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    Awesome Sunday down in the Everglades! Left outdoor resorts at 6AM. Tarpon on by 7AM. Landed fished around 7:30 on the 12wt. Completed the slam by 9AM. Water is very clean right now. Tons of bait around! Which means lots of fish around. Definitely a busy weekend on the water with lots of other boats running around! But nobody where we wanted to fish.
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    I don't know that this will tickle y'all like it tickled me, but most of you all know that I've been down a boat going on 2 yrs now. I've had a boat my entire life because a) I love to fish more than anything else and b) I HATE fishing from land. Needless to say, it's been a tough year, and I haven't been doing much fishing. I've been trying to be patient, trust God in all of this, because there really is no other explanation for the way things have been working out. It's all good, and I'm not complaining. The time I'm not spending fishing I've been spending being a much better dad, husband, and probably employee, but there have been days . . . Anywho, the other day, after a particularly long dry spell away from fishing, I'm walking along the beach with my family and I see this guy fishing. I can't help myself, so I stroll over and ask the obvious question, and all he's caught - all he EVER catches - are a few trash fish, but he's happy and we get to talking about how fun it is just to watch a rod sometimes. A few minutes into the convo, he starts looking anxious and informs me that he's jonesing for a cigarette, but he left them all up at his condo. He asks me to watch his rod for a couple minutes while he gets them. The rod is old, the reel is ridiculous, and it's frozen shrimp pegged to the bottom, but hey, it's gonna scratch the itch. I'm on cloud nine. Off he goes, trucking across the beach to the condo, leaving me in charge of the rod. Bet you see where this is headed. . . I guess I should mention that a buddy of mine offered to take me fishing that morning, but I passed so I could spend time with the kids. It had bugged me all day. . . . SO, there I'm sitting, babysitting this rod, "apologizing" to the family for interrupting our stroll but really, for some reason, basking in the joy of having to watch this rod do nothing. Except, then the tip doubles over and it's game on. It wasn't an epic fight or a massive fish, but by golly, it was about the most gratifying redfish I've ever caught - and I've caught a lot of reds in my life. He didn't have much of a chance on 20 LB test and that big ole surf rod, but he fought long enough to attract a crowd. That poor guy shows up about the time that I'm dragging what should have been HIS prize catch up the sand. I'm not sure whether I felt as guilty as I should have, but I did let him take it home for dinner. He told me that he'd never seen a fish that big, and the flash crowd I'd attracted echoed the same. I'd watched that rod for all of 4 minutes before it was all over. After it was all over, I returned to my stroll with the family and it occurred to me that there's really no such thing as coincidence. Sometimes you lose a boat, sometimes you catch the fish, and sometimes its the other way around. It was a great way to remember what's important the day before Father's day.
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    Yesterday I took a run from Punta Gorda to the sand bar off of Cayo Costa with some friends of mine. As approaching the bar I was coming in hot and then slowed to and idle at the bar and set anchor. There was a brand new 25 Proline CC anchored to my starboard, good looking boat with couple and four kids. As setting my stern stick it pole the women approached me in tears explaining they just arrive from Punta Gorda also and remarked how level my boat ran and how did I make that happen. She explained that their boat was running bow high and with a tilt to port almost at 45 degree list. Her husband was afraid to run boat home and would I take a look at what was wrong. Stated this was their first boat with those things on the back and did not know what they were. Explained everything and show tab switches, then to husband and older son for ride so he could get the feeling of working tabs. Husband was so grateful as was wife. They explained the dealer never told them anything about the boat or it’s operation. He should be ashamed of himself. Reason my have been they were Spanish and spoke very broken English which bothered me to no end. Felt good being able to help them out and took the time to go through all systems on the boat with them. 😀fin
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    I was the second person to respond to a post by Outlaw he had a polling platform he was giving away. I responded by say that if the first fella did not come I would be delighted to come pick it up. Well Outlaw got back to me and said come get it. Wow what a great guy. Thanks Outlaw really really cool of you! And now my 2006 Redfisher 16 has a platform were before there was none. Outlaw your the best!
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    Don’t t recall if I ever posted close ups of upper station. Here are a few.
