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    Chip ended up with serious liver cancer and probably a lot more. He went from wagging his tail 1000 times a day this past weekend, to not eating Monday. Long story short, I had to say goodbye this afternoon. A quick true story. After my divorce 10 years ago, I dated a series of nice ladies, who all loved Chip. But the first time Debbie came to the house, she sat down in the den while I went to let Chip in to meet her, He trotted up to her, took one sniff, and quickly hiked his leg and sprayed her down! He never did that to any of the others, and has never done that since. That was his way of telling me she was a keeper. We have been happily married ever since! Good dog! I will miss him!
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    This one showed to my house last night. I'm now a Maverick owner. Hopefully she treats me well.
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    A little video our new Social Media Manager put together: Skip
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    Inspection passed, footers are poured, blockwork starts tomorow !
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    Our last weekend in Bonita beach getting our place ready to rent it out After several weeks of poor results, today we had a fun day, fishing backwaters. Finally some winter pattern is showing We caught several Sheepshead and perfect size black drum. They were lucky we had steak planned and were released. Patty had the hot rod. Caught several small snookies, a nice over the slot fat Redfish and lost a bigger one to a broken hook. look at the back/shoulders on that fish!!
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    So me and my homeboy skiffin16 decided to go old school and hit up some of our favorite old bay haunts. It had been a while. Two trips and quick limits. And more shorts than we could count. John had the hot hand as he was able to wrestle up two pigs that had broken me off on two different trips - both fish came up with my hook still in its mouth. Payback. As usual, big baits = big fish. Was a great reunion with my best diggin’ pal!
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    I don't spend hardly any time in big boats like these but as with anything the personal value is the key. If the Egret is worth the extra coin to you, you won't be disappointed I can assure you of that. I helped my neighbor do some rigging work on a Egret 2011/250 ProXS and I got a really good look at it, under the shiny parts, for a couple hours. The fit and finish of the boat was at such a high level it was almost ridiculous, like a waste of time but in a good way, if that makes any sense.
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    31* here this morn. Tide goin out for another hour. It may never come back in today with NNE winds @ 20-25. Stay warm! ❄️🎣
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    If you paid half on the repair of a boat sold as is where is , you went beyond the right thing. Good on you sir!
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    Since all the specs are the same and I figured why not ya only live once....lol.......I got the 250. Think they started the install this afternoon but not sure.
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    2006 21’ Maverick Master Angler for sale. Black Hull (no fade). 2007 Yamaha 225hp HPDI ( 510 hours). New 8’ dual power poles (Blades) new Minn Kota Ulterra GPS/spot lock/ auto stow. New 2017 tandom axel trailer. 5 batteries. Garnin GPS/depth with chart chip. Three live wells. 21’ push pole. Boat is very well kept and in above average condition! Price: $32,800. Contact David Turbeville 904-574-2721 or email dturbo67@gmail.com
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    We put our house on the market ...sold to cash buyer in 5 days ...have to move to the beach for 2 months while waiting for new house to be completed. New house will have a special place for my boat. Can't wait ...lots of projects for me to do. Happy wife happy life.
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    Will be following this one! Perhaps the offspring of a Redfisher and an MA having a one night stand . . . HMMMMmmm - a tawdry tale of intrigue and consequences. I hope MBC is watching!
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    Yes, this is most likely the same boat, I purchased it from someone on this forum. I did not rack up that many hours. Was sold to me as having 384 hours. Took it to the dealership for fall service in Nov. and when they ran the diagnostics it showed that number of hours, so that it is what I am selling it as having. Gauges don't show that many hours, but.......I probably have put 50ish hours on it since I purchased, mostly in fresh water. Boat is in such good shape and is that clean that I thought hours were correct when I purchased, but being in real estate, always disclose, disclose, disclose. I have replaced everything on the trailer, added the Simrad GO-9, upgraded the solenoids on the JackPlate and added a new trolling motor remote.
