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    There is no greater love than to give one's life for another. Tomorrow is our day to think about the good men and women, who paid the ultimate price, so that the rest of us can enjoy a life with freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and the American Dream. Even if you are anti-war, or you are on one side or the other politically, there can and should be a soft spot in your heart that reminds you to be thankful for what our brothers and sisters did for us. We must remember to teach our children about the soldiers who died for us too. Do they realize the value of freedom and how lucky they are? That's all I have to say. Happy Memorial Day everyone! God Bless America!
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    Finally underway... I have shot 1000's of build pictures for customers/ friends over the years, happy to be shooting my own build now! My 25 Hybrid sprayed last night, skin coat was applied this morning now off to VARIS infusion to complete the Lamination process. Much more to come in the next couple of weeks! Skip
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    Go with the redfisher over the MA. If you get the MA you will get sucked into the cult following Master Angler crowd and you will not tolerate any other boat design. It will ruin you after one ride. For life. Before you know it, you will own two. Then, you will compare your wife to it, and make comments about lines. Things will go badly after that. Yeah, go with the redfisher for sure.
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    In honor of the Officer's who were killed in the line of duty in Dallas TX.
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    So.... I've been having some issues with my F150 on the Smurf. It's struggled to get to full power, sputtered, stalled and vibrated its way through the last few months. Like as soon as it hit 1000hrs it started getting an attitude. The last month has been a ride for me. Some of you know the story, but most don't. The week after July 4th started as any other. That Monday I went to bed and started to get what I thought was terrible heartburn. No sleep all night and an empty box of TUMS the next morning and still having heartburn/chest pain. I ended up in the ER the next day and I actually had a heart attack that morning. They pumped me full of blood thinners and heart meds and transferred me to a medical center with a cardiac department. I was admitted straight to the cath lab where they found 2 blockages in my left artery. One was 30% and the other was 20-25%, the larger one was "cloudy" around the blockage. They did not put a stent there because it wasn't a big blockage. I stayed 2 more nights for observation and the second morning I had ANOTHER heart attack. They hooked the defibrillator to me, ran me back to the cath lab and put a stent on the 30% now 60+% blockage. The last month has been full of Cardiologist appointments, time off work and another trip to the ER/Cath lab for another episode (inflamed tissue around the stent). Before the last trip to the hospital I got brave and took my son fishing. The Motor ran like $#!T, but I decided that I was going to run it hard and see what was going to happen. After hobbling around the house after a third visit to the cath lab and 7 inches of rain I decided to go out yesterday. Motor still ran rough, but the flounder were hungry. It ran so bad my wife asked me about it. (That's unusual) Today, I felt well enough to try it again. I packed a cooler with water and nitroglycerin then went out. The Motor bogged down and struggled to get to 5k RPMs. I decided, that with everything I'd been through recently, I was going to run it WOT EVERYWHERE hoping to have a reason to hang a new SHO 175 on the back. I'm heading to the ramp from Wrightsville Beach at a sluggish 5200RPMs and 34 knots. I'm standing up hoping to catch the boat ahead but not optimistic. Next thing I know, it's like I hit the NOS button. Whatever was choking that Motor up let go and I went from 5200 to 6200 and shot up to 42 knots in seconds. The initial shot threw me back in the backrest and I put the death grip on the wheel. It was like it was alive again. I ran it a bit longer ensuring that it was indeed back in business. I was relieved to have it back and thankful for the gift of a day. I called Gus (Whichwaysup) when I got it on the trailer and told him about the experience. He suggested I share the story since my personal injectors have had recent "issues". Life has a funny way of letting you know you're really not in charge. Laying in the hospital and ICUs I've had plenty of time to think about things. At this point, I'm just happy to be vertical and glad I get to enjoy days on the water for a bit longer.
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    They should have DQ'd every boat that went past them.
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    Put the name that has grown on me for a bit Carbon fiber with sea foam shadow any thoughts
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    Capt Troy speaks the truth JWalk. They really don't last forever. Not sure where the negative comments about the forum stem from but I don't think that anyone meant anything mean, nasty, etc... about whatever was said or whatever you didn't like or feel was inappropriate. This is really a bunch of great dudes that love great boats but it is also far from a MBC fan-boy club as evidenced by Convertible13's post, I have been critical as well of the MBC but at the end of the day they're great boats and this forum is a wealth of knowledge that I've seen nowhere else, especially when you get these MA dudes runnin' their mouths about a 2007 double rod locker 21 Master Angler in seafoam star mist green, 4 live well limited edition blah, blah, blah... If you want drama head over to the Florida Sportsman forum, if you want to pray at the alter of Hells Bay, Microskiff.com is the spot to do that. This is where its at for anything Maverick or Yamaha related. Buy a Master Angler and don't look back. I drove a 21 from Flamingo to Summerland Key at a pretty brisk pace in some pretty snotty weather and I was more than impressed. Additionally... I personally thank you for not contributing to the prolific spread of bay boats throughout my native state of Florida. It's a tough fight but it's one we can win with hard work, education and encouraging the used boat buying public to say no to these non-indigenous invasive vessels.
