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    Y'all are jerks. Thanks for all the encouragement to keep going. She's off the market. Had three offers in 3 days, one full priced from a very good friend, two others that I would consider if I get to a point I needed the money. Fact is, the more I thought about selling her, the more I realized I don't want to. Now that I know I can sell her if I need to, it takes all the pressure off. She isn't costing me anything to be sitting in the yard, and I can do the plumbing and re-rigging myself, maybe even make some progress on re-wiring. As for the fiberglass, if anyone has very good, very reliable, and very reasonable glass guys that you can recommend, I'll take the names and numbers via PM for when I'm ready. One step at a time. . .
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    Picked up my new fishing buddy a couple of weeks ago. Her name is "Maggie May"--she's really smart. I've been putting her on the boat in the garage for a while to let her get used to it. Will probably try it on the water in a couple more weeks. Can't wait!
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    I'll kick off this thread with what I've done so far, to make a modified cheese grater plate that will pickup enough water in the sea chest for proper live well circulation, and also fit flush with the running surface of the hull to improve high speed performance and stability. On the first attempt, I made new grater plate out of 3/8" thick Lexan which mounted flush with the bottom of the hull. A table saw was used to make angled cuts to match the angled shape of the sea chest opening. It took a lot of time and saw blade adjustments to get the cuts angled right, so that there are no gaps. It performed better than the factory grater plate. However, I drilled too many holes that were also too large, so some drag and turbulence was still there. Here is the second generation cheese grater. There are only four 5/32" angled holes in it to pick up water, but the water flow with or without the pump turned on is just fine. The holes are all along the right side of the sea chest, farthest from the keel and away from the prop. I did not get the same speed gains that others have claimed recently, with a modified grater plate. But, the all-around improvements in performance, handling, stability, fuel economy, prop slip, and even porpoising, are remarkable! No more white knuckles and constant ride/trim tweaking. It is like a new boat and very fun to drive! There's only one thing yet to fix... when the boat is pulled out of the water, the sea chest holds a little water on the side that has no holes in the cheese grater, because it's lower on the vee of the hull. One tiny drain hole on that side should do the trick.
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    Just want to say thanks for all the input, suggestions and ideas that members have shared on this thread, and all other threads on this forum, for that matter. The ability to just sign-on to this forum and ask for help, or share some knowledge that might help others, is an awesome thing. The help and advice I've received from everyone on this board is greatly appreciated!
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    Let me see if I can clarify what I wrote. When sitting still the pump would pump a full stream of water then taper off to a light stream or dribble, then the pump would catch some water and pump at full flow again continuously. I was thinking that the holes in the grater were to small and the sea chest could not refill fast enough. I see where Geeviam says I need to go with vertical holes instead of larger angled holes. He needs to type faster as I already drilled angled holes!! haha Again me getting my thoughts to paper is tough for an old guy like me. On the trim tabs, I always have to use my tabs at cruising speeds to keep my boat from porpoising. It has done it since brand new no matter which prop I run. Sunday I was at cruising speeds and my boat did not porpoise like it has in the past. It may not be all gone but this is a huge improvement. As for speeds, it was a little choppy for me, but I did notice a 1-1.5 mph increase with the prop I ran that day running with him across the bay..
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    Today I got the rigging hatch and rigging tube ready for SHOtime Monday . New rigging tube New Pro Air bubbler New alum battery tray New led light New SeaDek Sharkhide polish the PT prop Im tired ! #ITSFIVEOCLOCKSOMEWHERE 🇺🇸☠️
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    Most of the hard work is done. I suggest keeping it and do the remainder of the work yourself. There are many forums and videos out there to help teach glass work and your rigging is basically plug and play. No better feeling than knowing every screw, nut and wire in your own boat.
