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    I went and done it. Matched the motor to the boat.
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    Got out with my little guy. He's only 4 but he's already hooked on fishing.
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    And he broke it in already......
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    Hey Gang! Thought I would sign up and introduce myself after stalking your forum for a number of months! In the midst of purchasing a new Atlantic Blue Hull and Cosole Redfisher 18. Super excited to join the Maverick family. I have owned 2 different Sailfish CC in the past 12 years and sold my 2008 2660 earlier this year. It was a well used boat with nearly 2500 hours on the clock and 27000 miles on the hull! Since then I have been crawling over all sorts of bay boats, skiffs and flats boats and was continually drawn back to the Redfisher. Last week my local dealer received the boat I’m purchasing and I had a “have to have it” moment : ) I put a deposit on it and patiently waited for a weather window for a sea trail which came yesterday. All went well and looking to take delivery the middle of next week. Looking forward to the mobility of a smaller boat and the chance to get around the state a bit and fish some different waters. Boat at is powered by a 115 SHO which seems like the perfect balance of power and efficiency. Came from the factory with a power pole and Garmin 741xs. I will be adding a trolling motor in the future but wanted to see exactly how I fish it before making a decision. Look forward to getting involved with this forum and contribute when I can! Tom from West Palm Beach
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    Bay boats are pretty much like pontoon boats .
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    Would have been waaaaaay cheaper to let me take over the reigns of the MBC from Mr Deal as discussed earlier and bring back the tiller Micro and beef up the transom of the 21 MA to accept a Vrod 400R. .... and we would have won the skiff challenge with Shane and I piloting the HPXV 17. Just sayin'.
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    Great point! Not apples to apples here, but here are some pictures for ideas - similar to what Smilemaker suggests. This particular bass boat builder installs the transom bracing first, and then ties in and integrates the stringers and deck supports. Looks very strong. Has to be, to handle the horsepower they hang on them!
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    not me, but i was the guide and it is my boat.
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    There are a lot of theories on it, but no clear cause. Here are the primary contenders as "cause:" - Surveyor/insurance adjuster: Manufacturing defect caused by laying stringers and having the resin fire off too soon. - Boat repair guys: "What the hell?? Why wouldn't they run those stringers all the way back to the transom?" - Boat repair guys: "Forward trim tab screws penetrated the hull (of course) AND the box stringer allowing water to seep into the stringer and soak the foam. Given enough time, standing water will cause fiberglass to become brittle and weaken. The stringer foam was completely soaked when they ground out the tabbing and raised it - took a while to dry it out. Oh, and why the hell didn't they run those stringers all the way back??" - My trailer bunks don't extend past the transom, and they end suspiciously close to where the stringer ends and ultimately broke loose. Coincidence? - God decided I needed to spend more time with the family. After multiple hints, he simply took my boat away until I could behave like a real grown up. Thus the extended time to get the boat fixed (going on 7 months now since the discovery of the issue). I'm personally going with this last one, because 1) there doesn't seem to be a broad issue with this with 18's, and 2) it's been a (painful) blessing in disguise to be without the boat for awhile. It's easy to get caught up in being a psycho fishing guy when you are 5 minutes from a ramp and sitting in striking distance of a lot of fish, but these last 7 months I've spent more time being a good husband and a better dad, so at the end of the day, things happen for a reason. Lost a hell of a lot of weight surfing with the kids 3 times a week or more, and that dawn patrol time with them is solid gold. Don't go thinking that I'm not a neurotic mess over getting this thing fixed and fixed right. Just ask Nagjuice. I'm like a jealous boyfriend and some dude has his hands all over my girl and won't give her back to me. Dang I like this boat and she'll be better than new when I get her finished, but it's been an eternity since I felt that joy of sitting behind my own console and saying "Giddyup, girl!" Now, back to that honey-do list . . .
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    Can we just get a new 21. This should be a Pathfinder 26 X or something like that.
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    I’ve caught more fish in a low maintenance Jon yacht than any other boat out there. I dig that thing a lot.
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    The HPXS never really fitted well on its trailer so before I put it away i called Ameritrail and talked with Junior. He took the trailer id and looked it up and told me that they had done some tweaks since they started building them for MBC. He offered to update the trailer if I brought it to him so I drove down there today. Besides tweaking the bunk location and side rails they went through the whole trailer, found a clearance light that didn't work and just charged me for the part. They only charged for the light no labor on any of it. Considering the trailer is 3 years old I think it was a pretty good deal. Dropped the trailer off before lunch and picked it back up right after and made it home for happy hour.. Pretty super customer service.