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    Yesterday because I didn’t want an hour and a half run south in the frigid cold! Put it on the Ameratrail and towed it 25 miles south to fish around St Catherine’s Island this morning. Me and a buddy caught our limit of 30 trout by 10:30, along with 1 red. With 4 or 5 days next week with forecasted lows in the low to mid 20’s, I am worried we might see a significant fish kill. It been years since we have seen low temps like this! I hope the trout can dive for some warmer water.
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    From Doc’s in Bonita Beach with an IPhone 7
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    A few years back, when I discovered that vinegar would dissolve dried salt deposits, I ran some through my motor. I bought a new plastic 40 gal. garbage can. Tilted the motor up and put the can under the lower unit and trimmed back down. Put 10 gal. of vinegar and 10 gal. of water. I ran the motor about 10 min, then shut if off because I was recirculating the same water and it was getting hot. Let it sit about 30 min. than ran the motor again. Did this a few cycles, then wrestled the can from under the motor. I slowly pored off the water and was amazed at what was in the bottom of the can. About two handfuls of stuff that looked like snot. I surmised that it was dissolved salt that had been in the water jackets because the can was new and clean. Anyway, I got 1,500 hours out of that motor, sold it to a friend and he is still running it. I'm sure there is a better method to run vinegar through the motor than wrestling a plastic can with 40 gal of liquid. But my idea was to trap and look at whatever came out of the motor.
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    We had a little boy come in October so I figured nov and dec would be a perfect time to have some stuff done to my boat. I had a ttop added over leaning post for some much needed shade and life jacket storage. I also had some pipe work reworked to give me a little extra clearance for keeping it in my shop by I was about an inch or 2 from fitting under the door. The last things were new led spreader lights front and back ,and a new “foot” welded on the bottom of tower legs to spread the weight a little better. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. If anyone needs anything done I recommend Adam at All Aluminum Concepts in Jacksonville. I’ve got a little glass work and gel coat touch up to do now. Next up.....seadek
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    mtpvol, If you havent been on one, I know Palmetto runs his 18 MA in that area, may be able to get on his to try one out before you buy. And yes, these MAs will ruin you.
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    Had to sneak out before the end of the year, and I kept telling myself I'd take my boat 20-25 miles offshore for the heck of it. Getting bait was actually slow until we went and check our lone trap. Trap was completely full of pins and grunts! First stop was 20 or so miles out and the action was right away. Tons of shorts and a few misses. Made a move and got into some nicer fish, and a couple real nice ones. A couple sad breakoffs but that's life. Didn't even have to toss an anchor as the ipilot worked perfectly! Spotted a couple tripletail on the way in but didn't have my tackle for them.
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    I had been skating on thin ice with tooooo much fishing lately, but she let me go about 11:30 yesterday. I was back at 2:00 with a nice limit of trout and one red in the roughest water I have trout fished in years. I had to run the 60” Ulterra all the way down and the prop was still catching air. It was whitecapping around my float cork while my cork was regularly disappearing behind the waves. The faties were turned on, as I had a 20”, 19”, and 18” and 17” trout.
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    Got tore up today Big fish and many break offs
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    If you open the hatches and look at the edges of hatch lids, the hardware and the quality of the finish of the gel coat work throughout the entire boat, also..how the electrical wires are run and attached from the factory, you can make your decision quickly if you are willing to pay for it. The Egret is in the same quality level as the Hells Bay boats....their attention to details is first class and you pay for it. Now, with that being said..the MA and PF boats are really good quality and are far better than 80% of the other flats / bay boats being produced, however, they are not at the top of the game. .I have owned two MA's and two Pathfinders....mainly because I fish about 35 weekends a year and I really use a boat hard and they will get knicks and dings if used regularly......bottomline, get what your budget will allow. I never could gather the coins to make the next step , but have enjoyed thousands of hours of excellent use out of my MA's and PF's. You will no doubt enjoy which ever you choose. Just my opinion.....everybody has one.....just like ......well, you know. Merry Christmas, JJ
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    My skiff is listed in for sale area. A few months back I asked folks about 'value' and got great feedback. NEVER thought I would part with my Lappy, but times and life changes. While the boat will move to a new owner, I hope I can stay 'active' in this forum. I have learned so much, so many tips and hope at least a little I have helped others Just drove to south Fl, picked up my 86 year old mom and she will be here visiting our kids, grandkids... oh my gosh, these little people are her great grandkids.. and eating too much, and singing Christmas carols and being family. So all this to simply say Thanks and Very Best Wishes to all of you, Merry Christmas or whatever holiday your family celebrates.
