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  2. Battery and disconnect question

    For what it’s worth, run all Dual Purpose batteries. Two TM and Two start. All connected to battery switch with three bank charger. Always have enough juice to run everything.
  3. Black & Purple

    Black and purple zonker. 16 # drum on 20# tippet.
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  5. Oyster Rash

    Correct, fishing the big bend Cedar Key to up near Suwannee. Sometimes over in the St. Augustine creeks. Loaded with oyster bars. Google Earth the area just north of Cedar Key you'll see what I mean. I've never hit any under power thank goodness. It's the submerged oyster bars that sneak up on you while on the trolling motor or drifting. I can do fiberglass work, but I darn sure don't like thinking about working upside down in tight quarters under the trailer. Plus not being able to get the areas that are under the bunks. That coupled with the cheese grater needing to be replaced, I will take to a shop and have them refurbish the bottom. Then try to be more wary of the submerged bars in the future. Replacement axles already in the works. Waiting on Ameratrail to get back with me. I was thinking they could find the exact axle size, torsion angle, etc. from the VIN number and save me from taking measurements. And I have been reading the posts here about some members cheese grater screws being too long and penetrating the hull and getting leaks. Nothing leaking on mine, but will have the fiberglass shop change the grater and will have a discussion about screw length for sure.
  6. Anclote Red Tide

    Water temps at 82. Ran the tower boat yesterday all the way to Hudson. The rays are all on the beach's. Water at 85 in the shallows mid day. A few grouper are starting to show shallow but mostly up to the north of Anclote. Checked at least 50 crab buoys. No TT yet. We need some cooler weather. Truck was reading 93 on the way home.
  7. Will it fit

    Will a poling platform off an 03 redfisher fit on my 92 redfisher? Thanks
  8. Oyster Rash

    FYI that cheese grater situation is bad news 2 of those 6 holes on mine letting water (way more than one would think) into bilge with the screws in cause there is no backing to screw into....Just the bilge. Horrible design. Guess someone from factory used too long of screws. I ended up having to grind em out some and pack full with marine Tex and using shorter screws. I honestly don’t even know if it actually stopped leak cause boat was stolen after I fixed it. Jokes on them.... cause I had bilge pump fuses pullled while I fillled it up looking for the leak.
  9. Oyster Rash

    My 2010 hull has about 8000 hours of float time in skinny water. 1500 hundred plus running at high speeds. It takes a few barnacle coated sticks floating at dark thirty, coming loose at anchor, a few more times getting wind blown off the trolling motor while creeping some edges of rocks and shell bars and getting piled up on them. The OP runs in rough country and fishes skinny last we talked. It's gonna happen if you do. Very repairable and not structural at all. The biggest challenge is it being on the bottom of the boat. Very hard to work on. The cheese grater is exposed to extreme pressure. I have lost a couple. I will say I haven't quite got mine as bad as his is but give me some more time.
  10. Oyster Rash

    The bottom looks nasty but as you said it’s only gel coat. If you put the scratches there by the way you fish I would ride it. No need to make it pretty to beat it up again.
  11. Oyster Rash

    Don't take this wrong, however your trailer axles looks like they're on their last legs, the cheese grater is beyond useless and your hull has had a rough life....don't show us anymore. There are people like Ron in Atlanta who's boat is a showpiece that would have serious heart issues..........
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  13. Oyster Rash

    *** that is some serious scraping! I agree change those axles before you have a major roadway disaster.
  14. Smith optics warranty

    I have two pairs of Smith chromapop, I too switch due to brand X. I finally complained so much to brand x they sent me all new glasses, still cost me way too much money. Love my Smith's, wont ever buy brand x again but will continue to pester them everytime their Chinese pos fall apart.
  15. Oyster Rash

    Dang what do you guys do (hit) to make it look like that. I’d be freaking out with one scratch
  16. Oyster Rash

