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  2. 2003 16’ Redfisher repower

    Engine looks great on your boat! You are going to love it. I am up to 70 hours on mine and couldn't be happier with it. I am also glad to see that I am not the only one who polishes a trailer
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  4. Hi Dave, I just sent you a PM. I'll take the winch if it is still available. I can pick it up later this week. Thanks
  5. Minn Kota riptide 12 volt

    Sounds good.
  6. Crab Experimenting Again

    I’ve had this idea in my head for a few weeks and finally got a chance to bring it to life thanks to salvaging through the kids art supplies lol
  7. I held off on buying the FMT for a long time because I couldn't see what my area looked like. I was expecting more tracks for the 10k islands, but I've got plenty as is. I find myself in the black tracks constantly LOL
  8. 2003 16’ Redfisher repower

    The "Like" was for the good lookin new motor on your boat. Sorry about the prop hub problem.
  9. Minn Kota riptide 12 volt

    I’ll try to give you a call tomorrow.
  10. 2002 Mirage Restore

    I had a 90 hp 2 stroke forever and now have an f70 on mine and really am amazed at the performance and mileage. I fly fish mostly so the boat is generally lighter than most I think but even camping trips with waaaay too much gear it planes easily and runs great.
  11. 2003 16’ Redfisher repower

    Sure looks purdy sittin back there . Drove out to Alligator Alley to do some test hits and found out the hub on my prop was slipping . 😭
  12. Yesterday
  13. I'm just south of Miami. If he's interested, have him call 786-242-3677. Ask for Frank.
  14. Camping in Choko

    Now that is an awesome idea Outlaw. I must have missed any earlier information you posted about your "mother ship", please keep us updated, following this with interest. Thanks, Tom
  15. What did you do to your boat today?

    Looks like a convenient setup I would advise on keeping the top cut off when the motor is running. With water going into the pump at lower unit there is a small chance of water back flowing into the water system. It is a pure technical possibility and I would not worry but in today's world of PC someone will make a big deal of nothing
  16. Used, but in very good condition. New price was about $135. This winch came off of my custom Ramlin Trailer and is less than 3 years old. Rust-resistant, cast aluminum frame, fully enclosed winch with adjustable handle length and configuration, an easy-to-use pawl-engaging lever and a dual-gear drum. Strap included. Features: Completely enclosed design is durable and stylish Cast aluminum frame provides corrosion resistance Aluminum, soft-grip handle offers ultimate adjustability Switch from right- to left-hand drive configuration Adjust the handle length to 6" or 7" to balance torque, speed and clearance Quick and easy installation with Fulton's Easy Install System Fits industry-standard mounting pattern Includes necessary hardware Easy-to-use lever engages and disengages pawl Dual-gear drum and solid drive gear allow for smooth, reliable operation Handle can be turned in reverse to slowly let out strap instead of freespooling Freespooling option available Rear strap guide helps to prevent strap from making contact with gears Strap with hook included Specs: Handle length: 6" or 7" Gear ratio: 4.1:1 Hub diameter: 0.65" Drum storage: 20' long x 2" wide strap For use with strap only Weight capacity: 1,600 lbs Limited lifetime warranty I am located in South Florida. Given the weight, local pick up only unless you pay the shipping.
  17. Ride Quality Comparison: Hewes vs. Maverick

    I have owned and rode in a 2003 RF for years and a 2010 18 HPX the HPX has a little better and a lot dryer ride than the 16 RF had . The deflection spray rails mounted from the factory under the rub rail really does a good job deflecting the spray . The 16 RF was more stable when fishing with people that you didn’t normally have in your boat . The 16 RF drafted a little more water , it is way wider than the 18 HPX which made it feel more stable until you get accustomed to the more narrow HPX design . The Ma 17 will draft a lot more than the HPX 18 and a little more than the 16 RF . The Ma 17 will have a better ride than both and be more stable while fishing than both . The 17 Ma is not a speed demon but is the best riding 17 foot boat that I have ever been in . Three very different boat hull designs all do things that they are designed to do great . The 18 HPX is like driving a sports car , the 16 RF is like a mid size family car ride and the 17 Ma is like a turnpike cruiser like a full size tow car ride . Three great boats that perform and ride very different.
  18. 2019 HPX 18V jackplate

    Seems to be the general opinion of those in the know, thanks.
  19. This Pathfinder will take your manhood away😂

    Nope Ive still got mine LOL
  20. 2019 HPX 18V jackplate

    Not needed. I had an 18V with a Jackplate. Ended up taking it off.
  21. Camping in Choko

    Our mothership is moving along nicely Tents on the deck for now . Hopefully a real house for next season . 🇺🇸☠️
  22. Is this still for sale? I will be in Apalachicola first week of January and would like to see it.
  23. Haven't been out in a bit but got some time so went out of OR yesterday morning. Beautiful day and caught some fish as well. Small snook population doing great - which is truly a good thing to see. Super careful releasing the future hogs. Managed a few mid to upper 20's in the mix as well. Great day weather wise - calm and high of about 70. Looking forward to winter fishing.
  24. Camping in Choko

    The cost was $300 a day.
  25. Ride Quality Comparison: Hewes vs. Maverick

    HPX is an Orange in a list of Apples, it doesn't compare.
  26. Ride Quality Comparison: Hewes vs. Maverick

    Same here.
  27. 2300 HPS wiring diagram

    I'll second that motion. I know mine pretty well, but I've spent hours and hours in my console and bilge with a test light....
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