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    I just wanted to relate my Friday with my two grandsons, one 12 and one 15. They visited us last week on spring break and Friday I talked them into a little fishing less their cell phones. We got up early to a beautiful morning, flat calm and jumped in the Maverick and drifted a couple of flats. Stopped to watch the dolphins feeding on the way and our resident eagle fishing. We didn't see another boat or even a kayak. It was just us. They caught some fish and we headed home middle afternoon. When we got home the Admiral said "I am not cooking" so we jumped back into the Pathfinder, headed north to Captains BBQ in Palm Coast where Capt Chris Herrera feed us some great food. Headed home with the sun going down in a beautiful sunset with the boys stretched out on the fore deck watching. When we got home the boys came to me and said "Papa, we had a great day". What more could you ask for? PS: They didn't access their phones all day!
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    Well, after a year of planning, preparing and searching, we pulled the trigger on a 2018, 23' HPS. The wife fell in love with this boat at the Jacksonville show, back in January. It's been a busy weekend. I took a deposit on my 1900v last week, picked up the 23 yesterday, and sent off the 19 this morning; bitter sweet. I know we all love pics, but this is all I have for now.
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    This past weekend! My son and a 38 inch Snook!
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    Not yet but I have a 18 month old and looking forward to it although I did coach HS a number of years ago I was a 4 year college baseball player and my brother was a minor league player for 8 or 9 years with a short stint in the big leagues so baseball is in our blood. Bragging moment: coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life - Lil brother getting his first major league hit. Two outs bottom of 8th he hits RBI single to keep game alive and tie it up. Ricky Weeks comes behind him hits a HR to take lead and win it. We played together all growing up and a year in colllege so I know the efforts it takes to get to that level.... Still gives me chills thinking about that.
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    Why is there not a "What did you catch today" or "THIS is a fish" thread? I mean thats what all this is for right!
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    Expanded pvc sheet...holds screws well and you can use methacralyte epoxy to adhear it to the console walls/sides. It's light and readily available...affordable, too! A sheet of 1/2" x 2' x 4' is $27 at Home Depot. They also carry 3/4" and it's closer to $50. The epoxy was a challenge to find at the usual places, but my local Ace had it. It's Devcon Plastic Weld...read the back and make sure it has methacralyte in it.
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    Well...after a lot of planning, I feel we officially broke in our 22’. Got a 130# swordfish. Glad one this size came boatside....easily handled by my buddy and I. I do have a contingency plan for a 400+ pound fish... which I know is out there... The first one was gentle...
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    Great time of year to fish Pine Island Sound!
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    OK, perfect... Here's what we'll do for next year. I'm not busy, except for having a 6 week-old baby but I'll figure something out, besides he'll be one this time next year and pretty much self sufficient I think, he was a big baby. I'll take the reigns of the MBC for a couple months prior to add some legitimacy to the turn-over from Mr. Deal to me. To further solidify my position as the Pres we'll re-launch the 17 Micro (in tiller form only), update the 17 and 18 HPXV's, and re-launch the 21 Master Angler with a redesigned transom to handle 400HP. Easy-Peasy Feel free to shoot me a PM if there are any further questions.
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    Picked up a 2011 Maverick 18 HPX-V last week thanks to Scott Slappey. This is my first skiff. I Could not be more excited to be a member of the MBG family! I am looking forward to being a part of this group and am sure I will have many questions as I learn the ins and outs of this boat.
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    Not that anyone is keeping score or anything, and certainly no pride involved here at all. . . But I did notice that Hewesyourdaddy's "What did you do on your boat today" thread is beginning to outpace my (far superior) "THIS is a sunrise" thread. It would seem to me that you boys are spending too much time babying your boats and not enough time using them. Thankfully, Outlaw is demonstrating proper priorities. Its spring, the fish are hungry. Pack up your tools and buffers and grease guns and GO FISH (and take pics)! I mean, not that I really care if Hewesyourdaddy's thread is longer than mine. Really . .