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    Just got done rigging this one and delivered it today. Had to share this one. Pearl Gray Hull, Pearl Gray Two Tone, Matterhorn White Deck, Matte Black Powder Coating, etc. Little skiff porn for you boys!!
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    Found me a little fixer upper. 1998 21 MA. 1998 Vmax 175 carbed. 2007 Owens and Sons Torsion Axle Trailer. More pics to come. Gotta get the buffer out and go to town!!
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    My newest! She had her first sandbar run last weekend. She will be fishing with her sister before I know it!
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    Here's my 2009 21MA. I think it is the first year they put the tan/brown cushions on them. Double latches on the rod lockers were a change from some of the earlier ones. It was a demo boat at the dealers meeting that year, got the boat used with 11 hours on it. Driveway pics were when just brought home from Ft. Meyers Marine. Have some scratches now of course.
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    Just gonna leave this here.
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    Go for rides if possible, if you're ever down south, waaaay down south I'll take you out. Just don't get a bay boat, family is only so important and they eventually move out. Then you're stuck with a boat that does nothing well but hold beverages and stereo equipment. I applaud you for not falling into this $90K cup holder/tanning bed marketing trap and I will do anything I can to help in your search for a proper inshore fishing vessel.
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    Thought I would post this fish'n report since reports have been slim. NOAA had predicted 1-2' seas on Friday . I had checked the seas and wind since early that AM, always showed less 10kts, tree tops were calm as of 9AM so I pulled the trigger. Grabbed some bait at Lanark Market,launched 'ole Greenbone at 10:30 for 13 mile trek to a new hole I was told that held some grouper in 40'. Got to the public # but bottom looked flat,idled a few hundred yards till a long crevice showed up, found some nice rubble and quickly put the anchor lock on. Believe me when I tell you the 1st six drops were 20-23" gags. Then wam--pulled in a nice 25". Next few drops were like the 1st six-all shorts. I tried to work 2 rods hanging one each rod holder but the bite was on, so it was just waste of bait if you didn't man the rod. I baited up a whole sardine ,dropped it down, 5 seconds later, rod was slammed, whoa , dang, fight on- that's when you find that drag was not quite tight enough!!Visions of grey man in the suit , danged big ole red snapper all danced in my head. Saw the color, Grouper!! Landed a 29 ½ " Gag came in to the boat. The snapper moved in as usual so I packed up and headed for the hill. Even a flats boat can get lucky off
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    Came up to Clearwater/Dunedin to fish with a buddy and fished that full moon low tide in the middle of day. Got bait just off pier 60 in 20' of water. One cast and blacked out well with large threadfin and white bait. We were actually targeting redfish on the Belleair flat and on the other side south of coast guard station. We chummed heavy and kept catching small undersized snook out on the flat in potholes. I was a little surprised to see these guys still out in the open with the water temp dropping. I knew there would be some bigger fish out too then. Got this girl on a small whitebait in less than 2' of water just off the end of a dock in Belleair area. We then went and fished the east side of Dunedins deeper docks working lots of live bait as tide was coming in and caught multiple slot snook. Fish were very sluggish and we saw lots of fish that wouldn't eat. Not one snook ever came up and popped a stunned white bait like they usually do when chumming in warmer water. They probably were feeding on the full moon at night. Anyways it was a great few hours of catch and release snook action. No slot reds or trout though. All were undersized. I'm sure these snook will be off the flats after this front passes.
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    Wow, you guys are getting good with those cameras! Although I try not to use my phone as a camera, I was on the way to the Dolphin Lab at Savannah State University to participate in the monthly dolphin survey when the sun came up just over Tybee Island, couldn't resist. The Marine Biology Department at SSU maintains a data base of all of Georgia's Coastal Bottle Nose Dolphins. As you may know, every dolphin dorsal fin is unique, like a human finger print. If they can get a sharp image, they can identify the animal and help determine the health of the overall dolphin population. I can't resist helping out as a volunteer. What better way to spend a 35 degree December day than standing in the bow of a 22 foot Whaler for 10 hours trying to catch a glimpse of a fin. I am sure that savvy Pathfinder owners know this but please make sure to tell other recreational boaters that you may know NEVER TO FEED WILD DOLPHINS. Yes, they are "cute" but no, it's not Flipper, it is a wild animal and once they learn that a boat can be a source of food only bad results can occur. This... activity leads to this... Let's give this calf... a chance to live a long life out there.
