next week. Looking forward to the mobility of a smaller boat and the chance to get around the state a bit and fish some different waters. Boat at is powered by a 115 SHO which seems like the perfect balance of power and efficiency. Came from the factory with a power pole and Garmin 741xs. I will be adding a trolling motor in the future but wanted to see exactly how I fish it before making a decision. Look forward to getting involved with this forum and contribute when I can! Tom from West Palm Beach
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    psst, starbrite hull cleaner will help your pics a bit. spray on, wait, rinse, no yellow hull!
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    Black drum 16-18 pounds. Couple of pics. Boy is it hot! dh
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    Fixed gel coat voids on keel and gunnels no bueno replaced lid straps on back hatches yesterday
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    With all the old Hewes popping back up on here it got me thinking about Bill Curtis you can read his life story here.............................. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/obituaries/article112149762.html He was a unique man, had the pleasure of meeting him a few times, he worked at the Bass Pro Shops in Miami in the fly shop before his passing. As a matter of fact the mural painted on the wall of the fly shop is Bill on the "Grasshopper" bone fishing. All of his boats were blue and yellow. It is an interesting read and references a book some of you might be interested in reading. Just to add to his legacy, his urn containing his ashes was stolen from a close friend of the family's truck in Coconut Grove and to this day has not been recovered! https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article129617454.html
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    I here ya I was born and raised in Miami and it is has definitely changed. I try not to go south except for fishing and visiting relatives. Moved to Broward County in 87’ and it was a great place to live but sadly it is becoming the same as Dade.
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    Thanks guys I'm sure there was a better way to do things than I did but I was able to get out of there with my deposit an no jail time , still looking .
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    not me, but i was the guide and it is my boat.
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    If any one is looking @ a 22' P/F on boat trader listed with North Texas Marine (fort worth ) don't waste your time I call there and talked to Jerry he told me the boat was in great condition from the pictures it did look good I drove out from NC only to find it a mess port side was scared from stem to stern , scum lines in the hatches the motor was a mess they never even washed the boat knowing I would be there that morning for pick up they lied to me about the condition of the boat, the pictures they showed sure didn't look like the same boat , it looks like it may have been under water BE WARE OF THEM 2600 mile trip for nothing Capt. Bill (top shelf )