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    I have the Rohdan, and it is accurate, they use LineX for the underwater motor coating, brilliant! It is very powerful, 120Lbs/thrust at 36v, quiet.. It is still new, so we'll see how it holds up, i use the crap out of it. It isn't hard to deploy, not any harder than MK MG, even my old trusty MG is more difficult to deploy.. AS said above, I personally have replaced a mother brd on a MK Ulterra, and have seen others with issues. The Rohdan has a carry handle and comes with a quick disconnect bracket.. An added expense with the others.
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    After discussions on the spitfire, I purchased an Evinrude Rogue 4 blade prop used prop from another forum group member. This is a 13" diameter, 19pitch prop very similar to the spitfire. Tested this morning on freshwater lake and it ran overall much better than the 3 blade 21Pitch pro series yamaha prop. It ran top speed of 48mph at 6000rpm. The boat planed flatter and overall the boat seemed to handle much better in turns and didn't lose grip even with motor trimmed to max rpm. Could stay on plane with trim tabs all the way down at 12mph as well. Much better midrange acceleration. Did not jack rabbit start due to hub needing breaking-in but I am assuming it will have much better holeshot as well.
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    Had cabin fever, ... so, I went out last week just to run the engine a little...feel the breeze....smell the salt air. My wife and I ended up walking the beach on one of the barrier Islands, and finding a few shark teeth....could not believe the water temp 50.6 F !! That is not good news for our trout population....hopefully these warmer temps this week have brought the temp up some and the trout survived that very cold week we had here in South Georgia. Here is a pic of the battle wagon....
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    Thanks for taking the time to post you prop tests. Just took delivery of my 2018 hewes 16 with 115 sho w/ the spitefire prop. Absolutely love the boat and the ride.
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    People once laughed at spending $40 on a cup, $400 on a cooler, $50k on a flats boat, $100k on a bay boat....
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    This has been floating around on the Interweb but I thought I would share it. reminder to ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL!!!!
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    Worth the drive....Ralph's work is among the best in the SE....if you can think it.....he can make it dc
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    Finally something to add... the plan change and rainy weather has slowed things down as far as getting footers going, but they are finally dug. They are actually going right on top of original footers so should be super stable. The slab will be approx 4” above the old carport slab so they will pour right on top of that as well Inspection today and hopefully concrete tomorrow. Then piers start. Sorry...Not sure why this site continues to post some pics sideways.
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    If you want to find out who really loves you, lock your spouse and your dog in the trunk of your car, come back in an hour, let them out and tell me which one is happy to see you again !!😊 sorry for your loss. Our boxer is close to 13 years old and had something happen, possibly a seizure last week. Didn’t think he was going to make it, but is still with us.
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    2017 was going well until Aug 25th- then it went sideways... 2018 has started well and I am optimistic it will stay that way. Still have a ways to go to get our Rockport house liveable again... but it is material stuff. Just hope we can get back on the water by spring.
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    I never really used sonar for inshore UNTIL I had structure scan. Yes it is big and ugly but it is a great tool to have. I like when out getting bait when the water is not clear or in the dark and also for cruising docks and around bridges. I guess it all depends on how you fish.
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    Pics don’t do this boat justice. I am very pleased. Can’t wait to fish her
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    InTheSlot12 (Mike) and I fished his beautiful 18' HPX-V on Sunday, leaving the marina at Flamingo at first light. It was windy with temperatures in the high 40's to low 50's. Water temperatures were in the low 50's as well. But, there was a warming trend and favorable tides--high at East Cape was around 5:30 a.m. The forecast was for clear skies and a high of almost 70 degrees. We were hopeful the fish would be ready to eat after last week's cold snap. Although I am primarily an artificial bait fisherman, we figured the shrimp would be big and hearty so we stopped at Don's and filled the bait well. We thought the snook would be in the deeper canals, creeks and rivers in the East Cape area, holding in structure on the down current side on that falling tide. What a great day! We brought between 25-30 snook to the boat--most slot size, a few smaller and 3 or 4 that were over slot. All of the fish were bright and shiny silver, fat and healthy and all were carefully handled and safely released. It's great to see the snook population in such good shape. We also had a nice black drum and a big (for Flamingo) trout. Overall, a great day. Here are a few pictures of the snook we caught, almost all with shrimp on jig heads. Just beautiful fish. There were also some HUGE crocks enjoying the sunny day!
