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    So.... I've been having some issues with my F150 on the Smurf. It's struggled to get to full power, sputtered, stalled and vibrated its way through the last few months. Like as soon as it hit 1000hrs it started getting an attitude. The last month has been a ride for me. Some of you know the story, but most don't. The week after July 4th started as any other. That Monday I went to bed and started to get what I thought was terrible heartburn. No sleep all night and an empty box of TUMS the next morning and still having heartburn/chest pain. I ended up in the ER the next day and I actually had a heart attack that morning. They pumped me full of blood thinners and heart meds and transferred me to a medical center with a cardiac department. I was admitted straight to the cath lab where they found 2 blockages in my left artery. One was 30% and the other was 20-25%, the larger one was "cloudy" around the blockage. They did not put a stent there because it wasn't a big blockage. I stayed 2 more nights for observation and the second morning I had ANOTHER heart attack. They hooked the defibrillator to me, ran me back to the cath lab and put a stent on the 30% now 60+% blockage. The last month has been full of Cardiologist appointments, time off work and another trip to the ER/Cath lab for another episode (inflamed tissue around the stent). Before the last trip to the hospital I got brave and took my son fishing. The Motor ran like $#!T, but I decided that I was going to run it hard and see what was going to happen. After hobbling around the house after a third visit to the cath lab and 7 inches of rain I decided to go out yesterday. Motor still ran rough, but the flounder were hungry. It ran so bad my wife asked me about it. (That's unusual) Today, I felt well enough to try it again. I packed a cooler with water and nitroglycerin then went out. The Motor bogged down and struggled to get to 5k RPMs. I decided, that with everything I'd been through recently, I was going to run it WOT EVERYWHERE hoping to have a reason to hang a new SHO 175 on the back. I'm heading to the ramp from Wrightsville Beach at a sluggish 5200RPMs and 34 knots. I'm standing up hoping to catch the boat ahead but not optimistic. Next thing I know, it's like I hit the NOS button. Whatever was choking that Motor up let go and I went from 5200 to 6200 and shot up to 42 knots in seconds. The initial shot threw me back in the backrest and I put the death grip on the wheel. It was like it was alive again. I ran it a bit longer ensuring that it was indeed back in business. I was relieved to have it back and thankful for the gift of a day. I called Gus (Whichwaysup) when I got it on the trailer and told him about the experience. He suggested I share the story since my personal injectors have had recent "issues". Life has a funny way of letting you know you're really not in charge. Laying in the hospital and ICUs I've had plenty of time to think about things. At this point, I'm just happy to be vertical and glad I get to enjoy days on the water for a bit longer.
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    Found me a little fixer upper. 1998 21 MA. 1998 Vmax 175 carbed. 2007 Owens and Sons Torsion Axle Trailer. More pics to come. Gotta get the buffer out and go to town!!
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    I hate the Gym. I see a pair of running shoes and I run (in the opposite direction and only as far away as I have to). Exercise for the sake of exercise makes me cringe. If I am going to run, I need something to chase or someone chasing me. If I am going to exercise, I need some physical threat to my existance to keep it interesting. If you can't die doing it, I'd rather hang out on the couch. That's not to say I'm a daredevil by any means, I just can't get motivated unless there's some physical risk of pain to keep me going. It's a balancing act with 5 kids and a wife that want to keep me around. I wish I could stay in shape by fishing. Maybe if I caught more and bigger fish, or actually used the buggy whip more often it would help, but as it stands, fishing doesn't help my physique. I've always gravitated towards physical activity that is more 3 dimensional - Mountain biking (wow, that will do it if you are anywhere near hills, but not so much in Florida). Since leaving the VA mountains, I was at a loss to find a good replacement and my waist line was growing. I moved to Wilmington and I actually bought a kite-board but my wife made me take it back . We compromised and I took up surfing instead. If you want to lose weight, have fun, and build some serious muscle, take up surfing. You know the stereotypical surfer "dude" who is totally mellow and "chill?" He isn't actually all that mellow or chill, he's just so friggin' wiped out from the last session that he can barely move. It's an entire body workout, it's fun as hell, and I lost 10 pounds in a matter of weeks after starting. My upper body looks more like it did in college than it has at any time in the past 20 years since, and I've only been at this a year now. You paddle a LOT. I had no idea how physically demanding the sport was until I started doing it.