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    I had cupholders installed... & oh yeah- a 942xs w/a UHD GT34 Transducer
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    I'm confused. Who's 22' TE w/250 SHO is this?
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    I'm not sure how I feel about this.....can we just get the 21 MA or the 17/18 back for a bit? We need more info on this 26MA....that's really weird write.
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    Got an update from Brett on this - waiting for pics an will post them up when I get them. He has extended the stringers and beefed up the knees that connect the transom to the hull. We're making progress. Fixing the issue and making her stronger than ever back there. Probably overkill, but I don't ever want to worry about this again, and I wouldn't want a future buyer to, either. Pics to follow as soon as I get them.
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    Went offshore yesterday and gave her a good needed wash this morning....😎
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    Yes, but she knows this mistress is a much better choice than the alternative😉
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    Would be nice if someone from MBG would chime in to clear all of this up and provide some history in the design changes....
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    True story. My first crossing, about 35 years ago, I took a 21 Bayliner cuddy from West Palm to Walkers with my wife onboard. I pulled up to the dock at Walkers, tied up, and jumped up on the dock. There was a grizzled looking old salt standing there . He looked at the boat, looked at me, then asked if I crossed over in that boat. I swelled up with pride, and with my chest poking out, proudly answered yep, I sure did! The old salt took another slow look down at the boat, then looked back at me and asked.......”You got a death wish or what?” This was before I knew better!
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    Great article . Over thirteen years there are many things that could of happened to any boat that could cause minimal external damage to the gel coat anytime the gel coat is not 100% sealed over time things like this can happen . Scary but true .
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    Before you pickup the phone to call the insurance company, consider sending a PM to "whichwaysup", Gus. If you don't wanna do that, at least look back to his posts and read what he had to say about his experience with insurance. He just dealt with insurance and would probably give you some very valuable information.
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    So I haven't been on for a while...and this was a few months ago... We love our Pathfinder 2200!
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    Managed a couple of summertime striper on the river this a.m. with a buddy. My son kicked the skunk off the boat early with a topwater striper, and I managed one later in the a.m. subsurface. Missed about 5 other shor strikers, but not a bad morning for a pre-work dawn patrol.
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    Maybe there’s a seatbelt option for some of you
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    Holy cow! The guy wearing the Adidas track suit isn't worthy of owning a Maverick/Hewes/Pathfinder.....
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    My folks came down to take over my baby related duties so it was time to do some work on the Maverick, normal 100hr, water pump, new fuel lines from the fuel tank to the vapor separator tank and figure out what to do about the broken poly-board shelf in the bow compartment. Got the first three items accomplished then it got ugly. For those unfamiliar, and especially for those with the same set-up, Maverick glued a piece of poly-board on top of the fuel tank back in the day (we're talking 2010 in my case) they use Weld-on which is basically construction adhesive and doubled -up 3/8" poly-board glued directly to the aluminum... Just wait it gets better... So I removed the carpet and the broken piece of poly-board and then realized why it broke... The gas tank was sitting on the bottom of the boat. Turns out the entire weight of the front of the tank (28 gallons / 200-ish lbs + weight of the tank) is held up by 3" piece of 1/8" aluminum bolted to the bulkhead with two 1/4"x20 bolts. So here we go, I called Ray at the MBC, who was helpful as always, and told him what was up, I believe he truly understood my disappointment in this pontoon boat-like execution of gas tank mounting and quickly explained how they fix this (also saying in a that this has happened before) and offered to fix it free of charge by pouring foam under the tank if I could get the boat up to Ft. Pierce. Problem for me was that it was gonna have to wait until the end of July. While I appreciate the offer I cant be without the boat that long and I don't believe filling the bottom of the bow compartment with foam is the best fix, nor does it fix the broken weld on the tank. Not only that, the hatch lid drains into the compartment as well so every time it rains or the boat gets washed water is draining into the bow compartment. If the compartment bottom was full of foam it wouldn't drain and where I live, Homestead FL, nothing truly dries unless in air conditioning. So I'm gonna remove the tank, fabricate new mounts and backing plate and make my own pour foam stringers under the tank so the compartment will still drain if needed, of course it was full of gas so here we go. Hmm, looks big, bigger than the hatch opening actually... Let me call Ray. Turns out these tanks are installed before the deck is bonded to the hull and when they do warranty work on gas tanks they cut the tank out and install a smaller tank... beer time. So since my idea of the "proper fix" is out the window time to re-engage. My plan is to make some kind of a barrier half-way down the tank so the foam doesn't run all the way back to the bulkhead and just the front is suspended by the foam and the compartment still drains. Using the existing holes in the forward bulkhead make a hold-down bracket keeping the tank from moving upward and holding it down against the foam. I just can't cut up a gas tank that doesn't leak, besides what do I have to loose? If my foam idea doesn't last, I gotta cut it out anyway so F-it. If you look closely at the second pic you will see that the bolts are loose, I believe this allowed the initial movement of the tank and started fatiguing the bracket and welds causing the failure. My suggestion to anyone with a similar set-up to inspect these bolts and ensure they are tight. If I would have caught this sooner I would have double lock-nutted the backs of the bolts. You'll probably have to remove some poly-board to get at the heads of the screws to ensure they are tight but it's obviously worth the trouble. I didn't start this thread to bash the MBC, to their credit they don't do this anymore and Ray did offer some sort of cost-free option to alleviate the issue, I wont go as far to call it a proper solution or repair but whatever... The fact that this was the way the factory installed the fuel tank on a $50K-plus 18' flats boat is unbelievable to me and frankly hurts my feelings a little bit, this is Bayliner stuff. But as I said before this is a done deal, time to move on. I'm not sure I believe in karma but I hope this isn't pay-back for my consistent anti-bay boat rhetoric or my latest bay boat to pontoon boat comparison. We'll see, I'll keep y'all posted on the fix and please look into this if you have a similar set up.