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    2500 PF a year later. After a year (and a few months) of frequent use I thought I would give a review of my 2500 Hybrid. I got this boat in August of 2017. It’s coming due for 400 hr service. I’ve certainly put enough hours on it to give a well informed review. There were a few issues shortly after I got it. The rear livewell with the clear lexan plate would clog constantly with debris, grass or small baitfish that were able to get through the clear plate. After contacting the forum and the factory I determined this was a known issue and many of the forum users created their own sleeve of PVC or other pipe/hose and drilled holes all around it to reduce the suction at the top of the drain pipe. After doing this I was able to stop using the clear plate altogether. It still clogs from time to time but it’s now a quick fix to remove the grass from the sleeve and get on with my day. There was a fuel issue. I could not get the boat to take gas. The pump would stop due to back pressure from the tank. It was eventually determined that the vent nipple was welded shut when it was installed. A new vent was installed and the issue was resolved. This took many trips to the dealer and an e-mail to the factory to remedy. The Ameratrail trailer had one issue. A misalignment of the rear axle was causing tire wear and failure. 3 tires in less than 6 months. Ameratrail made good on this and we made a 3100 mile road trip shortly after the repair with zero issues. I’m still on the same 4 tires I made that trip with back in July. I bought and had installed a Rhodan 36 Volt trolling motor. It’s been to the shop twice under warranty. One time for a mother board issue. The other for a broken steering gear. Rhodan service was fantastic. They sent a courier to my house, picked up the motor and had it back to me inside of a week. The motor is very possibly the best option I put on the boat. Using it in "anchor" mode for hours does not drain the batteries more than 30-40%. And these are just wet cell Interstates bought at Costco. It has plenty of power to move the boat along a shoreline or against strong current in passes. Just today I had to do some work on both power poles. I will put up a separate post regarding this. Now the good stuff. Coming out of a 2003 22 V this boat is sooo much more comfortable. It eats the Pine Island chop on windy days and performs very well in the Gulf. It does not seem to draft much more than the old 22 V but I do find that I am more cautious as I really don’t want to have to try to push this beast off of a sand bar. I fish 4 people often and the front deck is so big that I’ve had all 4 of them up there at times working an oyster bar or shoreline with room for me to wiggle in and assist. Storage is massive and dry. There is plenty of room for my stuff and whatever my clients need to bring along for a fun day on the water. The fish box holds ice for well over a day. Once it is cooled I can just add some ice the following day to the remaining ice. There is more than enough room in there for fish, chum, frozen bait, etc. I really don't see the need for the macerator pump but I run it a little each time I clean the box to keep in working. The live well, once modifications were made to the drainpipe, is large enough to keep 4 people in bait and live chum for a good days fishing. I do wish there was an option for a full height leaning post live well but I didn't want to lose out on the comfy seat for the optional small leaning post live well offered. The LeBrock seat is fantastic! Comfortable and the flip up feature makes for plenty of room to walk through to help clients on either side of the boat. I had a local canvas place make a removable cover for the seat that I use while fishing. Its made of sunbrella and it keeps all the grime off the upholstery. I remove it at the end of the day. When it gets really grimy, I toss it in the washer. The console doors up front allow easy access to the batteries and there is a ton of storage space available in there as well. The boat is big but nimble and maneuverable. It responds well to the throttle and helm and tracks well when backing up around the docks. I chose to put a 15 x 20 3 blade powertech prop on the boat. The hole shot suffers a bit compared to the 4 blade props I tried but once up and moving it cruises around 35-38 with 3-4 people, full livewell and full fuel. Top speed with just me is 57-60 depending in the day. Fuel economy seems to hover around 2.8-3.1 at 3900-4200 rpms. I am hearing good things about the Enertia Eco props from Mercury and am considering one in the near future. I really like this boat. I do not miss my old 22V. (I never thought I would say that.) I get a lot of compliments from clients and from folks at the dock about it. It seems everyone wants one. Thanks to Maverick Boat Company for doing what you do. Build a good product and stand behind it when the need arises. I would not hesitate to buy another when the time comes.
