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  2. Drummer

    2400 TRS Lowrance total scan transducer location?

    Have cleaning supplies, will travel! Thanks so much for your input. It was Spot-On.
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  4. jason p

    2500 wash down trouble!

    Make sure its getting power then call Pentair. When I was trouble shooting my fish box pump, they’re pretty helpful. Their warranty is 1 year so definitely give them a shout before then.
  5. drtyTshrt

    Atlas jack plate wire harness

    The issue was the spade connection to the switch. There is no signs of corrosion anywhere but jiggling the wire gave me intermittent power. Time to solider wire to switch.
  6. Nail-em

    2007 2000v Console

    After cutting and light sanding the edges you can take a heat gun and go over the edges to make them smooth as glass. I would do a little practice on the cutoff piece first and start with low heat, also leave the protective film on the acrylic the entire time you are working with it. Andy
  7. bsh102

    25 Hybrid 300 yami prop

    Slap a Merc 450R on It and you won’t be able to stop smiling, if speed is your thing. You want a fast PF hang a black motor on it with a black prop or have Nizpro make your Yamaha come alive.
  8. Well Driller

    2300 HPS

    Thanks I’m looking forward to it!
  9. Sunstone

    2300 HPS

    Enjoy it, love my 23.
  10. Well Driller

    2300 HPS

    New to me 2300 hps
  11. Hutch03

    Replacing cooler tie-downs

    Cmorales on my 2005 2200 v had the same problem. There were some threads on this forum about replacement parts but pretty obscure. I ordered tie downs for my front console Engle cooler From Engle and installed them between the existing round inserts. Like yeti ones. Works well.
  12. smilemaker

    2007 2000v Console

    A router works well. You can buy router bits made to cut acrylic and other plastics. If you make a pattern out of plywood the you can use a router bit made with a bearing to follow the pattern. For cutting out the inside for the display the pattern they provide tells you the size of the hole saw to get the proper radius.

    Rum review... Papas PILAR

    Ain’t rum But it’s good ! 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
  14. AntonRx

    2007 2000v Console

    Nice man! I think I'm ok on making the straight cuts. Where my issue is, would be making a slight radius/inside corner to follow the contour of the console. Anyone use a router bit? If so, what type?
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  16. JC_UF_ITK

    2017 Pathfinder 2300HPS

    One more drop. $61,000.
  17. smilemaker

    2007 2000v Console

    It is not hard to cut acrylic. It should have contact paper on each side. A table saw makes it easier but a good circular will work. If using a jig saw use a fine tooth blade. Go slow and support the acrylic at all times. If the cut off piece dangles down it may cause it to crack. When drilling holes always use a pilot hole and step up diameter in incriments Here is pictures of my helm that I am working on. Still a little to do but it is fishable.
  18. smilemaker

    2007 2000V MAIN LIVE WELL

    Many manufacturers run the same harness for wiring and the same console for ease of installation and finances. The expense is in the accessories themselves.
  19. Just purchased a 2500, really loving the boat! The boat is around 4 months old and I was fishing this weekend when the raw water quit working. Just wondering if it’s a common problem with the pentair units or if it’s just a fluke. The boat has been perfectly maintained and stored inside a warehouse. The pump shows signs of blistering paint and no longer works. It’s almost like it looses prime but I know it is getting water, could it be a pressure switch issue?
  20. pbspecial

    2300 HPS dry racked

    You will love the 2300. Its an awesome rig! Had mine for five years and never had any issues. It's like driving a performance car to go fishing in.
  21. Well Driller

    2500 Hybrid Carbon Logos...

    Nice looking boat!! I am very impressed!
  22. peterwrightjr

    Fall Fish’n Heating Up

    Good catch of fish guys!
  23. hurricane

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    You're almost there....
  24. Reel Special 3

    Boat mechanic

    Chuck at Ft. Myers Marine 239 334 7871.
  25. AntonRx

    2007 2000v Console

    I am in the process of getting a new Fusion unit for audio and 9" touchscreen Garmin. I have seen how people use an acrylic panel /starboard to put over the old existing console face. I would like to do this with black acrylic. I've found places online that will custom cut panels but only in square shapes. As you all know, our console tapers in slightly towards the top where the windshield recess is at. I'd like to follow that line. Is there anyone that has done this or knows where to get it done online?
  26. Well Driller

    2300 HPS dry racked

    Thank you very much! I guess I am overthinking the dry slip. They are a bit resistant to changing the slip. I do feel better knowing there are others out there with no issues on the dry rack. Much Appreciated!
  27. AntonRx

    2007 2000V MAIN LIVE WELL

    So, there's no screen or additional pump. Why would I have a switch from the factory that's labeled for recirculation then? Was this common?
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