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  2. Starboard dash cover-up/top ideas

    This was my first attempt, not 100% happy but it's better than it was.
  3. Removing gunnel rails on 2200v

    I have 4 on the gunnel. They alternate a 0 degree and 15 degree. You will be surprised at how much the 0 degree get used. Nice to put the rod in while you unhook the fish or retie the line. Also holds pvc pipe to put accessories on the gunnel for the ride.
  4. I’m looking to cover the top of my dash where previous owner had everything mounted. The best idea I can come up with is a basic tray that covers the entire top and has about a 1” lip all the way around...Something to put phone, sunglasses,etc up there so it won’t slide off. I feel like I’ve seen some better ideas but can’t seem to find anything online. Anyone have any ideas before I cut this expensive starboard?
  5. Hewes RF 21 Trolling Motor size??

    80 on my MA 21 and it works great. I think an RF is lighter
  6. Rule 1100 Bilge Pump Problems

    Is this the automatic Rule that's oval shaped? I have one that's only an emergency bilge pump. I've had no problems.....yet! I hate to say it, I was the biggest Rule pump fan in the world, then I had two problems on two different pumps and after a bit of research on the original packaging...."Made in Mexico"!!! It's now hit or miss!!
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  8. Rule 1100 Bilge Pump Problems

    Some Rule pumps seem to last for ever and others are POS. Hopefully you have the new style so you don't have to hunt the old style Rule 1100 pump.

    Really miss his expertise!
  10. Put a hurting on them today

    That’s a good haul. Hope you had a knife sharpener. Lol.
  11. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    I would consider trades, What accessories does the maverick have, GPS? Trolling Motor? Power Pole? Is there a livewell?
  12. 24 speaker location

    I put (4) JL 7.7's and (2) JL 8.8 Subs on mine. Boat came prewired for the (4) 7.7's (Two in front rod lockers and two under back folding seats). Mounted the 8.8's on either side of the console. Wasn't able to mount 10" subs due to t-top legs. Sound great though!
  13. 24 speaker location

    WOW, glad I looked at this thread. I thought it was saying he was putting 24 speakers in his boat!! haha The English language can be tricky!!
  14. Toggle switch for 2015 2200 TE

    My first call would be to Ray in parts at MBG.
  15. Toggle switch for 2015 2200 TE

    Where can I find a matching toggle switch with the blue tip for a 2015 pathfinder 2200TE?
  16. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    Don't suppose you'd have any interest in a trade? I've got a 2005 Maverick HPX-V 15, swapped the Yamaha F40 for a 2-stroke 50, rides on a 2013 Boatmaster Competitor trailer, full SeaDek by Castaway Customs from poling platform to casting platform. Wife and I are actively house hunting, and she would not be happy if I used part of our down payment to buy this haha
  17. Put a hurting on them today

    Lots of good meat there. Saw a cobia Monday up my way. They are going to be early if these air temps keep it up. 88 degrees Tuesday when I got off the water.
  18. WTB AmeraTrail Trailer for 18' Redfisher

    Back on the search....
  19. Rule 1100 Bilge Pump Problems

    Checked on my RF18 yesterday where it sits next to the barn with a full boat cover and extension cord plugged in to keep the on board charger working. Heard a whining noise aft of the motor well so had to take the cover off (PITA) to look down in bilges. Sure enough the bilge pump was cycling on and off repeatedly.. No water in the bilge (plug out). Tapped the pump figuring it was stuck.No help.Pulled the pump up from the housing and checked for blockage or debris.Was clean as could be. Pump still running and finally when I was able to lay it horizontal it cut off. What do you all think? The pump is about two years old . Lucky it didn't rain the battery, guess having the charger powered up helped. Stuck float switch----I think they are not mechanical on a Rule 1100. Any ideas appreciated
  20. 24 speaker location

    Ok I have a new 24 pathfinder on order. I'm wanting to mount 4 speakers and possibly a sub. Can anyone share some options where to mount? Thanks for any advice! Buzz
  21. "I’m redoing it now. Can’t have 2 boats (wife’s rule, long story)" Rats!!! I know how you feel!!! I think it's something women are born with. In my case it got really bad with my wife when I was up to four boats. Went down to three and she still had it. Went down to two boats and it was still there. I give up!
  22. Boat with no title

    Dave, I have a buddy with a 12ft jon boat set up for gigging. Want his number?
  23. Boat with no title

    Jon boats are easy to steal and that is another reason many don't have titles. I wouldn't mess with it.
  24. Boat with no title

    I too have looked for Jon boats in the past and I have seen lots with "No Title". The most common situation I found is most original purchasers never titled it. The boat was either used on a private lake, with oars or with a trolling motor so they had no reason for "FL Numbers". Jon boats trade hands a lot so knowing who the original owner is can be difficult. I bought a 12x36 Alumacraft at a yard sale years back. Guy that sold it to me was not the original owner but he did give me a bill of sale. I took that bill of sale to my tag agency and since the boat had never been titled they used the bill of sale as proof of purchase and titled the boat in my name "HIN was run and came back clean of course". To be honest though, it really isn't worth all the hassle. You can get a 12x36 brand new for a few hundred more than they sell used.
  25. Yamaha F-300

    The old general rule of thumb is 200 rpm’s for every inch of pitch is still probably pretty close.
  26. Yamaha F-300

    I went from a 21p to a 20p and didn't gain 500 rpm, this is what I got from Powertech..
  27. Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

    Same here... Synthetic Green Grease.
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