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    My Maverick HPX-T and Pathfinder 2400 TRS are posing and ready for some action on this beautiful Saturday in Rockport, Texas. These are perfect boats for our water, with miles of very shallow flats, but the Gulf is only minutes away.
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    Thanks to all... Cesarean done, both went through that well. Abby (the baby) already underwent her 1st surgery before being 8 hours old and she's showing she's a fighter already. Getting ready for the next step, one day, hour or minute at a time! Prayers seem to be working so far, so keep them coming!
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    Heavenly Father reach down and touch this precious child. Guide the Surgens Hands to do your work. Touch mom and dads hearts, give them calm in these trying times. The family has asked for prayers and lord we lift them up. Amen
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    My nephew nabbed this one on a pilchard yesterday in the 10k. Quick pic and healthy release. He did a great job keeping it out of the trees. He also managed a nice trout and small redfish to finish things out. Nicely done all around. 😀
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    Just an update Tomorrow Abbey will be 1 week old Her condition even if still critical and very fragile, has been slowly stabilizing allowing time to take it's course This premature babies seem to be in embryonic stages still... their ability to recover from major injuries and/or adapt is amazing!!! Prayers are working Thanks to all.
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    Thanks to all prayers seem to be working, keep them coming! Carolina is physically well after the C section and emotionally surprises me with her strength. Abbey is now 4 days old, far from well, but stable
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    My buddy Chris and I made it over to Chokoloskee for a day of fishing....the incoming tide was strong and the weather a bit breezy.... We started off strong...we hit 10 + small to medium size snook on a shoreline up in the bights with the incoming coming on in.... We hit a small trout but no reds..... Chris went tight, drag screamed....then ugh...no love.....i tossed back into the same spot, and here is what he missed We decided to move on to another spot outside the Chatham and we found more snooklets and a nice slot red.... We worked all the up towards Bird Key and work a few shorelines, but, the wind was ripping... we found more and more snooklets and rat reds.....and a few trout... We moved to the back to my usual go to trout spots but the PM tide had no moving water and the water temp was over 85 degrees....we ran home and decided to enjoy the day and memories and saved a few fish for the next time Chris working the shoreline with a snooklet in my hands...... a nice red with a set of multi-spots. Overall great day...... 20 plus reds - 5+ trout and 20+ snook / snooklets..... we went through 10 doz shrimp..... Dc
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    Is it me or are the guys that sell FMT a little Butt Hurt that Garmin is not begging them to let them on board. I mean I keep reading how Garmin says no thank you and they come here to yell Garmin sux everytime someone says gps. I’m glad that they have a great product and glad some guys here are buying units just to run FMT but for god sake you don’t have to be such a dick about Garmin products. I’m kinda sick of it. If your product was that good you would not need to spend more time taking about the gps units guys put on there boats than just kindly offering the great things FMT offers,
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    Results are in! Running the new prop as I type this. PowerTech PTR4, 20inch pitch. Hit 6200rpm (top rpm for this engine), with the tide, against a pretty good breeze, 30+gal fuel, 2 men. 41.1mph a top rpm. Jack plate all the way down, trimmed out just enough to reach rev limit. I am super pleased. Big shout out to Marcus a PowerTech with his knowledge! Phenomenal grip, holeshot, and good stern lift (but not too much to make it a trimming nightmare).
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    Thanks for all the support guys. It means a lot. I'm kind of grateful that the suffering is over for the little angel and all of the ones that loved her and suffered with her. She will be remembered and loved.
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    I pray every night that GPS satellites stop working in ENP waters. 🙏🏻 This is selfish, I know. But the first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem! 😬
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    PowerTech PTR4x20 arrives today! Can't wait to give it a run this weekend and see what she does.
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    Took off Thursday to do some fishing before the front. Snook, trout, sheepshead, and snapper all made it in the boat but the gag grouper was the highlight. Tarpon rolling but only managed to hook one and had a couple run ins with a bull shark. Well worth burning a vacation day and I got some good holes when gag season opens
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    I say all boats need trim tabs, no matter the motor. ( Small Jon boats and dingys exculded)
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    10 years of heavy use and you are switching up and goin with Diawa????? Are you nuts? You won’t get 10 years of abuse out of Diawa
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    Big flats boats make great family cruisers. I've been in all kinds of boats and a few different Pathfinders. I prefer my family upfront, seated where I can see them. Very safe platform when you add a couple E-sea rider bean bags.
