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    With the water temperature finally down to an appropriate inshore grouper catching number, my first seasonal trip digging up gags at the big bridge was a success. Lots of break offs by huge fish, zero shorts, and two keepers (25โ€ and 26โ€) to eventually reach my limit. Should only get better deeper into December.
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    Words canโ€™t express how proud I am to have this boat. Thank you Lucky Dave for selling me your boat and taking the time to go through everything top to bottom. It was a true pleasure to meet you.
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    40 odd hours down on the new motor and loving it. So far have run 22 Laser 3 blade - Too much for this set up but ran 38kn 19 3 blade K series Yamaha - saw 43kn but over revved only a short run as I didnt have the prop nut locked - yam cotter pin v merc lock washer 19 Spit fire 4 blade ran 41kn against the tide in the river and 43 Kn with the current but was only seeing a tad over 40kn offshore with 3 pob 20 Laser 3 blade ran 41 kn thought I would have got a bit more but was able to get to 6,100RPM which was the best result so far 19 Trophy 4 blade ran very nice and had more bow lift going to run this a bit longer to get some more data. 17 Power tech RXB ran to 6,200rpm and 40 odd Knts an 18 would be perfect. Going to stick with the 20 Laser as my main prop and keep the 19P trophy as it has good grip and boat runs well with this one. Will try another run with the 19P 3 blade Yamaha K series now I have fabricated a washer for the Merc lock nut. I suspect that the 3 blade best prop would be in between 19 & 20 but where do you stop ? Great motor and super impressed with it.
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    IVe got a 12lb seaclaw in mine with 300' of rode. Cross bar is 17" wide and shank is 15" long (measured from cross bar).
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    I purchased a 97 Master Angler off of here that had less than 500 hours for $8k. Just keep your eye out. I drove to Jacksonville from West Palm to pick it up
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    I pinned this sticky under General Section.. Congrats, Thomas Z for being the lead Recipe !! I will delete the non recipe posts to make the thread easier to scroll thru for recipes.. next week.. Thank you for the input.. Glad to accommodate ! Marc
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    Seriously.. take the mallet and one person to hold the rope out in front of you and you will walk around the boat so fast you will be trying to figure out what to do with the other 6 hours you have set aside for the project
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    She is a looker! Worth all the effort and now you can rest assured that she is better than new and ready to faithfully serve you and your family for a lifetime e of memories. Tight lines ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
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    I would try to call Hewes and see if they can provide any information on hills built for the year model. I would not think Florida would have added any characters to your HIN. If Hewes agrees that might have been your HIN number get some trophy shop to print a plate and make you stencil to send in for your registration.
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    Where you at ? ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿดโ€โ˜ ๏ธ
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    Once you get a few decent scratches on a Costa lens, can the lens be replaced or just purchase set of glasses? Update.... I ended up biting the bulling and sending my Fisch back to Costa. I had emailed to ask about replacing the plastic lens with glass and got no response. Thought, WTH: I'll just send them back. Got online and filled out the service request. Printed the Return Auth and dropped in standard snail mail on 11/1. Was shocked that they arrived at Costa within a day or two from KY. Was more shocked that I didn't receive a call but did receive a note from Costa that the price of the repair was going to be more than the initial authorization of $89 for glass replacement. Didn't care. Got the glasses for a song and didn't mind spending the money. After all, it was user error and figured I needed to pay my stupid tax. Leaving for Venice, LA in the morning and didn't expect them to be back so didn't bother with getting overnight or next day. Just the cheap postage. Shocked that I got an email yesterday with a tracking number and showing expected delivery of Saturday. Snail Mail just dropped them off today (Thursday) and I'm planning on taking to Venice. Really like the glass. Just a tad noticeable that it is a little heavier than the plastic lens but I'm thinking it will be worth it. All that said, I think it was a good experience dealing with Costa. Have heard a lot of horror stories. Especially when folks think that their glasses should be covered under warranty. This wasn't a warranty issue. Smooth as silk transaction. May even be entirely new set of glasses with 580 Glass?