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    Put another 100 miles on her ! #MISTRESS 🇺🇸☠️
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    Since the boat is awaiting her surgery and is off site, I took advantage of the opportunity to re-work her parking pad area. The turf block pavers had settled in and gotten all cockeyed and misaligned and even though you couldn't see it from a distance, it was bugging me. Spent about 3-4 tedious hours lining up and leveling turf block pavers, getting the wheel jack area lined up, digging, leveling, covering, rinse, repeat. . . 3 hours later, I could barely stand up (those pavers are seriously heavy) and I had sand in places we don't need to talk about in polite company, but the job was finished. I turned around to admire it, but from a distance, it looked exactly the same. But those blocks are straight and level now, so when I get her back, she'll be sitting pretty again.
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    Happy Easter ! 🇺🇸☠️
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    NCDREW,,, Thank you sir... I'll check out the numbers on the prop tomorrow and get back to you... Marcus Clements, Vice President of PowerTech worked with me diligently after I upgraded to the 2012 F150... We tried several different props including a couple of four-blade models but ended up with this one... It gets excellent fuel economy and is capable of a solid 50 mph when conditions are right... With the Garmin fuel management system interfaced with the Garmin 740S you can tweak the RPM and trim angle to get the max possible fuel economy and performance... -----------------------------<" ){{{{>< NOTE: Here below is another photo I just found on my desk top of my 04 Pathfinder taken last fall...
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    Fishing Stuart FL...
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    TM will change how you fish. It opens the whole boat up for fishing, rather than being stuck at the bow. I'd go with the TM and one of the manual anchor pins for now. Even when you get a power pole the anchor pin will still be useful, to help setup in the wind and tide. Don't expect to use anchor mode on a shallow flat, it will scare fish.
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    Once I got the IPilot it changed everything. For me, the only reason I would need a power pole is the sandbar or pinned in the grass. The anchor feature and auto pilot made me question on why I went so long without it.
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    I have no experience with either one. However, if someone comparing two poling Skiffs says one poles 80 to 50% easier I would question their experience. I would expect an hpx to pole 80% easier than a Pathfinder, and an hpx to pole 50% better then my 18 Master Angler.
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    New wheel is wrapped for the MA. Hunter did an awesome job with it. Sent the grab bars out for powder and wrap as well.
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    Hey Fish Slayer and Deck Swabber- I can't recall if I posted pics of the finished project with the SeaDek. Here you go!!! LMK if you have any questions or want to see close ups of any of the sections of the decking!
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    Gus you need a fishing trip. Both threads mentioned above have to be torture. You have no boat to tinker with and no boat to catch a sunrise. The keys are in mine. Come get it and make sure you use non ethanol gas😂
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    Yesterday I installed the MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch and fob. I have not gotten the boat out to test it, but it seems like a great idea. I may get the watch band for the fob or just keep it in the zip up pocket of my Mustang inflatable life vest.
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    I decided to do some upgrades to my Parhdinder 2400. I got a Minn Kota riptide ulterra 112 auto deploy, JL Audio speakers amp and Fusion Bluetooth module, and replaced the garbage factory trim tab switches. I had it all installed by Raymond McNamara 772-812-4599 http://www.mcnamaramarine.com/ He did excellent work and was very thorough. Not the cheapest but that’s not what I was looking for. His work is excellent and he uses all quality materials. Heres a few photos, he’s coming back to add a second power pole for me in a couple weeks.
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    Got my share of catfish yesterday. Really windy and dirty water from all the rain lately so fished some mullet chunks on the bottom. Nothing but cats. Switched to jig head/gulp shrimp later on and in a different spot and got this guy. Forgot to bring my darn phone on the boat so just a cooler pic. Looks like he had a run in with a porpoise or something.
