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    Had someone on the boat yesterday that had never caught a fish in the grass. We can now cross that off his list. Saw around 10 fish and got a few eats but struggled getting the timing on the hook set right and missed some. We did get this one in his hands though.
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    Must See Turn Key Pathfinder 2200 Tournament Edition w/ Yamaha 250 690 hours. $28,000 Boat has been meticulously maintained with fresh service. Includes Minn Kota I pilot w/ remote. 8 foot Min Kota Talon w/ remote. Jack Plate Garmin 740S Chart-plotter Fusion Stereo Covers For Console, Leaning Post & Engine. Aluminum Trailer Batteries and all pumps have been replaced. Everything on this boat works, needs nothing but new owner. Reason for selling: New boat is on order. Boat Located In Bradenton Florida PM for more details or questions
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    make sure you bevel the gelcoat around the hole like a funnel to keep it from cracking.
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    Eventually..... you’ll end up with one of these....JJ
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    If you really want to splurge....go Rum Zacapa XO or one of the Zacapa "special labels" Pillars is a good rum with lots of advertising hype....especially now in South Florida...but, Diplomatico from Vez or some of the high end Rums from the Dominican, Panama and/or Nicaragua will knock your socks off....Nothing like a good Havana Club 7 year old to begin the weekend with a Cuba Libre dc
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    Thinking I may want to trade my restored '75 ford Bronco. Would have to be the right boat. 21'+ flats or 22'+ CC (Pathfinder/Blazer Bay), could add cash if needed. Just seeing if there is any interest. Thanks!
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    Found this cool article, from 2012, on the Skiff Republic website. It's an interview with Steve Huff, the legendary south Florida guide who also happened to be involved in many of the changes that created what we now think of as a modern technical poling skiff. In the comments section after the interview, there's also a link to an interview with Scott Deal on the startup and history of the Maverick Boat Group: http://skiffrepublic.com/interviews/skiff-republic-interview-steve-huff/ Audio on YouTube:
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    Ain’t rum But it’s good ! 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
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    I have one so good that I can't tell you!!!😊
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    Wiring is finally wrapped up. Non skid to be tidied up, then rerigging. It is POSSIBLE that this epic journey may come to an end. . . . but we will see.
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    I was stationed in JAX for 15 years and moved to Homestead when I retired. We live in the Redlands (Agricultural Area/Unincorporated Miami-Dade) on acreage and love it. But we really moved down here to fish. Hands down the best inshore & offshore fishing in the country, I don’t care what anybody says... between Flamingo, Biscayne, the Keys, and the Gulfstream a couple miles from land it doesn’t get any better. For everything else... JAX. It really depends how much you love fishing and what you’re willing to put up with day-to-day to be down here. I would never live anywhere else in S Florida other than where we live, except the Keys but it’s too expensive. Put it this way, when the Florida Bay grass die off got really bad and the Red Tide was creeping down from the north we had a serious discussion and came to the conclusion that if the water gets ruined we’re outta here. Also when looking at houses online in Miami you really need to look at taxes and insurance, it’s an eye opener compared to when we lived in JAX. I’m currently bracing myself for next years premiums and tax bill. it’s a couple of pretty big checks to write every year if your house is paid for. If financing and with escrow it’s obviously considerable monthly bump as well. We’ll probably pay about $9K for tax and insurance on a $500K house in 2020. Do you know what station would you be assigned to? Traffic is also something that can be a life changer down here. There’s no traffic in Jax relative to this place. We lived in Mandarin, basically the southern border of Duval and my wife worked in the center of downtown Jax and made it to work in 25 minutes. The only place with worse traffic that I’ve seen is L.A., Atlanta coming in a close second to Miami. OK here we go... Not sure of you’re ethnicity but if you’re not Hispanic you will be a minority in most parts of Miami-Dade County. it’s a fact that some people aren’t cool with. Even out here where we live it’s mostly Hispanic and you’ll mostly hear Spanish out in public. You’ll hear from people that you need to know Spanish but I assure you that’s not the case. My wife was born and raised in Atlanta, knows zero Spanish and she works in a senior leadership role and a CPA in a Fortune 500 company down here, I’m under cover Cuban (full blood dad and white mom) so I look white and we have absolutely no trouble functioning in any part of S Florida. I personally like it but it’s a personal thing and everyone’s different.
