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  2. looking for a new tackle box

    I recently went through the same process as you in trying to find a new tackle solution for use in my boat. After much research I purchased a Plano Z-Series Tackle Bag and so far it has worked great. One of its biggest selling points is that it does not have any zippers to maintain or rust. It also has various loops all over the bag that you can use to attach various fishing related tools for quick access as well as an adequate number of extra pockets. It has a hard bottom with great grip feet to keep water away from the bottom of the bag and to keep the bag from sliding around in the boat. The only downside about not having zippers and the way the bag is currently designed is that it is possible get water into the bag from the top sides in a heavy rain or spray from waves. I keep mine in a dry hatch on the boat so it doesn't affect the way I use it but if you leave your tackle bag out on the deck there is some possibility that water could work its way in given the right conditions. The bag comes in 2 sizes 3600 series and 3700 series and accommodates 5 Plano locking boxes of the chosen size. I just swap out the boxes based on the type of fishing I am doing on a particular day which makes it very versatile. I recommend checking it out during your search. https://www.amazon.com/Plano-Z-Series-3600-Size-Bag/dp/B01N99FBG6
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  4. 2000 2200V Pathfinder - console coming loose

    I've seen where people glass their console in. It's supposedly the best solution
  5. LED trailer light info please

    Thank you!
  6. 98 20LT 200 vmax, missing top end spend, where to start?

    when I started trouble shooting my problems I looked into my motor height. using the props shaft the keel method I was 1'5" low so I raised the motor up. I do have a jack plate. I'm pretty much back to the height I started at.
  7. I am a bit lost as to how you are wired. Unless you have a 12 volt trolling motor how are you getting 12 volts on position 2. I understand you can wire one battery out of a pack for 12 volt. I think usually only done as a emergency back up. All that said yes your switch can be bad I would start at the switch with my handy dandy test light and work forward from there.
  8. looking for a new tackle box

    I have found that if you spray the "reel magic" spray on the zippers of soft bags, you can get 3 or 4 years out of one. I've had good luck with the white or yellow soft bags at Bass Pro , they have plastic zippers and latches and seem to last longer than the metal ones.
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  10. looking for a new tackle box

    I gave up on those soft side tackle boxes and went back to the Plano plastic guide box. Fits in the forward storage and stays dry.
  11. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    The same is happening up here in the panhandle especially St. Andrews bay and we have very little agriculture except for miles of pine forest. North Bay and West bay are being highly impacted by runoff from developments on Panama City beach. Grand Lagoon has turned into a cess pool on some days. Many miles of once thick grass flats with turtle grass are gone or endangered and a slime of some sort is covering a lot of the grass chocking it out. Not to mention the diversion of freshwater for the growing population and tourist. As the old saying goes,,, 20 pounds of manure in a 10 pound bag makes a mess!
  12. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    I got an update and found them to all be on there all marked exact. The one at Dolphin. All the ones near Little Palm Island, at Summerland Key, 7 mile bridge, and dozens of them in the backcountry way back by W. Bahia and Horseshoe keys. Crazy. Not sure how they do it. You can see photos of many on their FB page. lobster and snapper magnets.
  13. Turbo 13-1/4 x 21R Prop

    Turbo 13-1/4 x 21R YAMAHA PN MAR-13221-TR-D0 SQ-LOK Hub System Installed Great condition- Asking $215 Shipped PayPal Payment preferred and US shipping only
  14. 2005 2000v w/ 2010 F150

  15. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    Little Palm Island πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ˜ οΈπŸ˜›πŸ¦€
  16. looking for a new tackle box

    Whatever you choose. Pay attention to the quality and construction of the zippers. I've had 2 expensive tackle bags quickly become worthless due to zippers corroding and locking up.
  17. Rule Livewell Pump Replacement

    This is the whole system. The left side threads into the ball valve. I removed the cartridge from the pump housing (right side).
  18. Rule Livewell Pump Replacement

    This is the original pump housing. The inlet has a 3/4" NPT female thread. I am having a tough time locating a new pump that is compact, horizontal mount and uses a 3/4" NPT inlet thread.
  19. In perfect condition. Came off a 2010 pathfinder TE. Switched to 4 blade. $225
  20. Opinion on the v max HDPI

    Yes sir she's still running as strong as she always has. Got 762 hrs now. Good maintenance and good fuel and she's good to go!
  21. New 24 just got her tower

    50mph up in the crows nest must be a rush dc
  22. In search of a Poling Platform

    I'm in search of a poling platform for the Redfisher I recently bought. It's a 1992 18'. I would like to have an original style. Don't really care the condition. I'll clean it up and probably Rino line it. Let me know what you got or maybe you can point me in the right direction.
  23. looking for a new tackle box

    I have tried everything under the sun....I now find that 90% of the time, I can fish with what I carry in my pockets.... Gulps, popp'n corks, some hooks, a few sinkers, some flourocarbon, and maybe a few lures....and of course, a few live shrimp I've tried to keep paring down what I use and am down to what I can carry in my front hatch of the Master Angler 17 in just a few plastic locking boxes. I also found Home Depot has some inexpensive HUSKY locking clear plastic for a reasonable price. DC
  24. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Agreed..... Lap it Up: The smirk at the end was meant to be sarcasm..... Plus, I like giving more money to Yamaha DC
  25. Temple Fork and shimano rods - cheap

    Disregard the top rod in the pic it is already sold.
  26. I have 5 rods for sale that are in like new condition. Three are TFO Signature Series Medium action 7'. These rods were on the boat twice and only one was actually used. I would like 60 bucks each for these or take all 3 for 150. The other two are Calcuta CLC-70M casting rods. I bought these brand new as combos with calcutta 400s and already had two custom rods so these have never been fished. 75.00 each for these. I live in the upperkeys but I am in Dade county twice a weekfor work. Would rather do face to face deals since shipping would be half the cost of the rods. Please email 2fastlx@bellsouth.netwith any questions. Thanks, John
  27. Cleats?

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