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    My stbd. PowerPole was acting up and finally stuck down yesterday while catching bait so I figured I'd give PowerPole a shout since I was in cell range. Todd at tech support/warranty answered and told me to swap the circuit boards (for those who don't know, like me 'til yesterday, no tools required to do this) get the stbd. pole up and call when you get home. Continued my day and called Todd back when I got home and gave him the serial number off the affected pump... 45 minutes later had an email from Todd with a FedEx tracking # for the new circuit board and a RMA # to send the old board back to them in the box the new board comes in. For any "industry folks" that may stumble upon this, this is the way to do business. Especially in this "niche industry' that is a total luxury for 99% of their customers. Customers usually with very limited days they can actually utilize all this crazy expensive equipment., being down for 2-3 weeks while shipping parts back and forth, processing, testing, etc... for components consisting of 5-10% of the purchase price of the affected part or assembly is totally unacceptable.
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    Welcome to the forum! I also did a ton of research before buying my 2000 MA18 about 3 years ago. I couldn't be happier with my decision. I use it very similar to the way you plan to with 2-3 people, occasionally a couple more to get out to the sandbar. My answers based on my fuzzy memory... What years was the MA produced? I see quite a range in years and also have seen some ads that appear to list early HPX’s as MA’s. Could be wrong on that though. I think late 80's to 2006ish? Then the technical skiffs took over. Are they a deeper V, thus more able to handle inshore chop? Yes, particularly the bow entry - no other boat (except for an Egret) will cut through chop like a MA. It is remarkable. When it's windy mash a little trim tab and let 'er eat. I've been in a bunch of boats and no other boat less than 20' comes even close. If so, does that make them a bit more tippy than an HPX? Just the opposite - the MA is very wide and very stable. The newer skiffs are lighter, narrower and therefore not quite as stable. The MA is a beast. What is the main difference between the MA’s and early 2000’s HPX’s? Weight? Hull design? Above Are there certain years to seek out or to avoid for MA’s? I don't think so. There is a sticky post above about a bizarre stringer-transom connection issue. A few folks here have had to replace tanks in their 90's MA's. Inevitable, I suppose on a 30 year old boat. Unfortunately, it's a big job - need cut out the deck because the tank is under the console. Are any years partial wood construction? (Thinking I’d be looking at early to mid 90’s to early 2000’s) I don't think so. But others here I'm sure will clarify It appears that the 18 MA’s from the 90’s appear to have 4 storage compartments in the bow. I assume #1 - anchor, #2 - fuel tank access, #3 & #4 - storage. Is this correct? I think that's what I recall seeing too. Why do the MA’s from 2000-2003 timeframe only appear to have 2 bow compartments - anchor and tank access only, or some storage too? As you can see, potential storage is a question for me. Yes, one big storage area, mine has a bin for in the bottom for trolling batteries, and a smaller storage/anchor locker. No tank access in the bow, just TONS of storage. You also have a hatch under the seat, plus a port stern locker for even more storage. Since I seem to be zoning in on MA’s from the 90’s, are there known structural issues from this era to look out for? Seen some threads about stringer issues. As stated above and in the other posts, I think it's rare. Good luck with your decision and shopping. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. Cheers, Bud
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    Bottom Line-Best Trip in over two years..... Capt DonH and I decided to make a trip to Chokoloskee on Sunday....Weather Report was "iffy" with thunderstorms in the forecast and a strong negative low. We hit the water at 0715 after a few minute stop to visit the bait babe at EC Bait and Tackle.....Yes, I sinned and bought a few shrimp- but, aaaaaah, yes, it proved to be the right decision. BTW, I've gone back to the "old school" shrimp storing method....I bought a small soft lunch bag cooler, put a couple of ice packs and some cube ice inside in plastic bags and my shrimp do great all day...just keep the ice bag cold, add a bit of salt water to the zip lock bag holding the shrimp and they are fresh....a few "squirts" of gulp or procure before you cast them and it gives them a bit of "da-stink" for the reds or snook to find them The negative low was at peak at 0930 just outside the Chatham....we found a handful of snooklets at every stop....using DOA shrimp, they were aggressive and lots of fun....most were in the 12-20 