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    Tomorrow marks three years that my Stefi has passed. Again I want to thank you all for the prayers and support you gave me in so many ways. You all made me get through this easier. The adjustment has been so very hard on a daily basis and doing the best I can. This Forum has done so much for me. sincere regards to all Fin ๐Ÿ™
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    WhichWayโ€ฆ. Yes I had two of the cross braces between the stringers cracked also, but no hull breach's, the pictures were in the first batch. The new tank got finished ahead of time, I picked it a week ago, I coated the outside after cleaning and sanding it a little with the remaining quart of the POR15 gas tank sealer I had leftover from the patch attempt. Fitted my new Bosch fuel sending unit into it's new home and wiggled the tank back into the hull. Instead of foaming it in like the factory I used polyurethane caulk to stick 3/16" BUNA N gasket material to the cross braces that the tank sits on and screwed it down on the end tabs. I had reinforced the area where the screws go with more glass & resin. Then I cut some 1" thick Delrin (think thick nylon) and adhered more Buna N to one face and shoved them into the gap between the stringers and the tank, no way for it to slide side to side now. Everything that the tank touches is now faced with the Buna N to cushion it and it will not absorb salt water! Then after connecting all the fuel hoses and sending unit I began epoxy bonding tabs all around the opening to support the deck plug I cut out. The tabs at both ends where you step down into the cockpit from the front or back casting decks were made out of 3/8" G10 epoxy board, extremely tough stuff....very strong. I figured those areas would have to take a lot of pounding from stepping down all the time. All the remaining tabs I built out of hard foam board wrapped with glass cloth and resin, after bonding to the underside of the deck I could put my full weight on any of them and they did not budge. I then installed the cutout, there was a 1/8" gap all the way around from the saw blade used to cut the deck, I purchased an injector from Walmart meant for juicing up a turkey and filled it with epoxy resin mixed with Cabosil to thicken it. The included needle on the syringe fit the gap perfect and I squirted the gap full all the way around filling it up. After that set up I commenced the fun part....grinding a 4" wide concave strip all the way around the plug centered on the gap....2" to either side and almost all the way thru the old glass to the honey comb deck core...but not all the way thru. The concave area was layed up with three layers of glass cloth, 1" wide, a 2" wide and last a 3" wide strip, wetted out and rolled out. Tomorrow I will sand that all flat and gelcoat the entire cockpit to seal the new glass work. Next week I have two sheets of SeaDek coming and I will cover the entire cockpit with it then install the console and reconnect all the wires, cables, hoses to get me back in the water! Whew!!!! She Fits! Glass work next to the rear deck Front deck step down area fitting it up, ready to fill the gap Wide Shot! Deck core close up A thing of Beauty! Tabs, light green are G10, others were home made
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    ... and if you buy the 21 youโ€™ll be invited to semi-annual secret cult meetings where Redfishers are burned to the ground as sacrificial offerings to Scott Deal in hope that he will green-light the all new 26 Master Angler.
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    Seadeck and other upgrades very soon... More pics to come...๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    In 52 years I can honestly say, never a bad day between us or a harsh word. I kid you not.
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    Snuck out this morning for some fishing 2 of my brothers. Caught small redfish, some small snook, a flounder, couple jewfish, trout. Pretty much everything except a tarpon. Saw a few of those. Had to dodge some storms. Brother Kevin released this nice one that taped out at 38 first thing this morning. Last week we went he released a 37-1/2 and a 32. Today a 38. He's had a good July.๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Donh glad to see your still crushin it... good on ya! Kinda forgot about this thread.... the 20 pathy still getting it done, highlights from last 2 weeks
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    The new HPS has hatched!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    Here's a quick video of the boat's hole shot. You can hear me gradually pushing the throttle, and I still had some left.
