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    There is no greater love than to give one's life for another. Tomorrow is our day to think about the good men and women, who paid the ultimate price, so that the rest of us can enjoy a life with freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and the American Dream. Even if you are anti-war, or you are on one side or the other politically, there can and should be a soft spot in your heart that reminds you to be thankful for what our brothers and sisters did for us. We must remember to teach our children about the soldiers who died for us too. Do they realize the value of freedom and how lucky they are? That's all I have to say. Happy Memorial Day everyone! God Bless America!
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    Once again, PP comes through... I was having a problem with my C-Monster unit on the last trip.... The symptoms were as follows: 1.) Blowing fuses 2.) Engine going click click click when hitting the hand remote or up /down on the unit Called PP early Tuesday - left a VM at 0730...Todd called me back - yes, they actually call you back I went through the issues, told him what I had done so far - check all connections, etc. He then said, sounds like a engine short/fault - "I'll have another one to you in the morning". Arrived yesterday, I swapped out the unit, did a re-wire - baddda-bing Done.l Why have I owned 4 units ? 2005 (6ft), 2009 (8ft), then again in 2016 (2-8Ft)....I guess it's the reason above why? Great customer service And a product that just "works". DC
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    Here are the names of several very good and proven security systems : Smith & Wesson , Ruger, Browning, Daniel Defense, Colt....etc. The main difference between a home alarm and a precision firearm is.... when the thief hears the alarm, they run.....when the firearm goes off....they can't.
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    That is the best way to teach. Let them learn by helping you now and they can help themselves in the future. Favorite quote from helping my dad "Hold the da#% light so I can see not so you can see."
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    Some pretty cool drone footage (not mine). Many memories of climbing all over these things - when they were well inland!
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    Been doing good in the intercoastal lately. Find the bait find the fish. Lots of finger mullet cruising the ICW at low tide. Flounder bite has been great. Mud minnows and jig heads. Love this time of year.
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    Mitz covered everything very comprehensively and the others chimed in intelligently too but, even though I'm a 17 owner, I must admit that the boat is by no means a speed demon and I often wish I had more top end. Thus, there is the possibility that I'll move up to an 18 at some point (or preferably a 21 if I can find the right kind of storage). Another thing to consider, and I know this may be argued by some, but the 17 just doesn't perform like you'd expect it to with a jackplate. If you don't care about having one then it's a non-issue. I've seen many more 18s with JPs than 17s. And even more so with 21s. Seems like the bigger the hull gets, the better the boat performs with one. BUT.... one thing I always keep in mind is that the hardcore anglers that come on my boat, both bait and fly, always say the same thing to me: "Don't ever sell this boat". jb
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    You can keep a black magic marker in your boat and color the last 5 or 10 ft. of your high-vis line. Cut a slit in the tip of the pin and your line will slide right through and black out your line.
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    Ha. Just saw this and thought it was funny
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    I've never, ever found a hat as good as this one. It's 7-8 years old and I wear it all the time - boat, pool, construction, yard work...it won't die. I don't know if it's the material or what but I swear it's the coolest hat I've ever worn. Bonus is the brim flips up when running so you never really have to take it off all day. They sell them on Amazon - cheap too - but they seem to make them with slightly smaller brim now. Not a deal breaker by any means, but this one is a keeper. I thought I lost it a few months ago and literally tore my house and boat apart looking for it. Found it a week later stuffed behind my fish finder 🙄
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    I like doing a regular hat so I can pull the buff/gaiter over my head. For cool shirts, any dri fit works. Pants, Columbia makes nice ones that you can zip off for shorts. Simms sungaiter is by far my favorite. Its shaped to the head and has vents for breathing. Also covers your nose without fogging which most cant do!! Tailin toads makes gloves but simms probably does too. Id recommend going to a Bealls near you, they have a very good selection of all brands of fishing apparel
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    I'm getting outfished down here but I'm not complaining. Even though I think breaking off tackle and getting me to fix it is an angle my wife and daughter are using against me. We had a challenging start and spun a hub the first day, second day my transducer decided to go out. But now we are making memories even if the wind is blowing a bit much to keep us from trying for yellow tails. In the first pic my buddy is helping my daughter with her first Jack and the second is her catching dinner for us.