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    Water temp drop in the bay has turned the gag bite on. Drop a big pinfish or grass grunt down at your favorite inshore reef and hold on! (Why this forum inserts pics turned to a different direction than original is a mystery to me - just sayin’) pf
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    One does not VS. the other. Glenn has a product that has revolutionized the way people fish in the florida region. I fish with a guy that has been fishing out of chokoloskee since the 80's. I wont say his name, but alot of his lines are on the FMT chip in the choko region. These aren't one of those arguments where you win if you've fished a region longer than me, I dont care if you think you know how to read water or you think you know where a sandbar or oyster bar is, or if you say you've been fishing here since ive been sucking on my thumb. If you run this chip it will change the way you fish the everglades, no debate..... When you plug in that 400 dollar chip and see what it is, if your not 100% impressed please message me and I'll buy your chip back at full price and re sell it. It's saved the bottom of my boat and has put me on prized fish time and time again. I'm baffled its not a standard feature on every MBG produced boat, and I am no way affiliated with glenn, I own a brand x boat, i get nothing of expressing my opinion on his product. Theres nothing like running into lostmans south entrance, seeing a few beached boats on a -0.5. You just run right by them, and at that moment you know you made the right choice running FMT. Glenn, if you read this, make it a testimonial on your website.
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    Well this could be a game changer! A typical VARIS infused deck for this model averages about 846lbs, this deck weighs 518lbs., a difference of 328lbs! Stay tuned, hull comes out this afternoon. Skip
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    Question, why do all this before you put it in mothball, the impeller would be no good? I would drain fuel system completely, I mean everything! Put some oil in the cylinders and crank it over a few times to spread it around. Seal up the intake and exhaust so no air gets into the power head to cause corrosion. Then when you take it out then you do all the service you mentioned. Oh yeah, spray the entire power head and every bolt with corrosion inhibitor.
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    Finally had our schedules meet up....took my little one to Chokoloskee in the Maverick.... Day was stellar, blue skies a few clouds, calm and lots of feeeeesssssh....not big, but, lots... Red rats where everywhere....caught over 30 and in one spot, the same fish was caught twice as I could see the puncture of the first hook set... anyways, we had fun with some reds, trout, jacks, cats, puffers, small snook that got off at the boat or she would have had a slam and one huge shark that nearly spooled me but was finally cut off.... some pics from the day.
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    Here’s a hero shot of my lil dude sitting on the SeaDek.
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    Some mornings are better than others... today was one of the good ones
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    A few of the nicer ones we managed to nab out of 50+ in the far backcountry almost exclusively caught on artis made by DOA...… One eyed Willy! Fish of the day....
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    She’s probably best looking yellow lab I’ve ever seen! Great dogs no doubt......at least 2 years from now she will be anyway. It is amazing how something so cute can be so destructive....9 months will be her peak of being a one dog wrecking crew.
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    I wouldn't use anything other than 316 stainless fasteners. I order all my stainless online at boltdepot.com , one of the best online merchants I've dealt with.
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    What Lurem said. To get a flush fit it is going to have to be a one off for every boat. We took his that fit his boat nicely and tried putting it on mine and it was not even close to fitting. I am not saying it was miles off but when getting things flush a few .001 here and there is a lot. I would guess you can copy the factory grate and get good results but it is not going to be dead on flush. I did the redneck scan and CNC (caliper, saw, sander) and it saved a bunch or trips crawling back under the boat.
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    https://www.boattrader.com/listing/2007-pathfinder-2200-tournament-103355139/ Beautiful 2007 PathFinder 2200TE in Emasculate Condition.... loaded with all the options. Perfect set up for Trout and Red Fishing or just cruising the waterway.
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    Thought some of you might find this interesting, building a 100% Carbon infused 23 Pathfinder at the moment. Somewhat of an experiment for us, if this saves as much weight as we think it will we might make this an option on a few select models in the future. Skip
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    A true speed freak would need a shut off grater plate . It would be possible to make a lexan cheese grater plate with all the holes needed for your livewell to perform and drain great when you are using your livewell . Than on that rare occasion when you wouldn’t be using the live well and wanted to try and get every possible MPH out of your fishing boat. You could place the plate in the closed position before putting the boat in the water. This lexan plate would be shorter than the lower plate so it could slide into position to open and close all the holes in the cheese grater. The upper plate would be able to slide forward to open water holes in that position all the holes would be a exact match , There would be four screws in a slot that could be loeesened to let the upper plate move back covering all holes in that closed position the plate would slide into the closed position in the slot than you could tighten the screws down . The plate would be able to slide forward with the screws in the slot than when in full open and full closed position the plate would move to the side that way when screws are tight in could not move . Joe R
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    X2! After I got off the phone with Lurem and heard he was struggling to get enough water to his pumps, I crawled back under my boat to make my holes a little larger. I now have 4 angled 7/32" holes down the outside a small drain hole on the inside and a 1/4" vertical hole in the center rear. I am putting the drill down for now!