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    Yep, I know I complain about some BS time to time. But your story really puts things into perspective. I try to remind myself of such things every time I get aggravated over trivial stuff. Life is a short track and you only go around once. Take care of yourself.
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    I'm almost done with my garage build... (ha ha ha ha, you're never really done) but i'm at about 97% finished. Started in October of 2016 and working on weekends my father & I built this entire thing ourselves from start to finish. The only thing we had help with was the actual pouring/finishing of the concrete. I also had a baby in the process, so time has been the biggest factor. The garage is 40' deep, 20' wide and 10' high ceiling with 9' door. I have a 10' x 20' slab on the rear. I still have some brick pavers to lay between the house & garage as well as some landscaping but the exterior is basically finished. I have a lot of interior work to do in the garage. It's so hard to keep the place clean & tidy while you're still working... I have parts, tools, etc. everywhere and it drives me crazy. I am also planning to build a 12'x10' "office" on the rear slab of the garage where I can keep my high end fishing gear, computer desk with A/C, etc. That will happen later this year hopefully. I basically built this garage to house my boat. I originally wanted it to be 50' long, 30' wide and 12' high.... but between the engineer and the county building department those dreams were crushed. I had to leave 5' between the house & garage to be "detached" and I had to have 8' between garage & lot line. With the narrower width of 20' the hurricane codes would not allow 50' deep and 12' high unless I went with concrete block which was more than I could afford. I'll attach some pictures here, but the full albumn is available if anyone wants to look at the entire process. It has been quite a project and certainly put a dent in my fishing time. Full albumn: https://imgbox.com/g/VHpYdPz4Jd The custom redfish/snook gate was built by my dad from scratch. It was my first fathers day present and he found the images online and just sketched them out and cut with his plasma cutter. I was super impressed & love it. Things I did especially for the boat: 20' drain in floor that drains to rear of property (wash boat, back inside... it drips into drain) Exhaust fan in gable vent with thermostat & humidistat along with four "smart vents" for flood/ventilation. Other considerations: separate panel in garage with 220v outlets for compressor/welder, etc. Vintage exterior lighting to match decor of house and nautical theme attic storage trusses for storage ran conduit from house to garage for networking cables, internet, cameras, etc. Here are some pics: The before pic... big yard with a huge "ear tree". Unfortunately it had to go. Every time we had a big storm a limb would drop and it was always a concern for myself and the neighbor. The tree spanned over both our house and my neighbors house. Not to mention it dropped these tiny leaves that got stuck in everything. Thanks, Josh B. All footers & grade done by hand (well shovel) so many roots from the big tree it was not fun.
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    The time has come where the Pathfinder will be going up for sale. Yesterday I purchased a 23 Dorado as I found a deal that I could not resist. This blog has been a great wealth of knowledge for me over the years and I have enjoyed being a part of the MBG community. Once my Pathfinder does sell, I am sure I will still frequent this site as it is a much more enjoyable experience than posting anything on THT. Anyways, I will be posting the Pathfinder in the Classified section in the next week or so. It has been a great boat for me and has never left me stranded. Thank you for everyone's help and great advice over the years.
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    Well, not exactly a sunrise but I always thought this shot captured the flats skiff experience. Snake Bight, of course.
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    Everyone of us is a heartbeat away from heaven or hell, only faith in Jesus Christ assures eternal life in heaven. I'm counting on a new Redfisher at the dock of my heavenly home when the Lord takes from this world.