inch range..... We worked many areas we could get the MA17 into....and then decided to run South... A few stops along the way to look for some trout with no results....we fished a deep channel outside of Bird key and lost a few lures too aggressive macks....but, no-one came aboard... With the water rising, we heading into the bights and found some more snook and reds on the shorelines and undercuts. Fishing out of the wind, I was casting into a series of stumps and a MOGAN snook hit my DOA Shrimp.....we dated for about 2 min and then she kissed me a nice good bye and the large swirl of her yellow fins was the last we saw of her... After sitting down like a defeated Charlie Brown, all I could say was UGGGGGGGGHHHH. We regrouped and made a run farther south....tide was coming in at a good pace and we went to look for a few old friends.... We found them at home.... Spot # 1 - every cast for about 1/2 hour was a slot or lower slow fish..... DonH was fishing his gulp, me, well a few we'll placed shrimp on a pop'n cork resulted in a few friends who came home for dinner. DonH got into the game with his gulp and as always...got the biggest fish of the day....here is one of the many... We moved to another spot and the party continued... 10 + more and we called it a day.... Overall - 22 -25 Reds over 1/2 slots / Dozen + snook / one trout and the normal jacks, etc. Great day with a wonderful fishing buddy.... dc
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    Real men run da black and hopefully you will come back dc
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    Hi. Picked up a 2019 2600 TRS in Dec and couldnt be happier. 16in screen, fits in nice. Boat is a dream - no complaints. Really nice.
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    Just wondering if anyone else bass fishes out of their Maverick? I run mine all over various Georgia lakes for largemouth and spots. Nothing beats Snook though that’s for sure.
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    I work in the industry and tend to see the customer base taper as they approach 70. Once they crest 75 the amount of customers are very low, except for the occasional pontoon guy. At 23 myself, I try to get out every chance I get because you never know when it could be your time. A girl I was pursuing recently had a stroke and had to be rushed to heart surgery completely out of the blue (she was 21). No warnings or prior knowledge. Nothing more depressing than when I have a guy come in claiming hes just too old to use his boat anymore and is hanging up the towel. At least from my limited experience, the less active you become the harder it is to become active again.
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    I have a Hewes Light Tackle 20 in SC and I pretty much only use it for bass fishing and striper fishing. Works great for what I do and gets some head turns for sure. Fish a big bass tournament every year and I always laugh when I pull up to weigh a fish and the bass boat guys have no clue what that "thing" is on the back of the boat. Huge front deck for fly fishing for striper is nice or throwing top waters you can have two guys up there no problem.
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    Love the winter new moon low tides in the Glades. The fish have nowhere to run & nowhere to hide!
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    Found em ! Eating good in da neighborhood . Back at it again today ! HAPPY NEW YEAR 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
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    Congrats Q4R - it's been fun following this journey!
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    Great to see everyone's input on this thread. Many good points. Overall theme is to get out while ya can because there will be a day when ya can't. I dread that day. At nearly 53 (March), I still try to get out as much as possible. Sometimes will fish alone, but prefer to have a passenger - mainly to see them enjoy what I sometimes take for granted. My 21 RF some days seems to be getting harder to hitch up due to its size, but the range and enjoyment of hearing the 250 eat with every push of the throttle keeps me smiling. I think fishing keeps ya healthy and hope to go as long as Im able.😁
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    Replaced the hatch catches/latches on my Hewes. If anybody is looking to do the same, below is a link to the exact replacement. I have a 2000 bonefisher. https://www.amazon.com/Southco-Passivated-Plastic-Grabber-Concealed/dp/B076Y3NQQY
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    Dang JJ I missed your post!! I did my SeaCraft last year, the whole "nine yards", AquaBuff 2000 with the wool pad, Collinite 920 and two coats of Collinite 925 and yeah it was a lot of work but after you do the first three feet your in with no way out!!! Looks great, the blue really popped out!!!
