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  2. HoneyB

    1985 Bonefisher II HIN issue

    Trick for looking below deck. Use a smart phone camera to stick in and have a look around.
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  4. FLDXT

    17' Master Angler re-power

    I had this exact setup for 8 years, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Great motor and performs outstanding on the 17ma.
  5. Lap it Up

    1985 Bonefisher II HIN issue

    This is exactly right. Regal made the hulls for Bob back then. I was pulled over for a safety check years back in my Fathers old 1989 Hewes. FWC made me call him and put him on the phone to explain why the registration didn't have MBG or Hewes initials. We bought the boat from Bob Hewes's personal Dr. Like Muddy says... Scour the underside of the cap and search all inside and underside of the hatches. I had an old Mako that had a second HIN tag down by the D-ring attachment at the front of the boat.
  6. fin-addict

    Mav vs. Rf

  7. bbow01

    Mav vs. Rf

    Been a while since I posted so I hope I'm using the right forum for this question. I am in the market for a used skiff. I sold my Rf16 in 2018 and I realize now that was a mistake. Oh well, water over the dam. Anyway, I am an annual Florida visitor and part time smallmouth bass guide in Michigan and fish from Biscayne Bay to Key West in the early fall. I trailer the boat down and stay at various places. (I thought that I might move up in the world and I came oh so close to pulling the trigger on a new 2200 Pf recently), but I had a change of plans and decided to go back to a skiff. Now I can't decide if I want another Rf16 or an HPX. I have never owned a Maverick so I have a basic question. The beam on my 2002 Rf was 7'2". The listed beam on the 17-HPX is 6'2". That's almost a foot narrower than the Rf. Why? Will I notice a considerable difference in handling/poling/general stability? I almost always fish alone and mainly used the bow mounted trolling motor on the Rf, but would pole a flat on occasion. I'm not sure that I really need a technical poling skiff since it's hard enough as it is poling from the platform in the wind, spotting fish, managing the pole and taking a shot. I've tried hard to describe my fishing style and would add that it's mostly back country with some ocean-side stalking when the wx cooperates. I was pretty happy with the Rf but there seem to be more good used HPX's available. Any good thoughts/comments? (My old Rf is posted in the users boat pics under "bbow01".) Thanks, Brian
  8. NCTribute

    Traveling with push pole

    Good idea on the lock at the foot, this should work for my push pole and least be some deterrence.
  9. MuddyBottomBluz

    1985 Bonefisher II HIN issue

    The boat was manufactured by Regal Fiberglass Corp. for Bob Hewes. Hence the RGFL at the beginning of the serial number, it indicates the manufacturer, all boat serial numbers start with the manufacturer initials. Hewes placed serial number tags in multiple places on their hulls in the event the boat was stolen they can look for the hidden serial number tags. One place was up under the rear casting deck and up under the front casting deck. You would need to stick your head under and look up for the tags. Almost all manufacturers hide multiple serial number tags for this reason.
  10. OldestCityLocal

    21 MA need pics of mount transducer

    Thanks for the info. Mounted it today
  11. knotthereelworld

    Traveling with push pole

    I hid my older, shorter 19' under my truck when parked in the parking lot. It seemed much less obvious zip tied up under the truck. My current 22 foot Stiffy I leave on the boat because the triangular end has a hole in it. I run a bike lock through there and then lock it around the trailer.
  12. Bud_man

    2003 18 MA hatch shocks

    I also need to add something to my large forward hatch on the MA18 - it's a beast, especially in wind. Can anyone provide details on the following: Where to find the stainless 90 degree bracket shown on the lower end of the shock the pics above? What length and strength (pounds) gas shock(s) work on the large MA18 hatch? I found an old post recommending the crescent lower bracket from Great Lakes Skipper but it's zinc plated steel - ugh. Does anyone sell an aluminum or stainless version? Thanks, Bud
  13. dabear

    South Shore Tampa Bay

    Dale that’s one of those trips that you will remember for many years . That’s the way to end a week off fishing . Joe R
  14. geeviam

    How to Clean Scum from Hull

    As many have said, after all the elbow-grease and hard work, polishing and waxing the boat, to protect and seal the gelcoat... It seems like the combination of the friction of running the hull through the water, the salt, the sun, and boat washing detergents, strips off the shine and protection soon after you've finished the job. I've seen Youtube video reviews of some ceramic coatings (like Chemical Guys Hydroslick), and from what I saw - it's a waste of money. Keeping the hull sealed to prevent gelcoat blistering, is important to me - so I'm going to take JustFish's advice and try Nu Finish:
  15. HoneyB

    1985 Bonefisher II HIN issue

    I would try to call Hewes and see if they can provide any information on hills built for the year model. I would not think Florida would have added any characters to your HIN. If Hewes agrees that might have been your HIN number get some trophy shop to print a plate and make you stencil to send in for your registration.
  16. HoneyB

    How to Clean Scum from Hull

    That was my first thought.
  17. Shallowminded6

    How to Clean Scum from Hull

    Maybe running in the water wears the wax off faster and its a section that spends the most time submerged instead of water just splashing on the gel coat?
  18. whichwaysup

    Push Pole retractable bracket..2019 Redfisher 18

    my MA has the same thing, and as far as I know, that is what it should look like
  19. If your friend is Jessie he bought the pole. Thank you for the assistance.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Folks, I bought the smurfy lappy that someone posted in the FS section listed on CL in Miami. It's a 1985 Bonefisher II side console. I just sent in the paperwork to title it and NC kicked it back. They say they need a pencil tracing of the HIN before they'll title it. I assume the reason is the HIN is 13 digits on the Florida title (done in 1999). It is listed as RGLF1496K2785. Problem is, the transom on the boat was replaced in 2005, so I have nothing to trace. After a bit of research, Ive come up with 2 theories: 1: This is right when the HIN process was standardized. It was 1984 and per my reading, all hulls manufactured after August 1 1984 had to move to the new standard. So my hull could have been a mid 1984 production finished as a 1985 model. 2: Florida added the "F" in to the RGL. I don't think this is right as I've found another post on a forum where someone had an 88 Hewes that was RGLF####A###. So same format, I just have one extra digit. Any suggestions? I'm going to call wildlife tomorrow to see what they say. Joyyyy
  22. DaveC

    SeaDek and Trolling Motor Mount

    Remove the mount, add 1/4" HDPE sized to fit, use a good methacrylate to bound them and reattach... Don't forget to use a thin membrane under the HDPE for a sealant...
  23. DonV

    2000v Front Cooler Size

    I found the "cube" size worked best. I had a 60 qt Icey-Tek which worked great on my 2200V, I think the Engle 50 is very close in dimensions!! Most coolers in the 50 - 60 qt size are too long.
  24. NCTribute

    Traveling with push pole

    How would you get it into the room? Unless you have an older motel with doors that open to the outside, there is no way you will get a pole from a hallway into a room, and unless you are on the ground floor into an elevator.
  25. Fsu11

    FS 2016 Ford F150 4x4 Supercrew

    free bump, Finchaser what kind of realistic MPG do you see normal driving and towing your 20' pathfinder?
  26. Question: I have a 2019 Redfisher 18 purchased recently from original owner. Noticed what appears to be a "drain tube" located directly on side of hull beneath the retractable bracket. Does this tube outlet have a finished fitting that suppose to fit over it (may have broke off) or is this the finished look. Looked at replacement retractable bracket and did not see this tube even available. Appreciate any help. Thanks..
  27. hawg

    Traveling with push pole

    I sleep with mine in the room. They're too *** expensive to leave out in plain sight.
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