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    Our typical sunset....feet up, adult beverage in hand and bed time minutes away. That's how we roll on Chokoloskee Bay.
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    This is a great deal on a desirable boat. Location is prob playing biggest role, but If you want some unbiased criticism -I'd get some new pics up. Most of yours have a lot of shadows (really?... Still parking under a tree?) and I think makes the boat look busy. Get it out in sun and get some nice pics on trailer and in water. It's a beautiful boat, show it off. Also, I'd consider getting a poling platform made. It will really complete the look. Just my opinions. Not in market for a flats boat, but if I was I'd love this baby.
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    This boat would've been in someone else's driveway within a week of posting if you were in south FL. Hard to believe it's still available!
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    I would not get any where near PEW or EDF. The agenda is management by closing or restricting access at every meeting I have been involved in. The easy way out. Both groups in all cases have favored no take zones and closures over sound management and reasonable access. I'm sure some will argue my short and blunt reply. I will not change my stance on this issue. Been there, and have seen and heard it. Maybe the current ARS situation will expose these criminals that think our public trust should be at their disposal.
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    This will be the last transom mount I own,tired of playing with the location. Thru-hull from here on out.
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    Inside of 70 feet yesterday and a limit for 5 in 20 minutes. They were so thick we could not get live bait to the gags. We tried to gag fish in 3 spots and only managed 2 26 inch fish. We were out of bait and headed in by 11:30 am
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    Nice job!!!! Trout are doing well for June. I left our dock at 6:45 tonight and started fishing a little after 7pm. I caught probably 13 or 14, with four over 20. The big was 23". Quit at 8pm. One of my best days ever on gator trout! I released all.
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    Thank you for the kind words DC, glad to hear we were able to help you out quickly.
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    My son and I tried the sightfishing for tripletail on Sunday down near St Simons. Between the SW wind honking and flood tides, the water looked like Waffle House coffee....we did see a couple and managed to catch one really small one , but it was far from a normal tripletail trip during their spawn on those beaches....typically you will see a 10 to 20 fish and have a dozen shots.....however, his wife surprised us and asked us to meet her at Marina for lunch and even better....brought my granddaughter. So, here is a pic of my son and I with one of my granddaughters going for a boat ride. At 2 years old she already wants to drive and take charge.
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    Cruising with my son and granddaughter down in South Georgia.
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    As cool as the old style push pole holders were, they had to go. This skiff was used as a tender so the lifting rings had to go as well. Mote updates to come soon hopefully.
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    The debt we owe our Service Men & Women is impossible to repay. We do bear the responsibility to protect the Liberty and freedom they preserved for us.
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    Troy, you are right. I totally sissied out on that one. As if that wasn't bad enough, when I went up to inform my 13 year old daughter that the trip was cancelled due to the conditions, I found her: - up, fully dressed, and ready to go (4:30 a.m.), - immediately in tears over the prospect of the trip being cancelled - begging me to go anyway Yeah, bad enough to be a sissy, worse when your daughter is more of a man than you are!
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    That year motor may have a recall for new block assembly if it was early 2011. It's a 35k boat imo. That boat new was probably 50.
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    Yea, I've fished the glades once with my Caimen. I agree that that area is not one to be running 50 everywhere in. Hard shallow bottoms, big animals, and high speeds are a bad combo. hehe That area is a good example of how a kind of unorthodox setup is ideal for a specific area. It makes it tough when guys ask for recommendations and don't say where and how they are fishing from the get go. I would imagine that is why you see so many East Cape, Beavertail, etc. for sale so soon after they are built. Guys get romanced into super skinny or super fast or whatever and then realize it *** for how they actually fish day to day. it seems guys graduate into Mavericks, Chittums, and HBs once they figure that out. This is a good discussion and should be saved. It's a shame the forum is setup to purge old threads rather than keeping them for eternity like the rest of the internet.
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    Aren't there child labor laws in NC?!? Sheesh!
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    That just means you aren't an old codger like me! Reminds me of the time I had my 24 Albemarle jacked up, on the lawn no less. I was real bright in those days. I was changing out springs, if I remember right, and had the whole undercarriage off. Anyway, I had a collection of stuff for the trailer to sit on. Like I said, I was real bright. Anyway, about 10 seconds after I slid out from under the trailer, the whole things fell to the ground. If I remember correctly, I started shaking pretty good, like I had cheated death by 10 seconds. Did I say I was pretty smart way back in those days. Anywho, I had to hire a crane to come lift the whole thing off the ground. One of my 9 lives used up on that fiasco.
