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  2. fishmanjj

    2018 2300 HPS

    Awesome rig.
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  4. Tall Tails

    2500 fIsh box pump impeller

    My fish box drain has a cover with rather small holes. How do you manage to get ice, gack-up, and other assorted nastiness to go through the drain? I still wish there had been the option to have the box just drain overboard rather than have to have a pump. Withough the pump I was told it had to drain to the bilge.
  5. Slo Poke1

    Rocker Switch

    My live well cut out , fuses are good, but no juice or switch illumination. Before I start chasing non-issues, would this be the switch itself?
  6. Brand new 10 Micron Yamaha Fuel/Water Separating Filter, part no. MAR-FUELF-IL-TR. New and unused, still in bubblewrap. The boat is gone and this needs to be gone also...$15 + shipping, or local pick up in central Florida.
  7. Yamaha Yamalube 20W-40 four stroke oil (1 gallon and 3 quarts) + one Yamaha Oil Filter, part no. N26-13440-02 + drain seal ring, part no. 90430-14M09. Package deal, new and unused. The boat is gone and this needs to be gone also...$50 + shipping, or local pick up in central Florida.
  8. Brand new Solas stainless steel prop for a Yamaha. Part No. 3571-150-21: 3-blade, 15-inch dimeter, 21 pitch. Carried this as a spare prop for for use on a Yamaha F300XCA. New and unused, still in the unopened box. The boat is gone and this needs to be gone also...$200 + shipping, or local pick up in central Florida.
  9. greenbone

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    It’s been a while since I fished MOT. Registered and Fishing with Keith Markey , looking forward to seeing ole friends.
  10. fin-addict

    Offshore Fishing

    Would like to know if one of our members took a 70 mile run offshore recently in a 25’ pathy with full tower in conditions that they should not have been out in. Understand the boat handled great. Thanks, fin 😀
  11. SSN651

    WTB hewes 18 redfisher trailer

    Where are you located? I'm in Port Saint Lucie FL. I may be swapping my trailer for another one. The one I have is a 2017 Fastload model 1719SX. I need a trailer suited for beach & creek launches. This trailer also has the SS bolt package and guide posts. I'm getting quotes on a trailer this next week. Chuck
  12. skoons

    2018 2300 HPS

    2018 2300 HPS 250 SHO with 110 hours (100 hour service just completed) Kingston grey hull with matching two tone console Black pwder coat pkg 2 Black 8' Blade power poles 36v Ulterra 12" Simrad with 1 in hull transducer and 2 others in stern 2 JL 8.8 speakers and 400W amp Stealth Charging unit Back seat and cushion Custom cover Custom Bimini All 4 Gel batteries located in console with covers. $72,000 title in hand, located in Jacksonville 941-586-9373
  13. F1sh0n

    More Yamaha SHO woes...

    Yamaha and Mercury, probably others, had fresh and saltwater edition motors. Seems around 2009-2011 most manufacturers went to a single line. In my opinion Mercury went towards saltwater editions and Yamaha went towards freshwater.
  14. Foulhook

    2003 17 HPX-V For Sale

    BUMP New price.
  15. geeviam

    Best inshore baitcaster

    I never understood that concept with plug reels and fly reels. I prefer not switching hands too. Most of my fly reels are LH retrieve and I love 'em.
  16. Mad Beach Hewes

    America Trail Pathfinder trailer blinker not working.

    Thanks linesider. I sent you a PM regarding the FMT.
  17. Mad Beach Hewes

    Florida marine tracks

    Sent you a PM.
  18. linesider 159

    America Trail Pathfinder trailer blinker not working.

    Touch power to the plug and see if it lights up, that will eliminate the truck side. Then just crawl under the trailer and look for obvious signs of damage to wiring. My ameratrail had the same side issue and it was a wire rubbing on the threads of a bolt
  19. fishmanjj

    Fishing in the rain...

