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  2. NMEA cable run

    I’m just hanging onto this subject by a thread, or maybe a wire. I think I understand the basic Lowrance/Yamaha NMEA cable idea, creating a backbone, etc. I’m not crazy at all about the prospects of fishing that cable from the motor all the way to my Garmin in the console. I think that would exceed my ability or patience. But Brad, you say I might have a Yamaha proprietary NMEA bus in the bilge area and in the console already. Would the one in the bilge already be linked to the engine? On your boat did the factory already run a cable from the bilge bus up to the console bus? Do you have a cable from that console bus going to your Garmin?
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  4. Boat lift newbie

    Bruce J, I looked at it good while I was down there today. I'll be able to use those bunks with brackets. Shouldn't be that hard of a job. Good tip of allowing the boat to drain.
  5. Boat lift newbie

    He’s right. On most lifts, the two bow cables are a different length from the stern cables to create the stern down slope. I think my stern cables are 4” longer than the bow cables. I may have that reversed, but the point is that drain slope is created with the cables, not with the bunks. Put all 4 bunk brackets the same height. i also think you would be better off with carpet covered wood. Wood I’d softer and more forgiving with fiberglass. Pontoon boats are aluminum on aluminum. Use those aluminum planks with your boarding setup. Or sell them. I think they would be easy to sell.
  6. Boat lift newbie

    I doubt you could use those existing bunks unless you could turn them on their sides and get some brackets which will raise them up some. As you can see in Frozen’s pic, they need to lift the boat high enough so that the V of your hull does not hit the crossbars. Also be sure the cross bar at the back of the lift (aft part of the boat) is a few inches lower than the front cross bar so that your boat will slope down to the back and drain water properly while on the lift.
  7. Whatever Happened to Squidmo?

    I told him his MBG buddies were missing him. He laughed and said he would check back in soon.
  8. Bilge Leak info for the forum members

    How much water did you notice in your bilge?
  9. Boarding ladder Installation (Finally)

    That’s not a slide it’s a flip up ladder. That is a very common type ladder. The slide one you speak of would mount underneath.
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  11. Boarding ladder Installation (Finally)

    Man I don't want to burst your bubble and I could very well be wrong but, I think the slide bracket attaches to the bottom of the platform not the top. I have the same setup on my Pathfinder and the ladder slides underneath. Gonna be some tore up knees and feet mounted that way. Should be easy to change.
  12. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    WooHooo... 39 and a wakeup...
  13. 2500 Hybrid

    Any owners in eastern Nc southern va I’m interested in possibly ordering one but no dealer has one or knows of one in the area.
  14. I posting in the Tournament section, but wanted to make sure everyone saw it. Please share and Looking forward to it all. Mike
  15. This may be out of reach for some here, but, My Wife, I, and the Flagler Sport-fishing Club are hosting a redfish tournament to raise charity to Children's Miracle Network(CMN) and the Arnold Palmer Hospital. Walmart of Palm Coast, FL annually participates in the CMN fundraiser and for this year to bring more charitable contributions and community involvement, we have partnered with the local club to put together a fun little tournament. I would love to see fellow MBC forum members there and its for a great cause. There will be a great array of raffle prizes and good payouts for heaviest fish. Please share and spread the word. If you have any questions, please call or text me at 386-235-3069 Thanks and hope to see a few of you there!!! Mike
  16. 2007 24TE JL 8.8 fit?

    Yea I'm running a m400 bridged to 200/2 on two 8.8's. So would go with the 800 like Brad to run 4. Running 4 off the m400 isn't going to be enough power in my opinion.
  17. motor height question. 2 methods, conflicting results

