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    I haven't been on lately as I have been swamped with work. The kids are getting older and the wife like to fish more, so I needed something a little more comfty but I did not want a big dedicated off shore boat, been there done that. I went with a New 2600 TRS, which is my 6th consecutive Pathfinder. Yup, I love my Pathfinders! Since she is too big for my Choko and Flamingo trips, me and a life long friend went in together and picked up a New 18' Maverick HPX, so now all my needs are met.
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    18 Master Angler i have one with your name on it Chief. PM for details
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    I thought this was kind of interesting. The Ford is steered digitally, but it does have a steering wheel as a backup. It looks like they just went down to the local West Marine for the SS steering wheel blue light special. Not even an Edson Carbon Elite for $1400! At a cost of $12.9 billion to build, I guess they had to save some pennies somewhere. LOL Edit: I wonder if they used Seastar hydraulic steering?
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    Look who’s back to “lower” house down and get their beams out. Seems like it’s been forever for mason to do his thing but as you can see, it was pretty complex job building the foundation and leaving the spaces for the beams that are under there. Hopefully they will get their stuff out today, mason can fill the holes and pour our slab. As soon as the steel is out, decks are going on for access and can start reframing back room and working on inside.
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    Making progress on the new facility, gives you a good idea how large the building (Phase 1) will be. Skip
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    Went to Flamingo and camped out Saturday (despite Gvt shutdown) Everyone seemed to be doing the “winter fishing after few days of west wind “, with knocker rigs or jigs on the bottom with shrimp, in canals, creeks and Lake Ingraham. No mosquitoes, cool weather, plenty of action with black drum, trout, sheepshead, snapper and a thousand catfish
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    2016 2400 TRS Pathfinder with Hardtop, Deluxe Seat/console, with Yamaha 300 HP 4 Blade SS Yamaha Prop. Built in Quad Charger, Garmin 7612 XSV, Marine Audio MA 300 with 4 speakers. Has both Saltwater and fresh water wash downs, Atlas hydraulic jack plate, Integrated swim platform, and Power Pole. Amera-Trail Dual Axle Trailer with SS Hardware. Engine has 114hrs, just had the 100 hour service. Engine has over 4 years warranty left. Boat is stored in my Barn. Boat is immaculate and well taken care of. It is ready to go! call or text Chris 251-379-6024. Boat is located in Loxley AL. Asking $72,500 obo.
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    A few days back I ask for fly recommendations for black drum since I was planning a trip to Titusville with my favorite guide Capt. Travis Tanner up that way. Since I didn’t get a response I tied up a couple to try. Black zonker with purple EP Brush for the collar with bead chain eyes, a little flash. Looks like the big uglies liked them, at least five did. All about the same size, cookie cutter around 15 pounds and pull like a plow horse. Used the 9 wt. initially, but believe it or not broke the rod on number 4. Switched to my 10 wt. which made it easier on the fish for a faster landing, and quite honestly easier on me. dh
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    I can not help with an antenna. Besides a little of the Super Bowl I can not recall the last time I turned it on. My entertainment is simple and cheap and there is never a rerun! We made a simple "bird feeder" from scrap around the house and place it where it is a challenge for the squirrels to get to it. Change it up from time to time to keep them on there toes. Just sit back and watch the tree rats run your obstacle course. It may sound silly but it is entertainment. A cold beverage is optional
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    I just spoke with him a few weeks ago.... He's finally retired for good and enjoying his grandkids.... No more guiding..but, he's picked up a nasty $$$ habit of competitive skeet shooting....as is Ken Doss - he only bought the best rifles from Germany and Italy (LOL). He still has a white PF22 he picked up about 5 years ago, but, fishes only when the kids or family wants to head out..... He doing great and plans on doing some European travelling at some point..... I too miss his posts....as he was a mentor and friend. DC
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    Two person limit including one dinosaur (and a 2.5 lb. grunt for good measure). Super thick sea fog early then slicked out conditions the rest of the morning. Fish fry weekend here we come!
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    Holy $hit!! Is that the new Pathfinder 927 Foot 450RS Deep Vee Hull, Offshore model that I've been hearing rumors about??!! No wonder they are building a new, larger factory!
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    When I did mine I used the existing seat (with upholstery removed) as a template and clamped the starboard to it and used a router to trim. Like they say easy peasy.
