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    I've been after this shot for years.
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    Lil man took over the captain role!
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    Sweeping Big jigs under some east coast bridges
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    There are so many “half-truths” and misconceptions from #Bullsugar. They went from a grass roots clean water origination, to almost a political propaganda machine. I believe if anyone wants to get involved, Captains for Clean Water is doing a good, fair job. History as I see it: Per this video, they are claiming “ranchers and farmers”, north of the lake, are an issue. Really? Most of the ranchers lost every inch of pasture that even touches the river, in the 90’s. That’s right, all the way to the high watermark on the oaks. Some even lost their entire ranch. The Lanier family, Lunas, Clements, Ming’s, etc. lost thousands of acers it the Kissimmee deal. These ranches were just North of FL 98 and west of Micco Bluff Road. I’m quite sure there are more but these few are the ones I know about. If you run the river, hunting or fishing, you will see where the restoration project is. In that same area, back in the late 80’s, the State of Florida went after the dairies that use to dot the landscape of the prairie. The state mandated that each dairy hold all their own waste. Yep, septic fields for cow poo. There is multiple acre sized septic systems at the cost of millions of dollars to the dairy farmers. Some large dairies could afford to do it, while most changed to beef, or just sold out. Now, a cowboy is just a grass farmer; farmers are frugal individuals. Does anyone believe that they are spending that much money on that much tonnage of fertilizer for their pasture grass? Nowhere near what is used further up the basin and chain of lakes. Ever seen a blade of brown grass at Disney? The biggest load of phosphorus getting into the lake is coming from further north, Orlando. We don’t hear anyone talking too much about that…. EAA: There has to be a better plan than “Its Big Sugar’s Fault”. I believe they are a little dirty but nowhere near the big offender. Yes, they need to give up enough land to build the canals, to let the water flow south but it also needs to be controlled. It’s pretty arrogant to just say “screw them” “take it all” and make it a flood plain. People live there, work there and have for generations. I’m sure if people were coming after your livelihood and home, you would be ready to fight also. The area South of Clewiston is dotted with containment areas and STA’s. The farmers in the EAA do pump water to them and have been working with SFWMD and FWC on the levels and also public access. Now they need to add more canals to get it south. You can see the road project on Tamiami Trail (US41) going on now. Great idea and an engineering feat within itself. The only issue I see is the next fight for getting water under that bridge will be with the Seminole and Miccosukee Tribes. These guys are a sovereign nation and you all know they don’t like being told what to do. This battle will be harder than fighting the Fanjuls. No clear plan, no clear solution. It *** but it's not just one thing causing this. It's all of us that live in South Florida also; it's too crowded and over developed. One thing I think about all the time is that it took a long time to screw it up, it will take a long time to fix. Hope to see it in my lifetime.
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    Not quite a slob as above but this girl inhaled a mirrordine XL and avoided the landing net by just jumping her *** into the boat today at Flamingo.
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    I will not tell anyone what oil to use nor which is "best", it is their boat, as long as it meets the requirements it will work. If there is a better product for me I will use it over the OEM brand. I don't put AC Delco oil in my Chevy but rather Mobile1 because it works for me. Some prefer Racor fuel filters over Yamaha big blue. It all comes down to what works for the owner and what the owner like, OEM or not.
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    This week , I had the pleasure to build some nice products for a couple MHP sleds . First is a massive casting platform 36”x32” with an removable oval sissy bar , for an 18’ Master Angler Second , I updated a classic Mirage poling platform . Removed the fiberglass shell and built a ring , which will have a Sea Dek platform . Both pieces will be powdercoated , gloss black and have custom made Sea Dek combings and lids . Enjoy #AIMWELDING #INSHOREMARINESPECIALTIES 🇺🇸☠️
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    Been the summer of Sailfish here in Ft. Pierce, cannot find a Dolphin to save my life! Cool shot from this past weekend, caught a buddy his first and second Sailfish in an hour, he was done after the 2nd one. Skip
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    Broke ground in mid- January and building boats late July, proud to introduce Lake Maverick! Start to finish, check it out...
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    40" striper, 3' of water, released.