    Replace the axles or it will be road rash next. The op bottom looks like mine. If I don't see fur I just keep going. If the sides and top look good never look at the bottom. Brad M hit it above. It's a lot of work. Hire a pro. Last but not least, if you don't like the way I drive stay off the sidewalk.
  17. Nikon D-300s DSLR Camera/Lens - $700

    For those of you who have seen some of my photographs over the years, this is the camera that took many of them. This Nikon D300s is in excellent condition, it is their high end DX format camera (DX is half sensor size). I am selling it only because I have two newer and (much) more expensive Nikons that I use and do not really need a third camera. This camera comes with a Nikon 18 - 200mm zoom lens, that is very wide angle to mid telephoto all in one lens. Of course, the lens comes with a clear UV filter to protect the front lens glass and a sun shade. The camera and lens are pictured below as are some photographs taken with the camera. Please note: In order to take photographs of wildlife, such as these, you will need to add a long telephoto lens (maybe a 400mm to 600mm). The lens that comes with the camera is a great "walking around" lens, i.e., it goes from very wide angle to mild telephoto.
  18. Anclote Red Tide

    May zoom up your way in a week or 2 to see if I can spot some cobia and tripletail, maybe even do some grouper trolling. We are getting into my favorite time of year!
  19. Oyster Rash

    I fixed mine, myself. It wasn't as bad as yours is, but it wasn't much better. I didn't care if it was a perfect match, so I used plain white gel, which is WAAAAY more white than the hull is. It's tedious and not fun....but it didn't cost me more than $30 and a LOT of time on a piece of cardboard. I mixed up the gel and applied it with a cheap chip/paint brush and came back and sanded it down with 60 grit, then finer as I got closer to where I wanted it to be. I'd take it somewhere if I had to do it again. Someone can spray it, and buff it out a heck of a lot faster and my time is worth something, having a 3 y/o.
  20. Smith optics warranty

    It is always great to hear about a place that has outstanding customer service , Smith glasses , Power Pole , Family Boating Center ,and Sweat Water Music are four company’s that I have heard or have experienced great customer service with. It’s always great to hear about good things that are happening in today’s world .
  21. 1992 Hewes Bonefisher 16 Rehabilitation

    Replaced rub rail with new Barbour plastics one piece rub rail with insert.
  22. Back rest repair advise

    I haven't pulled it apart yet to check. Was wonder what I'm in for.
  23. 2015 HPX-V 17 FS

    That is one clean machine! Very nice rig
  24. Oyster Rash

    While inspecting my axles, I see that I'm getting quite a bit of oyster rash on the hull. Mostly on the center section but some beyond what you can see in the photo. Nothing has broken through the gel coat, but I'm feeling like I should get it filled, sanded and smoothed out. Also noticed the "cheese grater" is coming off. What do you guys do when you get this kind of rash? Leave it, take it somewhere, work on it yourself?
  25. Boca Grande Area Red Tide Question

    The water was really bad!!! You could barley see the bottom in 2 feet of water from Boca Grande south to Redfish Pass. Tried about a dozen bait spots in that area, and found none! I spoke with a few guides who were fishing with Pinfish, and they said that's all they could find. I did however rail the Redfish and Snook on the outgoing tide all three days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, on artificial's. The Snook were so hungry they were inhaling the baits. The Reds were scattered, and all over slot. The were taking anything with gold in it with a lot of flash due to the murkiness of the water. Just to give you an idea of how bad the water was, there were no boats at the Boca Grande Sand Bar on any of the three weekend days, and on Saturday, there were only about 6 boats at Cabbage Key for lunch. My wife and I had the entire Innlets Hotel to ourselves.
  26. Back rest repair advise

    Wondering if you will have to cut the cushion to get to the bolt head, the threaded portion I believe is in the tube flange and sure looks like it has red Loctite on it. I would contact the factory, that could be a real issue if it gives out under way. Might just be removing the metal strip on the back of the cushion will get to the bolt head, after a second look?
  27. 1900v pathfinder

    Boat hull is an 03.
  28. Bimini top 2200v

    Is this still available? If so, please contact me at 239-297-4598. Thank you
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