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    Found em again . ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโ˜ ๏ธ
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    Well...it's all done....& turned out pretty good if I do say so. I kinda surprised myself on this, the over all plan worked out just as I had hoped, and putting in the SeaDek was a good thing even though I really did not need it to hide my glass work. It was a lot of work, good thing I retired last year or I would have had to pay someone to do this. I learned these skills starting out of high school helping my room mate refurbishing & painting old trucks and cars to flip. He had been doing it for a few years before I met him, and I also started buying old boats and fixing them up, learning the fiber glassing trade doing that. So my back ground really paid off this time. So other than itching for three weeks this was a pretty good adventure. I also to this time to fix up some nicks and dings along with old screw holes with gelcoat & cutting in some new cup holders. Here are the last of the photos, enjoy!
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    2018 2300 HPS 250 SHO with 110 hours (100 hour service just completed) Kingston grey hull with matching two tone console Black pwder coat pkg 2 Black 8' Blade power poles 36v Ulterra 12" Simrad with 1 in hull transducer and 2 others in stern 2 JL 8.8 speakers and 400W amp Stealth Charging unit Back seat and cushion Custom cover Custom Bimini All 4 Gel batteries located in console with covers. $72,000 title in hand, located in Jacksonville 941-586-9373
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    Well, my fishing buddy met me at the landing at 6:30 AM ready to go....we were going to fish the last of incoming tide, throwing some top water lures and then switching to screwtails. At 6:55 on the first drop, the rain started..... we had caught one trout at that time....put on rain gear and continued....then the wind came....with more rain....finally around high tide the rain stopped. We had caught three trout ( two of those were short ) and one keeper Redfish. After several more drops , we managed two keeper trout and two keeper Redfish before the next heavy rains came... we decided to head in, dry off and have lunch....when we got to the landing....our two trucks were the only two trucks at the landing. You can draw your on conclusion....but, ours was....โ€ we worked all week...and wanted to go fishing โ€œ. JJ here is a pic of our efforts.... one 14โ€ trout, one 16โ€ trout and two keeper Redfish.... fish tacos for dinner.
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    I am listing my Hewes Redfisher 18 for sale, as much as I hate to part with her, I have to get a larger bay boat for the family. Here are the specifications: Beam: 7 ft 11 in Deadrise: 13 deg Draft*: 10 in Fuel capacity: 31 gal LOA: 18 ft 10 in Maximum capacities: 4 persons or 550 lbs Maximum HP: 150 hp Weight (approx. w/ engine): 1,900 lbs (w/115) Boat is equipped with Yamaha SHO 115 (150 hours) Hull color: Whisper gray Boat has new Motor Guide Xi5 trolling motor Garmin 741XS GPSmap 8' Blade PP Recently installed Noco Genius charger JL Marine speakers and Fusion face Ameratrail Trailer, swing away tongue. New roller and tires. After market wheels are only 1.5 years old. This is a link to my exact boat doing a walk through: https://youtu.be/m63M6YRXLhE Not desperate to sell her by any means, Blue book comes in at 46k, I am asking 39k firm. Title in hand! Don't buy brand new, save yourself 10-12k and buy this boat, you will be happy you did.
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    First item on Honey Do list should be drop off boat at wiring guru. Item number 2 - Do your Honey Do list while boat being fixed. Item number 3 -- Pick up "ready to use" boat soon as complete Item number 4 - Show off to DonH the new wiring and claim you did it yourself. Item number 5 - Get back on the water. ๐Ÿ˜
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    Picked up a 2018 from the forums on here. I have had it for a few months. Thought I would post a few pics.
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    That looks great! I like the design of the new cowling on that engine. You've got a very clean looking rig.
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    After fighting with a 14 year old Yamaha for a year jumped off in the deep end.
