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  2. 1987 18 MA For Sale $12,500

    You might want to ask the mods to move this post to the classified section below. GOod luck.
  3. My "new" 2007 2200V

    Yeah, it is an Atlas. But it was just put on a couple of years ago. Why are you changing out a Bob’s? It seems from what I read on the net, most people like the Bob’s better than Atlas.
  4. Prop for 2600 TRS w 300 Yamaha

    Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to think he was the only one rigged this way. I'll pass on the info to him
  5. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    The entire place that is the lower keys is totally wired on FMT. No issue going anywhere from anywhere. It shows every ingress egress at Marvin.
  6. Cast Net Recommendation

    I’ve got a Tim Wade 10’ net and it’s a great net, but the warranty on the Barracuda net is impressive and I’ll be trying their net soon. I spoke to a person at Barracuda and they informed me they also have a Guide Program.
  7. My "new" 2007 2200V

    Did you put the Atlas Jack plate on it? My 2007 TE has a Bobs jack plate, I will eventually be changing to an Atlas. Odd same year boats with different brand plates.
  8. I got a older 18 Parker with a 98 Johnson 115 I’m looking to trade plus cash for a hewes or maverick Master angler. Txt me at 8439060696
  9. Selling my MA due to family health issues. Sadly, I wasn’t able to enjoy this boat after a long awaited search for a really solid boat. This boat is in really good condition, solid as a rock! As you all know, this boat has no wood laminate anywhere. The floor is solid and all the hatches are solid. Very clean and sharp for its age. The trailer has new bunks, rollers and bunk supports. The hubs are galvanized and ready for the road. Just installed a new classic tilt helm. Motor is the original 150 Yamaha with the boat. Runs strong and very reliable. New upholstery, Garmin GPS 541S, Bennet trim tabs.
  10. Think I’m going to remove the door and add a gasket. I have a bunch of other small Projects going on with the boat right now too. Thanks guys
  11. Beach Snook

    Haven’t tried it yet on the beach.Very nasty conditions lately. Got a bunch Saturday night at Lake Worth area. All shorts but fun on a 6 wt.
  12. What's Really Important In Life..........

    Congrats. Something to be proud of for sure.
  13. Cast Net Recommendation

    Thanks for the info guys, never heard of Baracuda but looks legit. Think I'll go with Tim Wade though. Anyone have current info for contacting him, what I found was a little old so thought i'd ask before calling. Thanks!
  14. WTB Pathfinder 22 or 24

    Congrats. Looks great.
  15. Central Florida Trip With A Quick Stop At MBC

    A bit late to the party, but you have some serious talent, my friend. Dan
  16. WTB small flats boat

    Thanks Finfeather, I really want more of a V bottom flats boat than a skiff. I realize that I'm limited at my 15k budget so I'd def like to check out your Pathfinder.
  17. Gunwale rod holders for pathfinder 19'

    The hull is the same but the liner is totally different. The gunnels are wider and the front hatches and front deck are different.
  18. Lurem, did they ship the SS Talon 4 blade yet? Did you get your Merc . Spitefire back from the shop ?
  19. Yesterday
  20. 2200TE Under Gunnel Rod Tubes

    I have a 2015 2200TE and it only has rod tubes on the starboard side for fly rods. The TRS version has them on both sides. The web page lists the livewells or release wells as the same size. So I assume that you could potentially add the tubes on the port side? The website lists port and starboard rod tubes, but the website has historically had some bogus info, so does the current year model of the TE have them on both sides?
  21. Stainless Steel Care (Dos and Don'ts) per Gemlux

    polish with a rag and a toothbrush for the tight places.
  22. New 24 just got her tower

    SWEET SLED !!!!
  23. Reds devils elbow

    Been catching some decent reds on topwater. D13C898A-2612-4B5F-BAE4-934E094FE9ED.MOV 190B0226-0F4D-47BB-92A0-1C1D530A9030.MOV
  24. Simrad vs all the rest

    ASB, flats rat, yes it does read clearly on both sides. I have my transducer mounted on the step ahead of the outboard on the port side of my drain plug. That eliminates the lower unit blocking one side of the side scan.
  25. New 24 just got her tower

    Beautiful rig!!!
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