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  2. Boat Garage

    Some pics I had on my phone.... You can see all the outlet boxes. I had no idea how I was gonna set it up so figured I couldn't add too many. I added the front porch to try and give it more of a pool house look rather than garage but I don't think there's much mistaking it !
  3. Boat Garage

    True, but the real waste is the stacked on lifts, 15 cars in his double deep 4 hole garage. Money is not an issue with him. He drinks a lot of beer while working, and keeps all cold in a $25, 20 year old fridge. I might have put a tap somewhere in there with his money. Oh snap! Another idea for Justfish and Mullet Dredge!
  4. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Nice supper. Makes me want to wet a hook.
  5. Advice on VHF radio and antenna

    Grill for the horn.
  6. Boat Garage

    What a waste of money! I just use the bushes behind the garage. No upfront capital cost nor any recurring water bills.
  7. Advice on VHF radio and antenna

    Thanks JEM and Bamaskeet, I was hoping someone would endorse the steel whip type. All those reasons listed by you guys are why I still use a handheld. I'm leaning toward the dash mount a la Hobo, because I'm doing away with the Garmin GPS antenna, and it might fit there instead of a hole cover. Another question I've always had.....what is that football shaped, chrome, fake vent, between the nav light and "2200"? I've got one on one side of my TE, and have never figured out if it had a purpose, or a cheesy decoration.

    Interesting title of this thread.
  9. Boat Garage

    I have a friend who designed a man cave garage for his British sports car and Corvette collection. His wife made him put a urinal on one of the walls so he didn't grease up any house bathrooms while working on the cars. No partitions, or walls......just a real, working, white urinal hanging on the wall next to his work bench. Cheap, too, especially when putting a shower/sink. Pure genius!!!
  10. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Racer - Congrats on the upcoming purchase. I can tell you that you will constantly be impressed with that MA. I had mine out this a.m. and decided to hit some marshes on the high tide. Two things absolutely surprised me, even though I've had MAs for 5 years now: 1) I couldn't believe how shallow she floated - I was pushing over grass and mud in water that I was convinced would have stopped me 2) There are some folks on here who will tell you that an MA is a bear to pole, and in a stiff wind, you'll work, but I poled that boat around for 2 hours today and was pleasantly surprised by how nimble she was. We did okay, too:
  11. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Here you go folks, My wife and I will be heading to Wilmington on Tuesday to meet up with Nag and enjoy a little conversation and exchange.
  12. WTB Pathfinder 1810/1900

    Sent you a PM
  13. Today

    Go with 60".

    Ditto..... If you are going to spend considerable time on big water, there is no reason not to have the longer shaft. The inconvenience of 6" more sticking up when fishing skinny water is far outweighed by the 6" more sticking down in bumpy stuff.
  16. Length of 2200 on trailer?

    Figure 30'

    A 54" will work if you only fish in flat water. If you plan to fish lumpy water, you will be happier with a 60" trolling motor.
  18. Length of 2200 on trailer?

    I'll be at mine tomorrow and give you an exact but it's close to 30'
  19. Length of 2200 on trailer?

    Believe when I measured mine it was all but 30'.
  20. Length of 2200 on trailer?

    The continental I just bought is 26 OAL so I would put it at 28-29 from tip to tip. Maybe others have an exact
  21. Boat Garage

    Haha well thank you fin. Still making repairs to it and using it while fixin our house from Matthew flood but I will snap some pics tomorrow when I get home but it's kinda a mess. Mine is 20'x30'. That was literally as big as I could go with setbacks and honestly it got small quick so go bigger than you think. Things id recommend - I put a small 5x5' half bath in left corner so I wouldn't have to go in and out of house when working on stuff. Very happy with that decision still. I plumbed it for hot and cold outdoor shower out back once I pass inspection. I also added a drain and water on one wall for shop sink You can do a 9' door with 10' ceilings and a sidewinder opener. I did a 16'x 9' garage door and then French doors on East side it usually gives me a nice cross breeze and makes it tolerable I did spray foam insulation through walls and roof deck and that prob helps with the above, but also makes the attic space really usable for storage Since it doesn't get near as hot as an uninsulated attic. I did a pretty big fan in center. Wish I had done two but with outlets and attic access it gets full up there pretty quick I put upper and lower outlets every 6' all the way around and a few in ceiling for chargers etc. I also wired for a 220 plug for welder or big compressor. I did all the upper plugs on wall 50" so I could lean sheet material against wall and still get to them. things I wish I had done - more lights, lights and more Lights! Tons of light....I still need to add a bunch more
  22. Length of 2200 on trailer?

    Can anyone give the approx overall length of a 2200 on a trailer from engine to tongue?
  23. Tampa area get together

    Tear'em up. Hoping for a good season.
  24. Boat Garage

    SHOUT OUT TO JUSTFISH, his is great !!!!

    may be looking into a new TM, what shaft size for an 03' 2200v. present one measures 60" from bottom of skeg to top of head unit. exposed shaft alone measures 47" from where it comes out of head unit to where it goes into motor. do not know where they are measured from. thinking of going with MG Xi5 w/gps 24v, 60" or 54". any suggestions, want to stay w/24v. there goes my $$$$$$ for a pp unless I can get the tm working correctly.
  26. 115 hp vs 150 hp

    I am serious about this you could make some serious money with that on a t shirt . I would buy one for me and my wife and my son and his wife. Let me know when you start taking orders. Joe R
  27. Need replacement switches

    Guys, check out for all of your boat electrical needs. This is where I had planned on getting all of my switches and trolling motor wiring.mtheyve got good prices on heat shrink connectors as well. AND they are located in Brunswick, GA.
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