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    I was traveling around Tallahassee a few weeks ago and decided to take a trip over to the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and St. Marks Lighthouse for some sightseeing and photography. I was able to capture a few good shots of the sunset over the lighthouse and some afterglow of an old pier. The first 4 photos were taken during the same sunset, the last photo was taken during a sunset 2 days later. Unfortunately, I did not have my fishing gear with me as there were some nice redfish and trout bars within casting distance. I used to get out and do a lot of photography but life has been hectic the last few years and photography has taken a back seat. It was great to get out and exercise the rusty skills. www.stephenshelleyphotography.com and www.stephenshelleyphotography.com/photoblog/
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    Fished the IFA redfish tour in crystal river Saturday with a tough tide/moon phase. That place is downright scary to fish, nasty boulders, rocks, etc. I will say the fish are much more cooperative, and sight fishing them was pretty easy. Watched a 40lb cobia bust a mullet out of the water and eat it before I could throw a bait at it! Ended up sticking 2 right fish and as luck would have it we managed to win 1st overall and big fish. Went out Sunday for tarpon and they are here in full force! Egmont was scattered fish and inconsistent so hopped over to bean point and got 1 before the wind picked up and we left. Pass crabs were hard to come by but finally got a few and that's what did the trick. All in all a great weekend!
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    Spent 4 hours washing and waxing her. Hard to believe she’s a 2007
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    Not sure if it’s the path or the salt that puts that cheese grin on my son!
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    Pleased to have Captain Tom Ross join me for a trip to Chokoloskee to fish the Ten Thousand Islands yesterday. Weather forecast was sketchy for the afternoon so we knew we'd have to get it done in the morning. We launched at Outdoor Resorts at 6:15--low tide at Chokoloskee was at 8:39 a.m., so we'd have just a couple of hours of falling water. Turned out to be a solid day, fishing no farther than 4-5 miles from the ramp. Tossing top water lures, soft plastics, jigs with live shrimp or GULP! shrimp--when we found moving water and structure we found fish. Reds, snook, trout, juvenile Goliath Grouper, mangrove snapper, whiting, jack crevalle, and more. Saw a dolphin jump all the way out of the water like he was at Sea World. Made it back to the ramp around 1:30, just before the skies opened up. Quite a day. Here are a few pictures from the day.
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    There is something really attractive about those SHO engines. When I get my Mav back, there may be one in her future. Its only money, right? College smollege, kids can figure something out!
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    My wife rides on the cooler in front of the console. Every time we are docking she says "what can I do"? and starts moving all around. I reply "keep your butt on the cooler". She gets mad every time. I keep forgetting to say "Honey, just keep your seat I'll take care of this"'. She likes everything sugarcoated.
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    Just Passed away and was the King of the swamp out of Choko for many years. The "DOUBLE PATS" as some may have known him was a great leader and president of the FGA for many years and a huge advocate to promoting the wise use of the resource as a guide and recreational angler. He traveled the state bringing awareness to conservation for many years after following Capt. Scott Moore who wrote the book on Snook fishing on the west coast of Florida and was the founder of the Florida Guides Association. The fella was True Grit and went to bat just like the owner of this forum to promote and protect the wise use of the resource.
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    Great Job.....and pics Jnaam..... Our day had much small species....but, fun all the same...... Alex hit the snooklets hard on DOA shrimp and I pounded the reds on Gulp's....it gave me no pleasure catching them; however, i just had to do so. And what no popping corks you say - yes, it's true, I have gone to the darkside of artificals....Bass Pro Beware....I'll be there soon.... And yes, a random cast from a recommendation of DonH of the "Nuclear Chicken" produced a Triple tail......yummmm....he had dinner with me last night. Overall maybe 12-15 reds...two slots we sight casted to....I had a few "shrimp" in the cooler bag and Alex sent a DOA into the pod of schoolies, it was great as there was a large mud, then we were both on..... Later Alex put on a show of snooklets on a point, where nearly every cast produced a 15-18" snook.....no big girls.....a few trout, one to the bag of death....and we were home late. Great day on the water with COTO - 62 miles in the skiff....West Wind Chop on the way home....and the MA - cut it like "buddddder" (said in NY accent). And, yes, I was tethered into the skiff....I did not fall off dc
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    Snuck out to the marsh this a.m. Tough conditions with a stromg wind, but we managed a couple nice trout, a nice red on top, and a great sunrise.