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    A well maintained 2004 or newer 21 MA is a rare find and worth its weight in gold. From what I've seen, a clean boat under $30K would be a steal. If I needed to repower one, I would hang a Yamaha 250 SHO on it and have the baddest boat in the whole *** town - badder than old King Kong, and meaner than a Junk Yard Dog!!
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    Sorry man. Grab some cash and hit the road!
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    hurricane,,,stop advertising for Nag. I am trying to buy that boat...:-)
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    Nice! Either the south channel or Sav River???
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    I bought a few of those Hanes on hurricanes advice a few years ago. Hard to beat for the price. Only issue is the sleeves seem to be long for the size.
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    Doesn't the speedometer work the same way? Yep and I can tell you it can pop off. Mine did not even have a clamp or zip tie on it. On the flip side if it pops off you can wedge it in the console door and point it towards you for a nice cool down when running!
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    Hey folks - I posted a question about my trailer springs on this forum a week or so ago and got some really good advice and help from you all. One of you sent me a link Sturdy Built Trailer Parts http://www.sturdybuiltonline.com/. My job is such that I am held captive to my computer, so getting out to a local place is nearly impossible. Ordering online can be cheaper, but you all know that getting what you actually need can be a challenge. One of the most aggravating issues is ordering parts, then realizing you mis-ordered or didn't order all the stuff you needed. Sturdy Built's website is particularly informative - if you think trailer springs are simple, think again. Double eye leaf, hook and slipper, reverse curve, slipper . . . then all the bushings and hardware to go with it. The site does a great job directing you to exactly what you need if you even have half a clue about trailer springs. Which I don't. So, after loading up my cart with all the stuff I thought I needed, I sent an email to the company with pics of my springs to see if they might help me make sure I had the right stuff and all the stuff I needed. I didn't expect a response, but wow, did I get one. I got a response that was exceptionally detailed and saved me from ordering the wrong springs for my trailer (apparently, I do NOT have double eye leaf springs, I have reverse curve leaf springs). We actually exchanged emails several times and spoke by phone before I finally had everything I needed. SO, moral of the story - I love shopping local because of the service and advice, but some companies have figured out how to offer the convenience of online with the service of the local guy. Big thanks to Sturdy Built and specifically to Tim who was a life saver.
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    Here she is ready for delivery to the dealer!!
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    Those are done. Top two leafs are cracked completely in half and one is already disconnected. Only thing keeping you going are the plates and Ubolts. One curb check or decent bump and you are smoking your tires in the wheel wells (or worse). Change them!!
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    Planning on more pictures this afternoon. If I were going to put a reason on it not selling quick, it would be color. It's the same thing CFM said when I bought it. Most people can't really get into the color. I bought it knowing that and I'm selling it knowing that I'm looking for that ONE person. Yes im still parking it in the same spot. Garage isn't big enough even with the detachable tongue. Really. I got a quote before I listed it to have a platform made. $1200.... that's still in the air. If I can't sell it, I'll pimp it out even more.
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    shrimp under a cork. every fish i've cleaned for the last 3 weeks has had nothing but shrimp in their belly, so i've got to go with shrimp. i did clean a trout today with some sort of fin fish in the belly. we're still picking up fish over scattered shell in west bay. this was this morning. the bite slows way down when the tide starts to peak.
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    Sometimes people just don't get that it all adds up. I like keeping my tank on the full side cause it rides better.
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    Get brave when the tide is low. It's the better way to learn the place
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    Lol! I do it every day for a living. Nothing to it.
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    Well I am on the cusp of getting the Mav in the water, just a few finishing touches then off for a cool new steering system from Uflex and then to SeaDek... Hopefully then to the water at 10K? Oh, company colors...
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    It might be a total custom boat with hints of blue.
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    I wish more folks had this attitude. I am all for gun control - put a gun in the hands of every American who earns or has earned their living and encourage them to use it. Watch how fast crime rates drop. Seems like everyone these days would rather pay than chase these guys down and end this. All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to remain silent.. . Or something like that.
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    It's creeping over, we need a wall on the dade/collier line