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    Man was it ever blowing. Caught bait some how and picked up a 9 am. Winds were at 20 plus gusting to 30. Told the clients no going on the outside and we could cancel if they wanted to. They said lets have at it. We stayed on the main shore line and it was still brutal trying to fish. Went to run up to the north and see this pontoon boat headed for the sand bar across the sound. I made the comment that boat looks over loaded and they must be idiots to try and cross the sound. Soon after I see all types of LEO boats running with lights flashing. Get back to find out they capsized with 13 on board, none with life jackets on and all in the water. All saved and 2 transported to the hospital. We stayed in the back and managed some snook, reds and jacks. Young mans first snook.
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    I take no credit for this, kawakibi posted this link on my thread asking about total scan install issues. This is an Australian Company and I bought one stuck it on and no more spray. Cheap too! https://www.berleypro.com/product/rooster-rooter/
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    Yesterday morning from the hoist at Ft. Mac. marina.
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    My repair guy had an unexpected death in the family so progress stopped for the last two weeks, but he is back at it today. We have trim tabs now:
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    Buddy of mine fishes the Pamlico Sound up here in NC. I always tell him that I would put the "Pam" up against any part of FL any day in terms of fishing variety and quality. He gets all down on himself when he has a double digit day because triple digit days are so common. We are the last state in the union with Gill nets, so you can only imagine what it would be like if we could ban them. Probably worth noting that the guys up here worship trout like Florida boys do Snook. Always makes me laugh a bit, having my roots in FL where trout were kind of a by catch. Here is the text he sent me: Big trout bite today, found em at 11, Dad got the biggest at 27.5", I had a 24.5", both released. We kept a 23.5, 22.5, 21 and a 16". Almost 3 citations in one day.
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    Coastal Estuaries ya got to love them, but when mother nature decides to pull the drain plug it drains, This is sunrise and stuck like Chuck, Surface Drives do have there limits LOL
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    DonH and i headed out to do a day of feeeshing.... Great weather forecast....good tide... Overall day.... More trout than we could count - mostly just under 15" More snooklets than we could count - looks like the rookery is doing well a few rat reds and finally one who came home for dinner.... jacks, lady's and more..... But, the best part.....hotdogs and chili...... And of course....da snook do love da ladyfeeeesssh heads dc
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    I've run the Park on a buddies skiff with the FMT chip. It has great features and amazing detail. If I fished the park or shallow areas, I would have it. However, I fish in water over four feet deep. For bottom machines, Furuno has been the gold standard. The GPS/Fishfinder units have advanced so much and so quickly. Many have features I can't figure out, and/or I don't need. Hard to select the best unit. I am old.. I need to K.I.S.S. ENP has 800 SQ miles of water and estuaries.. However, Garmin is a global provider, and the needs of a relatively tiny group of boaters is not compelling to them. Buy a Simrad then. Nice sets !! As a Mod.. Opinions are welcomed, and essential for our members to benefit from others' experiences. Please be considerate to the other members. If you say 'Garmins are crap', you disrespect Garmin owners here. Have a polite opinion. Skip all the freedom of speech and Berkley forum rhetoric. We do not tolerate personal conflicts or troll posts. M
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    Wow! Based on the most recent posts you've made I think we all know how you feel about Garmin!! 😂 I've got zero skin in this game and could care less what GPS anyone prefers but we all have a choice to do our own research and purchase any unit we want. I prefer running naked with no GPS! 😎
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    A bit different than tires I can assure you, very similar to gelcoat colors. We offer 6 "standard" colors per year because that is what our system will handle. Offering more options enlists more work for everyone including sales, marketing, purchasing, manufacturing, dealers etc. As I stated earlier, the electronics technology changes weekly if not daily, really hard to keep up with. A great example is today's Garmin who are in the midst of changing the 76 series units to 86 series, this means many changes for us in manufacturing as our system is set up to handle the 76 series. Now we have to reprogram our console cuts, acrylic panels, etc not to mention our standard install practices. Skip
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    It’s all about perspective and what your into. I had a friend tell me the same thing when I bought mine... when we were done hanging out he and his wife drove up to Ocala in a Denali dually to put a $25K deposit on a horse that wasn’t conceived yet.
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    Not sure if anyone is still reading this thread, but I'll keep it going anyway. Just a quick update - work continues to grind away. I stopped by the shop this a.m. to check things out. Plumbing had been dry fitted and missing hoses were identified and purchased. They were in the process of installing the plumbing when I got there, and the deck was in position to be put into place. He had obviously been doing work to test and re-attach the wiring, because he discovered that one of my trim tab actuators had gone kaput. Took it to a shop and it's DOA, so ~$200 later I have one new trim tab actuator. At that price, I'll ride the other one as long as it works before replacing it. Man, expensive little suckers! On a bright note, I sold my ipilot yesterday, so I'll be installing the new version with the blue tooth puck when I get the boat back. I'd considered doing a jackplate, but the poling platform would have to be modified too much. I'd considered a power pole, but just couldn't get excited enough about it. I use the TM 99% of the time and that wandering spot lock always drove me crazy, so I figured I'd start there and add the other elements down the road. Shop says 4/15 completion which I got excited about until I realized they hadn't specified the year.