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    You guys north of the ENP boundary have it tough. I wonder how many more jet skis & jet boats will be on the water up there in 10 years?! 😑 If the ENP ever allowed jet propulsion then I'd likely sell my boat, fish camp & become a monk. ☯️
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    That's awesome Gus....God does work in mysterious ways.
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    Well, the best way to PREVENT this is to not run the bow up on the beach. E.g..... That is my 2009 20 footer with over 1000 hours on her. Running up on the beach is the equivalent of sanding the bow with course sandpaper and although it looks clear, if there is just one rock or shell anywhere on the beach, she will almost always hit it. Murphy's Law, I guess. Here on the Georgia Coast ( as fishmanjj well knows ) the current runs parallel to the beach at a good clip. Drop the big anchor off the bow in 10 feet of water with 150 feet of rode. Once dug in, back down toward the beach and when the depth reads 3 feet, toss the small anchor up on the beach. Shut down and tilt the engine, hop out in the shallow water and secure the anchor on the beach. The boat will now be back in deep water because of the current. Leave the small anchor dug in on the beach and manually pull the boat in to the shallow water so the rest of the family can hop off without getting too wet. Once everyone is out of the boat, with the end of the small anchor line cleated, let her swing out away from the sandbar into the 10 feet of water. Takes less time to execute than to read. Here is what the keel of the 22 TRS looks like with 400 hours... What looks like a black scuff mark is actually the reflection of the road bed
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    30% off Hard coolers, 50% off soft coolers
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    Boys, this boat has sold. I think it went to a good home. Thanks for the great comments!
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    Got a little treat opening day of gag fishing. 56 feet of water is not the norm for a snapper this size and the dolphin was certainly a surprise. Both fish were by themselves. Gag fishing was tough for us as no current at all and we were on the new moon. We got a handful and actually caught a keeper red grouper at 24 inches.
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    That was my fear too, Hurricane. I will just keep an eye on em amd hit them with some CRC periodically. Got word that my prop is done, will try to get a pic of the before and after scans.
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    We are still working on the not-so-sexy stuff, so here are a few pics. Very pleased with how well he is tying up the new wiring to keep it dry, secure, and organized. All of the electrical components have been tested and are working properly. Question though, looking at thiae wiring straps, I know they sre stainless, but in that moist environment, are they gping to last or am I better with all plastic?
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    I wish my motor blew up years ago . It’s like viagra ! 🇺🇸☠️
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    That is Miami's own WSVN channel 7. They can turn a paper cut into a mass trauma situation and interview 15 people when only 1 was involved!
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    My wife and I fished yesterday. Got a late start but hit the water around 8. Found some menhaden and headed to a secret spot only known to a few locals (jetties). It was steady action on Spanish Macks, Bluefish and a couple Reds. Didn't get a pic of it but released a fat 30 inch Spanish and found out later it may of been a state record (oh well, I was trying to get him back into the water fast). Forgive my facial expressions my wife times the pics just right on me. Anyhow back on the trailer around one. Can't complain when you get to spend a day or half a day on the water with your wife. Look at that water!
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    Thanks for the insight, T! I'll head your advice. I have a Power Pole, Justfish....Hard to believe, right?!? I looked around and read some other opinions last night and decided to order another anchor. Yeah right Jason P, she's a small package, but extremely volatile.
