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  2. Rtic coolers

    Definitely a good value.... dc
  3. Rtic coolers

    I use mine as a bag of death....they hold ice all day.....and larger ones will hold a few reds, trout, etc..enough to take home for dinner and maybe a few ladyfish for chunk baits. dc
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  5. 2600 Trolling motor Shaft Length

    70 or 72, for sure.
  6. 22' Pathfinder Boat Cover

    Yes its still available. This cover is from a previous Pathfinder I owned. I suggest looking at their website at all the different covers they make. www.ttopcovers.com
  7. Yeti Cooler for 2002 Mav V

    I use a yeti 35 for my MA 18.5
  8. 22' Pathfinder Boat Cover

    So the top picture is not your boat....and your boat does have a T top ? So the cover is made for a T top ?
  9. 22' Pathfinder Boat Cover

    That’s the name of the comapany that makes them that’s why I added the picture.
  10. Yesterday

    I have no issue seeing my HDS gen 3, 9" in direct sunlight and have heard the EVO is the same..... EVO screen has a mirror shine to it though whereas the HDS has a matte finish.... I always figured the EVO would reflect sunlight worse. All units beyond the HDS carbon have the new tech screen that can be viewed with polarized glasses better and are brighter as well
  12. SeaDek helm pad

    Brand New unopened SeaDek helm pad. $85 (772)321-5049
  13. 2013 2200 Pathfinder For Sale

    2013 White Pathfinder 2200, 202hours on 150hp Yamaha 4 stroke. Boat has IPilot trolling motor, Powerpole, Jackplate, Garmin electronics, console and leaning post covers. Boat has been Lift kept, but does not have a trailer. asking 37,000$ obo. Boat is located in Vero Beach, Fl. Call Sean at 203-212-7598 for more info or to view the boat.
  14. The boat has not gone unnoticed. I was trying to sell a 18 foot angler toward the end of summer to put the money toward a 16 or 17 Hewes or maverick. The end of summer left me holding the boat as well. All that said when interest in boats picks up again if I sell this thing I will be on the hunt. If your interested in a 18 angler with a 150 saltwater 2 I got a deal for you and it’s in ga.
  15. 2600 Trolling motor Shaft Length

    Thanks guys
  16. Improved Cheese Grater

    Good idea on a maintenance list. Just a pain to get to it because half is under the bunk. Need a lifting set-up like SCFD rtrd.
  17. Yeti Cooler for 2002 Mav V

    Any one have any input on which cooler size is best for in front of the console and which direction you are using it. I want to do something like in this picture but want to see what results other owners have had. I also this think this console is a little bigger than mine but don’t have access to it to measure right now. I am in the process of restoring this boat I am having Sandy the cushion lady build the cushion and the back rest and would take any ideas on the backrest as well. It seems like it is backed by a PVC board and mounted with screws. I want the cushion to extend a little higher than the console and protect the top mounted electronics I have a side mounted console. I put pics of that as well. Thanks for for your help.
  18. Stiletto 4 blade

    Like others have said many times, every boat/prop combination is different as propping is more art than science. If you were looking at a Power Tech OFX4 19 inch prop, that would be way, way over propped. But since you mentioned a 14 1/4 diameter prop, that is not a PT OFX prop. You really need to be more specific about the make and model prop you are considering before anybody could really comment about it. Edit: I see now your title shows a Stiletto prop. And since you posted back in October, I guess there isn't much info about Stiletto props. Sorry.
  19. 1998 17 Master Angler. 10000 obo. 115 yamaha

    I am surprized this one is still out there. Pretty boat and a nice price to get into an MA! Heck, I got an 8k offer for mine as is, halfway through repairs.
  20. New Fishing Buddy

    Have never been on the boat without him. Goes crazy when seeing me getting the boat ready. Twice while returning to the dock he jumped to the dock and missed and landed in the water, he can swim. Notice his shirt, lol. That’s a great looking lab pup. Wish you many happy years together.
  21. 2600 Trolling motor Shaft Length

    72" with the RTA-54
  22. E-searider bean bags

    There is a zipper on the bean bags that allow you the ability to change out the beans. I have not had to try and use it yet so not sure how easy it is to open or if it suffers from getting frozen over time. Both marine bean bag companies sell replacement beans that are made to get wet vs. the standard beans you can find elsewhere.
  23. Rtic coolers

    I have a RTIC soft cooler and they don’t crush down well. Polar bear coolers may be better for you. It’s a company out of South Georgia. They make good coolers , I have a bunch( no affiliation)..there is a 50% off sale until Christmas. The code is 2112 http://www.polarbearcoolers.com/SFNT.html
  24. New Fishing Buddy

    Great looking pup. Consider a life jacket for her when on the boat. Of course they are great swimmers, but the real reason, is the handle or handles on the back. If you have ever tried to get a full grown lab into a wet boat after she jumped it, then you will understand. Makes life much easier. Good luck
  25. Stiletto 4 blade

    I've got a 07 2200v tournament with t top and hpdi 250 on jack plate. I spin a ofx4 18 or 19. I can double check when I get home if need be. That prop runs good for me, but I tend to fish with multiple people, two full wells, 3/4 plus tank of gas and stuff for my family.
  26. Hit & Run

    The guy made a deal with the state... He got slapped with a $450.00 fine and $50.00 court cost. with adjudication withheld..... Hopefully my insurance company will go after him?
  27. Jet Drive Lower Unit for Mercury 115 Four Strokes. Came off of a 2004 model with very low hours. Will fit the 4 strokes only.. $ 1200. Located in Gainesville, Florida for local pickup but I ship items all the time at a very reasonable rate. Call or text at 352-317-5105 anytime.
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