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    Ryan Being an LEO in South Florida for nearly 40 years, and being raised on a cattle ranch in the County below Jacksonville (Clay County). I would stay away from South Florida. Parts of Jacksonville are bad, but only a few minutes drive puts you in the country where people still wave at you with all four fingers and thumb. If I could leave now, I would move out of the tri-county area (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach) immediately. Bubba PS: Sent you a PM!
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    the problem with Pilar is that it's too GOOD! 😉
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    He was placed in Timeout for 300 seconds. Marc
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    Indeed! As Hurricane said...we are standing by to hear how she performs!
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    Sorry I missed it! Kent has a gallery located here: https://galleries.maverickboatgroup.com/Galleries/2019-Islamorada-Owners-Tournament/ Skip
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    Trout, Reds and Snook still closed. (tough to implement with so many private docks and little LEOs) I feel it would be good to keep these game fish protected another year. Let nature do it's work !! (And pray for no Red Tide again)
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    2017 model Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid w/ custom tower!! New boat on the way, owner wants offers. Asking 89k. More pics to come. Loaded with options including: Yamaha Fourstroke 300 Offshore 4.2 Liter (836 hrs, warranty till 03/20) Ameratrail Trailer Aqua Mist Hull Color 2nd Station Tower w/ Controls Deluxe Helm Seat Tackle Station Power Steering Upgrade Trim Tabs Fish Box Pump Out Macerator Crabwell Recirc Pump on Livewells Spring Line Cleats White Rub Rail Insert Spare Tire w/ Trailer Dual 10ft Power Poles White Garmin 840xs Lower GPS Garmin 7" GPS Upper Station Minnkota RT112 I-Pilot Trolling Motor 4 Bank Battery Charger w/ External Plug For more info, contact The Ships Chandler in Destin, FL, 850-837-9306.
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    While I have nothing against the etec, I suggest going with a SHO. You will be much happier if you ever decide to sell.
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    Geeeeeez. Sorry Brad, didn't know it was gonna get so serious.🤣 Moderator: I would like Bradley placed on time out for the remainder of the afternoon or until apologizes for disseminating false information on the forum.
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    Boat cleaned and in good shape, boat is in the 20k area. This boat just sold for that, with a saltwater series motor vs an HPDI which has a bit more value.
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    My misfortune can be your dream! This 2015 2400 was purchased new by me with many extras as it was set up to be my guide boat. Unfortunately a few weeks after purchase I had a medical issue and I was unable to bring my dream to fruition. I have kept it this long in hopes of recovery but this is not going to happen so up for sale it goes. It has been kept in my carport out of the sun. It was never used professionally and lovingly used for pleasure fishing with friends and family for 435.4 hours. It has been serviced on time every time and was last completely serviced May 21 2019 at 425 hours. It has YES warranty till 7-30-2020. This boat is in excellent condition as photos will show.Asking $59,900 Options are: 300 Yamaha 4.2 Powertech SS 15.25 diameter 19 pitch 4 Blade Part# OFX4R19PCL200 Color All White Livewell upgrade Custom Rod holders 8' Powerpole MinnKota 112 AP 4 bank charger Garmin 7610xsv (software version 12.10) with Garmin GT51M-TM transducer Garmin GPH 20 reactor autopilot and shadow drive Has one electric reel outlet Trailer has new axles brakes and pads
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    If you haven't already, check your spark plugs. They are inexpensive, just throw new ones on if there is any signs of age. I had a similar issue and it was one single bad plug that was misfiring at higher rpm's.
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    Installed Battery Tender plug under the gunnel of the 2500 for kite / deep drop reel.
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    TGIF YALL ! YOLO ! 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
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    Down here it would actually work really well since there's no T-Top in your way to impede sight fishing. Add a back rest and with a remote trolling motor it's really cool to move quietly from an elevated position sight fishing. Also, it's a whole lot cheaper than than a tower! I guess you northern boys wouldn't understand that..LOL.
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    PT 3 blade 15 1/4 x 20 Just me, full fuel, full live well it will hit 5900 rpm and 58 MPH. Cruise is 4000 and around 36-39 MPH with 2.8 to 3.1 MPG. Add people and all their stuff the top end numbers fall off pretty quick. The 4000 RPM cruise and MPG numbers stay pretty consistent. Hole shot is not superb but I tried a bunch of 4 blades and lost tons of speed.
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    Thank you!!!!
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    LOTS of breakoffs because I was too lazy to tie on a piece of wire or heavier mono. Went through way too many flies. For my next trip, I have two rigs with light, tieable leader ready to rock in order to avoid breakoffs. With the wire, you get fewer eats than a piece of heavier mono or floro but your casts turn over better with the light wire. For these fish, an 8 wt. is way overgunned. I'm using a 5 and 6 wt. for these fish since they're schoolie macks and not as large as others. Good luck. They're THICK out there.