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    Must be the week of the LEDS. Did a little shopping this weekend and went a little overboard. Ordered 2 shadowcaster SCM 10 Red underwater lights, 3 24 inch red led strip lights for in the hatches, switched all the speaker leds to red, and 6 red led rock lights for the cockpit. Fixing to make this boat look like the Las Vegas strip! I get the boat back next week and then it will all go on and Ill post photos.
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    You need to double check the power source to the power pole. Mine acted weird like that and I found a problem with the source power connection. Fixed the connection and have had years of flawless operation. I have had it stick down when in deeper water when it is fully extended, did like the manual says, press up button and drive forward. Has worked every time.
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    I drove to Delaware from South FL for my 17MA in 2011, sold it a year ago, first boat that ever appreciated in value over the 8 years...ur gonna have to travel for the deals.
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    Winds started roaring at noon, and the fish were finicky, but we did okay. . . My daughter was fishing in my buddies boat and they smoked us this time.
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    3 years now the Banana has been filled with the dreaded brown algae. During the summer there were some areas of clearing (mostly south of CCBeach Golf course).. however in past 6 weeks brown is much reduced. Then the cold front hit dropping surface temps from 80's to low 60's a few days and the normal blue/green quickly died. To everyone's surprise visibility exceeded 3' in many areas. With the 'clean' water you can see the bottom and it's depressing. Moonscape. No grass anywhere. There are some larger area of the macro algae (I can't spell, something like Culipera) On a great note, the 'river' is loaded with small trout. Few Reds (we lost breeders during the major fish kill). Black drum and Sheepshead rolling thru. Really small Ladyfish blowing up the surface each morning. While mostly small, there seem more Snook than I've seen in years too. to just bend a rod (a really light rod) 1/16 to 1/8th jig heads with small paddle tails fished in deeper (4' plus) water will catch trout. Some of the smallest you will ever see. Still, for a river that was almost given up for dead, this is so encouraging. Due to family issues, I missed fishing my favorite time of the year (Sept/Oct) .. back out now. Tight lines.
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    You too Outlaw, guess we should all be grateful for all the sunrises and sunsets we get to see . . .
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    Happy Thanksgiving ! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ˜›
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    Understand your want for a four stroke. There are a lot of great two strokes out there like the 150 or 200 vmax hpdi 2.3 block, bullet proof so they say and I agree. Mine in 03 and never had a problem. 650 approx hrs. Just sayin for what you want to spend. Good luck in your search. ๐Ÿ˜€fin
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    Managed a pretty decent haul for a couple of hours before work this a.m. with the kids. Since the boat has been back, they have been lined up for turns. Nice problem to have! 6 trout, 5reds, 2 flounder. not bad for 4 hrs!
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    I miss the Bay grew up on it...
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    You take photographs with your TELEPHONE??!!๐Ÿ˜€ Seriously, the old photos seem to load just fine, e.g. Even shots of the old boat, which I miss dearly... I'm starting to think it is the SIZE of the files from the newer cameras. Dino, where are you?
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    Just ordered a set of the green plugs Thanks for the information.
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    2008 Pathfinder 2400 Tournament Edition (Black) 2010 Yamaha F250BTXR Outboard with fly-by-wire throttle 586 Total Hours Removable Leaning Post Backrest Optional Rear Seating 2009 Tall Windshield and Wrap-around Grab Rail Front Pedestal Seat and Socket Mount 3 Live wells with Lights 4 Gunwale Rod Holders Raw Water Wash Down Pump Bob's Jack Plate with 'Blinker' Control 8' Powerpole XL with Remote Control Minnkota Riptide 80 with Remote Control 2 Odyssey Extreme AGM 31 House/Cranking Batteries 2 DEKA 31 Deep Cycle Trolling Motor Batteries Dual Pro 3 Bank Battery Charger Garmin 4212 Chart Plotter with Network Bundle and 2 map cards GSD 22 Depth Sounder GDL30a XM Satellite Weather and Radio Clarion Waterproof Stereo with 4 new Kenwood speakers and Ipod Plug-in PS 1000 Standard Horizon VHF Radio and Digital Removable Antenna Igloo 94 qt. Marine Cooler under Leaning Post Custom Sunbrella Covers for Console, Leaning Post, Motor, and Powerpole Continental Dual Axle Trailer with SS upgrades and 2 disc brakes (newly refurbished) Located in Englewood, Florida always kept in an enclosed rack storage Lowered price to sell! $32,500 or best offer
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    Here is the link to the FIFR segment:
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    Unfortunately, I believe I was told that Ray retired last spring. He was a wealth of knowledge for us PF owners. A few questions Iโ€™ve had recently have been answered quickly and competently by other MBG product service employees.
