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  2. Replace motor or whole rig??

    I picked up a 96 lt20 with a 98 200 vmax earlier this year for an insanely cheap price. the boat is in decent shape for a 20 year old boat. no major damage. couple weeks ago the motor gave up. needs a rebuild. a local guy gave me a ballpark of 2500 to rebuild my powerhead if it wasn't to torn up. he called me today with bad new. several of the head bolt were breaking off and he was positive more would break off on the water side. this leading to the machine shop having to charge a small fortune to deal with the broken bolts. I was quoted around 5500 for a reman powerhead and around 7500 for a new head from Yamaha. also quoted about 16500 for a new sho 200. at what point does it make sense to just cut my loses? I can still sell the boat without a motor for a profit. I like the boat but I do not love the boat. I like to idea of older boats because I don't have to work so much about damage. on the flip side I would really enjoy the reliability of new power. having trouble justify dropping 16k or even 6k on a boat a boat that I paid a fraction of that for
  3. 2011 23 HPS switch Panel

    Does anyone have a pic of your switch panel? I can't read the label on mine and couple are working so I'm trying to back into what's what without chasing wires etc. I'm going to replace the the switches with ones with the ones which are lebeled. Honest I can't figure our why they even have them labeled the way the do unless it's suppose to be backlit. Thanks.
  4. 16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    I have a Garmin 94 sv and it fills the space for height on my 2200 XL console.
  5. THIS is a sunrise

    Crappie Mafia.
  6. Boat Covers

    Do you guys remember what fabric weight you went with? Not sure if I need the heaviest (9oz)or not. Thanks
  7. Smith optics warranty

    The best warranty is the one you don't have to use. I don't know if brand x is costa del mar. But I've used their customer service alot and it has always been exceptional!!!!! I own 2 smiths and have never had to use theirs. I prefer the costa lenses so I guess i'll keep using their customer service lol
  8. Power Washing

    Think you meant for this to be in the general forum.
  9. Smith optics warranty

    I am not sure if both me and my wife have been lucky or what but our Costa Del Mar’s have took a beating and keep on ticking .
  10. 1997 Maverick Mirage 2

    Sold thanks John!
  11. 16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    Nope, not even close to fitting. I have a HDS 12. I bought the large Ram Mount and mounted it on top of the console. Works great. I like that it sits up high so I don’t have to look down to see it while running.
  12. Black & Purple

    Thx. For the next trip I’m going try the same pattern in chartreuse for the bull reds. I think you previously suggested that. dh
  13. Jack plate oil

    Unless they changed the pump it is a merc sterndrive pump. Look up their specs and use it.
  14. 16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    Ain't no way unless either A or B as per General Disarray. I have a 7 inch Garmin, which is 5.5 inches high on my 2007 2200V, which should be the same console as you have, or at least close The 16" Garmin is almost twice the height at 10.8 inches.
  15. 16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    On my 2003 2200V I couldn't imagine fitting it without either A) modifying the console to increase height or B) Mounting it on the gimbal on top of the dash

    2018 Hewes Redfisher ***Brand New - Never been in the water*** CCA STAR Tournament Prize Boat - Never Been titled or Registered Full Factory warranty on the boat, motor and trailer. Yamaha 90hp with Command Link Gauges Kingston Grey Rear Seat Cushion Hydraulic Steering Rub Rail White w/ Stainless Steel Insert Polling Platform AGM Battery AmeraTrail Aluminum Trailer Spare Tire Aluminum Wheels $35,000 ccaflorida@me.com Text - 941-720-4446
  17. THIS is a sunrise

  18. Hit & Run

    I would have to agree. If your car hits someone either the driver or the cars insurance is responsible for damage. I would have worn them out, no way the skiff had as much fuel. Hope it works out for Buzzard.
  19. Console Rod Holders - Maverick

    I am scheduled to meet up with buyer this week in jax, if that falls through will let you know. Will update posting at the end of the week
  20. FS: Maverick HPX-V 2014

    Beautiful Rig!!!!
  21. Jack plate oil

    Try to find a parts store that handles more industrial/agricultural stuff. I found some at an independent auto parts store that carries a lot of tractor and HD truck parts. I'll see if I have any of it around and send you a picture of what I found.
  22. Boca Grande Area Red Tide Question

    Best kind of news. We'll be there in a week, staying through May.
  23. FS: Maverick HPX-V 2014

    Bump. Still available
  24. Smith optics warranty

    No problems here with brand X. They have served me well.
  25. Friction Hinge for Front Dry Storage

    What model of hinge did you use to replace the anchor locker hinges with? I'd love to do that for mine, as the anchor locker stresses itself when fully open. Mine is a 2004 2200 TE.
  26. Smith optics warranty

    Oh, well
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