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    Maybe I'm saying this because I am not there yet, mid 40's, but I would hope by 60 I would be just getting warmed up! You have something most don't have, time to fish. So if you are able and want to i say fish away. I think Whichway nailed it in more detail. And Whichway, send you dad down to Florida. My dad does not pilot but at 73 he still jumping out of airplanes all the time and could always use a ride up!
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    Well, I'll pipe up , I turned 77 last sept, really, and I still fish the everglades and the NE in my 2 boats. Fl is the Maverick HPX v 15fter and in NE a 20ft HEWES LT . My FL boat is trailered to the everglades to fish and the Hewes is kept at a dock. So far so good I've been doing it for over 25yrs,so I feel comfortable with the single handed thing. I am lucky to be healthy and physically capable. Who knows when that will change, I'll know when it isn't safe when I start to have any issues,especially with balance. I do use PFDs when out alone. Hope to keep on trucking I mean boating.LOL
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    I bgt my Hewes 20ft LT in Cape Cod from a guide who used it for striper fishing Monomoy flats in Chatham. Fished with him a few times and bgt the boat and took it to CT and am still fishing for stripers on Long island sound today. Many stripers have come over the sides of that boat. It's one of two boats with a poling platform. It is a curiosity to most people.LOL
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    still buffing worked around the back and the motor for a couple of hours today
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    Age has nothing to do with what shape they are in....mine is a 1995 and was garage kept...when I bought her from a estate sale, the inside of the hatches still smelled like fiberglass and she had not been run in 5 years.....took about $1K in repair to get her up and running another $1K for trailer axel..but, I only paid $11K for the skiff....so, take your time, but, have the 100's ready when the time comes. dc
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    What a great time and the boat ride wasn't shabby either. Once we finally got started after the 15 minute mandatory shoe sole sterilization required to walk on the boat🤣, the waves were just starting to pick up. We definitely got the chance to test it's chop handling ability, and it does it very well. Huge gunnels and a monstrous front deck make this boat seem much bigger than 18', and fish even bigger than that. Overall it's an AWESOME boat, just too bad there aren't a few more around. Thanks so much for taking me out, you'll definitely be welcome on whatever I end up with (not sure why you declined my invitation to go offshore with my Gheenoe), even if it's not a MA.
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    My buddy bought a VW Atlas . Was told it could tow 5500 lbs . He has a 20’ Pathfinder . Towing puts such a stress on the motor , it takes over two tanks of gas , to do a trip to Naples . And the tires spin like crazy everytime he retrieves the boat . He is very sad he bought that vehicle . IMHO front wheel drive is a no go for tow . 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
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    That is a nice write up on the pumps.
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    Fin, If you have a concern about the PVC board....go 1" thick and then use a 1/4" backing of aluminum which you can then epoxy to the back (larger than the charger) and then through bolt. It for sure will not be coming off that..... BTW, on my MA17, I just mounted it on a PVC board and on to the floor of the console...up off the wet floor and been doing great for 2 years. DC
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    My last boat was a pioneer cape island. Although I have owned a lot of boats that was my first one remotely close to a bay boat. My wife can swim but still has a huge “respect” close to fear of water. She did not say anything before I bought the boat but later admitted she thought she was going to be scared to death riding on top of a boat rather than in the boat. She told me this because she loved the boat and never get it was unsafe my youngest was maybe six when I bought the boat. I know a bit older than yours. I say all of that to say if you operate the boat in a safe manner and do not take it past the crews comfort level when there on board they will feel safe. The rails look to offer protection but a nice OHH *** handle works just as well. Try to get your wife on a boat without the rails before you end up in a whaler.
