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    I have an older, well used pair of Ross Pescador pliers that were given to me as a gift. I suppose I've had them for 5-6 trouble free years. I have big hands and these are pretty beefy pliers....I like 'em! Last trip out doing some flood tide fishing, my loop on the sheath came undone or the thread rotted and gave way. Searching around online, I didn't care for the nylon and kydex options that were available. The old sheath seemed to be neoprene covered plastic or something, it was nice! Dozing off one evening, I remembered a fella who had made a sheath for a custom knife I had made. He did a fine job on it considering he was somewhat new in his craft and is known for his belts, wallets and pistol holsters. Ding ding ding! I sent Mr. King a message....okay, okay, a challenge, and he accepted. My only request is that the sheath ride at belt height and the handle of the pliers ride in the same location. I don't like them too low slung or the handles sticking up in my shirt. I figured Ben was familiar with my requests as fitting pistols to people is much more....critical? Anyhow....I sent him my pliers and paitentialy waited for his reply; today he sent me a few pics. The price was more than fair, in fact my good friend called me a "thief". Ben is a big name in a small town and is an exceptionally affordable craftsman. Without further ado:
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    If you, @Nag Juice or @whichwaysup need a place to go, I have extra space in st aug. Ironically I’m in Asheville so you might have it all to yourself
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    Finally got to check one more species off the bucketlist . 🇺🇸☠️
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    God destined the earth and everything it contains for all peoples and nations. A few weeks ago at my Church (Calvary Chapel), Pastor Andrew Wooddell (Worship Ministry Leader) presented a topical message about the heart and purpose behind worship, what true Biblical worship looks like, and what our response should be to His revelation. Our closing worship song that day was "So Will I", a song written by Joel Houston, Benjamin Hastings and Michael Fatkin and recorded by Hillsong United among others. This message and the lyrics to the song have been on my mind in my prayers since that Sunday. The song glorifies God as Creator who "spoke to the dark and fleshed out the wonder of light", who created the stars and galaxies with the "vapor of Your breath". The writers suggest that if the stars were made to worship, if creation sings Your praises, if every painted sky obeys You, if the mountains bow in reverence, if the oceans roar Your greatness, if the wind goes where You send it, if the rocks cry out in silence, then "So Will I". Like the song says, I find God's heart in everything He has done, but especially in the beauty of nature and his creation. I am so blessed to be able to explore, camp and fish on the waters all over the state of Florida. I've seen some amazingly beautiful places and things in the course of my journeys and I am so thankful. So, I created this little slide show to honor God and to bring awareness to the ecological disaster that has hit our state. The creation belongs to humanity as a whole. Yet the current pace of environmental degradation is seriously endangering the supply of many natural resources, not only for the present generation but more important for generations yet to come. The situation in South Florida has become particularly acute. Florida's estuaries are at tremendous risk. The cyanobacteria blooms discharged from Lake Okeechobee into the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie Rivers have created significant health risks for all of us here in South Florida as well as our visitors, pets and wildlife. Thousands of acres of grass flats have been destroyed. Millions of fish and other aquatic life have been poisoned. Voters in 2014 voted overwhelmingly (more than 75%) to set aside one-third of all real estate transaction fees to purchase and manage conservation lands. The initiative should generate nearly $800 million annually over a 20-year period. But, the money is being wasted by our elected officials who have instead spent the money on existing operating expenses. This violates the spirit of the voters' mandate. A major goal is to build reservoirs to capture some Lake O water instead of releasing it to the coastal estuaries. There, the nutrient rich water could be cleaned over time and the natural sheet flow southward to Florida Bay could be restored bringing much needed clean, fresh water to the Everglades, the South Florida aquifer and Florida Bay. One solution is waiting on Congress for a vote--the EAA Reservoir and the Central Everglades Project will provide approximately 50% reduction in Lake O discharges. We need action now! Do what you can to support the organizations that are advocating sound water management policy for our state's waters. Support candidates who are in favor of this legislation. And pray. Without ceasing.
