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    Guys, in case you haven't seen this I wanted to post so you can. I have to tell you it sure invokes some pride. Hopefully it will run after a Kaperdick ad. I think I need to go buy a Jeep.
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    I have had my 2nd generation, Bluetooth MK Ulterra for two years with total trouble free service. The exception being that the white paint started flaking off the lower unit........the motor. Knowing that my 2 year warranty was up in January, I called MK and found out they will replace the lower unit (the motor) under warranty. Shazam! Soooo, I arranged to ship the motor to Master Repair in Stuart, my installing dealer. I got it back yesterday. They did me right!!!!! It included a new shaft and a new lift motor. Essentially a brand new troller. Sometimes, it pays to buy from and let a brick and mortar shop install! I can’t recommend Master Repair highly enough!
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    Wet sanded the entire inside and started the buffing/waxing process. You can see how chalky it was in the picture. Hope to finish it out before snook season opens up again.
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    Twas the day after Christmas And the early morn bite was slow Not much was happening Hardly even any tidal flow Then all the sudden the snook started to bite And my angler on board was no longer uptight! All my son wanted for Christmas was to catch some Choko snook on artis and he caught dozens....better a day late than never!! I'm so thankful for every minute spent on the water with him.
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    Upgraded to dual 10’ blades.
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    Electronics Installed by: Custom Marine Concepts - Eric 305-608-6021 Boat Cover made by: Master Canvas - Manny 786-273-2097 Both have done several boats for me and both are professionals at what they do.
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    Great Ad! Thanks for posting!
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    And to think he has a lawsuit against the NFL for ruining his career! I guess he still believes his reaction was justified. As a ex Vet, I have not watched a single game this year and will continue this until the NFL imposes stiff fines against those that continue this practice! Once Cav always Cav
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    Great ad. Makes me miss all 3 of my Jeeps. Too bad we can't have more ads like that! F Kapersnatch....
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    I got in one quick little early morning trip with a friend yesterday before the rain started. We found them biting pretty good, all on plastic.
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    Ok ! Trailer jack has been upgraded to the new style wheel . #AIMWELDING 🇺🇸☠️
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    Red Sky in morning....Saliors take warning......I used to fish for tails about 8 mile diretly into the sunrise then 2 miles to the right
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    Way back when my parents dropped my sister and i off on the alligator light house platform. This was before child services. May want to consider something like this. Indian key would be a good place to dump them off as well.
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    This is the post of the thread award winner. So, it is deserving of a replay! LOL I quoted this post just so, maybe, it would get read over and over again. Maybe even by some people of "influence." Porpoising is a very aggravating problem, in case "some" people don't realize it. You bring up boat up to the desired mid range cruise speed and trim it out to perfection for maximum speed and fuel efficiency.......... and ......... then......... bounce, bounce, bounce! Soooooooooo, you have to apply tabs that in turn lower your speed and fuel efficiency, thus defeating your perfect trimming effort. This is not a handling characteristic worthy of a premium boat! JMHO.
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    I finished the plate yesterday morning and got it installed. I dropped the boat in this afternoon for the sea trial. This is the result. The porpoising is much much improved. The back end does feel “looser.”I picked up 100 rpm’s and on average, about 2 mph. I’m sure the cold water and cold air didn’t hurt matters. When I was taking the pictures, it was showing 62, which was my two way average. I didn’t know it touched 63 until I got ready to make this post! LOL This calculates out to a 6 on the prop slip calculator. All in all, I feel like the results were worth the effort. Oh, by the way, the bait well functioned perfectly normal as long as I had the pump running. If I tuned the pump off, it would not continue flowing water while running, where the SS plate with all the holes would. But that is not an issue for me.
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    I installed a Lumitec Newt LED bait well light in my aft center bait well this past Saturday. While I was in the well, I ran a bead of caulk around the top of the tub hoping to seal it to stop the leaks into the bilge.
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    I heard some crazy red headed Capt from around Savannah was part of a fishing team that currently holds the Ga. record for wahoo.
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    Pavallion Key ! 🇺🇸☠️
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    Awesome shots Outlaw. ! Heres one from South Georgia...