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    You have my vote for recipe section. We just had pan seared grouper with bourbon hot pepper peach sauce over jasmine rice. Of course we added little extra bourbon in the pepper peach bourbon sauce . Hereโ€™s a picture of the sauce which was heated in a small sauce pan.
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    Man, thats a labor of love!! Ot will be worth it, looking forward to seeing the finished product!
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    Been away for a while working on mine and haven't kept up with yours Gus. I am super glad to see her back out on the water and congrats on a successful first trip. Enjoy !!!!!
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    Sounds like an awesome day Gus! Well deserved after being boat-less for so long. Lots of happy smiles in the pictures. Glad to see you "back at it"
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    Read your manuals guys! Last line of the Atlas manual clearly states: (below is a direct copy and paste) 6. Always trailer with the jackplate in the lowest โ€œdownโ€ position! Yamaha sells the My-wedge relabeled. I would say that is an endorsement.
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    Looks like you have a top notch first mate too!
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    Nice catch Capt. JJ my son & I did very well up here as well with a cold ne wind every day
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    T Another tip a little late. Take a large bucket coil the rob rail neatly. Fill with real hot water and it will be easy to work with.
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    Sounds like a bad snapshot in time, Dino.. The terrible shame is the pay scale for the State Law Enforcement agencies and the Park Service... Starting salary is around 18 bucks an hour. With the battery of psychological tests they must pass, incoming kids hired may have never even arm-wrestled anyone yet. They have to watch all the Officer-Down training films.. and you never know what kind of BOLO's they have heard about recent crimes.. Maybe "two older W/M's reportedly shooting gators & Crocs from a green boat".. Point is.. young Cops can get scared.. Glad it turned out OK. Sorry he rattled you. I get stopped on my boat a lot and I watch how the cops handle it. (and I act like an idiot if they don't throw out bumpers before they tie off on my hull) There is a significant, vocal eco-faction that wants to blame every problem in the Park on us.. And the Park Bosses demand the Rangers check, inspect, cite and try to catch the greedy fishermen dirty. They have to stop so many boats a day to show they are working. Of course the Rangers know better, but they have to meet expectations for their evaluation$. My advice is.. Act cool, give them what they want, and they will be gone sooner. They are just doing their jobs.. Woodsie
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    Yes they do. Just ordered one today thru Amazon. Cost is $54.45. Filter with clear bowl. Number on filter is S3213. Additional info, Model year, B32013 ASIN B000N9L13s. States it will fit Yamaha. Changing to this, been using the big blue Yamaha.
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    The resale value of my sweet little 16RF just went up!!๐Ÿ˜€ Brian
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    A little sneak peek of what I did last weekend ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
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    That's great to hear. I've been here in NC for 4 years now and have caught a ton of reds in the marsh, but not ONCE have I found them on a flood tide! I haven't even seen 'em!
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    We have been running FMT on a Simrad Evo2 for the last few months. All I can say is wow! The charts are simply amazing and the tracks are dead on. You can get a 4 yr old to navigate from Islamorada to Flamingo. The chip and the customer service is second to none. Garmin, Navionics, etc. have nothing close to this kind of detail. Even the soundings 20 miles off shore are accurate. Simply an awesome product.
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