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  2. Perdidotom

    2015 HPX-V 17

    Thanks for the kind words...it's a gem & a fish catcher.😁
  3. HoneyB

    Anyone with a Suzuki on a Pathfinder?

    I do not know about running on a pathfinder. I do have a friend that bought a new zuke 140 last year for a key West 176. It does not preform very well on his boat. We have lifted the motor and ran a couple of different props. Low 40’s is about it and it just doesn’t feel good anywhere from getting on plane to wot. I am sure I will get beat up over this post as I know there is a lot of zuke love out there. I just was not impressed
  4. JEM

    Rigs and Tow Pigs

    Great minds think alike. Ford and Pathfinder combos! Except I always prefer the old saying that there is no replacement for displacement. I will probably stick with a V-8 as long as they keep rolling them off the assembly line. I have the 5.0 liter V-8 with the tow package. Now that I have stuck the boat in a marina barn, I don't do much towing these days. But here it is before the SHO got painted. Then a shot of the SHO painted to match the Pathy.
  5. Egrets Landing

    Total Scan Install Question

    18 Egret
  6. gladesrunner

    2018 2200 Tournament Edition For Sale!!!

    great looking boat! If I didn't have my 2300HPS, I'd probably be in my truck heading north.....
  7. makomark

    Dumb things not to do . . .

    It seems to have a pressure relief valve to overcome this. It seems to go up and down fine, although I have not tried to sick it in the mud again. Its a little un-nerving seeing it bouncing on the water when looking back.
  8. whichwaysup

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Stopped by to see the patient today. Part 1 of the job is done now. Everything looks good. Some new progress: - the bottom is repaired, - chips fixed, - seachest air pocket ground down, repaired and cheesegrater refitted flush. - the baitwell has now been fully repaired - it cracked when the deck was removed and it was put on the ground with the drain pipe still on the bottom. - the cut for the new, larger access hatch has been made and the hatch will be installed when the deck is put back together - thanks Hurricane for the lead on that hatch. Now on to part 2. . .We talked through the best way to put her back together and he had some good thoughts: 1) He is going to add another layer of matt to the inside of the hull bottom on the portions external to the stringers, then use high density foam sheets to both dampen and reinforce the area further. He will run pvc pipe channels to allow water to drain into the bilge (these will run lengthwise and connect to the pvc drains that we ran through the extended stringers). On the starboard side, where the rod tubes extend back from the cockpit, he will use the same high density foam sheets to form a support (attached perpendicularly to the side of the boat and vertically from the bottom) and keep the tubes in place. These had been supported by the 2 part foam that was poured in when the boat was built, but was removed to get the deck off. The first two pics show a rough idea of what I'm talking about here. 2) He has great access to the bottom of the deck on the port side, but the starboard side (only a few inches due to the hatch location) will be a challenge. He will attach tabs on that side before reattaching the deck. He had a clever plan for ensuring the deck is extremely strong on that side, which I can show/explain when we get there. Suffice to say that if this boat ever has a tree land across it (like Nags first MA), right at this seam, it will break everywhere else, but not where its being put back together. The last three pics give you an idea of what the deck re-attachment will entail, bu they are not current pics. Then plumbing goes back in with new, all metal through hulls, then she gets wired up, then the fun begins putting the deck back together.
  9. Wanaflatsfish

    Electrical wiring question

    A while back I posted various links to marine wiring etc. check this thread up top and you have all the basics.... MARINE WIRING AND OTHER GOOD STUFF DC
  10. whichwaysup

    Dumb things not to do . . .

    Ouch. Just out of curiosity, how bad was the result??
  11. makomark

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    At the recommendation of FMT I bought the Lowrance Elite TI2 9" and must say that I am extremely satisfied with it using the ISLA charts. I didn't want to spent the extra $$ on the EVO3. Resolution is very good and the refresh rate is excellent.
  12. makomark

    Dumb things not to do . . .