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    entrance to Highland bayou
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    Went with my buddy Captain Tom Ross on the madden voyage of his new to him 2003 Maverick Master Angler. We launched at OR at dawn, ran the twisty turn, out the pass and headed south. Early morning high tide, so we had outgoing water all morning. Light winds from the S-SW. Blue skies with some clouds during the day, but no rain (and even nicer, no lightning!). The water was murky in most places, but we were able to sight fish in real shallow water. We were throwing soft plastics paddle tails and GULP! jerk shads in new penny for the most part. Seems like dark colors with chartreuse paddle tails worked best. We probably caught 60-70 fish, mostly trout and snook, with the occasional jack, sail cat and snapper in the mix. The boat ran great, and plowed through the afternoon chop on the run back with no problem. A very nice day.
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    To all those who could be in her path, God Bless and do your best to be safe. My prayers to you and your families.
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    Pulling out now. With this mornings shifts in forecasts we are going to plan B. Straight north to Elizabeth City, NC. Thanks go to Drummer for offers of help, when I get settled I will respond to your last message.
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    Back in the day when I had my CJ5 w/ 36” mud tires and 10” lift the joke was: Best thing about 4 wheel drive is you can get stuck where no one can come get ya.
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    Headed up to the Pamlico with a few friends for what we like to call "Flounder Fest" . . . Ended up with over 50 flounder with about 17 being keepers between 17 and 19.5 inches. All these fish were caught in less than a foot of water. Got a bunch of short trout too, and got surrounded by a MASSIVE school of slot reds in 2 feet of water that we were able to pick a couple out of before they scattered. An absolutely beautiful day, literally at the end of the known world.
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    Ok it’s not a sunrise but it is a sunset
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    Inside changed very little. Had to redo the back room floor, all new bathroom in that room and new laundry room.
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    Saturday sundown in the Bull River. After I sobered up, the pictures straightened up! LOL
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    I have had an F150 on my Pathfinder 22 with a T-Top for 11years and am perfectly happy with my top end speed. Let me tell you why. Where I fish in the rivers , creeks and backwater of the lowcountry of SC, getting there crossing big water can get kind of rough. In all the time I've run this boat I can count on one hand the number of times I've gone full throttle because of a more than moderate chop. For me it's not a question of more or less power, but where you are going to use the boat most of the time and the conditions.
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    "Enough" is the $64000 question. And the answer can only be in the "eyes of the beholder." When I had my F150, I was perfectly happy. At least I didn't know I was unhappy! But when I went on some fishing trips with a friend on his 2400 powered by an F300, I was ruined! I finally hung a new 225 SHO, and now I'm REALLY happy!
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    I really hate when Bubba posts between June and November... However this is my go to information thread when things start getting nasty as well. Plus I don't have to watch Jim Cantore try to find the windiest, wettest, wind tunnel-like street corner between two high rises to broadcast from.
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    Sick. Bet it’s easier to deal with than getting it stolen tho...
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    43 inches bottom out 30 pound Boga Grip
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    Here you go guys. Came with the Redfisher i just bought. Enjoy
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    Had a project done that I've been meaning to get around to ever since I bought my boat. Over the years wiring in the console had turned into quite a mess. I didn't think my 2004 Pathfinder needed a full rewire job. I was was able to work with St. Marks Pro Marine in St. Marks, FL to get everything squared away. It will be much easier to track down future issues with neat and labeled wiring. Here's some before and after pics.
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    Got it last April. Love it
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    Now that I have the RPM's where they should be it has made a huge difference. Took her out 8 miles offshore Saturday and got her skinny on Sunday. Very impressed with the capabilities of this boat.
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    Towed the 2200 TRS down to the Pan Handle looking for some sun and sand. Found both, plus some wildlife... Big thank you to Bamaskeet for providing some great "local knowledge" about where to look for wildlife.
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    Headed home at first light. If trying to negotiate high water, curfews and power outage was not bad enough now I have to hope I don’t get caught up In the President’s dog and pony show when we pass by Cherry Point. Things could get interesting if we are stopped by the Secret Service with the load we are carrying.
