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    If you're in the 305 area code go with blue, and the largest stereo you can possibly fit on the boat, and LED lights that blink in accordance with the bass hits of you favorite hip-hop tracks. Broward County and all points north go with the cream.
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    I was the second person to respond to a post by Outlaw he had a polling platform he was giving away. I responded by say that if the first fella did not come I would be delighted to come pick it up. Well Outlaw got back to me and said come get it. Wow what a great guy. Thanks Outlaw really really cool of you! And now my 2006 Redfisher 16 has a platform were before there was none. Outlaw your the best!
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    Sunrise from my dock.
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    Not sure if it’s the path or the salt that puts that cheese grin on my son!
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    In all seriousness I appreciate the “filtering” on this forum. It only takes a quick glance through FS or THT to see how out of control a simple question can get. Don’t even bother with the “what’s the best boat” threads. This forum has always been the go-to, no-nonsense forum for anything MBC and how to repair and maintain it.
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    South Georgia sunrise ...
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    And another Sunrise from another kind of dawn patrol. We were catching waves instead of fish.
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    Great 40 mile round trip. Water nice and green. 15319748-822E-4A01-BDC2-1A2848234B5F.mov
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    Tried to break 65mph .....failed
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    Fished the IFA redfish tour in crystal river Saturday with a tough tide/moon phase. That place is downright scary to fish, nasty boulders, rocks, etc. I will say the fish are much more cooperative, and sight fishing them was pretty easy. Watched a 40lb cobia bust a mullet out of the water and eat it before I could throw a bait at it! Ended up sticking 2 right fish and as luck would have it we managed to win 1st overall and big fish. Went out Sunday for tarpon and they are here in full force! Egmont was scattered fish and inconsistent so hopped over to bean point and got 1 before the wind picked up and we left. Pass crabs were hard to come by but finally got a few and that's what did the trick. All in all a great weekend!
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    Ok, just have to ask. Since the vehicles you prefer only weigh about 400 lbs more than a light truck, how are they so much better on wet roads? Physics do not support your claim. The tires used on truck/trailer, brake pads and trailer brakes will have a much greater affect. Take over the road trucks for example, the truck itself is dramatically out weighed by the trailer, so the trailer brakes is what stops them. Overall length of wheel base helps them keep going straight. Too many urban myths on light duty versus HD, they pull better and can carry heavier loads, but do not stop any better. Coefficient of friction, area of contact and weight determine stopping distance for a given speed, assuming the brakes can lock the wheel. ABS will keep the coefficient friction in the static range, rather than the dynamic range. The brake systems and the tires are very similar, and the weight difference between a light duty truck and a HD is only 5-8%, which will not make a noticeable difference. Most likely you think it stops better because you have a preconceived notion it does, but actual test data will show it does not. I have been designing drivelines and and doing testing for almost 35 years now, not my first rodeo on this subject. Don’t just take my word, read this. https://rvlifemag.com/towing-half-ton-three-quarter-ton/
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    Really really well if they are alive and flying. When they are squished to the front of your windshield, you may need one of these:
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    Went out of Cedar Key yesterday to make sure the new water pump worked good, and to try the new Simrad I had just installed. All mechanical and electrical working good so out to Seahorse Reef and trolled some Clark spoons. Nice fat Spanish Mackerel loved 'em. Got my limit in about an hour, and ran back to the islands to see if I could find a red...…..yep. Beautiful calm day, and got back home early. Soon to be a fish fry. Side note, while at the ramp I met a guy with a 2008 Hewes Redfisher 21 that was absolutely showroom condition, nicest one I've seen.
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    I think just the opposite of everyone else. We have a 23HPS, with a F300 and a hard T top. I would hate to tow it with an F150, or any ½ ton pick up. I had a 2009 F150 (company truck) set up exactly as above, but a Supercrew and 4 x 4. Towing my 2200V or my 21RF was terrible. At 70 mph, it would constantly downshift from OD, or it would never stay in OD. And of course, it sucked a lot of gas. I always see / hear guys making long hauls with those half ton trucks; it’s fine, pulls great, etc. I guess they haven’t drove a modern diesel 250 / 350, 2500 / 3500. Bigger brakes, better suspension, a ton more of hp and torque. Cruising along with traffic at 75 mph, 1700 rpm’s and getting 15 mpg, is not a bad thing and less wear and tear.
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    When running areas you've run before, its a good habit once in awhile to see if ya can run them without the machines. You'll be glad you did if the gps fails to operate some day. 👊
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    I agree! happened to freedom of speech in the greatest country ever?
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    Sunrise at the fish camp . 🇺🇸☠️
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    Alright thanks for the ball bustin', you guys s@ck! Swipe text and voice to text never seems to work in my favor. Go ahead and put me on the BANDED list ,along with all those sucky words.............