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    Oh Lord..... I love this thing. You’re just a little early for me.
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    Got my plate installed last weekend with the help of Mulligan and took it out this past Sunday to see how it worked. I have the small 4 holes per Gevviam's example. I could definitely tell that I did not have to use my trim tabs and trim as much during the day to keep the boat from hopping. Definitely worth the time and effort! On the holes, mine are to small, they worked ok while running on plane but when sitting still the sea chest would not stay full causing my livewell pump (800 GPH) to fluctuate and *** air then *** water over and over again. When I got home I used the same 4 holes and went a couple drill bit sizes larger and will test again and report back. So far I am excited about this modification! Saw Hurricane on the water and we fished some together and chatted then made the run home back to the ramp.
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    Try finding your way around Hell's Bay with a Garmin. The display shows you on dry land most of the time.
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    Thanks for the info DIno, it's a shame that it's not at another store cause I don't by from Dick's. There name says it all.
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    Use him while he is affordable! My nephew was $5 now at 11 it seems $20 is the going rate. My niece is 4 and works for candy but you get what you pay for with her.
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    X2....now you have a "winter" project to do the re-wire...take a look at my post on the top of the forum about links to various sites...there is a very good one on wiring...you can take your time and look for a good deal on wiring and make your own harness...in addition, I'd go much simplier than those shared switches...they are a PIA....just get what you need and get the one pulse, on/off....bilge, lights, baitwells, etc....keep it simple and use quality components...Blue Seas, etc. By the spring, she'll be ready to be glassed in and you'll have something you'll be able to pass down to your kids....I enjoy my boat work as much as the fishing sometimes... dc
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    I think you’re making a great decision, Gus. Go thru the entire boat, replace everything then have a glass guy come in to finish her off. Oh, and hang a SHO on her when that OX66 finally gives up. 👍🏻
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    One week from today , it will be SHOtime! #PUMPED🚤
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    Very next day I brought him to the Everglades to learn how to fly fish. He killed it! 30 Snook on fly his first time ever fly fishing! He was pumped!!! Way more exciting to watch him catch fish than fish myself. Here is the video from the glades if interested: I love all of Pine Island Sound. Cant really give you a specific area as really all of it is productive!
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    Let me know when you are going, I will be out there with my camera.
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    LOOK AT THE DAY I BOUGHT IT!!!12/03/2005, today is 12/03/2018, 13 years to the day!! Now I believe in the Illuminati!! haha
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    What do you mean? I finish mine right after you left. Took about 10min and most of that was getting the backing off the tape. I used good aluminum tape so it should stick well and not rust.
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    I had a similar day in Flamingo on Saturday, we stayed at the campground We went to the back and fished mostly oyster bars and must have caught more than 30 snook under 15” , bunch of little reds , some nice trouts, snapper, many ladies and brought some nice sheepshead to grill at the campsite with the steaks for Surf and turf!! i was thinking the same way, next year we should have a good time catching again all the ones we released
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    Good thread! If it was me and I needed extra flow at rest I would drill the additional holes the opposite direction as the ones feeding the water box on plane!
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    I also wouldn't be surprised if the speed gains aren't just from reduced drag, but also reduced turbulence which lowers prop slip. Crazy how a metal cheese grater can spark such a discussion!
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    Oh, and thanks for all this talk here. You guys are going to make me remove a trailer bunk and spend time crawling under a boat this weekend.