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    I wish you guys would quit showing the 16' Bonefisher Lappys, especially the 98 -99 with the lower sides. It reminds me what a total doof I was selling mine. I still kick myself for that. Good luck though and nice find!!
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    Word on this leaked out not long ago. Thankful I pulled the trigger on my new 16'. It is a great platform. AND, it slides into my garage when I need to leave it there the night before a trip out.
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    He is gonna chew the wires off your trailer next time out. Sizing you up!
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    I feel just a rinse with freshwater isn’t enough. Living in the salt, I religiously use soap (woody wax ultra pine) after every use, and so pengine flush. Also, after a rainstorm in Florida, my car gets a heavy film from road grime, I wouldn’t want that sitting on my boat either.
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    Oh you can enter the football conversation your Dawgs got a taste of what LSU can do . Plus there season wasn’t that bad they are still ranked very high plus won a bowl game with out all there players .
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    It was time consuming....but after I did the first two feet of the blue....I had to keep going. Reminded me of the first time I pressure washed our sidewalk....
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    I honestly think what you are seeing in pricing the Used boats is people’s loyalty to a brand and to a size range in said brand. Start with the Hewes Redfisher. Produced for years in Florida. 16 , 18.5 and 20 or 21 foot. 21 I think. A legend but baby bear says the 16 is good but too small ... papa bear says the 21 is awesome but a little to big where he fishes but mamma bear loves the 18.5. Holy crap it’s the perfect size fishes skinny carry’s the whole family to the sand bar and can get out front on a good day. The larger Hewes is the BOMB!! Now the pathfinder 19 footer 20 footer mehhh everyone wants the 24 some opt to save some coin and buy the 22. The 19 and 20 of yesterday year not sought after The way the larger ones are. When you price a 19 pathfinder to a 18 to 20 Hewes you are seeing that entry pathfinder vs the cream of the crop Hewes brand. about the boats now. Hewes Boats are rode on and fishes on topside. Pathfinder is rode in and fished more in the boat than on the boat. Pathfinder taller stand up console Hewes small sit down close to the water 45 feels like 65 mph kinda boat. If you pole or. Want to the lower freeboard of the Hewes might be better if you want to cross the sound or bay more often than not the pathfinder may be your choice. Going from your current sled I’m pretty sure you will love either boat. Find a nice one with the best motor you can and buy it now. Trust me the boats you are looking at now will be 2 grand higher in 3 months or less.
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    I bought the two pack and split cost with my homie . You probably have two , so that will not help . This should help . The fitmit is exact , so there is not alot of void area , for the epoxy to exist . I drilled a 3/16” hole , up about 1/2” , on the bottom , of the spike. Then , I drill 6 more 3/16” holes , around where the spike slides on . Maybe 1/4” deep. When I slid that tip on , the void was forcing the tip to pop off , because of the internal pressure , so I got a board and ran the spike down into the board and let her sit a spell . OCD ...Wrap the spike and tip withe blue tape so clean up is easy peasy . I think it is worth it , if it stays on . 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
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    Way to go Dave! Looks like you had a great day.
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    Great report Just spent a few days learning that specific area better . Could spend the whole day just fishing there . Good on you . The dedication to get where you were , at the specific time needed to have the tide . , is a hard task . 👍🏻👍🏻 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
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    Thank you . 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
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    Same back to you and the rest of our forum. 😀⚓️ Fin
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    Not sure how much the 16RF weighs but I think it would be under powered with a 70. Now if you don’t care about speed and getting on plane fast enough then, ok I guess it is good enough.