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    Since moving to Wilmington a year ago, I've been working very deliberately to learn the various fishing opportunities the area offers. It's been a heck of an education. My first major breakthrough was learning the fall fishing pattern in the inlets and the intracoastal, and wow, what an incredible trout fishery we have! I hired a great guide (John Huff) to show me the ropes, and that investment paid off huge dividends in the trips I took afterwards. Winter hit and my fishing trips got slow, so I reached out to John again to learn the Cape Fear river, primarily for Striper. Once again, John delivered a great education and taught me enough to keep my rods bent all winter and well into Spring with Striper, Reds, and Trout. When summer hit, I was stumped. Everything I knew was getting me a fish here, a fish there, but nothing like the fishing I knew was available. I'd learned the basics of the river, the inlets, and the intracoastal, but the marshes were a complete mystery to me. I'd made several forays into them, only to come up with consistent polecat experiences. John Huff admitted that the Marsh wasn't his field of expertise, so I reached out to a friend of his, Seth Vernon. I've met a lot of guides, some great, some good, some not so good, but Seth and John, while polar opposites, are two of the best guides I've fished with. Enjoyable companions, happy to teach, and experts on finding fish. Last week, Seth opened an entirely new world up to me and I'm eternally grateful. Prior to that trip, I had struck out every time I headed into the marsh (and in hindsight, I was doing everything 100% backwards). Since that trip, I've consistently had phenomenal trips. I have 5 kids, 4 of which are old enough to enjoy fishing. As a dad, I have to be their guide, so having a real guide show me how to put my kids on fish and help them learn to love the sport is priceless. It's also nice to help a long time friend learn the ropes around here when the kids can't come. Here are a few pics of this week's trips.
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    Posting this add for a good friend of mine. I know this boat very well. Rack stored inside since purchase. One owner. well Kept Located in Stuart, Florida $47,500 Very clean. Brand new Yamaha F250 installed October 2016. has only 45 hours on the new engine. 5.5 years of warranty left . expires Oct 2022 . Boat has 840 overall hours. Call or e mail for details. Contact me on this forum or dial Michael at 772-888-5466 / michael.mcgarrity@att.net. Features include: Power Pole , 36V Minn Kota spot lock Trolling Motor, 3 bank Minn Kota charger, Custom box for 3 batteries inside console, Poly Planar Digital Amp w 4 JDL speakers- Loud New Simrad 9 inch Go XSE and transducer installed 2016. Custom console and leaning post canvas covers ( great condition) , Custom Bimini with quick release low profile hardware. Custom made Birdsall Marine removable rear seat, low profile hardware and matching cushions. Includes all PF Tournament features including: 3 Livewells Saltwater Wash, Freshwater wash , Phantom VHF, Compass , Recessed Cleats, Very Clean deck and Non skid Stainless Steel Console Rodracks, Silver lettering, 6 gunnel mount rod holders, trim tabs, jackplate, All Electronics, power pole and troll motor and batteries mounted By Master Repair in Stuart. No Trailer- Boat has been high and dry. Fiberglass is super clean and super smooth. pics attached
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    X2 with Hurricane. Isolate the different stations and controls. I would even isolate the gauges(may have to put a jumper wire in the harness) and look at the wiring schematic for grounds. My money is on a grounding issue or a faulty sensor. By the way, a good mechanic should know this. I'm tired of hearing them say "well we hooked the computer up and found nothing", thats BS most troubleshooting requires old fashioned meters and jumper wires.
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    She went int QC yesterday. Get ready Curtis she is coming to you soon!