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    Yeah that's a real fine piece right there. I'd go back to the sandbox to own one that new. At 67 mph it would be juuuust right.
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    Here's mine in front of the bridge to Boca Grande. It's a 2000 MA 17
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    These trucks are unbelievably tough and strong. I can attest that this truck will pull a 2200 TRS with no problems whatsoever. I had a 2010 that I traded last year and it was an absolute beast. Mine was probably a little more rugged though due to the Trump sticker it had
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    2015 Maverick 18 HPX-V Asking Price: $43,500 This boat is in excellent condition and has been well cared for. Thoroughly washed and flushed after every use. Kept out of elements under fully enclosed carport and custom cover. Dealer maintained and will include records of all service. You will not find a cleaner 18 HPX-V. 2015 Yamaha F115LB w/ 240 hours and warranty until 2020 Minn Kota SE70 24v trolling motor w/ Odyssey batteries and on board charger Power-Pole Blade 8 Garmin 741xs flush mounted on console w/ thru hull transducer Fusion Audio BB300R head unit flush mounted on console JL Audio MX770 speakers (2) Tibor Push Pole Caddy Livewell w/ aerator White powder coated tubing Removable bow casting platform Custom SeaDek on gunwales, platforms, and under front hatch Ameratrail trailer w/ aluminum wheels and matching spare tire/mount. Removable Yeti Tundra 35 w/ SeaDek and Padded cushion
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    When the Mother-In-Law comes in town for a few days, you have her teach you how to use the sewing machine she bought your wife a few years ago. Console cover Leaning post cover Power-Pole covers Big Green Egg table cover. All for around $130. Not professional grade but will get the job done.
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    Been doing good in the intercoastal lately. Find the bait find the fish. Lots of finger mullet cruising the ICW at low tide. Flounder bite has been great. Mud minnows and jig heads. Love this time of year.
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    Once again, PP comes through... I was having a problem with my C-Monster unit on the last trip.... The symptoms were as follows: 1.) Blowing fuses 2.) Engine going click click click when hitting the hand remote or up /down on the unit Called PP early Tuesday - left a VM at 0730...Todd called me back - yes, they actually call you back I went through the issues, told him what I had done so far - check all connections, etc. He then said, sounds like a engine short/fault - "I'll have another one to you in the morning". Arrived yesterday, I swapped out the unit, did a re-wire - baddda-bing Done.l Why have I owned 4 units ? 2005 (6ft), 2009 (8ft), then again in 2016 (2-8Ft)....I guess it's the reason above why? Great customer service And a product that just "works". DC
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    Here are the names of several very good and proven security systems : Smith & Wesson , Ruger, Browning, Daniel Defense, Colt....etc. The main difference between a home alarm and a precision firearm is.... when the thief hears the alarm, they run.....when the firearm goes off....they can't.
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    I'm now the very proud owner of this gorgeous girl. Ocellor went above and beyond showing me every detail in and out of the water. Through in tons of extra's as well. Thank you very much Rob and good luck to you and your family in your transition!!!. Very proud to be in this "club". I grew up in Tampa Bay and now live in Ft. Myers Beach (FMB) and have always dreamed of owning a Maverick!!! She's a 2003, but to me she's mine and brand new!!!! I'll be reaching out to you guys for help and suggestions as soon as I get used to her. Also, thank you MA guys on this forum for your continuous feeds and knowledge. It's comforting to know there's also someone who has probably been through pretty much any scenario possible on these MA's. Nag Juice, you were right, I walked on the 21' Hewes! Thanks
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    Man, talk about a fight! Got the first indication of activity around 10:00 P.M., and fought her all night long. I've had a lot of great fishing trips, but this one landed us a trophy! Think I'm pretty close to the limit on this particular species, so don't go telling the game warden!
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    Probably the only member thay will be able to fish with two Mavericks at the same time... Maverick Edward 7lbs 12oz, 19.5oz Baby and mom doing fine.
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    If you ever meet my wife,,,you never saw this pic!
