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    Capt Troy speaks the truth JWalk. They really don't last forever. Not sure where the negative comments about the forum stem from but I don't think that anyone meant anything mean, nasty, etc... about whatever was said or whatever you didn't like or feel was inappropriate. This is really a bunch of great dudes that love great boats but it is also far from a MBC fan-boy club as evidenced by Convertible13's post, I have been critical as well of the MBC but at the end of the day they're great boats and this forum is a wealth of knowledge that I've seen nowhere else, especially when you get these MA dudes runnin' their mouths about a 2007 double rod locker 21 Master Angler in seafoam star mist green, 4 live well limited edition blah, blah, blah... If you want drama head over to the Florida Sportsman forum, if you want to pray at the alter of Hells Bay, Microskiff.com is the spot to do that. This is where its at for anything Maverick or Yamaha related. Buy a Master Angler and don't look back. I drove a 21 from Flamingo to Summerland Key at a pretty brisk pace in some pretty snotty weather and I was more than impressed. Additionally... I personally thank you for not contributing to the prolific spread of bay boats throughout my native state of Florida. It's a tough fight but it's one we can win with hard work, education and encouraging the used boat buying public to say no to these non-indigenous invasive vessels.
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    Last week end the annual Pediatric cancer foundation tournament was another great success. Hard to believe where it has come from 20 years ago. Was a sight to see 70 guide boats depart the Vinoy basin Saturday morning. The first year I fished it 20 years ago I think there were 20 or so boats. Hats off to all the guides for making this happen. Fishing was pretty good considering all of the traffic and water condition. Tons of floating grass and some very dirty water. A lot of snook caught and some big ones up to 40 inches. The 1st place slam was 91 inches caught by Captain Rob Gorta one of the 3 Captains awarded for 20 years of continuous service for the event. GRAND SLAM AWARDS Lucky Strike: Captain Terry Russo (Steve Whitlock Framed Art) 10 Year Service: Captain James Goodwin, Captain Richard Silkworth (Polo with Designated Captain) 20 Year Service: Captain Dave Markett, Captain Robert Gorta, Captain Troy Sapp KC Scott Framed Art)
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    Yes I have blistering issues with my MA 21 that are identical to the original poster. I guess you haven't read all the threads on this issue. I brought it up months ago and have stated twice what MBG's response was. Florida Sportsman has a long thread on the same issue with a Pathfinder. I have to disagree on the phrase "not caused by sitting in the water". My problem happened only after my boat was sitting in water, tied to a dock for 6 days. After doing a lot of research I found that because resin is expensive, batches of it throughout the year are bid out with most boat companies. Hence some MA's of the same year have blistering problems due to inferior resin, some dont. Does or did MBC do this. I have no clue. I've floated this theory out before with no response to confirm or deny from MBC. I think the thread will run its course when someone steps up and explains why this happened mostly to MA's built in the early 2000'S.
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    This seems to be a common problem on MA's around these years. I don't think its a result of being left in the water, its too common among this group of boats. It seems more likely something was wrong with the material used during production of these years. That said, I don't think its too big of a deal, they are not going pop open unless you smash the boat. If you smash the boat you would have damage anyway. Its great boat, don't let this scare you off from buying it. But if it does, post the for sale info, many people are looking for these boat.
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    It's called waste for the idiots that do it. I have never in now 50 plus years not used everthing that I have killed from the wild on purpose. Still not sure what your pic is showing? Maybe a bunch of net wreckers shook out of a net that are gonna be dead no matter what. My driveway has looked like that before. Wife makes me pick up every one of them and then I make chum to kill more of them out of a mess like that you show on that dock. Yes, pilchards are cannibals. There is no excuse for the pic you posted. It is wanting and willing waste and I believe there is a law against it. I would have raked them up and thrown them in the back of the guys truck if I had the chance. The blow flies and buzzards would likely lead to a easy conviction.
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    when the corners of my yeti 125 lid began to warp, I sent yeti a dozen pics from various angles, their response was for more pics, I said it'll be the same dozen pics I already sent from every possible angle, never heard a word back, I now own several RTIC coolers
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    Proud yes. Try not to post things like this at the risk of being seen as bragging. I am an advocate to the cause. The client I brought to them several years ago has raised more money in the last 5 years than they have raised in the previous 15 years. Thank you Bridgestone Retail Operations and the millions they have raised in the last 5 years. BFRO has committed a huge effort. All because of their at the time CEO understanding the need to find and cure childhood cancer and make the effort to do so. My kids are grown now. When they bring the little ones on the dock prior to the tournament for their little derby at the Vinoy and I sit with them and catch pinfish off the dock I have yet not been able to not shed a tear in 20 years. Them youngins are some tough little critters. The happy part is over 20 years the survival rate and cure is much better than when this all started. That is all I need to hear.