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    So the title is the basics of the outcome, but hopefully the back story will help someone avoid my sad situation. Last week I had to make a hurried trip to Panama City Beach to meet with my builder on some punch list issues. In the rush to get my Redfisher parked back behind the locked fence I didnt put the cover on. I got home last evening and pulled it out this morning for a quick cleanup and hell's bells, there are brown stains all over the deck where the immature pecans (pronounced pi-cahn) fell from the trees I parked under. Dumb move #1. I went inside and explained to my wife how badly I had screwed up and complained about how much work I now faced. At that point the lovely and talented Becky said accusingly, "I've told you a hundred times not to park under that pecan tree ( pronounced peecan). Now, I had no choice other than to explain to her that there was no such thing as a Pecan tree. I pointed out that a "pee can" was something my great grandmother kept under her bed. Dumb move #2 So boys, dont park under a pecan tree without a cover and dont correct your wife's pronunciation of various flora (or fauna for that matter). The good thing is I make a pretty good PB&J samwich!
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    Very nice indeed! Outlaw has a jig for this too and was making very (almost identical) similar one for me for less than that. So anyone looking, definitely give one of our guys a shot
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    Great time with the family. Snook fishing picked up by the end of the week. Canโ€™t wait til next year
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    Finished updating my DC charging system. I know many on here have the stealth DCcharging system but I have used the yandina trollbridge system since 2004 on several boats. They have an unconditional warranty and have replaced 2 over the years no questions asked. The new trollbridge 36 will charge 3 trolling motor batteries once the cranking battery has reached full charge, however it has a remote that allows you to switch from 36 volt series to 12 volt parallel depending upon your needs. I have used it with remote for most of the summer but I found out it can also be hardwired to go from series to parallel. So this weekend I put in a 3 way switch. Up is 12 volt parallel down is 36 volt series middle is auto. I also placed 2 LEDs green and red so I know which voltage it is in.
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    Wheel wrap and handle... Started today but got rained out....
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    Made my neck hurt!! Looks like a great time with the little ones !
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    For those wondering, my fiberglass guy has been pulled away for a few weeks on another project, so I'm going to have to wait a bit to get to the next round of work. This SHOULD be the final push, just have to wait to get there.
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    Gents, After more than 14 years as a very happy owner of a Pathfinder, the time has come for me to leave your ranks, and move on to a new adventure.... blue water sailing. After much hesitation and some long discussions with my better half, we've agreed that two boats doesn't really make sense for us. So she's for sale here (the boat, not my wife), and on a few other sites. I can honestly say that our family trips on the Pathfinders were some of the best times we've had with the kids, family friends, and just with each other. Those early mornings when I would be on the water by myself before daylight, stalking reds at low tide were just incredible memories that I will treasure always. My heartfelt thanks to all of you here on the forum for all of your advice, helpful ideas, and friendship over the years. I will miss you all. So, if you're ever offshore, or in the ICW, and see a 35' Beneteau named "Delpinus", stop by and say hi. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Best of luck to all of you, Dan
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    Now that's how you list a boat for sale. Great ad, beautiful boat and definitely a fair price. GLWS!
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    Yes, my wife tells me that the boat gets waxed far more often than she does.๐Ÿ˜‹
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    Ron... The cleanliness of your boats is disturbing.
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    Little slime action sunday morning. Nothing to speak of today for sure
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    looks better with the blown fuse corrected
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    I had a Rolls under my 18 RF. Best trailer I have ever owned. Their lifetime spring system is second to none. Mine also floated if I backed in a little too deep. All in all best trailer I've seen or owned. Ameritrail may look a little "fancier" but you over pay for that "fancy" and their axles rot out like all the others.
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    First off narrow down what you are taking. If you are not regularly using it keep it at home. I organize all my tackle into those plastic boxes as well. Then I selesct 3-4 to put in a tackle bag for each trip. This usually breaks down to... 1 box terminal tackle, hooks, weights jig heads 1 box floats, popping corks etc 1 box soft plastics 1 box plugs all these go into a tackle bag with leader material and any tools then fits in one hatch. i have spent awhile narrowing down what I fish with and feel confident with. now when it comes to artificial almost all I throw is popping corks or paddle tails. This cuts down on tackle in the boat a lot.
