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  2. What did you do to your boat today?

    I remember those days....now, with the EZ loader you MUST use oil bath...but, according to the various forums....they are greatly improved over those of years gone by. DC

    Now you are learning the marketing lingo !!!! Well Done Beautiful as always. dc

    No doubt you are a welding wizard. Nice work as always.
  5. 2002 18.5 Master Angler

    Sure is! Right around the corner from my crappie hole... People look at you kinda funny when they see you jiggin off of a 21 MA. Nice boat!!
  6. What did you do to your boat today?

    Man I been looking at my motor all summer thinking how good it would look in white. Who did the work man that’s so cool!

    Had the pleasure to build a functional , stylish , functional console grabrail for a classic HPX . 🇺🇸☠️
  8. What did you do to your boat today?

    Replacing the original zero bling wheels:
  9. What did you do to your boat today?

    Time for new hubs...they come pre-packed with grease, but I’m never happy until it is oozin out
  10. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    A factory tower boat would be a game changer
  11. New Master Angler???

    Offer it with a mini tower, similiar to the east cape
  12. Yesterday
  13. 2002 Yamaha Oil question

    I've always been a Penzoil XLF guy, but past year or so I've been mixing WalMart and West Marine oil in and haven't noticed one bit of difference.
  14. Gas tank replacement on 94 tournament

    We cut the aluminum tank out in half. With soapy water inside so we didn't get an explosion. Then we put a 19 gallon poly tank in by Moeller and it fit perfect.
  15. New Master Angler???

  16. Swim platform or ladder for 23Hps

    Does anyone know what brand or type ladder the install on the 23 HPS? I need to have one put on for the sandbar days or God forbid I fall out by myself so I can get back in.
  17. New Master Angler???

    Bay boats are pretty much like pontoon boats .
  18. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    This is insane. Why not a 21???
  19. Trailer Advice

    Interesting thought on rental. I’ll investigat that and get rid of this pia.
  20. What did you do to your boat today?

    You can take the man outta the flats but you can’t take the flats outta the man... nice bling factor!
  21. Hewes Redfisher 18 Front Seat Pedestal

    are you guys using a big deck umbrella that usually goes in a weighted stand? because thats what mine is and its pretty heavy im just worried about the rodholder only being bolted through the relatively thin fiberglass of the console
  22. 2004 Hewe’s Redfisher: What’s it Worth?

    i paid 16.5k for a 01 Redfisher 18 with 115 4 stroke yamaha almost two years ago and i know i could get the same amount or more if i sold it today. Granted mine is in excellent shape and i always have people questioning me what year it is based on how it looks.
  23. What did you do to your boat today?

    Now I need to find out if the little feesh approve!!!!! Hopefully, it will double the catch! LOL
  24. 2002 18.5 Master Angler

    You fishing the Flint in that thing! Lol Sweet boat
  25. What did you do to your boat today?

    See what you could have if you leave those flatter boats (the dark side) behind, and see the light!!!!! LOL
  26. New Master Angler???

    pontoon boat will be next up on the design table....”Angler Driven” of course
  27. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    would love to see if they will come out with the deck layout. Also would love to see the live bait capabilities. Maybe it’s the 26hps Hull cut down on the gunnels with a flush deck layout?
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