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    2018 25 Hybrid Pathfinder 300 Yamaha warranty till 3 years from now. Command Link Plus LCD gauge Hydraulic Steering 15x20 Yamaha prop SWS II SDS Custom T-Top with spreader lights and rod holders, Two spreader lights, front and rear, each on its own switch . The signature design to allow easy in and out of all your rods. Gelcoat matched removable seat/cooler with cushion Livewell aeration system with Bubbler in Leaning post Fish box pump out with macerator Swim platform with ladder Leaning post livewell with cushion and backrest AmeriaTrail trailer with Black mag aluminum wheels, and extra wheel. Kodiak Stainless Steel Calibers and brakes 2 - 10ft Blade PowerPole 2 Extra rod holders on gunwales Rodholders on backrest 4 drink holders Advanced Bubbler Aeration system Springline cleat option 4 Interstate batteries Minn Kota Riptide Terrova 112 / i-Pilot GPSMAP® 7612xsv - SideVü, ClearVü and Traditional CHIRP Sonar with Mapping with GT51M-TM transducer up grade with Panoptix LiveScope™ System 010-01864-00 (An awesome feature) Keeped inside of garage. Total hours as of 8/29 – 370hrs Boat will be available to take possession mid to late Sept. Asking $84,000
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    Maverick 18.5 Master Angler (2003) Yamaha V-Max HPDI 150 (2003) EZ Loader Aluminum I Beam Single Axel Trailer (2003) Minn Kota Riptide ST, i-Pilot 3 Bank On Board Charger and AGM Batteries Power Pole, 8Ft. Poling Platform and Push Pole Bimini Top Hydraulic Steering Garmin 74 DV GPS/Fish Finder Standard Horizon VHF Radio 2 Speaker AM/FM/CD Stereo Less Than 340 Engine Hours Well Maintained $23,500 OBO Call Kevin: 407-466-9093 or E-Mail: Kevin@CleanBuilding.com
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    Picked her up yesterday. Very happy. Having owned a Redfisher 16 in the past, I know the quality of these boats and never thought twice about getting something other than a Pathfinder. As you all know, a 2200 TRS is NOT a Redfisher 16 - especially when you think you can maneuver it by yourself in a tight driveway.
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    As a fireman and a boater, I greatly appreciate this view of 9/11, for I never knew what our brothers did on the waterways for our fellow Americans that day! Thanks again for sharing this. For I will never forget 🇺🇸
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    I have all your points covered but I have a different concern. I am carrying quite a few weapons. I feel obligated not to leave them behind. Not worried about the transport it is the moving them in and out of the motels as we check in/out. My first thoughts are to notify local authorities upon arrival or just try to be discrete about it. It is a crazy world and I don't want to freak anyone out and have something stupid happen. Leaving them in the truck over night to me is not an option.
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    Bernie we’re headed on 17 South. 40E is going to be a parking lot as is 74. My goal is to be able to sneak In behind it. Inland is slated to get 12 inches of rain and I remember Matthew and the flooding.... I have to video and document my house today before we leave. Hopefully I won’t need to use it. Good luck
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    After much deliberation I have decided to part ways with this unique fishing machine. I have not had the time to use her like I used to so I figured I’d see if there’s anyone in the market. If you know your boats you know the rarity of a 21 Master Angler... couple that with a low hour 4-stroke, custom aluminum trailer, and custom tower and you have a truly one of a kind platform to chase Tarpon on the beach or beat the bushes for Redfish. 2003 Maverick 21 Master Angler 2007 Yamaha 225F w/ 500 hours 2012 Owens and Sons Aluminum Trailer Custom made tower by Quality T-Tops 3 custom plumped live-wells all running on Rule 1100’s Waterproof AM/FM/Aux Radio with 4 speakers Plenty of storage Gell cell deep cycle batteries with dual battery switch Garmin color GPS/Bottom machine with dual-frequency transducer Locking built in rod storage 4-blade stainless steel prop Lenco trim tabs Sea-Star hydraulic steering Rule Mate 1100 GPH automatic bilge pump Brand new upholstery The motor only has 500 hours on it and has been meticulously maintained! Just had it in the shop and have a full diagnostic report to show. 62% of the hours have been below 1,000 RPM... she has been babied! The trailer is a custom aluminum slide-on made by Owens and Sons out of St. Petersburg. It has heavy duty i-beams, tandem torsion axels, and alloy wheels with spare tire mount. I had the axles LineX’d before they were installed to prevent them from rusting! These trailers are custom made to order and top of the line quality! The boat has spent it’s life