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    With the purchase of my new boat, it is time to let the Pathfinder go. 2005 Pathfinder 2200V Tournament Edition with 2006 Yamaha F150 4 Stroke - 583 hours. Boat is loaded. Motorguide Xi5 GPS trolling motor with spot lock. 60 inch shaft, 80 lbs - 24V Deka Marine Master Deep Cycle Batteries 10' PowerPole Blade Bob's 6" Jack Plate Lenco electric trim tabs Simrad Go7XSE - Chirp and side scan NMEA2000 backbone displaying engine instruments New Yamaha Tach and Speedometer 1000 watt stereo system with 4 JL speakers and Sony head unit On board Three bank battery charger Continental dual axel aluminum trailer with LED lights Newly upholstered leaning post with custom StowMate mesh storage Custom Pathfinder helm pad 3 livewells. Two 40 gallon with recirculater pumps and one 15 gallon in the bow Plenty of storage with cast net hatch PowerTech OFX4 17 Stainless Steel prop in great shape. Boat recentely fully waxed and buffed Full boat cover SeaStar HC5342 hydraulic steering Engine is in great shape with 100 hour service done last month. 100 hour service done annually Used Ethanol Free fuel only. Balancer updated as preventative maintenance at 500 hours Great boat in great shape. Asking $29,900. Located in South Tampa. Text or Call Alex for additional details 850.814.6699
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    All good points here.... If you look thru the nps.gov site you will find that all the Fed Parks have fees for recreational entry, camping and/or boating, etc as well as commercial usage fees. Some fees are more, some fees are less than current ENP fees. The proposed increase in commercial ENP fees is a shocker but will the Feds enhance & further protect the resource with the funds collected as they claim will happen? History tells us that the answer is no. After doing research & thinking about the bigger picture for the past few days I must recognize that the ENP is an International Biosphere Reserve, World Heritage Site, and a Wetland of International Importance.....one of only 3 areas on earth you will find on those lists. Most scientists believe the ENP is the 2nd most important biosphere on earth. None of our other Fed Parks come close to being regarded with such relative importance to earth. So as Americans we all have "skin in this game" of protecting the ENP. As we all move forward in contributing to the demise of earth's resources, there must be a higher price to pay for access to such a profound area such as the ENP and perhaps we should've all been paying high access fees all along. But I'm only in agreement with the proposed fees if we can see improvement to enhance everyone's experience in the ENP; commercial & recreational users alike. There has been no distinct promise of such, only recognition of what should be done & what the Feds would like to do. The ENP has always deserved proper protection including properly marked trails & waterways and public education on how sensitive the area is & how to treat the environment. And the American people deserve access to the ENP so we can enjoy such an amazing place. The price we should all pay for that access is the hot topic of this discussion. The Calusa Indians were the first ones that truly understood how important the Everglades is to this earth. Yet none of them were scientists nor did any of them know anything other than life in the ENP. Somehow they knew! But the Feds decided to hunt & kill them all then directed the Army Corps of Engineers to "dry out" the Everglades. Now the Feds make the public pay for those enormous mistakes to help protect & preserve what's left of it when that should've been done all along. Talk about going backwards!! What eats me up the most is that the Feds can hold us all accountable to pay increased fees in the ENP but we cannot hold them accountable for doing anymore than what they're doing now, which is the bare minimum at best.
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    In South Georgia : When others pull up to you while you are poling or working a school of fish ; pull out the .45 acp and fire about three rounds into the water, you will not see them again. We always say ...if you can read their registration numbers...they are too close. And you use the same rule of thumb if you are approaching another boat fishing a bank.....
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    After a few days of touching up minor cosmetic blemishes and installing latches, etc. the 1989 has hit the water for the first time since being picked up two weeks ago. Lanier was crazy packed today and there were lots of big wakes but the Maverick handled it all well.
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    Office view this morning.
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    On the way to fish Biscayne Bay this morn.....
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    Been a much longer wait then what I expected/was told but finally getting close to delivery day
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    My boat is still not finished yet but my parents were headed down to choko so I figured I'd tag along. Ran out of chokoloskee pass and went north to jewel key area. Live shrimp got me a lady fish and I started chunking. Had over slot snook on but got cut off. Moved south to a small island and managed 2 nice 22 inch reds. Got them on gulp swimming mullet. Had lunch at pavilion and fished the 3 islands just south for the outgoing tide and got another red and about 20 lady fish, handfull of snappers and a few cats. All in all good days fishing. Cant wait to get the hewes down there and put blood on the deck.