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    I don't want to put any ideas in your head....but, Nag Juice has a very nice one of a kind blue 18' MA in North Carolina that is in amazing condition. For some reason people don't want to drive far to get a decent boat....but, if I were looking for a 18 MA....Nag Juice would not have the blue boat, because she would be sitting at my dock. JJ
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    Columbo hot line info just in . Not sure if this has anything to do with the above statement but there is a rumor that two out of town men one from SC and one from Florida are sitting outside a large building on Chastain Rd. Kennesaw Ga. One of the out of towners has a bunch of shovels and buckets and the second man has several ladders . May not have anything to do with a prop heist but Columbo has his eye on them .
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    With this crazy weather and wind Gary and I headed to Delray this morning to target some Peacock Bass on fly and live bait hoping to find some shelters water with Capt. Kevin. Not much success with the wind blowing around 20.A little tough with the long rod but did manage to land a few. Using live shad we tore them up. Some pushing five pounds. Also a couple of large mouths. Home by 2 P.M. Few pics attached. dh
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    a battery that blows up in your face is catastrophic, a dead battery is a nuisance
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    The boat is done... thanks Inshore Marine for all of your effort (I still have that little thing to fix?) I thought that I'd show you the SeaDek install, they did a great job!!! Sorry but I don't know why the pics posted this way, to big perhaps?
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    Replaced all four live well pumps, replumed, and cleaned up the wire harness.
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    Old school is......old school! Stealth AC/DC charger makes it so that you can do away with remembering to charge batteries when you get home. This system charges my batteries every time I run the big motor throughout my fishing day so they never run low. A 20-30 minute ride back to the ramp and all 3 of my batteries are fully charged. Batteries that are run low then charged time after time do not last as long as batteries that never run low and are constantly charging. Just something to consider in the future!
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    For what it is worth (free advice, maybe nothing! LOL), I think I would SERIOUSLY consider taking the boat to someone who has worked on this specific brand and model, and I mean someone who has worked on a bunch of them. And I mean for this specific TYPE of repair. Yes, NC builds a lot of boats, and has a lot of fiberglass repair shops. But very few, if any, virtually specialize in Mavericks. I towed my boat all the way to Stuart, FL to a specific shop specifically referred by MBG for specific repairs. It was worth every mile, and then some. I think you would find it the same case with Bob at Inshore Marine if you decide to repair!!!!!!!!! If you are going to do it, why not do it right the first time!
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    I'll hit these questions one at a time: 1) Cap coming off - I was originally going down this path as well, the thought being, "If you are going to do major surgery, go big." However, every fiberglass guy I've talked to have strongly discouraged doing so, with several indicating that it can actually cause more stress cracks and more damage than it will fix. Since the tank and wiring are in good shape and the damage is concentrated in one area, it doesn't make sense in this case. 2) The other side - I did get pictures of the other side and there is absolutely no evidence of any issue on that side externally or internally. I spoke with a well respected repair shop last night and he confirmed that this was caused by a manufacturing defect, so it being concentrated in one area isn't unusual. It's not a design flaw, but an issue that occurred in manufacturing that happened with that particular stringer. I will be taking a closer look at the other side to be sure, but so far, there is no evidence of an issue. 3) The fix - Steve, I don't know yet what the fix will be, because it depends so much on the cause and extent of the damage. The consistent theme from those who've looked at it is that the fix will be done through the livewell, re-attaching the stringer and reinforcing the entire area. However, everyone has said at some point or another, that the fix will be determined after the full extent of the damage has been assessed. 4) Fixing vs. selling as is - Until I get a hard quote, I can't really make this decision. I like the boat, intend to use it for a long time, and it fits my fishing needs. If it's a break even between fixing or selling/replacing with something newer, I'll probably just fix it - the devil you know vs. the devil you don't, right? We'll see, stay tuned. Once I transition from "research" mode to "fix" mode, I'll start a new thread. Hopefully this thread is helpful or at least entertaining for everyone.
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    I removed the poling platform from my 1900 today. I just couldn't handle it being on there anymore. NOW it's a slick , clean lined fishing machine!! Platform is for sale
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    We put in this morning and ran to Cumberland to try to pitch artys to trout. The trout didn’t cooperate but we caught 3 limits of reds pretty quick. Only had 1 keeper trout due to the water being a tad dirty. I say 62 deg water most of day with 65 up in creeks and rivers. Awesome first day back since my little fella was born in Oct
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    Another good couple of days. Spring has Sprung. Yesterday and again today.