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    Thanks for all of the help, we had a great time in Islamorada last week. The weather cooperated for 2 offshore fishing days, one successful and one not so much. We were able to spend some time in the backcountry as well. Also some successful and some not so much. A nice Cobia was the highlight of the trip and a Seatow trip was the lowlight. Thank goodness for being a member and for an easy fix that didn't ruin the trip! Sucked something up in the backcountry and threw a temp alarm...flushed it out...and back to fishin!
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    Great day in the Park yesterday on Mike's HPX-18 (In-the-Slot 12). Clear skies, cool temp's, big moon/big tides, nice breeze to keep the skeeters away. Low tide at Shark River entrance was at 10:30 or so, so we had several hours of falling water to fish in the morning. Both anglers finished the day with slams, dozens of snook and rat reds, some nice sea trout, and a mixture of other fish. We fished soft plastics, live and GULP! shrimp on jig heads, and plugs. Water was cold (around 68 degrees all morning) and murky. Here are a few pictures from the day.
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    If was a Maxxis 8008 guy forever until last year. I had a tread seperate and while it was covered under warranty the nearest authorized dealer who could change the tire under warranty was in the Tampa area. I live in Homestead. They are great tires no doubt and I think that was my 3rd or 4th pair but I switched to the Goodyear Endurance radials Incase I had another issue... there’s Goodyear shops everywhere.
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    From yesterday evening while running my friend’s boat back to the ramp after replacing a wheel hub on his trailer.
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    I received the comms board today, installed it and it's working perfectly, with anchor stowed no less. I was able to calibrate the compass and center position. I can't say enough about the service at Rhodan!!, Being a FLA Company.. They just wanna make it right and strive to have the same reputation as Power-pole for service and reliability(ahem).. So far so good, I will buy from them in the future. Rumor has it that they supply these boards to the other manufacturers. I dunno but they are a GPS company 1st.. Thanks for chiming in.. When the FA report, Doh, shows up I'll post it.
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    I'd buy that boat, just for the reg numbers............ Then I would make the "FU" as big and bold as possible.........
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    Could always make your own wrecks . 😏
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    Yes there are. You can get a premium chip that will allow you to do more such as sat image and engine gauges and more. Make sure you get the latest software update and g3 update which was just released which allows for greater detailed when zooming in such as docks not just a canal. Customer service is great for any questions in setting up your unit. Garmin now is using Navionics charting. On the downside, seems not everyone at Garmin knows what is going on with the updating of software and charts so make sure you getting the most recent. They will send you a new chip if needed. I have recently done many posts regarding this subject in detail, look up and read. Very pleased with my new unit. Have been a Garmin user over 20 years. Good luck, fin 😀
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    My daughter is having a C section for her 33 week baby girl. she comes with a serious defect called gastroschisis neonatal team waiting to transport the baby to Nicklaus children hospital where she will be getting surgeries to correct it Any prayers are welcome
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    thank you....really just taking it to increase my knowledge base in the event I decide to move up to a live-aboard when I retire in a few years.... My dream is to own an old Grand Banks, single screw, two staterooms and just cruise around towing my MA17..... I can set up with a satellite dish and be consulting in the a.m. and feeeshing in da PM dc
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    Dino, you should really be eating better. Maybe next time carrots and celery are in order.🥕
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    Thinkin about running a 65” Samsung on my 16 Redfisher . Would this be acceptable ? 🇺🇸☠️
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    Interesting for sure... There are numerous reasons, first Garmin. We offer limited electronics from the factory as the choices are vast and numerous. As we all know this technology changes every week, from a manufacturing standpoint we cannot offer numerous different electronics, just does not make sense. We do not push the Garmin product on dealers or customers. I will say I find the Garmin the easiest to use, some of the others take a Mechanical Engineering degree to operate. Somewhat the same with engines, Yamaha is the most widely used and the choice for most. We have tried others on numerous occasions, simply does not work for us from a manufacturing standpoint. Again, we do offer blank transoms if someone wants a different engine breed. Skip
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    Maverick has competent techs. Pretty sure they know how to put the hours on a new motor. Mod Marc
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    Crazy, unpredictable wind and water temps have made for some unsure fishing but I’ve managed to enjoy some decent fly fishing and put some meat in the box.
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