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    Y'all have fun, hate to miss it this year but commitments here will keep me in Ft. Pierce. Charlie, Elliott and Kent will be present and have a load of cool stuff! May the weather gods bless the fleet this year! Skip
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    I think 8k is to low, yes there is risk, I'd offer 10k. Even at 13k, and the motor is no good, there's motor on here for sale for 4k. That's 17k, another Grand in clean up and parts, you're at 18k. That's still a good deal. I'll bet the motor is fine.
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    Canvas top, and a 15x20 SDS, and I hit 60 light. 58 with two people, full fuel.
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    Another epic trip . Wind n all . A sunset scouting locations for the mothership . A view from the fish camp and. Couple of critters ! 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
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    Maybe shoot around 10K as is in CASH......come with two trailer tires and wheels to show him your serious. Ready to take her home....
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    Buy the parts at Lowe's or Home Depot, and make your own with a piece of clear tube in 3/8" or 7/16" I.D. They're not self coiling, but the small I.D. keeps the pressure up, which is what I need more than volume.
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    Get your tabs going first. You won’t be sorry.
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    You will not regret buying a Rhodan especially for salt water use. Give them a call and quiz them. 60” & 36 volt is what I would do. That is what I have on my 2500.
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    They have a boat and they won't sell it? You have to live in certain zone to buy from them, something is wrong there.
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    Talked to them today and what I found out was that apparently when I switched off all the batteries that resets the system. It was blinking green when I checked it today so that is a good sign. Will take it out a few times and see how it acts. Thanks for the recommendations guys.
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    Pull the trigger and order one, Newby! When I was looking, ACM had the best price from here to Connecticut, on down to the Keys. You've waited this long, what's 10 more weeks?
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    Second on power tech, I think Marcus is still the guy to talk to but I am sure they are all good.. Tell them what your needs are (shallow water, quick hole shot, higher speed, etc.). I have a 4 blade, I think 17 pitch for my 150 hp 2200 TRS. I run pretty shallow and need a quick hole shot and dontcare about top end speed but understand others may have different needs.
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    I know my boat is not an MBG boat but, this is the general forum. I have spent the last 4 weeks stripping the hull and cleaning all glue off of aluminum. Today painted the hatches and inserts. Deck and casting platforms will be carpeted this week. All new marine ply 20oz cut pile carpet. Silver color. New console will be on order this week.
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    If ya haven't been hooked then you haven't thrown enough of them! I still remember my first, 5th grade fishing at the canal. Had a big ol'e bread ball on going for that big ol'e oscar, put that rod behind my head and cast as hard as I could! The only problem was my right ear stopped the bread ball cold and I immediately felt a tug on my ear. As I am looking around everyone is staring at me, because I had a hook clean through my ear lobe. Went home and Mom was on the phone so she had to hang up to call dad and deal with the situation at hand. Well dad being an aircraft mechanic and a WWII vet he had the proper tools to address this situation only after he was able to focus after laughing so hard and get it cut and pull it through. After all that my mom looks at me and said, good timing! I said what do you mean and she replied, and I'm sure many of you heard this growing up: That was your principle who called to talk about a few problems your having at school! Gulp What did she say? Not much you came home with a fish hook in your ear so we didn't get a chance to talk! At that moment I realized there had to be a God!
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    MK v MG I highly recommend you consider Rhodan before buying either of the above.
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    My 17MA classic hull, 1995 can run with any of the big boyz in a good chop.....tabs down and grinding through the chop....cuts da chop like buddddaaaaa. dc
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    They may have similar profiles/lines when you look at them from the side, but they are different hulls. The biggest difference is the beam. The 17 and 18 Master Anglers have a 7' 6" beam and the 21 Master Angler has an 8' beam. The Pathfinder 1900v and 2000v both have an 8' 6" beam, which is on the high side for their length IMHO, and requires more use of trim tabs to smooth out the ride and control porpoising. On the other hand, the Master Angler 17, 18 and 21 are better proportioned in the "LOA to beam" ratio, which accounts for the superior ride they are known for. The Master Angler 21 also has a pad on the keel which adds even more lift, performance and stability to the mix. Just my admittedly biased opinion. 😉
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    Got the cup holders installed. Some day I will get around to the short windshield! LOL
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