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    Just got back into the mix. Quick history, I live in south Houston and back in 99, I bought a Redfisher Tunnel Orvis Edition (was suuuuper sexy....pics later). A year in, I had some structural issues with the tunnel leaking where the tunnel met the stern plate and in typical stellar fashion, after one email and a phone call, the company offered me a new hull, I opted for the just released 1810v. They came out to Houston, picked up the boat, drove it back to FL, swapped out all my running gear and rigging, drove it back out to me (who does that!!??!?!). I proceeded to beat the snot out of that boat for 5 years, with nary a squeak, crack, hiccup until I moved to Vegas in 05 and sold it to a close friend. Kind of vowed I was a devout fan for life. Just last Oct, I moved back to south Houston and my friend was talking about putting my old boat in the marina in my neighborhood so I could use it. I had always dreamed of having a 2300dv and just killing some time between conference calls I was bored cruising the interwebs and yesterday I see one on Craigslist in Galveston that was up for all of a day. With the proceeds from the ridiculous housing market burning a hole in my pocket...cleared it with upper management and headed down today and rolled down and checked it out. He said in one day he got dozens of calls and one guy from FL was foaming at the mouth. Got him down a tad on the price and happy with the value for the semi-unicorn, especially considering what they seem to have been going for over the last few years. The down side, it was a guide boat...so its' well used but it's mostly TLC and elbow grease. She's rough but it's mostly cosmetic I and relatively easy I think. Any other brand would be trashed, as his other 3 charter boats were. It was vinyl wrapped on the hull and console most of it's life so the exterior hull a console are in shockingly good condition considering. The motor is an older Yam SW250 2smoke but you breath on the key and it starts, no hiccup and pulls hard and runs clean when warm (they are kind of bullet proof) but probably only has a season or two at most but I'll run it till it dies. Shifts in/out of gear silently but I'll replace all the fluids for my own satisfaction. There are no stress cracks anywhere, including the box lids (I'm blown away considering the amount of use). The foot rail is missing which kind of *** but it is replaceable. The ugly...somewhatstuff I can do myself, figure sink a 1k or so and it will be good to go for the summer. Two one inch nicks in the gelcoat on the port strakes, midships. Need to replace the throttle binnacle. Anchor locker hinges, two wing fish box latches, rear access panel hinges. The control panel has been replaced but I don't like it, I'll replace that with something more durable. There are some shade-tree rigged LED lights spread around that will get ripped out almost immediately and replaced with weather tight units as well as proper weather tight units under the gunnels. I almost want to add a small box to the t-top and move the vhf up there. There are no rod holders on the side of the console or on the gunnels. I can probably add some to the inside gunnels but not sure how to attache them as I'm a little hesitant to drill through the pristine gel coat but I might just have to *** it up. All the pumps (bilge, livewell, macerator, pitch well) need to be replaced and new wires pulled. I think I should replace all the hoses and clamps as well, probably the seacocks. The rear switch panel and box need a lot of comet and some re-wire. The LP live well is in *** good shape. All the boxes need new gaskets. Console box is tired and needs new plexi. The premix tank cap clearly needs a new gasket... Inside the console and inside the rear access panel need some SERIOUS soap, bleach and stiff brush. Upholstery is original so I'll have someone else knock that out, maybe add some hip pads. Probably maybe add some Seadek in a few select places myself. The t-top is cloth and in great shape. The aluminum is a little corroded but nothing some dw40 and 00 steel wool won't fix. It could use a wind screen and some new speakers. Maybe two smaller bean bags for the kids (5&7). Trailer is decent older galvanized but with new axles, springs, hinges, bearings, buddies, runners. It's ugly as cat puke but completely serviceable. And stripper boat name has to go... I"m stoked.
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    The sight of those trout got the best of me , we booked a cabin for the 1st week in march in harris neck , I hope the weather warms up some by then may be we'll get lucky and find some you missed thanks again
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    mine works well in all conditions except sitting on the trailer bunk much better than transom mounts i have had in the past
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    Contact http://www.nizpromarine.com/ No need to switch your entire engine. 200 to 250 is as easy as a computer flash.