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    Fort Myers Beach. Weekday, Tarpon rolling everywhere! I'm going to miss her.
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    I fished the south shore today, in the Simmons park area. Got a couple nice reds, big one was 28. Saw plenty of snook bustin along the bushes. Hard to fish those snook without live bait, the water is shallow, clear and they ain't dumb. It was so dang hot, and there was zero wind. I was sweating just standing there!
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    Wow...........that's a helluva story Nag, Scares the dodo out of me, I'm 60 years old. I'm sure glad you are OK now. Very happy that Smurfette's F150 shot it's wad and is now cleaned out and running good too !!
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    Holy cow folks this is a frightening story. I have lost multiple friends to cardiac events, age ranges from 39 up. As we age we have to maintain and listen to our bodies. I am thankful Nag's boss sent him to the ER. My advice: Have your MD run all your numbers. Stay in shape. Eat the right stuff. Keep a positive attitude. Avoid stress. Love your wife and kids. Try to make a positive impact on someone's life every day. Life is precious, and every day is a gift. Nag, glad you're still with us! Peace.
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    Conocean - I always find it strange. When people know they are going on an extended trip, they plan for it, research it, prepare for it, pack for it. Nobody waits until the last minute and hope things worked out. And yet, every human knows they will some day die, but few plan for what may happen next. I talked to someone who said they figured they would just blink out and that would be "it". Who knows, maybe that's true, but St. Thomas Aquinas called that a "bad gamble". His logic makes sense - If you bet that there's nothing after death, and you are right, congratulations, in the last millisecond of your life you get to say "I told you s. . . . " But if you are wrong, it's a hell of an eternity. On the other hand, if you bet that there is a heaven and a hell, and you are wrong, in the last millisecond of your life, you have to say "oops". But if you are right, there's (from what I hear) a brand new Maverick Master Angler with a 175 SHO and an eternity of tailing redfish waiting for you. Or, at least, that's what I hear. . . .
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    I hate to even think about selling her, let alone doing it, however she isn't getting used as much as she used to. This boat has seen a LOT of fish caught and will be a great addition to someone who wants a very clean, classic Lappy! 1999 18' Hewes Redfisher - $15,000 "off-center" console 4-rod holders mounted on console 2-rod holders mounted on platform Replaced under gunnel(s) carpet with Seadek grey w/black edge (2015) includes both a bait/live well and plumbed release well trolling motor mount (puck) trolling motor wired two (2) blue top trolling motor batteries mounted under forward seat of console (2013) Minn Kota two (2) bank onboard charger (mounted in console in 2016) brand new cranking battery (July 2017) wired for Lowrance electronics but not included (unit stolen!) Lenco trim tabs compass Powered by a 1999 Yamaha 130hp 2-stroke Runs great! hours unknown lower unit replaced (2015) last service was July (2017) Sits on a 2007 Ameritrail. Boat is located in Georgetown, SC I am in no way looking to unload this boat "just because", so I will not respond to low-ball offers. Please PM with any questions or leave contact info. Thanks for looking.
