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    Its a great question, Hurricane. I shopped this job around to a ton of local shops - NOBODY would take it on because nobody, myself included, knew at the time what the whole issue was, how far up the stringer it went, or what caused it. Nobody (and I dont blame them) wanted to open pandoras box and realize it was a 20k job, or an impossible job. Nobody could come up with a good way of opening her up without potentially destroying the boat (full cap removal) or destroying functional portions like livewells etc and not being able to access them to put them back together. These guys looked at the boat and told me point blank what the risks were and were honest enough to say that if it was a worst case scenario (full cap off resoration) it was out of their league. Too much involved in one project. At the end of the day, although he went awol on me, the first shop ended up serving me well. He came up with the best solution for getting in therr (cutting the deck just aft of the cockpit), and he helped me get a clear picture on what we were actually dealing with. Once pandoras box was opened and the bogeyman exposed, everyone knew what they were dealing with. But these guys at Current Marine have really impressed me. They are frank, honest, communicate constantly, and have done great work so far.
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    Finally got around to applying Awlcare to the new Awlgrip. This stuff is super easy and keeps the paint looking glossy. I even applied to the gelcoat on sides and bottom as well as the cowling. I’m going to see how it performs bc I did the whole boat in about 30-40 mins. If it seems to perform well on the non- Awlgripped surfaces I’m going to keep adding coats.
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