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    I would have the service tech at the dealership check to make sure there is no dip or sag in the overboard vent hose line, as well as the main fill hose. Also, if the in-line carbon canister (on vent hose) is not mounted high enough above the top height of the fuel tank, it has probably been flooded with fuel and ventilation is blocked, hence "the problem". That canister takes a very long time to dry out once it gets saturated with fuel. If they find that it's flooded, and you have easy access to it - when you get the boat back home, remove the canister from the vent line. There is extra slack in the line from the factory installation so that you can splice the two ends of the hose with a 5/8" brass hose coupling where the canister was. This is to keep it safe and usable while you are drying out the canister. Then take the canister out into your backyard somewhere in the sunshine, and leave it there for 3 years, making sure it is completely dried out. Then you can re-install it if you want to. In the meantime, when you run your motor, you may notice an increase in power, hole-shot and top speed because the fuel system breathes better. Just some advice - don't do anything that you are not comfortable with. Be careful!! Do the work in a well ventilated area! No sparks, of course!
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    And that 130 rating was with a 2 stroke, I believe quite a bit lighter. You put a heavy 150 plus a full livewell, which is like abother big person, that is a ton of weight in the back of that boat. I'd be more concerned about weight then too much HP.
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    Just make sure you dry it up quick, or apparently, your gel coat will blister. Totally a joke here whichway
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    Off the chain here Cuz. You find a boat of that age you don't need to worry about get a unicorn saddle and hold on. You have gone from daily use to some crazy can't get my boat wet thing in your head. You don't have to grind, barrier coat a thing. Find and buy a boat of the age your looking at and be proud that the floor/transom aren't rotted out and the engine doesn't fall off the back. It would be the nice ones of many makes without a single blister. Soft cores, transoms, stringers, decks may never show a blister on the exterior to the naked eye. I can show a many high end boat of the era you seek without a single blister. They will also not survey well as the core, structure and the rest of the vessel are toast under the deck and the shiny parts. Find me a Grady White/ Pursuit of that era that the structure has not been replaced from the stringers up. Most of those have not a single blister on them.
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    I would have passed, cosmetic or not, it would bug the crap out of me seeing blisters.
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    I'm thinking you guys catch more fish in Savannah than anyone else. Nobody catches trout in muddy spring tides round here. Congrats on some pretty fishes
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    I took this shot leaving from Bar Harbor Maine from a Cessna 402 from about 3000 ft.
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    Super beach sunrise.
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    Yeah we all learned a lesson that day.
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    Made the most of some time off this week. Unfortunately the aftermath of Irma canceled a planned trip to Chokoloskee with @conocean. Beautiful couple of days both on and in the water here in Jacksonville. Lots of small trout and flounder. Ended up bringing this upper slot red home for dinner.
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    I couldn't remember if I posted these before or not- sorry if I have. 2016 18 HPX-V Ice Blue, 2 Tone Deck, Short Console, F150. I designed this as a no frills tournament boat and so far it does not disappoint.
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    Fished the south shore yesterday with my dad, water was brown. Still a lot of fresh water coming out of the rivers. No Reds, few small Trout, couple Snook, one 32"er that could've come home for dinner, but just couldn't keep her. Had some fun with some Big Jack's, and we got a surprise Pompano catch on the flat on a jerkbait, that did come home for dinner.
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    DIESEL, DIESEL, DIESEL!!! My solution requires a little more cash up front but I will tell you the last thing we were worried about after Irma was when FPL is gonna get power back to my neck of the woods. In addition, there's nothing better than air conditioning, hot meal, and a hot shower after a day, or seven of hurricane clean-up and repairs. I have a 15Kw powered by an Isuzu 2.6L diesel. The alternator (generator end of it) is actually rated at 17Kw @ 40 degrees C. Ran it for 171 hours straight (minus 20 minutes or so to change oil and filters) burned an average of 0.4 GPH running the whole house. The engine/alternator is designed to run at a constant 1800 RPM so it's not crazy loud and you can always find diesel fuel. The benefits in my eyes is that you're not depending on the propane distributor to deliver fuel, super simple to wire and operate and you don't have to bury or maintain a LP tank. It's a little more work since you have to go get your own fuel but in my opinion its the only way to go, especially if you loose power for extended periods after these hurricanes like we do down here in the boonies. I go get 60 gallons of diesel in June and whatever I don't use I dump in the truck after the season is over.
