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  2. how many hours on the boat/new motor. I see mounts for a gps and and TM, do they come with the boat ?
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  4. My battery selector switch fails to have power on position 1 — the starting battery. I am starting only in position 2 with my trolling motor batteries. I swapped out the starting battery with a new one and can’t seem to find a blown fuse/breaker. What am I missing? Guidance please. Thank you.
  5. Hydraulic jack plate flush

    From another forum post, I found and have done
  6. 2000 2200V Pathfinder - console coming loose

    I've tightened the screws\bolts (on my 2001 they are backed with nuts) and it took shoving my arm thru the hole in the deck till it was scratched and bloody (not much room between the tank and the console boss that sagged down)... but I was able to hold the nuts while my father tightened the screws. Putting in large bolts\screws could be done but get the nuts one would add another level of "fun" and would be difficult. If they are screws with no nuts going larger and using 5200 or 4200 would be good. A guy who used to post here a lot and an expert rigger Hobo had some advice I followed since owning the boat is to use machine screws with tapped the holes vs wood screws and I had good luck with it
  7. Galveston Bay Fishing

    yes they did. still out there waiting on me.
  8. Mercury

    The HPS has a jackplate, so the 20 or 25" lower units are both available. Plenty of HPS hulls with F300's on them. Mod-M
  9. Galveston Bay Fishing

    Outstanding photos of your children having fun with Dad on the boat !! Great job, Ryan !! MW
  10. Galveston Bay Fishing

    Wow. Did they release it? I can’t imagine the feeling of catching one whether registered or not. Only two weeks left!
  11. Opinion on the v max HDPI

    It's the big block hpdi that has the bad reputation. Like others have said the 2.6 hpdi is a good motor and it's very easy on the fuel. I can get a little over 5 mpg if I run in the mid 30's .
  12. Lightning

    Fortunately no direct experience but in a lightning storm you got below and away from any metal
  13. Rule Livewell Pump Replacement

    i just get another rule and not have to change any plumbing.
  14. Galveston Bay Fishing

    buddy of mine had some clients from N Carolina on the boat and they caught one. weren't in the tourny. i asked him how they took it and he said, they got real quiet.
  15. Lightning

    Interesting idea. Wonder how well it works. Could potentially connect to my old (disconnected) metal thru Hull transducer I’ve been caught a few times in Tampa Bay. Extra fun now that I run a tower boat.
  16. Lightning

    In the younger days off offshore racing sailboats they had grounding plates that went from the mast stays to a large metal plate under the waterline. Even though , we always had a heavy duty pair of jumper cables to connect to the rigging and toss the other end in the water. I don't have a t top but if I did I would have a grounding plate zinc combination below the water line. Many thoughts on how to protect electronics and motor but cutting them off and disconnecting the ground while seeking shelter makes the most since.
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  18. 98 20LT 200 vmax, missing top end spend, where to start?

    I like the tempest prop too. I do not say too much about Mercury props because a lot of people are loyal to power tech here. But tempest plus is a great prop for bay boat set ups. It will run high and hold its grip high in the water. Mercury enertia is also a pretty good prop on a bay boat.
  19. Rule Livewell Pump Replacement

    The housing is cracked on my original Rule 700 livewell pump. What do you recommend for a replacement pump? Thanks!!
  20. Prop size?

    Did you search through the Pathfinder Prop Discussion section here? There might be something there.
  21. NMEA cable run

    Thanks, Brad. Guess I will have to dig deeper in the bilge and console next time I get the boat out.
  22. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Great tune.....had more truth to it than most knew or admitted they knew. That was a decade ago. How appropriate is it now????
  23. Hydraulic jack plate flush

    That is correct, can flush out the reservoir as well. Use rubber gloves though, contains Xylene but will clean it up great. Check dollar stores, the no name stuff will do the job, cheaper than an automotive store. Home Depot sells it, about 7 bucks a can.
  24. Wanted: Hewes Redfisher 21 or Maverick 21

    There is an 08 in the Keys with Mercury power, think they are asking like 43k if I remember correctly. It's on boattrader.
  25. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Imagine this song back then. You have to wonder the inspiration of the song writer. Seems many had a clue many moons ago.
  26. 2007 24TE JL 8.8 fit?

    I can't speak to running two 8.8's, but I know having four all firing inside the cockpit is louder than I want to stand between at full tilt, and I like clean, loud systems on a boat. You almost can't turn the highs down enough while at volume...they're clear and about take your head off.
  27. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Good info....my issue as you and Mulligan stated, it works...If I were to change from the current OEM, and were to have a major failure in my engine, I would not be able to diagnosis if it was the oil change as a result or it just plain died..either way, I"d have a fried engine....but, at least I'd know that it wasn't because I change my oil brand.... When I had my F115 and F150...I would religously change it out every 100 hrs or less...and it was Yamalube 4S... DC
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