    I always tend to leave the trailer lock either on the bumper or on the trailer. Also, just installed a new power pole, after my first deploy of the pole I took off while it was still stuck in the mud.
  13. Headhunter

    2 Garmin 740's

    Sold pending funds
  14. dabear

    21- Spitefire no longer for sale

    Prop is no longer for sale installed it on the boat and it has just become my negative tide low water prop , runs flat and great good hole shot , ( didn’t want to use it if I was selling ) put my go to Yamaha Pro series under the bench until we get some better tides .
  15. bigsnook35

    Electrical wiring question

    You shouldn't have power ran through the fuse block for the starter. When I rewired mine I ran two wires from the battery switch to a double post mounted on the transom. Then the wires from the motor to the matching post. The switch is what lets the power go to the motor. And the motor wiring does everything under the cowling. You shouldn't have to run power to each of those individually. Hope this helps.
  16. bigsnook35

    Boat Fiberglass Stringer/Floor Repair Tampa Florida

    The Boat Doctor. They also build Sheaffer bay boats there. They are the best in the area. They are located in Drew Park near the Bucs stadium.
  17. bigsnook35

    LT20 replacement windshields?

    Do you have your current windshield still? I did the same thing with my windshield. I took it to a local place called Plastics America and they made me a new windshield without the nav light cut outs.
  18. Percysnow

    2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS

    Bump for an amazing rig...let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!
  19. HewesYourDaddy

    Anyone with a Suzuki on a Pathfinder?

    I’ve come across a good deal on a very low hour 2014 Suzuki DF140. Is anyone running this engine, specifically on a Pathfinder, and can anyone give me the good and bad on the newer 140s?
  20. BradM

    Rigs and Tow Pigs

    Everyone loves pictures, but besides that, I thought we could share what we're towing and what we're towing with. I see this topic come up from time to time, but buried in threads about the actual boat itself. I have a 23 HPS that I currently pull with an F-150 that has a 3.5 liter Ecoboost. My truck has the "max tow package", which a bunch of little options that make for a nice overall package. Among them is a 36 gallon gas tank, 3.55:1 rear end, and (never used) trailer back up assist. I've owned Chevrolet 2500 HD's, Tahoe's, diesel F-350's, and plenty of 1500 Silverado's. This truck takes the cake on towing comfort and pure, useable power (my diesels were older models). If you look at the specs, this model of Ecoboost (Gen1) makes 420 lb. ft. of torque right around at 2500 RPM. Around town and my commute to work, I average 19.5 mpg and that drops to around 12-12.5 mpg pulling the boat. I do not usually tow over 65 mph for those of you who are about to ask how I get that kind of mpg towing. Aside from being impressed at how well it tows, the cabin room is impressive! I'm on large side at 6'3" and 280, and the seats and how you sit is much better than my last Silverado offered up. This truck keeps my butt under me and my hips in line with my legs. My other truck, no matter what, kept my hips lower than my legs and my butt out in front of me. This kept me from driving that truck much more than an hour or two at a time. The back seat area has much, much more room than any truck I recall owning. My son LOVES it and my wife does too....since she sits back there now. Anyhow, post'em up. I can get more in depth for those who are shopping or looking. For me, this is the absolute best truck I've ever owned for commuting (56 miles a day) and pulling the boat on the weekends.
  21. justfish

    Sea Chest grate removal

    Informative pics Gus. While pulling my hair out trying to find and fix the leak, I always wondered exactly what the back side looked like. To the original poster. If that is indeed your problem, I went round and round with sealants and bigger screws...before I finally spent the time to clean all the sealant off, drill out holes big enough to have clean material and stuffed them full of epoxy. I then used lots of sealant around new cheese greater and very short screws into the new material. One sea trial proved it to seeming work, then boat was stolen so I can’t speak to longevity of it. I would likely do the same again tho.
  22. Moderator

    Retired Law Enforcement / wtb : Pathfinder 2400

    Detmarlo I'm sending you a PM (Personal message). Just curious about something. PS: Keep an eye in the Boats for sale section. 2400s periodically show MOD 2
  23. That didn’t take long . 👍
  24. SCFD rtrd.


    Yep, replacing the metal pipes (intake and drain) makes perfect since. Make sure you get a shut-off for both. Also, this is the time to move or reconfigure stuff to clean up the bilge and make future access better. Keep the intake plumbing for the bait pump as low as possible and keep the bait pump in a horizontal position. This keeps all the plumbing associated with the bait pump below the water line and prevents problems with water pick-up.
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