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    MW, I agree. Everyone should be hitting all the politicians and clean water groups; just be careful who you send money to or align with. BullSugar to me is all propaganda. I guess every crisis needs a villain and the farmers are theirs. Take a long look at our state, not just below the lake. Not just from Ft. Myers South and St. Lucie South. The entire state! Tampa Bay has their issues, The Banana River, The Indian River, Mosquito Lagoon, St Johns River, Etc. Sugar, vegetable farms, dairies and beef ranches are not the culprit up there either, WE ARE. Yep, I’m guilty as much as everyone else (if not more); I make my living in construction. We are over developed. I believe the subsidies, for farmers, are and have been part of American Economics for as long as I can remember. There is no way to stop it like flicking a switch. The government has played this game with our farmers, so long that it is woven in to the fabric of our economic system. I can’t figure out the why or where’s but it’s there and not only for sugar. Also, agriculture is part of our national security. Think about that for a minute. Steaks at Publix from China?!? The EAA is a lot more than sugar. Farmers are smart, if they can’t make money on sugar, they’ll make it on rice, corn, sod, tomatoes, peppers, beans, beef or citrus. It’s already there, just take a look. Get off the computer and take a ride. Run along one of those rough county roads and you’ll see. Head around the lake and into Devils Garden. Thomas Farms (all vegetables), Alico (beef/citrus), Garcia (vegetables), Mc Daniels (beef), Seminole Tribe (beef and casinos), etc. Wiping out the EAA is not going to happen but it should change, and it must change, there just needs to be a plan. Force the politicians to purchase the land and in turn, force the farmers to sell. Work with US Sugar, Okeelanta, King Ranch, Sugar Cane Growers Co-Op, USACE, SFWMD, etc. to get the right parcels purchased, canals designed and dug, to get the water flowing south. Use and expand on the STA’s already in place. Do something with the old Talisman and Griffin Tracks. These huge pieces of land are just south of Okeelanta and North of the Broward line. I was by there a while ago and it was nothing but bullrush. No levees no nothing. There will never be a sheet flow like some people want, but those are the same folks that don’t understand the hydraulics of what we have now. If we did have a sheet flow like some folks want, they would be sitting on their roof tops, after a tropical storm. Control is a must. Now is the time for our government to get the water South and stop what is coming down from the North. After the EAA, they need to start working on getting the water thru Broward and Miami Dade. Get a plan in place to start working with the Indians, that own a lot of that land. This will be the next big deal (or problem). The Kissimmee is being “redone” now, so what about the runoff from Orange and Osceola counties? Everyone wants to take on the farmers but nobody is talking about the “other” villain up at the North end of the Kissimmee Basin…. There are some pretty smart people (on all sides) working on this but it took decades to screw it up, it will take decades to fix it…
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    What's that saying....."they don't make'm like they used to " Here's the Holy Ghost...a 24 year old MA17....I haven't had time to fish and it's too darn hot....but, I decided to pimp her up with some lipstick and eye shadow. Here's the hull.....not bad for a 24 year old hull....I just hit it with a light 3M wax and cleaning compound I had laying around and buffed it out..... I also removed all the old stickers and found this original....from 1996 Fish and Game....
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    Back from powdercoaters . platform is complete and waiting for custom Sea Dek for the casting platform . More to follow . #AIMWELDING🇺🇸☠️
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    Several of you have helped me try to track down the elusive removable hatch for my Maverick. This has proven to be a lot more difficult than I could have expected. After scouring the internet and striking out, I reached out directly to Great Lakes Skipper, but alas, they didn't have any in stock. I eventually went up stream and contacted the manufacturer - HMG (Hi-tide Manufacturing Group) to see if I could find what I needed. The good news is that they do still make the Jim Black 11 x 15 I needed for my 18 MA, and the good news was that Great Lakes Skipper has 10 on order. The bad news is that the order wasn't going to arrive for a few weeks and there wasn't anywhere else to order them. Amy at HMG took my info and promised to follow up with me to see what could be done. A couple of hours later, my phone rings. After realizing that the Great Lakes Skipper order would be further delayed and they couldn't put one aside for me on backorder, she found out that they had a few loose units. They don't normally take orders directly from the public, but she made an exception for me and was able to take my order and have it shipped out. As you can imagine, the idea of finally getting the boat back, but not being able to use it because the splashwell has an 11 x 15 opening in it was not a pleasant prospect. It would have been easy for Amy to simply tell me to wait till GLS got their order. This kind of service makes a big difference, so a major shout out to Amy and to HMG. I know that there are a few of you looking for replacement bilge access panels for your boats - great to know there are some customer friendly business out there to support!
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    Had another chance to get up and look at the progress. Not a lot done since last update, but found a few things to address. The extended stringers created pockets where water was getting trapped, so we foamed it in, then glassed over them. The holes hadn't yet been drilled through the stringers to allow water to get from the outside areas of the hull to the bilge, so we locked down the position and angle. PVC will be run through the holes and glassed in. A dry fit of the deck looks good, no warping or mis shaping going on. Discussed ways to address the crack in the chine, that will be fun but the hoist will make it easier. Pumps and fitttings are here, should be going in soon. Managed to crack the baitwell, which is plastic , so working on a fix for that. Need a little help finding a REMOVABLE hatch that is 10 x (up to) 20 inches (exterior flange measurements)for the splashwell. I can only find hinged versions, which won't work due to the engine rigging. Any ideas? I tried Greatlakesskipper but no luck.
