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    Sold my Gheenoe and I was between a Maverick & a Hewes Redfisher. Decided on the Redfisher since I really don’t pole the flats much. This is my 4th MBG boat (2-Pathfinders & a Cobia). Big thanks to Skip & the entire factory team that built a beautiful boat. She’s getting fitted for a custom cover today & here is my list of expensive upgrades: Simrad NSS12 Evo3 with FMT TotalScan Transducer Minn Kota Riptide Terrova 80lb/24v - 60” 2-Group 27 AGM Batteries JL Media Master 50 + Amp (wife/sandbar) 2- JL 8.8” Speakers Looking forward to all the knowledge this forum has to offer. I’ll take all & any advice on my rigging, maintenance, etc... Haze Grey Hull & Console Whisper Grey Non-Skid Custom Grey Cushions Yamaha 150
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    Wet sanded the entire inside and started the buffing/waxing process. You can see how chalky it was in the picture. Hope to finish it out before snook season opens up again.
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    Not a sunrise but shots from last nights lunar eclipse. I've got more from during the eclipse, just need to sort some out. The blue one was with a filter, all the others are untouched.
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    Mothership trials ! 🇺🇸☠️
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    Finally got to run the boat after all the work to freshen her up. 37A83542-787B-4428-B55B-F658B18AD0C5.MP4
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    Twas the day after Christmas And the early morn bite was slow Not much was happening Hardly even any tidal flow Then all the sudden the snook started to bite And my angler on board was no longer uptight! All my son wanted for Christmas was to catch some Choko snook on artis and he caught dozens....better a day late than never!! I'm so thankful for every minute spent on the water with him.
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    Was worth it. Fished solo this morning and kept 15 trout and 1 red. I’m still trying to thaw my fingers out!
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    I got in one quick little early morning trip with a friend yesterday before the rain started. We found them biting pretty good, all on plastic.
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    Ok ! Trailer jack has been upgraded to the new style wheel . #AIMWELDING 🇺🇸☠️
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    Red Sky in morning....Saliors take warning......I used to fish for tails about 8 mile diretly into the sunrise then 2 miles to the right
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    Way back when my parents dropped my sister and i off on the alligator light house platform. This was before child services. May want to consider something like this. Indian key would be a good place to dump them off as well.
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    This is the post of the thread award winner. So, it is deserving of a replay! LOL I quoted this post just so, maybe, it would get read over and over again. Maybe even by some people of "influence." Porpoising is a very aggravating problem, in case "some" people don't realize it. You bring up boat up to the desired mid range cruise speed and trim it out to perfection for maximum speed and fuel efficiency.......... and ......... then......... bounce, bounce, bounce! Soooooooooo, you have to apply tabs that in turn lower your speed and fuel efficiency, thus defeating your perfect trimming effort. This is not a handling characteristic worthy of a premium boat! JMHO.
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    I finished the plate yesterday morning and got it installed. I dropped the boat in this afternoon for the sea trial. This is the result. The porpoising is much much improved. The back end does feel “looser.”I picked up 100 rpm’s and on average, about 2 mph. I’m sure the cold water and cold air didn’t hurt matters. When I was taking the pictures, it was showing 62, which was my two way average. I didn’t know it touched 63 until I got ready to make this post! LOL This calculates out to a 6 on the prop slip calculator. All in all, I feel like the results were worth the effort. Oh, by the way, the bait well functioned perfectly normal as long as I had the pump running. If I tuned the pump off, it would not continue flowing water while running, where the SS plate with all the holes would. But that is not an issue for me.
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    It handled great. I spun it around pretty tight, and it never broke loose. His boat is as heavy as a 24 comes with a hard top, 5 batteries, a 10 power pole, and that big old tackle cabinet/leaning post. At 5700 rpm WOT, I felt like a 19” would be perfect for him. The only problem is the 20 pitch is the smallest they make. It was superior, in my opinion, to his Yamaha prop in every way.
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    Afternoon on the falling tide. Self tied clouser brought in this fish
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    Replaced broken plastic bilge thru Hull with stainless - 18 Bayfisher I wanted to post this as I spent what seemed like hours looking in the forum and never found anything on a replacement - but found some great posts along the way! Access was through a hole I had previously made in the battery compartment for installing lifting eyes on transom. Used a screw in 4” deck plate for recover. Had to remove hatch, battery and deck plate housing to get enough leverage to reach and work on it. Fitting was partially broken on outside of hull. Once I had my hand on the fitting a very small turn to left and right and the fitting fell apart. inside pic of old fitting. Outside pic Stainless replacement I used a stainless thru Hull fitting with a screw on composite 90 degree fitting setup as this looked as close to the original hole measurements and the cast stainless fittings that were out there made me believe I might have had to step drill out the original hole, which I was really trying to avoid. After removal of old fitting and excess sealant, there was more clearance than what I believed and the hole was maybe large enough for a cast stainless 90 degree fitting, but I’m happy with the result and notably the last time I should be worrying about it.
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    I use non ethanol gas only but if I did use ethanol 10% or less gas I would be careful adding K100. Primary ingredient =2 Butoxy ethanol, says it contains alcohol. It may be adding what you are trying to stay clear of , no way you want to end up over 10% . Many products out there claim to help K100 May slow down water fuel separation but may not remove alcohol by adding ethanol . You may want to look up MSDS ingredients and look up K100 ingregiants and test results . I have never had great luck with mechanic in a can products . Do your home work than deside what you think is best for you .
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    I’ll post pics on Feb1st of 12” on top
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    Contact http://www.nizpromarine.com/ No need to switch your entire engine. 200 to 250 is as easy as a computer flash.
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    Our RF18 is a 2017, but unless they've changed something I'd sit in it and have a very hard look over the dash before adding a screen up there. I'm 6'4" and sit pretty tall in the saddle. For an experiment I slapped a tackle box up there about the same size as a screen. Nowayinhell do I want anything blocking that much of my vision. Yeah, our 7" dash mounted screen is a little small. But I'd rather be squinting at that than missing big stuff in front of me. EDIT: I give up. Not going to delete the automatic smilies any more. You'll just have to live with them til the site is fixed.
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    Be careful ! If you rideout hard , I have had the plastic bowl , on the bottom strip out and leave you trying to figure out why your motor stopped . Got rid of that style and went straight stainless top and racor filter bottom . IMHO 🇺🇸☠️
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    It was the system! The issue has been corrected! 😎
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