in Tampa Bay. It was custom ordered from Maverick with no poling platform and an unrigged center console. It was then fitted with a custom made half tower from Quality T-Tops. All three live-wells have been custom rigged with Rule 1100’s, new plumbing, upgraded strainers, modified overflows, and improved inflows for a total of 110 gallons of live-wells! The sea chest has been upgraded to include the stainless steel pick-up grate. The rear access hatch was upgraded to allow much easier access to the bilge than factory. She is 100% turn-key and ready to be fished! Everything is fully functional: all the lights and pumps work. Will throw in all required safety gear so you’re ready to go! She could be yours for $35,000 Located in Tampa FL. Call or text Kevin 813-951-7070 Title in hand. Evenings are the best time to call. If I don’t answer, leave a voicemail and I’ll be sure to call you back ASAP
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    All our N.Carolina & Virginia friends and members... Please heed the warnings and get to a safe, and secure location away from the wind, storm surge and overflowing rivers ! Good luck to you all !! Marc
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    Just got off the phone with Gus. We're both evacuating. A strong Cat 4 or Cat 5 is going wreck this place. I just hope we still have homes after it's all said and done. I've dealt with tropical systems my whole life. This is the first one I've ever relocated for. Pray for us. We're in for a week....
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    Bahia Honda . 🇺🇸☠️
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    The fish must’ve known the weather was coming. Off the chain arti bite Fri-Sun! Trips, reds, snook, trout. I rarely take pics anymore but she was wearing my Maverick hat so I had to..... Great way to start snook season!
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    Holiday Forecast = Bugs & Brews
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    I just rewired my Pathfinder and used a $20 P-touch label maker and used clear heat shrink tubing from Amazon over it. It came out excellent. I almost bought the expensive machine that prints directly on heat shrink tubing but I’m very happy with this method.
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    Here's one from this morning....
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    I would go with the 200 SHO at a minimum. That boat is a dog with the F150 on it. You can always flash the ECU to 250 or 300 on the SHO when the warranty expires. Think about resale as well. When I was in the market for one, if the boat had a F150 on it, I immediately took it out of my search.
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    Hey guys, just wanted to show off my 2016 Pathfinder 2300 HPS. This is my second 23 HPS. I love the boat hull design and ride, for the Tampa Bay and west coast of Florida this is the perfect boat for me to run offshore, across large bodies of water and still get into shallow flats and backwater. 2016 Pathfinder 2300 HPS Guide Green with white powder coat Yamaha 250 SHO Dual 10' Blade Power-Poles MinnKota iPilot MinnKota 4 bank charger JL Audio M880 (4) JL Audio MHD 600/4 Amp with BlueTooth module (no head unit) Custom built platform SeaDek under gunnels, on console, and platform Recirc and bubblers in livewell and release well Lowrance HDS 12 Gen 3 with Yamaha Command Link cable for displaying motor data Custom Acrylic Livewell lid (for keeping an eye on my fish during tournaments)
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    Best new seat in the house, or under it actually. Leaving it as open as possible has really paid off tons of shade with natural light and any breeze really gets sucked right through. one side is an outdoor living room of sorts and I will make the other side into gates so we can park under or actually drive right into garage
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    That explains it! Here I was going to sell my house and move to Duval County! LOL
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    Or having a busted stringer from a 17 year old manufacturing defect! I wouldn't wish any of those outcomes on anyone.
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    Just arrived today. Looks Very Solid. Much more secure setup than the R.A.M. but requires a little more effort to adjust. Think it will be awesome.
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    Glad to see a 20 back in the line up. I recognize why the boat got deeper, higher freeboard, etc. (seaworthiness) yet I miss the long and low and sleek look of the "old" 20. Very sleek, a good looking, slim behind and solid gunwales where a real midships cleat could be mounted. She was just a sexy, sleek boat. Of course, I was slimmer and sleeker back then as well...