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    I think you are trying to carry too much of the blame here. your insurance company is opting not to fix the boat. All in all it comes down to them trying to find a way not to help you. I suppose they could have totaled it out and given you less than it was worth based on book value. You know the boat was not leaking when you bought it or when you paid them to insure it. all the pictures in the world and they would still be saying normal wear sorry we choose not to honor our side of the policy.
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    Until we get some progress pics I wanted to show this. The top pic is the current view of St Aug lighthouse. Hurricane Matthew blew down something that was blocking it, unknown to us. I love being able to see it and for last year I’ve been sayin it’s the only good thing to come of Matthew. The bottom pic is the new “proposed” view if we go up the full 10’. Silly as it sounds, this helps keep my sanity when I get over there. about every other trip have to grab the ladder and remind myself of this. I can’t wait to sit there and relax...smoke a cigar and just stare at it.
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    MDS - you gotta stop dangling that thing with Nagjuice around. You are showing crack to an addict. Ever since he bought his (2nd) 18.5 MA, he's been jonesing for a 21. A late model 21 with an SHO is just going to be too much for the guy's heart. It's bad for his health. Have mercy on the guy, really! Gorgeous sled, awesome rocket on the back, that thing is a real treasure!
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    Hey guys sorry about the delay.... I've been working all morning. But I just wanted to thank everyone for all the helpful information, I took a look at the MA yesterday and it is truly in pristine condition... I put a deposit down pending sea trial and having Fort Myers Marine (where I've purchased a 2200 Pathfinder before) take a full look through boat and motor. I will keep you guys in the loop moving forward!
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    Maybe Im being sensitive cause I flooded (again), but I'll be honest with you I'd keep my fishing reports to myself for a while if that's how you choose to spend your free time in a war zone. There is so many people in need and not alot of help here compared to Matthew. So many single woman and elderly are currently the target for buzzards. I have plenty of stories from neighbors from Matthew If one of my friends came in my backyard and had time to fish rather than help me or my neighbors when they've needed help like never before, they'd be friends of mine no more.
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    I hate the Gym. I see a pair of running shoes and I run (in the opposite direction and only as far away as I have to). Exercise for the sake of exercise makes me cringe. If I am going to run, I need something to chase or someone chasing me. If I am going to exercise, I need some physical threat to my existance to keep it interesting. If you can't die doing it, I'd rather hang out on the couch. That's not to say I'm a daredevil by any means, I just can't get motivated unless there's some physical risk of pain to keep me going. It's a balancing act with 5 kids and a wife that want to keep me around. I wish I could stay in shape by fishing. Maybe if I caught more and bigger fish, or actually used the buggy whip more often it would help, but as it stands, fishing doesn't help my physique. I've always gravitated towards physical activity that is more 3 dimensional - Mountain biking (wow, that will do it if you are anywhere near hills, but not so much in Florida). Since leaving the VA mountains, I was at a loss to find a good replacement and my waist line was growing. I moved to Wilmington and I actually bought a kite-board but my wife made me take it back . We compromised and I took up surfing instead. If you want to lose weight, have fun, and build some serious muscle, take up surfing. You know the stereotypical surfer "dude" who is totally mellow and "chill?" He isn't actually all that mellow or chill, he's just so friggin' wiped out from the last session that he can barely move. It's an entire body workout, it's fun as hell, and I lost 10 pounds in a matter of weeks after starting. My upper body looks more like it did in college than it has at any time in the past 20 years since, and I've only been at this a year now. You paddle a LOT. I had no idea how physically demanding the sport was until I started doing it.