    Well, my fishing buddy met me at the landing at 6:30 AM ready to go....we were going to fish the last of incoming tide, throwing some top water lures and then switching to screwtails. At 6:55 on the first drop, the rain started..... we had caught one trout at that time....put on rain gear and continued....then the wind came....with more rain....finally around high tide the rain stopped. We had caught three trout ( two of those were short ) and one keeper Redfish. After several more drops , we managed two keeper trout and two keeper Redfish before the next heavy rains came... we decided to head in, dry off and have lunch....when we got to the landing....our two trucks were the only two trucks at the landing. You can draw your on conclusion....but, ours was....” we worked all week...and wanted to go fishing “. JJ here is a pic of our efforts.... one 14” trout, one 16” trout and two keeper Redfish.... fish tacos for dinner.
  20. Ocean

    2002 Bonefisher leak in live well pump

    Update. There is another thru hull hidden by the trailer bunk. I got the pump out and capped the pipe to the thru hull. Will splash it later and see how it does. Thanks.
  21. East Coast Dave

    America Trail Pathfinder trailer blinker not working.

    Already mentioned , but it’s 99.9% chance it’s a ground. Ask me how I know.

    2001 Pathfinder 2200V

    PRICE DROP AGAIN 14,000 OBO Thought it was gone Buyer had trouble with funds, Motivated seller , Turn Key Fly Fishing light tackle boat!
  23. Skeeter19

    New 250 SHO RPM

    I've got a 2019 250 SHO on a wx 2060. It has about 5 hrs on it. When I go full throttle, it will only rev to about 4900. Is this normal on a new Yamaha, or do I have a height problem or maybe something else?
  24. Wanaflatsfish

    Removed the sound system - left with huge speaker holes...

  25. Wanaflatsfish

    Bimini Top Recommendation - PF 22

  26. Humpty Dumpty is coming back to life Figured out the wiring scheme and I decided to go simple and changed out the multi prong plugs.... Work to date: Changed out the Bennett Hydraulics and went with Electric....bought it on Amazon and purchased the new switch from Boat Owners Warehouse along with the new wiring harness. Changed out the bilge pump (in progress later today) and rewired the live well switch (to be finished today), re-wired the stereo, installed a new ignition switch. wired the GPS to the trolling motor battery so it won't turn off when there is a small surge in voltage and I loose my mileage....cleaned up all the wiring and replaced the non used switches with blanks. I also, with the help of forum member COTO, installed a new hydraulic help....more on this once I get some time to post the pics of the work.... HERE ARE THE PICS OF THE BENNET WORK... Hydraulic disconnected..... taking off the 22 year old hydraulic tab...... New tabs...... I have got to comment: THEY ARE BEASTS VERY VERY LARGE AND APPEARS TO BE A DEFINATE UPGRADE TO THE LENCOS. AND IT WAS TRULY PLUG AND PLAY..... TABS OUT AND READY FOR THE NEW INSTALL..... THE WIRES ARE THEN PUSHED THROUGH THE HULL...BENNETT HAS A NICE GROMMET WITH SEALS WITH THE TAB TOP HINGE...IT FIT DIRECTLY BACK INTO THE SAME HOLES AND I ADDED 5200 INTO BOTH THE HOLES AND AROUND THE HINGE....ADDED NEW LOWER CONNECTION TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TAB. TESTING THE SYSTEM BEFORE I INSTALL IT AND WIRE IT TOGETHER... THE CONSOLE NEEDED TO BE CUT TO FIT THE NEW SWITCH....USED THE ROTO ZIP.... HERE IS A PIC OF MANY OF THE SWITCHES READY TO GO....ALMOST.... I HAD TO PURCHASE A NEW HYDRAULIC SWITCH AND I RAN NEW WIRING TO THE STERN...TOM AT BENNETT SAID THE ONE OF THE MAJOR PROBLEMS HE FINDS IS WHEN YOU INSTALL A NEW SET OF ELECTRIC TABS AND USE OLDER CABLE WIRING...MINE WAS OVER 20 YEARS OLD, SO I FIGURED IT WAS TIME.... IN THE PIC IS THE NEW IGNITION SWITCH, BILGE SET AND READY TO GO, JUST NEED TO INSTALL IT IN THE BILGE....I ALSO INSTALLED A USB CHARGER AND THERE IS A SIMPLE SWITCH FOR THE LIVEWELL.... TABS WORKING WIRING CLEANED UP...... FINALLY CLOSED UP..... TIME TO GET THE BILGE BACK AND READY ..... MORE PICS IN THE COMING DAYS..... DC
  27. it was great speaking with you the other day.....as I said, you have been my inspiration and have been a great mentor.... Sounds like life is good...shooting, grandkids, a bit of fishing.....I am very happy for you... Don't be a stranger here....the forum is still a great place...Marc and Bubba have done a great job keeping it a family and information oriented resource for skiff owners. God's Speed, Health, and smooth seas in your life dc
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