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    All of these "ice replacements" use the same polyacrylic salt based gel mixture inside that is used in any standard freezer pack. The "Cooler Shock" series is similar to some product we sell at our company. It ships to you without the water added to the gel chemical mix yet. That cuts down on shipping cost getting it to you. You just add the right amount of clean water to the chemical inside and it forms the gel. The rest is just a heavy duty poly bag. All the product descriptions are very cryptic about how the product is "activated" or "charged". It's really not that complicated. It's called "freezing". Really. Any standard residential freezer will maintain temperatures at or slightly below 0 degrees F. Anything you leave in a freezer long enough will reach that temperature. A zero degree gel pack acts like a sponge and *** the heat energy out of whatever is close by as soon as it's out of the freezer. The difference between wet ice and the gel mixture, is that the gel absorbs heat over a longer period of time once it is out of the freezer. Yes, it will keep a cooler colder longer than wet ice, or ice in a plastic jug. It is best to completely cover the top of the cooler contents with the gel packs, then cover the gel packs with a towel. That's the best practice with wet ice as well. Of course, start with the payload and cooler pre-chilled for the best results. If you need to get that warm case of soda or beer chilled down fast, dump a bag of wet ice in first, then cover with gel packs and a towel on top. Downside to using just gel packs ? You can't drop a towel into freezing cold cooler water and drape it over your head or face when you need "freshening up".....Or toss it on your buddy's neck and watch him jump.
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    Yes and no. We've tried our best to insert ours into our life. I don't know how to explain it other than your priorities will change...spending time with him or her no matter what your doing will be more rewarding than any fish you've ever caught.
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    I snapped this shot Sunday afternoon.........
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    2005 Pathfinder 2200 Tournament Edition2005 Yamaha F1502015 Magictilt Tandem Trailer750 original hours $27,500 Minkota Riptide 80# Co-pilotGarmin Echomap 74dvIcom VHFFusions Stereo Package2- 40 gallon livewells1- 15 gallon livewellOnboard battery Charger4 new Duracell BatteriesJackPlateBoat has been well kept and in good shape. Title for boat and trailer in hand and ready for a new owner. If you have any questions feel free to contact John. 910-233-1471 https://eastnc.craigslist.org/boa/6351520024.html Pictures on Craigslist Add.
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    I might be letting mine go.... more to follow You might be right
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    Amen. It’s your $, your decision. I wouldnt care what anyone else said. I wouldn’t buy a boat with that going on either. It would drive me loco personally. Post up the boat and let someone buy it who it doesn’t matter to and we can debate something that really matters....like Pathfinders, and all bay boats for that matter, are better anyways 😬
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    I don't care if you buy it or not, this thread has provided some good entertainment. Although the blistering question raises some eye brows. It's not enough for me to walk away from MBC. I've had 4 MBC boats in the last 6 years. None were perfect, but all were solid boats. Convertible has it right. Jason, your fight against bay boats is going to be a grueling battle. They've gone from a 3D platform to a tower/ski boat with live wells and a $4500 JL Stereo...
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    Okay - sanity check here: 1) Gel coat is supposed to get wet. It is used on boats. 2) The boat is 17 years old. We don't know how long that issue has been going on, and we REALLY don't know what the previous owner did with it. We know what he says, we know that JWalk trusts him, but the fact is, we don't know. 3) As for MBC, I don't think that, in any case, anyone would see this as the manufacturers responsibility after 17 years. That ship, if it ever existed, sailed about 15 years ago! I do think the question is - does MBC know that this issue occurred on this model with some level of frequency. IF not, we'd want them to in the hopes that they can identify any potential manufacturing cause and address it in their current models. IF so, It would probably re-assure a lot of owners to hear that it was an identified issue and the manufacturing process was changed to address it. Or, if you want to state it in a less incriminating way - they saw an opportunity to increase the longevity of their process. The worst thing that any company can do in a situation like this is to deflect, ignore, or debate facts that appear to be evident to owners. It MAY be that what we think happened (i.e. an issue with a root cause in the manufacturing) isn't the case. It's always better for the company to say "let's take a look" then disprove through an investigation than to say "Not us" without even looking into it. To be clear, I don't think MBC has done either, in this case. Frankly, I'm amazed at the fact that these boats last as well as they do. My 2000 looks like it rolled off the show room floor a couple of years ago instead of 17. My 87 was structurally sound and the only gel coat issues it had were caused by oysterbars. Maybe I have low expectations, but dang, I love these boats knowing that my current one is still a spring chicken in MBC terms. Heck, can you imagine being on some of the other boat manufacturer forums? This is a fun thread though, I thought Troy was trying to say that Gelcoat wasn't supposed to get wet when it began! Thanks for clarifying. I still think that cushion thing sounds a little sketchy, though.