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    2011 Maverick Mirage 18 HPX-V - MERCURY Optimac ProXS (2 stroke engine with only 255 hours) with Mercury throttle and Smartcraft gauge - 2 tone custom Whisper Grey Nonskid deck with Ice Blue Slicks - Custom Seadek poling platform pad and Tarpon design under gunnel pads - Stiffy push pole holders - Motor bracket for power pole mount - two 12 volt batteries in console (one for cranking one for trolling motor) - Garmin 546 GPS and Raymarine Dragonfly GPS/Fishfinder - stereo system by Shallow Water Customs upgraded with Bluetooth receiver - Minnkota iPilot trolling motor which can be mounted either on the bow or the transom - Full equipped live well - custom dry launch Ameritrail trailer - -20° torsion axle - Port side walk board - Carpet sided support bunks and dual rollers on rear axle - Wang anchor system Looking to sell my 18 foot Maverick. Great boat with low hours. I have owned a boat since 2013. Since then, she has only spent one day in salt water. When I bought the boat, my intention was to spend a lot more time on the Coast. However, work, family, etc. got in the way of that. So the boat has been on Lake Lanier just above Atlanta since then. The boat has been covered and either in a garage or a roofed boat dock at all times. Hours on the boat are very low because, though Lake Lanier is a large lake, 95% of my fishing is within a few miles my lake home. Asking 30k. Please feel free to call or text me with any questions. My cell phone is 404–550–5212. Also, please excuse the pictures. They are not the best. I just haven’t had time to pull the boat out of the lak and take better pictures but will try to do that soon. Thanks
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    Wait a cotton pickin minute! NO rec angler on this forum logs more annual days on the water in the Glades than I do. No way, no how. Posting on the "what did you do on your boat today" thread makes one guilty of too much boat pampering and not enough boat usage IMO!
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    First, if you are using it to mount batteries, you want the stiff stuff....when I mounted mine in a starboard box i made, i even screwed a 1/4 inch aluminum backing plate what was larger than the starboard to allow little to no flex...... I would also use, for anything not on the floor, PVC board which you can get at Lowes or Home Depot....you are not saving much weight by going lighter. dc
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    There was on listed below that might fit your requirements. If not, I know where another one is that doesn’t need as much work. 😁
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    We use weld mount studs to mount starboard then screw the components to the starboard http://www.weldmountsystems.com/
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    That is a very nice looking color on those boats ! Both are beautiful
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    Cup holdere? Is that French?
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    Good morning, headed out in the Fishing for Dreams Invitaional.
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    1999 Maverick Master Angler 18.5' - The boat is is great shape for being a 99'. Just changed the plugs, filters, and fired it up for the season. Only selling it because we need something a little bigger at this point. - Power Pole Blade - Minn Kota Riptide Trolling Motor - (2) Batteries and On-Board Charger for Trolling Motor - (2) main Batteries - Garmin Echomap 74DV - Aluminum Single Axle Trailer - Stereo with (2) 6" Speakers $16,500 asking price Located in Savannah Ga 401-339-1113 matt@releasemarine.com
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    Took my "new to me" 1997 Master Angler in for new throttle cables and asked them to check the lower unit and they ended up doing all this. (4 HOURS) - remove throttle cable- remove shift cable- remove control binnacle- pull spark plugs and check- check where trim/tilt leak is coming from* the cap is broken.- remove lower unit- check water pump (7 HOURS) - drain lower gear oil* found contamination in oil- check shaft seals for damage- pull all oil seals on shaft- inspect oil seals on drive shaft.* found broken shim and a bad thrust bearing under the waterpump housing- drill and tap broken housing bolt- remove old top oil seal- flush lower of all water and metal debris- install new thrust bearing- install new volcano drive shaft seal- assemble water pump- install prop shaft seals- grease bearing in housing- fill with fluid and pressure test- install prop- install lower unit- run control cables- connect 14ft shift and throttle cables- snake 15 ft and 20 ft speaker wire- install new binnacle- run engine- check gears Then, I purchased a new Terrova I-Pilot to make myself feel better Can't stop putting money into a boat that I plan on keeping until the hull disintegrates.
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    MY 1900 was like that when I bought it. I took everything out from under the console and hit the floor and about 3 inches up the console wall with 80 grit. I mixed up some resin and chopped mat and glassed it the console to the floor. I mixed up another batch of resin and filled all the old screw holes....never had another issue.