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    2015 Pathfinder Wheat Color 2400 TRS with F300XCA with 71.5 hrs and warranty until 4/1/21 Price reduction $68,000 Options: Minn Kota 72" riptide 36 volt with quick release mount, 10 foot power pole, Raymarine a series 12.1 color GPS/fish touch screen, Icom VHF radio, fusion 4 speaker stereo Advanced bubbler, hi-speed pickup pump, Helm seat tackle station, springline cleats, additional rod holders, bass seat plate hydraulic tilt steering with knob, hardtop with king rod holder and 4 vertical rod holders and spreader lights fresh and saltwater wash down, 4 blade s/s power tech prop, custom enclosure, command link gauges, Atlas 6 inch jack plate, Lenco trim tabs. Boat always stored inside on boat rack Professionally maintained and all required service completed Ethonal free fuel and Yamalube always used MSRP new over $100 K Boat located in Southport, NC AmeraTrail Trailer included (used 2 times) 631-807-3911 bepearsall@hotmail.com $68,000
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    I did a "build" thread when I built this a year and half or so ago but here it is as of today. Still slot of punch list to do and Its still a full on workshop after we flooded from Matthew but noticed today the yard and garage are actually coming together some so I thought I'd brag a lil.... Cool bonus note - if you zoom on last pic you can see the St Aug lighthouse which, unbeknownst to us, was blocked by a tree that got blown over during Matthew. Now you can see it from my garage drive area and deck. Only good thing to come of that mess so I really enjoy it
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    Caught some nice reds in the intercostal tried all the flats behind devils elbow with nothing but jacks on artificial. Went south a little bit tried some shell banks pulled 7 reds outta one spot. Switched over to the old faithful jig head and live shrimp. Lol. Turned my morning around.
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    Ahhh, how I love all of my .45's..... especially my custom, hand fitted 1911. JJ is right - if you can read th registration #, you're too close. If you're in a confined fishing area, then rule of thumb we use is to not get within a very long casting distance from the other boat. Trust me, you will know how close that is when corks and jig heads start flying at you. If you appreciate your gel coat, stay back. And no matter where I'm running, if I feel my wake will rock a boat at anchor, staked out, or poling, I will ALWAYS idle past the other boat. Common courtesy. I expect same from others.
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    Too pretty of a morning not to show off a bit
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    Perhaps if they cut back on their fleet of $100,000 Park Ranger boats that sit unused in the lagoon at Flamingo, they could forego this outrageous fee increase.
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    May be time to dust off the buggies a little before hunting season. Oh wait, annual ORV stickers for Big Cypress National Park are $100 also!
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    Caribee here, this is our trade for sale. We sold it new to the original and only owner so any such repairs would have been facilitated through us, just to be sure we called Maverick to verify this hull has never been back to the factory for repairs. The boat does not have a trailer. It is a very clean rig and someone will be getting a good deal on it! Thanks
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    Funny story about my first yeti cooler. I bought a 45 Tundra and I couldn't have been prouder. I finally ponied up the cash for one of these crazy good coolers. A couple weeks after using it, I tried to talk my extremely practical brother into one. His response still gets me. ME- Bro you have to buy one of these Yetis. They're keep ice for days. Brother- how much does it cost? ME- I paid $275, but it's awesome! Brother- let me get this straight. You just paid $275 for a cooler to save a $2 bag of ice? Especially when beer only last a day? I hung my head and acknowledged defeat.
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    Typical Old Skool Keys fishing boat... Many of the key's residents and weekender's don't have time to primp and prime a boat...they, as said, run it hard, put it up wet and come back the next week. Too many other things to do on a keys house and to do when you are done for the day...like drink a few cold ones and watch a sunset. As long as it starts, runs, and catches feeeessssh...most locals could care less if it's banged up on the bow or is not cosmetically pleasing... If you are fishing hard and not a local, you don't have time like most of us to wax, shine, and primp a boat...heck, there are even some on this forum who wax and shine trailers for gods sake .....now, that's way too much time on your hands if you ask me (LOL). dc
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    I've had the great honor to own such an amazing boat. Yes, this boat will look familiar to you forum regulars. I bought this boat back in April right here off this forum to see if this is what I really wanted for a long term boat. I realize now after fishing it in SW Florida that I would like to move to a bigger MA 21 or a 22 Pathfinder TE. I do a lot of beach tarpon fishing and light near/offshore fishing and with a family of 5 it make sense to move up in size. 2003 Yamaha 175HP HPDI VMAX w/495 hours. MinnKota Riptide iPilot(2012) Complete electrical rewire & panel(Dec. 2012) Deck, Console & Sides received fresh coat of paint (2012)-Bottom is gel coat. Continental single axle torsion suspension trailer(2012) Northstar F210 fuel management gauge V-Marine Machined Aluminum Push Pole Holders Hydraulic Steering Custom Bow Casting Deck Custom Poling Platform w/ fold down back rest On-board Stealth Charger Brand New 2017 Garmin EchoMap Chirp 94SV The two pucks on the console are from the prior Garmin 3210. I left those on the console, but do have the unit that will go with the boat. I didn't remove them since I wanted to let the next owner decide what to put in the pucks place...cup holders or maybe 1 compass. Boat is located in Fort Myers Beach, Fl. I will consider delivering the boat as well depending on location after sale. Since I've had her I had the motor completely gone through by a 15 year Yamaha master mechanic at San Carlos Marine who pretty much replaced every bearing, seal, gasket, filter, fuel lines etc....I didn't want to take any chances while on the water. (Full receipts will be provided upon sale) $22,500 - Please serious inquires only-No dealers Please PM me for any additional photo's or question's you may have. Thanks for taking a look, Chad 727-492-3000
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    I went to the dark side . Hells Bay Pro
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    Went early this morning....looking for tripletail on the super high tides....caught one undersized TT.