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    OK, got your attention! I need to sell the 1900V to pay for closing cost on a house. Selling everything and downsizing. Then rebuild later. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 2002 Pathfinder Continental Aluminum trailer Yamaha 115HP 2 stroke (unknown hours) Minn Kota 70lbs Trolling (needs tlc) Hydrojacker 6" Jack plate 6' Power Pole (needs pump)(including a spare used pump w/remote(not installed)) Lowerence HDsi4 GPS/Sonar (new) Brand new cranking battery. Battery charger for TM WANG 8' stick anchor w/ front mount New Upholstery on Leaning post Live well PowerTech Stainless 4 blade prop CD/Radio needs replaced, have new speakers not installed Bimini top with hardware $12,000 FIRM! I am a motivated seller at this point. I just had the motor inspected and the Compression is a solid 120psi across all 4 cylinders. Located in Palm Coast, FL (between Daytona and St. Augustine) Call or Text (386) 235-3069 Mike
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    Maybe someone who designed the original can chime in, Skip? To me it sounds like everyone has a lip toward the rear of the grater. I would think this is to create a negative pressure to pull water through the sea chest giving more flow but also creating turbulence and not perform as good from a performance standpoint but would work well of you are like Capt.Troy who has a sump pump feeding his well. Then you have Geeviam whos would work great for boat performance and be able to feed a well but might struggle to flow enough if you have to run multiple pumps. It would be fun to play with these things if mine was not sitting over my trailer bunks. But what do I know, I grow grass for a living.
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    So if I am understanding you, the issue was not one of the plate protruding "below" the hull, but being "recessed" or "inset" to the hull, which caused the unwanted turbulence and slower speeds, etc.........I guess primarily at the aft end of the plate I had been confused because on my Pathfinder, the standard SS factory plate is recessed. And I didn't see how changing out or modifying my plate would provide any benefit because it was already recessed. I had it all bassackwards! So, you are saying the slight recess at the aft end of the plate was robbing the boat of better performance. It is just hard for my little pea brain to accept the fact that that little bitty lip could cause a speed loss of several miler per hour. If I am understanding you correctly............ If this is all true, this could make for a pretty profitable little side business........considering how many thousands and thousands of Mavs, Hewes, and Pathys are on the water! I will certainly line up to buy one if somebody wants to make me one. If I could buy a replacement grate for say, $100, to gain 2 mph on top end, I would jump all over it. The other performance gains would be just gravy! (I have a buddy, who happens to own a 24 Pathfinder, who also happens to own a pretty nice machine shop! I might have to pitch the idea to him, if the performance gains are serious enough.)
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    Get the MARPAC lights. They'll last longer. I got mine online
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    Been catching 30-50 fish in 4 hours. Most fish are the 14-20 inch range, but the gators have been in the mix. I typically see the larger fish at the bottom of the tide. Purple trout tricks paired up with a 1/16 oz or 1/8 oz jighead has been the ticket, but I have been using other colors of the Zmans, and they seem to work as well.
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    Yeah they don’t last long. You have to get on their mailing list. He’s about to drop some more
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    Sunrise at South Georgia....37 degrees and a beautiful morning.
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    I'd never spend my money on any other cooler. My 20, 45 & 65 qt RTIC's are awesome! I got all 3 for the price of one 75 qt Yeti. They're blowing out all their inventory right now.
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    It's a lot easier to drill holes than it is to fill holes. Baby steps on the drilling fellas.
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    A word of caution before you guys start messing with these things too much - there is no additional backing these things are screwed into, it’s simply the thickness of the hull. Horrible design that had me taking on a surprising amount of water one day offshore in gulf. All the 5200 in west marine couldn’t stop it as holes were wallowed out and had some cracking. Bigger screws didn’t bite well enough in most holes...I ended up cleaning it all off and drilling them out and filling holes and areas around them with epoxy and using just 1/2” screws to hold new plate on. Honestly, I have no idea if it actually worked as boat was stolen soon after. Here is pic of mine leaking through holes when I fillled bilge to find where it was coming from. 3 of 6 were leaking good. This was after I replaced the original cracked plate with MBC made stainless one with the factory screws and a good bead of 5200. I think the area that it’s screwed into is just too thin (should have a backing strip behind it but doesn’t ) so when you start messing with these screws, your wallowing the holes out enough to open up a can of worms