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    Bernie, Please send me an email to branden@power-pole.com or provide me with your contact information so we can discuss your experiences with our product. I'd like to do whatever we can to regain your faith in using our product and discuss some options on doing so.
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    Got word that new (tinned) wiring is in and hooked up, plumbing sealed and deck to be put on this week. My gosh to have this thing back in one piece . . . could it be??
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    Quick update - stopped by Sunday to take a look at her, gave final approval on the plumbing design, definitely going to be much more room in there and easier to access, zero plastic parts that could break and lead to an issue (everything is metal from the through hulls to the shut off valves). New wires to be run this week, then the cap goes on. Still having to work around other projects, but still seeing progress. EDIT - the final solution is different from the pics above - we added in the strainers. Most of the rest looks similar though.
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    Weatherman said it was gonna be beautiful and this time he/she got it right! Windy start to the day, but the winds laid down around 10:00 a.m. or so and I was blessed with a big sky all day. I fished the flats and bights to the East and South of Flamingo, so the tides were not a major concern. This was primarily a scouting trip. Started the day with a few nice trout, headed back to the west to look for reds and snook. I polled several flats where I have found fish before and was pleased to land a nice snook that ate a topwater lure and then 10-12 reds that seemed to love the pink Saltwater Assassin paddle tail. At one spot between two small islands I found 6-8 reds under a mangrove that acted like mangrove snapper! And then, a pot hole with 5-6 snook laid up in it. The water in the pot hole was only a little deeper than the flat, but it was a place for them to lay up. Overall, a really nice day in the Park. Here are a few pictures from the day. ca4bxDtiQvqDPQs9cMot3Q.MOV
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    A few pics from this mornings visit to the "pumpkin patch." Buddy got a nice trout on topwater, and I managed two nice topwater reds. Updated with pics of the Marsh pumpkins
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    Tried some top water this morning at daylight.....first cast a 20” trout....wow....I thought, this is going to be good....a few cast later a 19” Redfish, and then the short trout appeared....ended up with 4 keepers and released another 4 short trout....but, always fun on top water....we tried the screwtails for another 45 minutes......but....nothing .....like somebody turned the light switch out. Home by 10:00 cleaned boat and fish..... oh well, it was still better than going to work.
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    This was the target and we got a nice one to scratch off Phil's bucket list. Weak tides made us work yesterday.
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    And another one tonight after dinner at the Sunbury Crab Co.
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    From yesterday evening while running my friend’s boat back to the ramp after replacing a wheel hub on his trailer.
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    I say all boats need trim tabs, no matter the motor. ( Small Jon boats and dingys exculded)
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    Can we get the words "s#ck" and "s#cks" off the banned list? I don't think either one of those words are that derogatory. Also we talk a lot about plumbing, pumping, draining and water flow, where those words relate to those topics. Its silly, after I write those words and then it turns into a list asterisks. Then I supplement one letter with some other character to still make the word.
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    Yes it was a very beautiful and productive weekend . The bite has been epic last two weeks . Nice lookin feesh . 🇺🇸☠️
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    There is absolutely no comparison between the diesel / gas. Yes the initial cost is (over gas) about 10k but that’s not just the diesel motor. It’s the entire truck; suspension, transmission, rears, hitch, everything is better. The difference between a gas motor oil change and a diesel is about $40. Fuel is about .45 per gal more for diesel. Not that much annually. DEF gets about 4500 miles a tank and about $20 to fill it. Ford has come a long way from the old 7.3 (sounded like a concrete truck / totally anemic) and 6.0 diesels. I’m on my second one since 2011. My current 2016 F350 has 187k on it, runs awesome and stops with little effort loaded. I’ll take my modern diesel any day… I look at it like this: Will my 2300 get on plane with a F150? Probably… BUT the F300
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    Since the boat is being repaired and will be for awhile longer, I figured it was a good time to have my prop looked at. I'm running a Stilletto 14x19 and have been extremely pleased with the numbers I'm getting from my 150 Vmax - pushing 54-55 and can't remember the RPM it's been so long, but I know it was approaching the limit. However, in tight turns, I get a lot of blow out/cavitation and it leads to some exciting moments in the tighter creeks I run. I got referred to Coastal Propeller here in Wilmington, so I stopped by to talk to Martin. Walking into his shop is kind of like "Flintstones meets Jetsons" - he uses lasers and computers to measure/gauge the prop, but then beats it into submission the old fashioned way with a hammer and sheepskin. He deals with wheels from large ships and pleasure craft alike and was a wealth of info. I say all this because I learned a few things I didn't know and I thought I'd pass along to those of you who have never had their prop checked out. Here's what I learned that might make you want to spend the 150-200 to have your prop reconditioned: 1) Brand new props can be sucky (yes, I just slipped past the banded word problem, Gabe). According to him, Merc are the worst offenders and he showed me some of the measurements he took of the fin alignment. WOW, not even close. You can probably imagine the stress that a prop would generate on the lower unit when the fins aren't balanced and aligned. Pretty cool to see the before and after. 2) Not getting to your max RPM leads to early engine death. I'm pretty handy, but when it comes to mechanical stuff like engines, I'm kind of a moron, so anything I say next is solely based on his comments. Apparently, when you run a prop that doesn't let you get to your max RPM, it keeps the fuel that is injected into your cylinders from getting fully burned. That gets past your rings and ultimately leads to compression issues. Someone who is smarter than me can clean this up and say it better, but it made sense to this moron, so maybe it will to others. Historically, I've just run whatever prop I had on the boat without worrying to much about it. This made me think twice. 3) You may not need a different prop, you may need your prop to be different. He shared with me how a prop that isn't giving you the numbers you want may simply be out of alignment or poorly manufactured. If you are running a prop that "should" work for your set up, but are not getting the numbers you want, before trying something different, have it checked out. It could simply be mis-aligned. Anyway, hope this helps - and yes, I do realize that a guy who has a reason for me to believe his work is worthwhile might make all this up, but thought I'd pass it along. I know there are a lot of prop junkies on here, but a lot of folks like me as well who wouldn't have put much thought into the possibility that their prop isn't right and could lead to much bigger problems down the line.