    IMO, with all the variables (setback, transom pocket, jack plate, vee vs pad, etc), the best way to know if your motor is running at the correct height is to let your co-pilot take the wheel while running at speed, motor trimmed level (not tucked in), jack plate all the way down, and you look down where the motor meets the water. The underside of the AV plate on the lower unit should be riding right on the surface of the water, with no air gap. From that point, you should be able to tuck the motor in for better grip in turns, and raise the JP and/or trim-tilt for top performance running a straight line.
  18. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    It is truly a sad situation we are experiencing here in south Florida. I live on Fort Myers Beach and what we've witnessed these last few weeks will turn your stomach. Dead marine life for miles. Over 400 sea turtles, numerous manatees and dolphins, an over 20 foot whale shark, dead fish by the hundreds of tons washed up on shore, and killed by red tide. I've seen countless numbers of snook, trout, flounder, tarpon, goliath grouper, along with many other species of marine life piled up on the beaches. Just one example of the environmental destruction being levied upon the people of Florida is outlined in the City of Sanibel's Report #11 which states that as of 8/8 2018 clean up crews have collected and removed 535,000 pounds (267 tons) of dead fish off their beaches. This does NOT include what is being found on the Bay side of the Island or in their canals, not to mention what is happening along the additional hundreds of miles of Florida coastline, canals, and estuaries. This is without question being exasperated by the Lake O discharges. I agree that there is not just one cause to this problem but I will say the solution DOES start with our residents DEMANDING more from our politicians. We elect these people to protect us and carry out our wishes. Yet it seems that once they are elected they forget why they were elected and put into office. Instead of working for us, the people of Florida, they begin their journey down the slippery slope of being bought by the special interest groups. I have a few suggestions that may help us get to the results we are now demanding. First I would end ALL subsidies to the sugar industry immediately. Why do we continue to prop up an industry that contributes in destroying our Nations health, effecting both humans with obesity and related diseases, and the environment? If you eliminated these subsidies it would be a win-win for this Country. The result would be a drop in health related costs to Americans and a much cleaner environment. The artificially inflated price of sugar helps to keep the land value in the EAA higher than they should be. If these subsidies were eliminated I believe the value of the land would fall and the owners of Big Sugar would be more receptive to a land buyout. Remember this was previously agreed to and should have been done years ago, but OUR politicians thought otherwise when they had the opportunity to do it. The people of Florida voted to tax themselves for land conservation. They wanted the State to purchase this land and begin the long process of restoring the natural sheet flow of water into the Everglades and yet again OUR politicians decided they had better ideas what to do with the money. OUR MONEY! Have the EPA mandate that Big Sugar is not allowed to back pump contaminated water into Lake O for the purpose of artificially maintaining specific water levels in the EAA in order for them to grow their sugar cane. The State and Federal Government must demand that Big Sugar build at THEIR cost, and on THEIR land, the reservoirs needed to contain THEIR toxic water. Require that all water released from the EAA must meet certain environmental cleanliness guidelines before they are allowed to let it flow south where it is needed. Build huge flow ways from Lake O through the land owned by Big Sugar into State/Federal owned lands. Construct massive filtering areas where eventually cleansed water can flow into the Everglades, again where it's needed most. Doing this would help to create many good paying construction jobs and also help to boost the local economies in the area. Talk about shovel ready projects that would put people to work with good jobs, this is one example for sure. Next, I ask for someone to develop a list of any politician who has accepted money from the Big Sugar lobbyists. I would ask that this list be published in EVERY local paper and every media outlet available to let the voters of Florida know who really has their best interests at heart and not just their own. This cause crosses all party lines. No one should hesitate to vote out ANY politician who has accepted one dime of Big Sugar money, no matter which party they are affiliated with. The time to change Florida's future is now and it starts with us, the voters of Florida.
  19. This is just a heads up for other Redfisher owners. I have been looking for a significant leak in my bilge. Turns out the sea chest stainless plate cover (intake for live well thru-hull fitting) had two screws missing and others were loose. I had to use screws that were larger (not longer) to get them to hold. I am surprised that these screws go thru into the hull. See picture below. The other issue is that the plate cover is directly above one of the trailer bunk boards making it very difficult to fix this issue. I basically had to take the boat off of my trailer and place it on another trailer to get to the stainless plate to inspect and fix this issue. I know it doesn't look pretty but it's fixed. Any comments for a better approach is welcomed.
  20. Bonefisher flats capabilities

    It will do just fine you won't be tarpon fishing in 6 in water anyway . Nobody is poling in that skinny water. My HPX v 15 doesn't like poling 6in water with out kicking up all sorts of junk. Now if you were asking about my 20ft LT the answer would be no. LOLs
  21. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Nice Fish....how come you don't catch'm like that in Choko dc
  22. motor height question. 2 methods, conflicting results

    I have your boat,but with a 150 Yamaha VMAX, I don't get more than 45 at WOT, but I have a painted bottom and 50 less HP. I would think your WOT should be about 50, These boats are heavy and bow heavy especially with a troller on the front.. I'm at the stage in life where 35-40 cruising speed is just fine LOL.
  23. Ordered a Helix 12 to install a 360 imaging system at the bow. What is the best mounting option for that setup? Ram recommends the 2.25" or 2.5" ball system but I'm curious of Ram is the best way to go? Other good options ?
  24. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    43 inches bottom out 30 pound Boga Grip
  25. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    The DFI oil is for the regular optimaxes because they would foul plugs after extended idling (offshore boats, etc). All of the mercury racing optimaxes actually specify premium plus oil over the dfi oil. This is because it provides better high rpm protection and they don't expect you to do extended idling. If I idle more than 10 minutes my opti (racing 300xs) will puff some smoke on takeoff. If I had a regular opti and didn't do extended idling id probably run premium plus for the added protection. Just my opinion. Furthermore, if you premix, you do NOT run dfi oil. It is not meant to be mixed. Agreed on the West Marine pricing!!
  26. Boarding ladder Installation (Finally)

    The only one that is not bolted thru is the bottom left.
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