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    Guys, this is not a water stored boat. Not at all. Maybe I was unclear about that. It has very low hours and has always been trailer stored. It's the original owner, and the owner is not lying to anyone about how he used it (as far as I can tell anyways). I have owned many, many boats over the years and take multiple vacations a year where I may leave the boat in the water for a week to 10 days, before trailering back home and cleaning her up. Is that not normal? That is normal to me and in my mind, any boat out there, no matter the brand, should be able to handle this without giving it a second thought. I've certainly never thought about it and I have never had a problem. I may be wrong, but it seems to me some of the comments on here are suggesting that would not be normal use for a boat and could cause this blistering? Am I reading those right? I'm sorry but to me, that just makes no sense at all. So I should barrier coat and bottom paint my boat, and devalue it, before my vacation next time to avoid blistering? That is utter craziness. This is not a slipped boat stored in the water for months or years, and if it was, it would be obvious. Instead, it is obvious from everything else on this boat, that it has never been stored in the water for any extended period. I appreciate everyone's comments on here but again, this makes no sense to me at all and I have no interest in dealing with it. I'm disappointed and wasted some time and money, but I will find a different boat. Thanks again.
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    Spending a few days in Bar Harbor Maine this week.....lobster heaven for sure.
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    Seems a lot of MA’s from this vintage are popping up (pardon the pun) on here recently . Anyone know what they did different on the Mavericks than the other boats of that time period? I’m not familiar with these specifically, but have had a few gel coat voids in my MBC boats. Two of them broke open from water hose pressure while washing boats. Kinda surprised but as the gel coat ages, it’s gets more brittle.
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    That is what's called osmotic blistering and is caused by keeping a boat in the water without proper preparation like a barrier coat. It has no structural impact at this point and is simply cosmetic, I'd wager. Only way to fix is to grind them out and re paint or re gelcoat.
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    I would not get rid of the tabs.
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    The 400R does come with 3 year warranty now for recreational use. http://www.mercuryracing.com/promotions/
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    My '01 goes down as one of my best toy purchases. Can't go wrong. Great set up.
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    If you cant buy it for another 3 weeks and haven't talked with the wife, I wouldn't really bother talking numbers and details with the guy yet.
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    Well, I was rushing before the hurricane to get the skiff "safe".... Was working no the skiff before the storm and had the lower unit down as I was running her on the muffs. Storm was coming and I needed to get her on the side of the house and jumped in the truck and then drove forward and backed her up and heard a thump.... So, I went from..... To......... Special Thanks to Ralph @ AIM Welding and Mike and the team at the Boat Center in FLL on 441 North of 595 Because of where the break was, the welders had to heat the seals and they were shot....but, as they said, it probably was a good idea to change them as they were 22 years old. They did a complete rebuild of the lower unit, water pumps, etc. and it painted like new time to get the skiff back fishing.... DC
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    Yeah that's it, man those things go up in price like $500 a year. I meant to type 1.6L, anywho, it's the business for sure. I have a outlet on the wall for my welders so I basically back-feed the generator through a 60A 220V breaker in the panel via my welder outlet. The unit comes with wiring instructions so I basically made a cord (6/3) for the generator to plug into the wall. Super simple, I didn't want the thing cranking up every time the power goes off for a minute or two and I didn't want to add any components I didn't need so I avoided the whole automatic deal. I built a stand for it so I can wheel it around and push it to the door threshold when I need to run it. It's 850 lbs but it moves relatively easy. My garage is detached so you really don't hear the thing running. The blue jugs are 15 Gallon deals, that's about as big as I want to move around, and I just drop the fuel line and return line into the jug and it's good. As far as availability I keep 60 gallons on hand as soon as Bubba starts worrying about the first storm of the year, which is roughly 6 days of running, down here it was always available, once the gas stations opened anyway. As pointed out previously this whole master plan of mine revolves around having somewhere to put the leftover diesel in November, I can put it in the truck so it works great for me. There's all kinds of different info on how long diesel will last, and that has a lot to do with the environment its stored in, temperature, humidity, etc... I know for sure it burns fine in a 2005 Duramax after sitting for 5 months. Anything else your on your own.