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    I am happy to say that I just parked a PRISTINE 1993 Hewes Bonefisher w/ a 2013 Etec 90 in my garage tonight. Thanks everyone for the advice and tips. Even stayed under budget:-) to everyone looking out there, be patient and don’t be afraid to make offers. You never know what might happen.
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    Looking to Sell A Great Boat-Health Conditions are forcing me to a Bay Boat-Can't get up on a flat deck or platforms any more. Looking for a Pathfinder 22. Located in Mountains of Western NC. $25,000.00 · 2004 18.5’ Maverick Master Angler-Excellent Condition · 2004 Yamaha 150 Four Stroke-1004 hours. Recently serviced-Nov. 2017 at Yamaha Dealership. New thermostat, impeller, water pump, spark plugs, separator, all filters and fluids. · Powertech 4 Blade Prop, Spare Powertech 3 Blade Prop · Lenco Trim Tabs-Recessed · Bob's Jack Plate with Blinker Style Control-Upgraded to larger solenoid switches March 2017 · Sea Star Steering · 2017 Simrad GO-9 with Totalscan Transducer · Marine UHF/VHF Radio · Speakers for Stereo Installed-No Head Unit · Motorguide Trolling Motor-XI-5 w/ Pinpoint and Remote-Optima Blue Tops in Bow w/ MinnKota Charger, for Trolling Motor- 1 new in 2016, 1 new in 2017 · PowerPole Pro II w/ remote and console control, 8’ · 2 Separate Batteries and Charger for House System · Front Casting Deck · Push Pole
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    Congratulations, Skip ! You are a lucky man to have a job that you love, and that you are very good at. Woodsie
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    21 pitch-------1.75 lower unit ratio ---------6000 RPM ---------67 MPH ------- 2% prop slip-------- its possible . Joe R
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    The blank I have is a P903. To give a comparison it is very similar to the Loomis IMX. I redid a buddy's Pxx IMX with the same guides as the MHX I built and they are very close feel and performance. The spin/jig blank I think will be stiffer then the popping blanks. The only reason I say that is I have Loomis IMX in a spin/jig and it is stiffer than my buddy's popping rod in the same length and line class. x2 on GetBit. Great people and shipping is a lot better
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    It’s not the dog in the fight. It’s the fight in the dog.
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    2017 - sucked worse than 2016 which was hard 2018 - I've learned not to say it can't get worse
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    Dave, I've been using white distilled vinegar for years. Works great, cheap and will cut hard dried salt. I have not found any commercially available salt removing product that will dilute hard dried salt. Vinegar will not harm any surfaces of the boat or motor as long as you rinse it. Caution, vinegar will kill grass is not rinsed well. I presented this information on the Fla. Sportsman Forum years ago. Another member did several experiments using vinegar for various salt removing jobs. He presented his finding to THT and claimed to be the mastermind behind the idea. The information went viral on several boating forums. Anyway, I'm not looking for notoriety, just saying it works. Lets of guys have been injecting vinegar into their outboard flushing hoses. You might be able to use your hose-end sprayer to siphon vinegar into the flushing hose.
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    Nice ones. Yep, I see both you and linesider had to drag them out of the hole. All skinned up tells me you guys are too slow. Johns fish are scratch free.
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    Bob's the only person I allow to fondle my boat! Talk about killer service......my MG troller died on Thurs morn (it owes me nothing after 6 years of hard use) and he had a new MK troller ready for me to pick up on Friday afternoon!! Luckily a Riptide RT80 was available. I'd rather be lucky than good any day!! Merry Christmas to me 🎄