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    A tarpon fishing fact, if you go with a 5000 series rod/reel the first tarpon you hook will be 120+ pounds and you will be over matched, you go with an 8000 series the first tarpon you hook will be 40 pounds. I think tarpon can see this......that's how tarpon fishing is.
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    Good stuff! Sorry for not snapping & posting more pics, guys. It's hard to keep track of all the awesome Choko sunrises, moonrises, sunsets & moonsets I see in a year! I'll try to remember to snap & post some pics when I'm back down there next Sunday - Friday. Fishing was nothing short of great the past 6 days! Goin back to the big city for a few days now. Hope ya'll had a nice Easter. 🙏🏻🐰🍬
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    Great potential commercials for Mercury. "Nothing stops a Mercury!" "Mercury will go anywhere to find the fish!" "Mercury! Able to leap tall docks!" "Let Mercury take you to places unknown!" "Mercury will take you places no other outboard can!" "Mercury Outboards. Ready to throttle up before you are!"
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    Although I have a feeling most folks here are not too interested in docking (maybe just at the launch ramp dock while parking the truck), I wanted to share an idea or two on the subject. Especially for the 2200 TRS which can be ordered with a midships cleat, that happens to be really tiny. Low profile fenders are perfect for our boats, e.g.... That is the "old" boat, the 2000V For the new boat, the 2200 TRS, I needed to splice the fender lines to the fenders with a very small loop so they would fit on the cleats and hang right, e.g.... The tiny midships cleat was an issue as there is not room for both a cleated fender line AND a cleated dock line (spring line). We came up with this solution...I spliced the loop on the dock line to JUST fit over the cleat and be small enough to stay put, i.e... So, for the 2 of you who may tie to a dock for lunch or whatever...here you go. Yes Dino, I DO have too much spare time on my hands.
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    This is my, work in progress. It's 92' 18MA that I bought used in 2000. For 17 years I used and abused her and she never complained but it was finally time. It had a yama 130 (that was a great motor) that I replaced about 1 year ago. new trailer, motor, fuel tank, electronics, gauges, steering, tabs, JP, Ulterra, batteries, pumps and misc in the past year or so. She's get n there. I don't chime in much but I really appreciate the help and advise when I need it. Thanks to all.
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    Well, after arguably the most aggravating and frustrating 5 months, I am finally about to get my 18.5 MA repaired. For those of you who don't know the story, you may want to review this thread. There are a lot of good learnings in there that I'd rather you get by reading, vs. repeating, my mistakes. For those who don't want to ready 4 pages, here's the cliff notes version of what's going to be addressed here: 1) I bought this boat sight unseen in November of 2016. The boat was nearly pristine and had clearly been babied it's entire life. Hardly a scratch on her, upgraded poling platform, great engine, and (arguably now) a very good deal. I had a few guys from the forum check it out, didn't get a survey, and when she arrived here, she was everything I had hoped. 2) Almost to the day, one year later, I discovered a new crack in the hull on the port side chine when running down a small leak. This eventually revealed a much more serious problem - I had a delaminated stringer. By all accounts, this is a manufacturing defect that caused the stringer not to fully bond to the hull. It was exactly because the boat had been babied all of its life and hardly used that the issue remained hidden. I take the boat out 2-3 times a week, and the stinger separated more and more over time until the hull began to fail. Thankfully, I caught it relatively quickly. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't cover manufacturing defects, and Maverick isn't going to take responsibility for an issue they caused 17 years ago, so I'm on my own. 3) Getting someone to take this on has proven MUCH harder than I had ever dreamed. The first guy only wanted to fix it when he thought the insurance company would pay. He jacked the price up and then stopped calling me back when the claim was declined. I had 2 other shops simply refuse to take it on. The next shop wanted 20-25K to address it, and would only do it if I did a full cap-off restoration. The tank (poly) and wiring are in excellent condition, and I don't have 20-25K, so that wasn't an option. I was about to bite the bullet and drive her down to Bob at Inshore Marine Specialties to get his opinion, but with 5 kids and a crazy work schedule, that trip was proving impossible. Bob has been great throughout this process giving