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    I'm almost done with my garage build... (ha ha ha ha, you're never really done) but i'm at about 97% finished. Started in October of 2016 and working on weekends my father & I built this entire thing ourselves from start to finish. The only thing we had help with was the actual pouring/finishing of the concrete. I also had a baby in the process, so time has been the biggest factor. The garage is 40' deep, 20' wide and 10' high ceiling with 9' door. I have a 10' x 20' slab on the rear. I still have some brick pavers to lay between the house & garage as well as some landscaping but the exterior is basically finished. I have a lot of interior work to do in the garage. It's so hard to keep the place clean & tidy while you're still working... I have parts, tools, etc. everywhere and it drives me crazy. I am also planning to build a 12'x10' "office" on the rear slab of the garage where I can keep my high end fishing gear, computer desk with A/C, etc. That will happen later this year hopefully. I basically built this garage to house my boat. I originally wanted it to be 50' long, 30' wide and 12' high.... but between the engineer and the county building department those dreams were crushed. I had to leave 5' between the house & garage to be "detached" and I had to have 8' between garage & lot line. With the narrower width of 20' the hurricane codes would not allow 50' deep and 12' high unless I went with concrete block which was more than I could afford. I'll attach some pictures here, but the full albumn is available if anyone wants to look at the entire process. It has been quite a project and certainly put a dent in my fishing time. Full albumn: https://imgbox.com/g/VHpYdPz4Jd The custom redfish/snook gate was built by my dad from scratch. It was my first fathers day present and he found the images online and just sketched them out and cut with his plasma cutter. I was super impressed & love it. Things I did especially for the boat: 20' drain in floor that drains to rear of property (wash boat, back inside... it drips into drain) Exhaust fan in gable vent with thermostat & humidistat along with four "smart vents" for flood/ventilation. Other considerations: separate panel in garage with 220v outlets for compressor/welder, etc. Vintage exterior lighting to match decor of house and nautical theme attic storage trusses for storage ran conduit from house to garage for networking cables, internet, cameras, etc. Here are some pics: The before pic... big yard with a huge "ear tree". Unfortunately it had to go. Every time we had a big storm a limb would drop and it was always a concern for myself and the neighbor. The tree spanned over both our house and my neighbors house. Not to mention it dropped these tiny leaves that got stuck in everything. Thanks, Josh B. All footers & grade done by hand (well shovel) so many roots from the big tree it was not fun.
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    Office view this morning.
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    The time has come where the Pathfinder will be going up for sale. Yesterday I purchased a 23 Dorado as I found a deal that I could not resist. This blog has been a great wealth of knowledge for me over the years and I have enjoyed being a part of the MBG community. Once my Pathfinder does sell, I am sure I will still frequent this site as it is a much more enjoyable experience than posting anything on THT. Anyways, I will be posting the Pathfinder in the Classified section in the next week or so. It has been a great boat for me and has never left me stranded. Thank you for everyone's help and great advice over the years.
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    I sold my 2006 22 TE Pathfinder back in 2009 and said I will get another Pathfinder someday. That day is today, just put deposit on a new 25' Hybrid. We don't have a completion date yet but should know something tomorrow. I have researched, water tested way too many bay boats to find the right boat for us and the 25 is the perfect boat for our usage. We went with the Yamaha 300 which was painful because I really wanted the 350/400 Verado. It came down to who was going to servcie the engine and hands down Fort Myers Marine is top notch and could not see anyone else servicing my boat, so Yamaha it is. I am going to get with Skip and hopefully he will send me build pictures when it starts its life. Now the really painful part, waiting but it will be well worth it.
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    I fished the south shore today, in the Simmons park area. Got a couple nice reds, big one was 28. Saw plenty of snook bustin along the bushes. Hard to fish those snook without live bait, the water is shallow, clear and they ain't dumb. It was so dang hot, and there was zero wind. I was sweating just standing there!
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    Took an opportunity to take kids to sandbar today.
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    That is the best way to teach. Let them learn by helping you now and they can help themselves in the future. Favorite quote from helping my dad "Hold the da#% light so I can see not so you can see."
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    Again I want to take a moment to thank Capt. Davis for taking me for a spin on his 2500 last Friday. It was the final thing I needed before pulling the trigger. Went to Fort Myers Marine this morning and signed the papers on a new 2500 Hybrid. I'm a basic boat kind of guy and this boat will be no different from my trusty 2200-V. I did finally catch up to the 21st century and put a pair of power poles on the stern though. Possible delivery date July 31st. I won't complain a bit if it shows up a bit earlier though.
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    Mitz covered everything very comprehensively and the others chimed in intelligently too but, even though I'm a 17 owner, I must admit that the boat is by no means a speed demon and I often wish I had more top end. Thus, there is the possibility that I'll move up to an 18 at some point (or preferably a 21 if I can find the right kind of storage). Another thing to consider, and I know this may be argued by some, but the 17 just doesn't perform like you'd expect it to with a jackplate. If you don't care about having one then it's a non-issue. I've seen many more 18s with JPs than 17s. And even more so with 21s. Seems like the bigger the hull gets, the better the boat performs with one. BUT.... one thing I always keep in mind is that the hardcore anglers that come on my boat, both bait and fly, always say the same thing to me: "Don't ever sell this boat". jb
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    It's been torture since I bought my little girl, but she finally made it! Quick little family spin. More pics soon.
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    Im gonna have to get out and take some more pics.
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    I call this ....."The Guides Morning Office View"....does it get any better than this ????