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    Bought a Generac last year rated at 1000 continuous volts and wired the house to run on that power source. Now that I've spent the money and done that we won't have anymore hurricanes along the Florida east coast. You must sacrifice to the "god of storms and chaos".
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    Morning run to fishing hole. Had to snap this one.
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    Wow, you need new cables right now. It's a wonder they are still working. If the throttle cable fails at full throttle, then what? If the shifter cable fails while trying to dock or load your boat on the trailer, then what? If you are not versed in changing the cables, take it to the shop soon. My friend had several people on a pontoon boat and tried to dock at a restaurant on the water. The shift cable failed when he was trying to enter the slip. He tried to slow the boat by putting the shifter in reverse, but the motor was stuck in forward. He pulled back on the shifter thinking he was not in reverse, which gave the motor more throttle. In result, several thousand $ in damage to the boat and dock.
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    Well I picked up a 17 foot Roughneck with a 60 HP Johnson with 82 hours on it. I bass fished on this boat since new, my brother in law built the motor (powerhead only, everything else had zero hours) and rigged it, my buddy got lazy and decided he didn't want it no more. I asked, how much, he said for me $2,500 and I said sold! One problem, side console! It was so snug and I am no longer skinny it was uncomfortable. At 250 pounds in a side console, it wasn't happening and NO, trim tabs would not have helped. Oh, another problem, cable steering, let go of the wheel the the motor would torque to the right and you were in trouble. So I had a vision of a center console, to my standards and sizing, drew it up and sent it to who else, The Outlaw! AIM Welding came back with a price that was extremely reasonable and we proceeded with the build. What I got was nothing short of perfection! Made to my measurements and more. They called me with questions just to clarify a few things, even improved on my design, why, because they are fishermen. I had a 3" x 3" cut out in my shelf, they decided it should have a lip on it so stuff would not fall down the opening, smart! So then I put in all the wire chases in the floor, reinstall the foam and realized I have not thought about the floor? I called, you guessed it, The Outlaw and asked if he could help me out with this odd size of flooring in 6061 aluminum at an 1/8" thick? I think you all know what the answer was! Jump in the truck, drive 50 minutes north and show up at Aim Welding and after the lady from the office and I were searching for him we almost gave up and decided he left to go fishing! Then we found him and he said he hadn't cut the sheet yet so what does he do, calls Scott, I believe the owner, and chops up a 49-1/2" x 79-1/8" piece of aluminum right then in there. They load it up and I am on my way. So we are now at the point of the heavy work being done and the rigging begins! Thanks to to Ralph and the guy's and Gal's (the office lady is a trip, and truly the buck stops with her) they did everything based off of my drawings and measurements and nailed it! Now the rigging begins and I will post the completed photos when done.
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    I think sealant would be fine but 4200 never hurt anything.
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    Stopped in Orlando to let the girls get their shopping fix. After the horror stories of stolen boats etc, I figured Iโ€™d try to outsmart the crooks
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    Sebastain Inlet. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโ˜ ๏ธ
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    2016 Pathfinder 22' Tournament Yamaha 250 SHO w/ jack plate 274 hours Ameritrail tandem axle trailer w/ aluminum wheel and a spare 36 volt motor guide XI5 trolling motor power pole Garmin 7612xsv Fusion XM radio Icom VHF Factory installed T-Top w/ 3 piece enclosure 4 batteries On board charger Salt Water washdown 2 Engel coolers $63,500 Call 912-550-3409 Johnny
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    They look similar, but are different bottoms. MM
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    Finchaser, long time no see. Nice fish.
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    The problem with blue collar jobs is longevity in your work. Youโ€™ll get to the age probably in your late 40โ€™s where you hurt and ache a lot while doing your job and then youโ€™ll be replaced by someone younger and cheaper. I know lots of mechanics with busted up hands and bad knees. Go to college and work smart and not hard.
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