advice and guidance on what to consider when addressing this. 4) Spence/NagJuice has been pushing me to check out a guy 2 hrs north of here who he's been following on the Hull Truth. It's taken me 5 months to finally reach out to the guy, but he's got the experience and ability to do the job right. Some of you have seen his build threads on The Hull Truth, where he guts old SeaCrafts and restores them. So, here's the plan: 1) We don't have any reason to believe that the issue is broader than the port side stringer, but we don't want to leave anything to chance. Popping the entire cap off of a boat is not a small matter and frankly, we don't have enough reason to believe it is necessary at this point. The plan currently is to cut the cap off just aft of the cockpit, cutting across the narrowest sections where the gunnel meets the back deck, then across and mid-way up the rear wall of the cockpit. He will have to cut around the splashwell because the cap is likely puttied impossibly to the transom there. Doing this will allow him to remove the rear portion of the cap and have full access to the entire stern. 2) He will check out the starboard stringer to see if there are any issues there, and then confirm that the issue on the port stringer is isolated to the rear, port quadrant. If you are a praying type, say a prayer for me that it doesn't extend any further forward. 3) He will then cut out the stringer, fix the crack in the hull from the inside, then repair the stringer. If there are any issues with the starboard stringer, he'll obviously address that as well. 4) From there, it will be a matter of replacing the rear section of the cap, glassing/reinforcing, and repairing. If this boat were in less pristine condition, a full restoration would make sense, but the fact is, the boat looks new, the wiring is in great shape, and all of the various builders/repair shops have agreed that the tank has many many years left in it. Work won't start on the boat for a month or so, but I wanted to put this out there to get any reactions to the plan. While I plan to keep the boat for a very very long time, I am having it fixed with the idea that the repair should be done in a way that only increases the confidence in the boat's structural integrity. The shop will be taking a ton of pics to document the repair from start to finish, which I will post here as I get them. Stay tuned, and feel free to PM me with any thoughts - Whichwaysup
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    Super proud new owner of this 1987 18 Maverick. This is my first flats boat, I couldn't have picked a finer boat. I will be replacing the center console hatch door first, want to purchase the newer port and starboard rod holders and ad a angle bezel for the helm. This boat is very clean inside and out, can't wait to hit Biscayne Bay and the Keys.
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    We pulled into some flats over Christmas and fish were in a feeding freenzy. Don’t think an airboat would have spooked them. We were 2’ deep+/- and would start/stop chasing the breaks. TM wasnt an issue. Now when it was slow and not much action at all, could have been. We have a long idle out of my home ramp. We have to go thru a marina with lots of houseboats. I set a track from ramp to the main channel where we can take off. I put the TM on autopilot and run on 10. It runs as fast as the F150 with no wake. That’s 10 min I can pull my gear out and rig up. When I return, I reverse track and put everything away while ipilot takes me home. I can point the TM on a heading and lock it in. Then move around the boat and fish or change baits. It really does change the way you fish. Almost like having a “ghostman” (remember those from the sandlot) running the show for you while you fish.
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    Id check if your dealer can even get a 115 sho. Even then id get the lightest motor available. They don't like weight in the back
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    If they would only move the Prop higher, we wouldn't need the skeg !! It's the same with fishing back country, if your not getting snagged on the mangroves, you're not casting close enough !! By the way, always enjoy your pictures.
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    Doesn't look bad at all... couple of things to be careful: 1.) ON the skeg...most likely, you'll need to have the seals on the lower unit repacked.....I had mine done when I damaged my LU when I broke the skeg before IRMA - self inflected...the total cost of the LU repack and repair by Ralph (Outlaw on forum at AMES Welding) about $750.....but, it's been perfect since......the reason I say it needs to be watched is .that's pretty close to the LU housing and it's hard not to heat the seals that close...... I would demand that they cover this under insurance.... 2.) prop looks fried......... 3.) Fiberglass...no biggie...looks like just a bit of cloth and gelcoat.