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  2. Ouch. Well thanks for replying "D". I'm a DIY'er but am finding I'm a bit nervous drilling or cutting into this virgin boat. I'm always looking to somehow make modifications that are easily reversed and have no idea why. As such I noticed tonight that my Battery Tender plug just happens to fit snugly in the boat cleat hole. Not an ideal mounting for that plug but sure keeps it close and no other holes to make. However that makes for a less than desirable mounting location for the trolling motor. I'm just thinking out loud here.
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  4. 2002 Pathfinder 22

    Boat SOLD
  5. On both of the wide gunwales of my Redfisher 18', there is a channel filled with what appears to be flexible marine caulk. It's a 2008 model and even though the caulk itself is smooth and intact, it is spotted with black specs that bring to mind mold. It's not the most annoying thing I ever saw but I thought I'd ask those in the know what to do about it. Sometimes scraping away such substances is a real pain in the *** as I'm sure some of you have probably found out. I'm not even sure of its purpose. What would you do? What is the caulk that was used and what should I use to replace it? Could I just put a new layer of something over the old caulk as there is plenty of room in the channel? Any ideas are appreciated. Nolezone
  6. local knowledge for SC trout fishing

    Think of the New River as two halves, upper and lower. In the winter we fish the upper half and trailer a G3 and put in at the state ramp at the bridge in Jacksonville. During warmer weather I fish the lower half and run the Pathy from home (I’m on the ICW just outside of Lejeune on the Swansboro side). There is a state ramp in Snead’s Ferry for good access to the lower half. Most of the “good” trout fishing is in the creeks off the main river. Hope this helps.
  7. Pop Up gas cap

    My 2003 has the pop up cap, I had the opposite problem with mine though, the spring broke and the cap wouldn't pop up. I was able to find just the cap at a local marine store and replace.
  8. 2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

    Not much... I did have a guy call this morning, but who knows. I’ve been doing ok. I ran it last weekend and noticed a lot of looks and waves past the sandbar. Like a classic Chevelle SS cruising around.
  9. 2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

    Hey Nag... How's it going? Any luck with the Mav?
  10. Boat cover price

    I have one being made today for a 21AM with poling platform. Has zippers, tie downs $1200- OTD I'm in Clearwater, Fl. My 22 with T-Top was $1450- last year. I do Good luck in your search. I would only use the Sunbrella.
  11. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    the yamidog pros at Boat Center recommend the same thing....it's the white DEKA. I used it as my primary battery and had it tied into a "trolling motor" set up..... no issues for many years.... I used it for both my 115 and 150. DC
  12. Does anyone know any people that make Eisenglass for the 23DV or will I have to get some made around me? Located in Port Canaveral.
  13. Hatch cylinders

    Just google stainless shock rod or spring. You can order them from amazon to e bay to any boat supply on line .. they should have a extended measurement you can verify for fit
  14. Hatch cylinders

    Need some help with finding replacement cylinder for my front hatches and the right rubber gaskets ,on my 2006 22 TE Pathfinder . If anyone has a link to a website would be much appreciated. Thanks .
  15. Poling platform cracking

    The platform caught the release rope and the door lowered just enough to catch the platform on the way out....I was more than livid. It was repaired there half *** before I bought the boat. I got on the back of the boat and tried to move it to see if there was any play, there was none. I even got on top of the platform and moved around and still couldn’t get it to move other than normal flex from the poles. To me, there seems to be no structural damage at all. The cracking is in the cap, and I felt underneath and it was solid from the bottom telling me the crack should just be superficial. im going to fix up the gel coat the right way tomorrow and ride with it. If it gets any worse I will be looking at taking it somewhere to get it fixed by a professional. My plan is to take a dremmel tool and channel out the cracks and then fill, dry, and wet sand them. Which would be the correct way to fix a gel coat crack if I am not mistaken?
  16. 2018 SW MOT at the Tarpon Lodge

    62 days and a WAKEUP!!!
  17. 2002 Hewes Redfisher 16 pricing

    Again, if anyone has any input on if this is a reasonable price or not it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Poling platform cracking

    I think I have the same boat, Hewes LT ? Anyway It appears the damaged area has pulled the screws out of the bedding and glass. Go to a good fiberglass guy. I would guess the platform needs to come off and fiberglass repair to the deck area so you have a solid base to work with. It does look like something was going on with the area before your accident. You should also check the platform fitting on the transom for issues.
  19. 22te switch panel

    Yeah... boy I screwed that one up Sorry Bob
  20. New Port RIchie Area Fishing

    I think the cold nights and low water temps shut it down. Not many rays at all on any of the flats. The one cobia we saw would have been a netter. Very close to legal. I was already thinking about how I was gonna cook him. Probably why he didn't bite. There were quite a few around before this last front.
  21. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    Manual gives you minimum requirements. Anything above their minimum is fine.
  22. New Port RIchie Area Fishing

    I picked up 1 more when you saw me up shallower so ended 3 for 4. Biggest one I landed was 20 inches though. Really really tiny cobia on the backs of the rays. If the weather cooperates Ill give it another shot next thursday
  23. Central Florida Trip With A Quick Stop At MBC

    Always look forward to your pics!!! Thanks for sharing.
  24. Carb rebuild question

    Thank you for the picture! its a 2000 with 4 carbs, unfortunately I do not think it has that fitting.
  25. Central Florida Trip With A Quick Stop At MBC

    Phantastic Photos as usual Ron, I always enjoy.
  26. Towed the boat down to Central Florida last week. Stopped to see Ray and the crew in Ft Pierce for a fix to the rigging tube issue. They are the best! Got me in and out in a short time in the morning and they even washed the boat when they finished! Not only the best boats in the world but best customer service as well. Spent a few days near Lake Wales in the Kissimmee River and Lake Kissimmee. This is home to the endangered Snail Kite, a beautiful bird... We took great care to stay away from the nests so as not to disturb them. Couple of Sandhill Cranes on the river bank. On to Blue Cypress Lake (the headwaters of the St Johns River). Over 500 Osprey live here. Then to Deland and the St Johns River and side creeks... Little Blue Heron, white phase, just starting to turn adult blue. Here is the result on his older buddy... Green Heron Red Shoulder Hawk and the usual Florida welcoming committee. A great trip, a great state. Gotta move there one of these days
  27. Carb rebuild question

    Here is the fitting I was talking about just unscrew the cap and there is a filter under there. Again depending on year.
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