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    I'm in the same situation and have been thinking about a solution. I have concluded that attaching an aluminum walk board to the lift is the only solution. Light weight aluminum walk boards can be attached to the I-beams that support the bunks and come in various lengths. I think a 12 footer will hang over the rear I-beam and allow me to reach the plug. The walk board does not have to be the heavy duty type. You are just going to crawl out there, slide to the rear and reach over to the center of the transom. I think the price was about $300. Everything that I have read about removing or leaving the plug while the boat is on a lift, suggests that the plug be removed. Especially when you intend to leave the boat on the lift during a storm. Bilge pumps can fail, we see that all the time. I have two bilge pumps in my HPS and they are two entirely independent systems (different switches, wiring and battery) but I still don't want to take the chance. If you decide to switch the plug to the inside, let me know how that works. It would be a lot cheaper and probably easier to reach.
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    My last set I picked up a coupe of years ago are HWT's. Lots of retailers for trailer rims but seems like only there are only a handful of manufacturers who make or advertise theirs meet DOT standards and have a decently high enough load rating. Thats the two factors I sought out. If memory is correct maybe found 3 and all the retailers fairly competitive so I just shopped the ones w free shipping included. There were less than hundred bucks each couple years back. Local tire stores had them but I wanted a certain type so I could see through a bit and to reach thru to clean and most don't stock anything but galvanized. I am one of the anti galvanizers. 😁 Sure I have run them but they are flat ugly. My ole master angler sure aint ugly so no sense dressing her down 🤣 Right kinda heels make the legs look good ya know 🔥 Makes her look way younger than her 24 years of life suggest 👇
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    Added tilt and trim fluid today and bled the system. Never been able to figure out how to do this properly prior, just takes time. Using a syringe to add it slowly, then letting the system sit between bleeds allowed me to get the right amount in and bleed more air out. Still have a little air in the system but should be able to eliminate it tomorrow. Not sure how bad the leak is, but doesnt seem to bad to change the seala
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    I pinned this sticky under General Section.. Congrats, Thomas Z for being the lead Recipe !! I will delete the non recipe posts to make the thread easier to scroll thru for recipes.. next week.. Thank you for the input.. Glad to accommodate ! Marc
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    The resale value of my sweet little 16RF just went up!!😀 Brian
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    That's really nice--and a perfect name!
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    I think the sea chest concept for getting water to the live well while running is a great feature. However, even before I saw the old post by Hobo, and before I saw the cheese grater that comes standard on a Maverick HPX, I never liked the cheese grater on my Redfisher. The newer design stainless cheese grater on my Redfisher was recessed 5/16". With it not being smooth and flush with the bottom surface of the hull, and the large holes in the trailing end of the stainless plate, I was always concerned about drag, turbulence and ventilation. My 3-blade prop was often losing bite in turns unless I buried the lower unit all the way down with the jack plate. At WOT with the motor trimmed up high, the chine walking was hard to handle, and I wondered if the drag from the cheese grater on one side of the keel was causing the instability. So I made a new cheese grater (link to pictures below). I cut a 3/8" thick piece of Lexan to fit up inside the sea chest so that it's flush with the bottom of the hull, and used the stainless plate as a template to drill the screw holes so it would match up. Got some 316 stainless flat-head screws to countersink in the new Lexan grater. Drilled holes at an angle to pick up water when running, with 4 pressure relief (air-pocket relief) holes in the opposite direction on the leading side of the grater. Mounted it with plenty of 3M 4200 and caulked the edges to seal it flush. Afterward, I found out that the cheese grater plates on older models used to be thicker and flush, with angled holes, before the switch to the thinner stainless plate. Then a close friend sent me a photo of the cheese grater on his Maverick HPX 18, which is flush with angled holes too (pictured - black hull). To get to the end of this long post... I tested the new cheese grater last week. The prop never lost grip in turns, even with the jack plate raised a bit. I opened up the throttle and trimmed up and the boat did not chine walk like it usually does at high speed. My wife liked the improved stability and said the handling seemed smoother all around. I didn't have enough time to run the boat solo to see if top speed was better, but I'd bet it's a touch faster too. And, I should mention - the new cheese grater pushes a good amount of water to the live well while running without the pump on, but the water pressure with the pump turned on is outstanding!
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