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    WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER - that was a frickin steal. I have never seen a (running/floating/equipped) 21 go for anything close to that. I don't know whether to congratulate you on a smoking deal or report you for theft! Nicely done, now get out there and start sanding!
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    She squeezed in. May need to add to the roof or remove the platform! It's tight!
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    Here's a few pics when I hooked it up. My wife actually found it on Offer Up. It will need wet sanding and cutting to bring back the blue. Over all she is in decent shape. Time for some accessories... Jackplate, Power Pole, water pressure gauge and Low water pickup and tempress seats coming soon. I'm a big 2 stroke fan so I'm excited to smell oil again this weekend!!
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    alright the flats boat is with the great Tim Bausch of Bausch american towers. with some measurements and some ideas of how we wanted it, off he went and started fabricating with layout. the original height we came up with was to high on a goof from our end we meant to subtract 6" instead of adding it. the picks show the layout and then it being to tall so we chopped it down and now it lays out perfect. we kept wide at the bottom like a traingle with steps tapering in so you can easy navigate the steps. We also made sure it was high enough for a 4 stroke yamaha and jackplate
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    Wow, what a story Nag. The motor means squat if your ticker ain't working. Glad you're with us. We all hope we wake up each morning. Some people don't, even those that think they're in good health. That's why I always say "every day is a great day if you get out of bed!" It's the dang truth. And it's interesting how non religious people start thinking about God when health issues arise. Who else you gonna run to? All I know is that I'll be running a full sprint when the good Lord finally calls me home!!
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    I fixed my battery charger connection the other day on my house battery. My 3 bank charger was charging my TM batts fine, but my house batt apparently wasn't getting the juice. Checked the charger and it was showing a fault on that (new) battery. I checked the connection and the wires disintegrated in my hand. Quick repair, and life is good again. Having said that, I've got a growing list of upcoming jobs so probably as good a place as any to keep track: - Replace Poppit valve - Replace/Rewire trailer lights - Replace trailer jack - Identify/address water intrusion issue - Replace bilge pump, install automatic/float switch
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    Been getting into some nice black drum on the fly on local beaches. Not the true "big uglies" that we sometimes pull off the bridges but still drag burners that take you into your backing. Not all tourists approve... A very tough eat. They're picky. Have to put your time in. A few pics of me and James "Spoonfly" Davis getting on them.
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    We moved to Lakeland, at Lakeland Linder Airport. The Air Force wanted their hangar back, after N.O.A.A. being there over 20 years. Our relocation went out for bid between Lakeland and Clearwater, Lakeland won. They built a new hangar and were over joyed to have us. Aviation is big at Linder, they have their Sun N Fun air show every year, kinda like the big OshKosh air show. Im not so happy about the move, I live 10 min from Macdill, now a 45 min drive to Lakeland.
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    Snapped this on the way out this morning. I wish there were more clouds... it got hot awfully quick!!!