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    If you see this boat around the Mississippi Delta in the next week or so, give'em a wave and some hot tips. First trip to Venice. Big Sassy- The first trip with this boat in the salt was last Dec. this trip was to include my Dad but he died a few months before the trip. His favorite thing in the world was catching snook. He talked about it for years and we got to make three trips with guides to catch snook. We eventually purchased a boat so we could spend more time doing it on our own. We had originally named her Snookered but we found that there were similar names out there so we never made it official. We never got to make the trip in our boat. Last Dec my Son and I, while on our first trip on the Everglades Wilderness Waterway, decided to name her Big Sassy. For some reason, that is what my Son called Dad when he was first able to speak and it stuck. It was the perfect name. Ecause he was a big man and sassy was an understatement. Now, Big Sassy gets to make all of the fishing trips and that is pretty dang awesome for me.
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    If you run at speed and are worried about inches you gonna pile it up. The boats are going to hit at 30 mph or 60 if on plane. The results will be 60 to zero or 30 to zero. The only difference will be what hits first, the bow or the transom and skeg.. Unless your in an air boat running at speed you have no business being there if an inch or two can make a difference. There is a reason there are not published drafts on any flats boats at speed. Many will run in spit until that one thing is sticking up 2 inches above the bottom.
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    I'm with ya on that one Nag. The 21 MA is one of those rare boat designs that somehow ended up being perfectly balanced.
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    I was referring to the maverick hpx-v 18. I was leaning more toward the redfisher and I am glad I asked you guys. This forum is seriously blowing me away with all the first hand info and has me rolling Btw fishmanjj that is a beautiful boat (and dog).
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    My '01 18RF, rail to rail, measures 18'7" LOA and 7'7" beam. Not sure how the factory measurements are taken, but believe the newer RF models are listed as being just a few inches longer in both categories. I've never been in an 18MA, but in the many pictures I've seen over the years, the hull basically mirrors the PFs (or vice versa) which is why I assume they are reported to ride so well in a chop, which I can attest to having owned a 22PF for many years. And for the record, 60mph is not normal operating speed, but really really fun when the water conditions are right on the way back in after a good day👍👍
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    That's some funny stuff, right there. Haven't seen or used a Pompier ladder since 1976.
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    If this is the only reason for a HPX then DO NOT spend the extra money. The reason I say this is because a HPX18 drafts too much to effectively fish the flood tides in Jacksonville. Your working with a pretty short period of time and if you're waiting for 10" of water your time line is even shorter. In the cases where you have extremely high water giving you extended time on the flat with a "big boat" like a HPX18 your not going to see the fish around the top of the cycle anyway. One: you're not goin to see a lot of tailing reds in 12"+ of water (I know sometimes they're standing on their heads, but usually not) and Two: in JAX 90% of the time you'll be fishing at dusk into the evening so you're not goin go see them unless they're pushing wake or have their tail exposed. If you want to effectively fish the flood tides and be able to cover multiple flats during a tide cycle you really need something drafting in the neighborhood of 5"-6" or less, if not, you're better off nosing the boat into the grass and wading the flat. I spent many fall evenings on the flats in JAX and the best (most cost effective and efficient) way to do it is out of a old Gheenoe, I traded a kayak for my 1978 Gheenoe and my wife's kayak for a sweet 2 stroke Yamaha 5HP. I fall in line with the Cult on this one, buy a good used MA for your main boat and a little beater for flood tide fishing. Two boats is always better than one anyway.
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    Something tells me that I'm beginning to like red..... picked this Kamado Joe up today while on the job. A couple had it in the corner of their garage, still in unopened box with a ton of accessories. I think they won it. The guy asked me, as I was loading it up, "what do you cook in those things?" I can't wait to fire it up tomorrow.
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    Feels strange not being at the Breezy in Islamorada right now sitting on the cottage porch with an adult beverage... Skip
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    These pictures are better than the sunup and sundown pictures. One look at me and you can tell that I have my priorities straight!!!!!