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    1. The filter is in place to maintain a family friendly forum where members may ask questions and/or provide information that is informative. Additionally, the forum is for the owner to obtain information to improve the product. 2. If everyone were responsible adults there would be no need for filters or moderators. MOD2 PS: There are plenty of fishing/boating forums on the internet that are out of control. And copious negativity on various forums and social media sites. If anyone prefers chaos and such uncivil sites, please feel free to utilize them. This site will not be allowed to fall into that realm!
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    If there is a better truck window view...please post it the day started with clear skys and an incoming tide... We hit all the usual spots on the way south; however, little love.... We made down near the Chatham and DonH says, let's slow troll along this shore line.... A few shots into some pot holes and up came my personal best for a Choko trout....he measure 4 lbs on DonH's certified scale. I've found the white swimming mullet on a popping cork really works well....I was throwing live shrimp and getting the summer catfish bite..... We fished hard, found a few snooklets....found a nice school of Macks off Pavillion under diving birds...took a few home to smoke and under the macks it was sail cat palooza as every other cast produced a sail cat.....but, the outgoing tide against a stronger then predicted SE wind resulted in not much water movement and we found a few reds (all under slot) a few more slot trout, but, not a stellar day... The skiff ran great as always...and we (well at least I did), arrive back at the dock - high and dry dc
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    As a welder , I will say the metal used on the Suzuki is garbage . Those internal water jackets rot . I have to reweld them every week . Buyer beware . 🇺🇸☠️
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    This is what I did last weekend. Always been a Lowrance guy and I am really impressed with the Live units. Connected them with the ethernet cable so I have 2 depth finders with only one xducer.
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    Couple of quick updates. Wiring is done (in the stern, still needs to be hooked up under the console), plumbing has been done, so nothing standing in the way of the deck going on. Going by the shop tomorrow to make a payment for the completion of phase 2. Spoke to my guy and he indicated work will accelerate now, but we will see. Still more interested in quality than speed but happy if I can get both. Dropping the prop off tomorrow a.m. to get reconditioned and cupped a bit. Have always been really happy with the numbers I get but it blows out in sharp turns in the creeks, which at the speeds I run leads to some exciting moments!
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    Jus kiddin on spots
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    I use a very complex method to make sure I have fuel for the day. full = full Half= less than half 1/4= do not launch buy fuel These calculations have worked on various sized tanks over the years. I have been stuck but I have not ran out of fuel once.
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    Check the scuppers on both sides of the hull. There is a tube that runs from the outside of the hull to the inner hull. The sealant dries where it seals the scupper tube to the hull. I had a 98 model and it did this and was very difficult to find. If you do the water test and look through the pie hole in the rear look forward and on the outer edges. You will see a small trickle of water coming down from the front of the hull. Just my guess
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    No, they asked for my registration, my drivers license, my fishing license, if I had firearms, PFD, life vest, fire extinguisher, flares, sound device, fish in the live well, check in the cooler, and confirmed Dino's prostate was OK. Then wrote me a warning.
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    Red and white Spook strikes again, I dug the purple top and white bottom out I have, It's been re hooked and looks rough on the body finish being blown up on by reds and specks
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    You wouldn’t believe the difference (for the better) a non-white deck has on your eyes throughout the day.
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    LOL, no secret really... Just clear mountain lake water minus the salt. Wish I could tell you guys there's a magic product, but there isn't. I feel a little bit guilty, because I've run the boat 100 hours and have never sprayed anything other than a hose with soap and water on that Jack Plate.
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    Lazy Dayz Izlamorada ! TGIG 🇺🇸☠️
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    I got to give him props....that seat to poling platform is clever.
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