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    Client with a perfect slot redfish 27”
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    Had a great day, surprise tarpon along with some nice redfish.
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    This one got started early too. All he has ever wanted to do was be a Captain. He was using my john boat (after he got the old Johnson motor running) by himself when he was 10 or 12 (after going through the Coast Guard Safe Boaters course!). He want to the Maine Maritime Academy, had a job with the Military Sealift Command before he graduated (with a degree and an Unlimited Tonnage CG license), was one of the youngest to ever make Master in the history of MSC. He recently was accepted into the Apprentice program with the Virginia Pilot Association. Best thing you can do for a kid is get him/her involved in boating and fishing.
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    This is NOT the place to indict those responsible by act or omission. This IS the place to: 1. Promote membership and participation in action groups that can bring about change. CCA Is looking out for you, the fishermen !! Join The Cause 2. Recommend actions members can take to effect change e.g. Send EMails to your elected officials. Demand restorative actions to reverse this. Demand research funding for the cause.. This is a horrible situation.. Blaming wealthy corporations out loud may make you feel better, but it solves nothing. There must be research to identify the sources, the aggravating factors, and things we can do to improve/prevent and restore. I'm not going to slash and burn the emotional outbursts above, but please !! Let's all push in the same direction. We are all a part of this problem, and the sooner we get on with a fix, the better. This massive fish and marine life kill must be the starting point for the action by every boat owner and stakeholder on both coasts ! Woods
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    Throwback pic from Flamingo. My son driving our old 17MA. His first time ever touching the wheel. It's hard to believe this was over 10 years ago when he was just 5 years old. Time is flying!
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    I remember when my oldest , pictured on the right, was at the helm. Now the youngest takes his turn at the helm.. nothing better in the world than time on the water enjoying nature with family and friends.
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    Our beloved Dept of the Interior & Army Corps of Engineers never had any forward thinking when they designed this masterpiece of a mess. Remember, the genius leaders of those organizations also tried to dry out the Everglades so none of us should be shocked about how this is turning out. Big sugar & other large landholders of sensitive wetlands in key areas don't have to sell their land so the state simply doesn't have the land (or the resources) needed to clean up the lake water before it is discharged. Usage of fertilizers, leaking septic tanks, storm runoff and other personal & industrial pollution greatly exacerbates the issue at hand so us humans aren't helping the situation at all. Unfortunately it will only get worse as more people move to FL. There is no clear solution at this point.
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    Makes my stomach turn that it took Gov Scott this long to declare an emergency.
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    Just bought the boat on Saturday. Very Happy!
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    Never used anything but Penzoil Premium Plus in last 12 years after doing some of my own testing. Less smoke, cleaner plugs and can be found anywhere way cheaper than Yamalube. Yamalube fouled my yam 90 plugs horrible so it prompted me to try something else. When I bought Pathy, I pumped my oil tank out and literally gave a few gals of Yamalube away that came with it.
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    Just thought you should know, I think all my experiences are accurate too!
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    I prefer Penzoil Preimum Plus. I find it smokes less, my plugs are much cleaner, and its way cheaper than yamalube. Been using it for many years now and never an issue.
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    Water was a little dirtier than I would have liked but the redfish didn't seem to mind!
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    Dino this should be a picture of your 18 RF 2003 RedFisher from the old brochure (says light tackle boats on 2002 brochure).I am pretty sure the new Cad design hull came out in 2002 as per brochure . You got your 18 the same year I ordered my 16 RF 2003 ,( picture of it above )this was seven years before I ordered my 2010 HPX . All great boats and all do some things better than others . Like Geeviam said the RF bottom has a fair amount of V in the rear , it has a V where the 18 HPX has a pad . They made the V in the RedFisher because the average RedFisher guy ask about ride . Cutting thru a 2 foot swell may be more important to the RedFisher guy than a holeshot in shallow water or riding on top of the water on the pad to gain speed is to a HPX guy . They are all designed to fit the needs of different types of fisherman . Like the video said the HPX is a sports car . Different boats for different folks only time people are not happy is when they buy a boat that is made to do something other than what they want to do with it 90% of the time . A motor home would not handle very good racing on a road course but you don’t want to live and eat in a Porsche 911 for a week on vacation .
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    I think the main issue is the trolling motor, or use thereof. If you take the emotion out of the equation there's really no reason to take the beating (financially and physically) of a skinny water skiff if you use the trolling motor almost exclusively.
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    Got this one north of Cedar Key yesterday. Wish I would have caught the two that crashed my Skitterwalk in the morning.