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    They are ugly. There are better options... two power poles or even just one and having your wife stay with boat and keep the bow off while you enjoy the sandbar... the line x sounds great too. Just come down to Bird island or Salt run - less currents and crowds 😊
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    Heading out to the grounds ! 🇺🇸☠️
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    We had a blast down there despite the winds. Piddled around a rock pile on the bayside and caught a variety of small bottom fish. We tried crabs at various bridge pilings from knight key to Moser Channel with zero luck. Finally scored some mullet and caught a Goliath and jumped a tarpon yesterday morning. Left and went to lunch and hit the sandbar afterwards. I put some lines out there and jumped 2 more poons and had one get off about 8’ from the boat. He was on our last bait and my brother(who was the bachelor for the bachelor party) got to fight him in. Awesome trip with a great group of guys. DADE7D3A-7223-4E6A-8FFB-22C32C7C7905.MP4
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    All good points. I never really understood the loosen the drag thing. I use to do it, forgot to tighten it one time and lost a nice fish because of it and now I don't do it anymore. Finchaser, you make a good point, let the reel tell you when you need to go into it. Big Dave, explain the lemon pledge thing? Doesn't the oils from it get on the line and prevent bites from the odor. I only used pledge to remove roofing tar from my hands, if it can do that I don't think fish would like it too much? I will review what paperwork I have for the reels however I was given some BG's and other reels I have nothing on.
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    This time of year, when you pass under a bridge while on the water, you will often see these small but very fast birds flitting around and jumping in and out of the mud nests they build under the bridge. Here is what this looks like, close up... The nests are made of mud that the birds carry in their beak. It takes many trips. Here is a chick looking out for its parents who will be bringing food. Here is Dad with a mouthful of bugs. They catch them with their beak while flying. There little guys catch a lot of bugs! He's checking me out. The white spot in his eye is a refection of my boat. Thanks guys for eating all those flying bugs!
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    I hear you and agree it is simply a matter of personal preference - some folks simply prefer chunky butts. It is clear, the 22 is somewhat more seaworthy but I've always gone with my heart, not so much with my brain and have ALWAYS loved slim and sleek transoms. E.g., I found this old photo of one of a number of former girl friends as proof of that concept...
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    I use Shimano Bantam Oil. You may still have the schematics that came in the box with the reels---they have all of the information you need. Remove the spool and clean it. Clean the exterior of the reel. Clean the line roller assembly and make sure the bearing or bushing is not worn and needs replacing. Lightly oil the assembly. Remove the handle assembly and lightly oil. Some reels also have a "maintenance port"--if so, take the screw out and put a drop or two of oil in there. Oil the bail arm assembly. You're done! I always tighten the drag before rinsing with low pressure fresh water, dry the reel and rod, and then loosen the drag--never store the reel with a tight drag. I also use Lemon Pledge on the rod and reel after drying. Good luck!
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    I do custom finishing for a living. That gel coat color took me 4 hours to perfect and the non skid isn't perfect, but good enough until I redo everything.
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    Chris bailey does custom ones. Love my foil
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    The good life....
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    This should do the trick....
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    It can be annoying when making a good point and you have s.ck or a.s in the root of a word get bleeped. Our Software is good.. but not perfect. I am so glad the Tech Boss got rid of the spacebar emoji.. That was annoying. Carry On ! MM
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    Well the weather and the fishing is really heating up. Took my brother Kevin out and had a great morning of light winds and solid clean water fishing yesterday. Bait is everywhere and the stuff that eats that bait is nearby. Fishing was solid all morning. Lots of pics of Kevin. None of me. Whats that all about?🤔 Love this time of year.
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    Yes it was a very beautiful and productive weekend . The bite has been epic last two weeks . Nice lookin feesh . 🇺🇸☠️
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    Boat lunch box ! Breakfast sandwich Coffee Too go ! 🇺🇸☠️
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    uni to uni with 4 wraps here. like Limitless said, in the wind on seas it's easier.
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    In all seriousness I appreciate the “filtering” on this forum. It only takes a quick glance through FS or THT to see how out of control a simple question can get. Don’t even bother with the “what’s the best boat” threads. This forum has always been the go-to, no-nonsense forum for anything MBC and how to repair and maintain it.
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    1. The filter is in place to maintain a family friendly forum where members may ask questions and/or provide information that is informative. Additionally, the forum is for the owner to obtain information to improve the product. 2. If everyone were responsible adults there would be no need for filters or moderators. MOD2 PS: There are plenty of fishing/boating forums on the internet that are out of control. And copious negativity on various forums and social media sites. If anyone prefers chaos and such uncivil sites, please feel free to utilize them. This site will not be allowed to fall into that realm!
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