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    Just got off the phone with the marine shop that maintains the Hewes I'm driving over to look at in Stuart FL. All positive results, come on Friday...can't wait to test it on the water. 04 Hewes with 115 Yamaha less than 300 hours. In the Navy, we called this "Channel Fever"!
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    Have not been fishing da skiff for a while...but, have had a few hours on the weekend to be pimp'n her for the next Dino and DonH Choko adventure (hopefully next week).... Anywayz, the skiff is 22 years old - MA17 and she was kept in a garage for her life....I've been working the gelcoat and deck on a regular basis.... Here's an example of my weekend handy work of some WoodyWax on the deck...notice how the water beads and nothing sticks and you won't slip when applied according to the bottle... Clean deck - must be immaculate...I prep mine by using Dawn and bleach Afterwards - with deck slightly wet - apply the Woody - I use a Blue Shurhold brush I only use for Woody applications...super soft Couple of squirts here and there and then brush on.... Let it dry...then hit it with the hose to wash off the residual. Then a couple of towels to wipe it down and you are done...here it is after the towel drying and then I hit with some water...i use it on the console and side gunnels and it really helps with cleaning... For Maintenace, I use the Woody Wax boat soap or Orphine with Wax with a couple of glugs of bleach if I have any blood....any rust or anything I spot clean with Bar Keeper's friend. Don't use DAWN again, unless you want to re-do the entire process....I usually hit the deck every time I wash it, but, with less and less Woody unless it was a complete mess from a hard day of fishing where we had used the cast net with lots of gunk and mud.
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    There is a fuse box on the engine. Check the main fuse with a continuity tester.
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    Once I look at it, most probably the 04. Sweet boat with impeccable documentation. Test driving it Friday.
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    I finished my “soon to be purchased” boat pad! Going this Friday to look at “the one”!
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    You're too kind, Dino. I've learned a lot the hard way in the ENP & I've had many good teachers along the way. Definitely cannot take much credit for doing anything great other than listening & remembering. Running aground. Getting stuck while poling on an outgoing tide. Being forced to spend the night on my boat. Those are the things I will never forget! And there's more to come, I'm sure. The legendary Captain that I work for has told me this many times......."if you haven't hit something, gotten lost or run aground then you haven't gone very far." I've done all 3!!!
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    Hmmm. He calls it a Hewes, doesn't say the year of the hull or motor, weird seat attached to poling platform. Other than that it looks pretty clean and and if its a 99 or newer i'd say its a heck of a deal if all checks out.
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    I bet the upkeep is so much fun....
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    I use nothing but mono. All my reels are spooled with 8 lb or 10 lb mono. Leader is always 15 lb or 20 lb flouro. Never had a problem with cutting mono or flouro. My cutting tool is my teeth. Real cheap, real quick, always handy, and I never lose them overboard!
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    Lots of shady deals in Miami.....you never know who you are dealing with in many cases or where the vessel has been.....just seems like more often than not...deals are not what they seem in the big city..... born and raised in Miami..... dc
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    Arrived at southern edge of No Motor Zone at 12:15..set the new TM on anchor lock, every other boat had anchors out. When the Falcon launched at 4:15 we were still in the same place and had only used 1/4 of battery juice. My guests were so impressed they took photos of my TM. LOL My boating buddy said to me “that’s well worth $1700”. I’m seriously impressed with the new MK Living on the Space Coast, watching a rocket launch and amazing to see two boosters come in and land. Wow!
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    looks like a road trip in the making!!
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    If you want it, I can meet you halfway or we can work something out.
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    LOL Linesider! You must go through a lot of toothpicks - with all the bugs gettin' caught in your teeth!
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    I made one. Not hard used a torch to heat and bend the acrylic.
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    Got free for about an hour and a half so I buffed the blue gelcoat on my hull. Aqua blue compound is the bomb. Boat looks new again. I’m going to wax tomorrow afternoon and start on inside.
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    Maybe they'll enough room to start making the Master Angler line again!!!
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    I think he was talking about this one - on a previous boat. Great prop test video! Hope Linesider doesn't mind me posting it!
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    better check the stringers, if they are cutting corners on the wheel, sure would stink to find cracks in the hull!
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    Brad, I forgot to mention I just got my gauges back from Gaugesaver last week. That guy does incredible work and he's fast. Here is a before and after picture he sent me. Note that in the top picture the gauges ARE powered up. The LCD screens were so dim that you could only see them in the brightest sunlight. He did inform me that there were some very deep pits on the plastic screens that he wouldn't be able to completely polish out, but for $100, this was well worth it!