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    45 of these little critters with Tarpon Tim. I was taking the pictures. This past Tuesday .
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    Fair warning: I am not an audio guy. Quite the opposite actually, I almost despise loud music especially on the water. Unless you are really gonna go big and especially since you don’t have any existing holes, wires etc to start with, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the Bluetooth speakers. No install, no holes, no repair...you really have nothing to lose, if it’s not enough use it at the beach or on the sandbar. my current boat came with a fusion radio with fusion speakers, and my Bluetooth speaker I had on my Pathy sounded better and was as loud if not louder. This one is waterproof and has a shock cord to wrap around things like grab rails, t tops and stuff so it’s not rolling around. https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Bluetooth-Speaker-Waterproof-Shockproof/dp/B00YARCGHO?th=1&psc=1
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    Caught a couple more slabs after work yesterday. Well worth fighting the bad weather for these 2 25”ers. We had one come off as well but I’m not complaining
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    For the lonesome crowd sandbags and concrete blocks are your friend. I would take the tm batteries out of the boat and replace with equal weight of blocks and sandbags. Move them to front hatch and see how it performs. This will let you know what to expect if you give up the space under the seat. This will also allow you to add more weight to check performance. The prop selection still comes into play as it seems it is not close to being appropriate In the old days before computers this is how boats were designed and set up
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    "After having the area looked at here locally the decision was made to move forward with a repair of the gelcoat and monitor it from there. " This scares me more than anything. This is clearly an issue. Cracks happen for a reason, and patching them up without finding the root cause is wasted time. Looks more like a detached stringer to me. Id be on the phone with MBG finding out stringer location vs crack location to see if it lines up. That doesn't look like an impact to me.
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    Yes, I think it's gonna be a good year guys, here's today's catch.
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    Imagine this song back then. You have to wonder the inspiration of the song writer. Seems many had a clue many moons ago.
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    Sorry for the repost, was dropping price and couldn’t figure out how to edit 572 hours Jet Black Hull Ameratrail Trailer Aluminum Rims and Spare 3 working live wells. New pumps 8ft powerpole signature series with sleeve ICOM 412 vhf Garmin 5212 gpsmap5212 w/12 inch display Garmin GXM 52 Weather/Sirus Antenna Minnkota RT80 I- Pilot trolling motor with remote Minnkota MK 315 Changer w external plug Clarion marine ration with 4JL AUDIO speakers and JL AUDIO Amplifier Release well with recirc pump leaning post backrest also have rear seat and backrest not pictured underwater LED lights two tone cushion package last service 4-4-18 contact 727-992-9532
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    Wow that’s like 2 % prop slip with a 1.92 to 1 gear ratio and a 21 pitch prop turning 5700 RPM that’s the best prop slip number I have ever seen and 58 MPH out of a 18 master angler is like 4 mph faster than have heard of . Is that speed from a GPS ? If I had a set up that had 2% slip I would live with the noise and enjoy the speed . Very impressive speed ,
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    Had an over the top snook fishing trip this morning. We landed about 45 snook on live bait in about three hours. Here’s my friend Tim with s sample .
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    I hear ya....yep, nothing like the smell of two stroke oil and the bup, bup, bup, of a morning start of a yamie dog 115 with the sun in the background dc
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    Something about those northern bay boats! I bought my 8 year old bay boat out of Connecticut with 79 hours on the meter and stored indoors it's entire life. My buddy bought this 39 hour, 6 year boat out of Delaware. And the seller towed it down to Hilton Head Island for him at no charge! Both were original owners and both experienced health problems. I really don't understand people not being interested in a boat if it is out of their area code! ESPECIALLY if the boat is right and right priced!!!!!!!!!! And both were!
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    Figured out my wife’s vinyl cutting machine and cut and applied all new decals on motor and boat Not perfect but much better then it was
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    First thing I would do is remove the jackplate. No cost and can always put it back if it doesn't help. Second, move all the batts as far forward as possible, maybe some wiring to be done to make this happen. Final step would be a prop, that can be a tricky and pricey path to go down. Marcus is the man though when it comes to prop info. No matter how you go about it, I think you've got all the answers here to get your boat running smooth.
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    As long as you have it open like this...even though you said you are "not" going to rewire....I'd put together a bundle of wires and have it pulled through and set aside...you will be glad you did when you need to repair some wiring...you have alot of "chafing" going on and one nick on one of the wires in your bilge will create a short..don't know how old your battery cables are but this would be a no brainer to me if it's more than 10 years old or original...as well, the main power from the house battery to the console along with ground would be something I'd replace...this way, all you need to do is replace the bus wires inside the console for the switches... DC
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