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    The issues are wide spread. You simply can not allow growth to go unchecked. The infrastructure, the roads, the environment and watershed can not support the ditch and drain of our natural wetlands. I'm fighting a battle right now in my hood. Millions of acres of dirt as fill and the owner wants to back fill and build homes to the tune of 4 per acre and then if it doesn't fit his need he will go to high rises. Then, section 8 as he calls it to get what he wants approved to circumvent the policy and long term plans of Odessa as a community. Alabama here I come or maybe Alaska. The waters of this state are sending a message from one end to the other.
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    Son bought this last week, 1999 BPS Tracker 16.5 Flip Pallot Edition aluminum jon boat. 40 merc, wot is around 35, not much on google, made for two years 98/99, thought it was cool enough to share.
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    Had a great morning taking my #3 child out for some topwater reds. We ended up getting 4, and Gabe claimed 2 of them. Made his daddy proud.
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    Put a new switch panel on today. Original one had the clear sticker peeling off, so I had a local sign shop make this one for me.
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    Saw that on facebook. When are the state or even federal politicians gonna get involved with this??????? I totally get the money Big Sugar gives to them, but if you wanna win these up coming election, get down there and talk about how your're gonna fix this if I vote for you. At the very least it will bring more awareness to the issue. It blows my mind how this is not a story everyday on local news.
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    The sun had set behind us and the moon was rising in front of us on Marathon. The fish were still biting so we kept fishing. I don't know how to rotate the photo, someone let me know please.
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    Promised my neighbor’s son on his 13th. birthday we’d put him on a big red. Bingo! With Capt. Tanner putting us on the big ones Robert landed this 30 pounder, 47 inches, all by himself. All smiles. Also some slots, black drum and trout on spin and fly.
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    Replacing the original zero bling wheels:
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    I suspect a Wall Street Prime rate of 6% in the next 12 months will have a cooling effect on luxury consumer spending,,,,,this will be interesting. just 18 months ago Prime was 3.75%. Prime was 3.25% from 12/08 to 12/15.... keep your firewood dry boys...
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    Build a bigger shed!
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    Bring back the 21. That thing won't fit in the shed.
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    This right here along with... Front and rear decks, walk on gunnel rod lockers and a stand up console / lean post livewell. A mix between a 21 Master Angler and a 21 Fusion. Oh and make it 23 feet long!
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    Does this qualify as a "Technical poling skiff?" Better start eating your Wheaties, boys!
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    If you want to do it the right way, Id replace the leaf springs and go with stainless brakes. If you want to go all out, wouldn't be a bad time to switch to torsion axles
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    Happy pappy day 🇺🇸☠️
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    Thanks, I didn’t use much at all but will take some wet towels to stand on next outing just in case! love the way woody wax smells...reminds me of cheap motel’s carpet at the beach
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    all together now, NagJUICE nagJUICE nagJUICE! C'mon man, scratch that itch! I might even be your friend if you had a cool boat like that. After you sold your MA I questioned your manhood, but this might restore my faith in you.
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    Hmmm .... I know a guy who can make those coupler boxes . Hmmmm .... 🇺🇸☠️
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    Not sure if there is any relevance but what year did the cap layout change? On a side note, you know the guys at the MBG office know the answer and are sitting back enjoying the show!