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  2. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    thanks Skip. Good to know!
  3. 22 Pathfinder with F150

    That's a fair price there..
  4. Storage compartments

    This is where I was thinking of cutting in the storage / glove boxes. The Bayfisher series has a huge lack of storage. I don’t believe this will cause any structural issues. What do you guys think.
  5. Today
  6. Seadek install

    Thats the stain hidin choice right there . Great choice . 🇺🇸☠️
  7. Maverick 17' MA

    He dropped the price to $5,500. WOW
  8. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Nagjuice, I hope that your ok, health wise. Hate to see you having to sell Smurfette. Whoever gets her is going to be one happy owner!!! I remember her ride and she is an absolute dream to steer...God bless you and I hope that she sells fast for you.
  9. Seadek install

    Looks like you did a great job!
  10. Seadek install

    I'm pretty sure I'm not breaking new ground here but thought I would put this up for anyone else thinking of installing it themselves. I had kicked around the idea of getting seadek for awhile but didn't want to shell out the money or pay less for a product that wouldn't hold up and be a pain to scrape the remains off a few months later. Well seadek had a 50% off and free shipping special so I figured this was my shot and picked up one large sheet and one long one. I went with this pattern to hopefully hide stains and any misaligned pieces. Traced and cut the templates from some thin sheet plastic I found, it ended up being too thin and tear prone which didn't make things easy. I used a razor to cut everything but it is slightly sandable for any mismatched edges. It also will stretch some which helps. While it's not perfect this is a fishing boat and I don't need it to be. Fished the other weekend in the rain and it has better traction than the old diamond non skid. I'm hoping it's a little easier on my legs after a day fishing barefoot.
  11. Yamaha 23M 14 1/2" x 23" Prop

    I don't, but the guy I sold it to was reselling it (link below). He bought it as an interim while waiting on a special order prop to come in, so he didn't put a lot of time on it. May want to give him a shout and see if he's still got it.
  12. They are having a tent sale at Palmetto State Armory Friday Saturday and Sunday. New items are being put out every hour and a new trailer will be in each day. It is a triple axle enclosed car hauler trailer. Foul weather gear today is $100 for a set or $50 per piece and they said it is normally close to $300. T-shirts $5 and performance long sleeve $10. No affiliation just thought I would pass along the info if anybody needs last-minute Christmas items or affordable t-shirts. I've never tried their gear but at $10 I got a couple Spanish Fly shirts.
  13. Just a heads up, they are having a tent sale at Palmetto State Armory. Foul weather gear is $100 for a complete set, they said it normally retails for close to 300. T-shirts were $5, performance t-shirts were 10, and Nomad base layer clothing is $20. They have a large enclosed car hauler they are pulling boxes out of by the hour and we'll be there Saturday and Sunday with a new trailer. No affiliation
  14. Powertech OFX 21p 3 blade

    asking too much? I don't need it and its a great prop...price drop to $250
  15. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Sure! Just make sure you leave a 5 figure deposit
  16. Craigslist 21RF

    I like the ad. It's hilarious to me. Bring your mechanic, sold as is, where it is. At least he's being honest.
  17. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Send it down here to us S. Florida boys and we will fish/show it all over down here for ya!
  18. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Yeah buddy! I live off the loop and use Jim’s Ramp at Mason’s.
  19. Gel Coat Repair Recommendation - Naples, FL

    That's great - thanks again, I will give him a call!
  20. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    I have seen this rig around Pages Creek and the loop.....nice. Good luck with sale, wish I was in the market for one.
  21. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Bullet proof motor, proven hull, in south Florida this would sell in a day.
  22. 1997 Hewes Redfisher 19ft

    I think he does more partying then fishing with these pictures of the boat. But good pictures..
  23. Gel Coat Repair Recommendation - Naples, FL

    You would have to talk to Kenny, I have no idea, I can tell you he’s done a bunch of glass work for me and is very good at what he does, never seen anyone match gelcoat like him.
  24. Leading Edge Propeller

    I have used him a few times he does great old school hi performance prop work. He worked on a PTR prop for me a few months ago. He can be very hard to get a hold of at times but has always done great work at a fair price . Joe R
  25. Gel Coat Repair Recommendation - Naples, FL

    Thank you guys. How much should I expect to pay for this type of work roughly? Is it by the hour or they typically quote for the whole job? For example -Fsusteve where you say he is not cheap, can you give me a flavor of what that means? I have no baseline to start with as I have never had this type of work done before. Say for example one of my areas, where there was some older trolling motor hookups and a fishfinder on the front of the bow that left a number of holes and old clamshells. Are we talking a few hundred for each repair like that? More? I'm just trying to get an idea, I know each job will demand it's own price.
  26. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    With a looming career change from recent health issues, I'm going to go ahead a move the boat. The boat is right and ready to fish. I'm the second owner and its been great having it. It's my second 18 Master Angler and probably one of the last ones MBC made. The color scheme is 100% custom. There isn't another boat like this out there. $24,500 obo 2006 18 Master Angler 2006 Yamaha F150 (1150 hours) 2006 AmeraTrail with new hubs, tail lights and tires Options Include: Bimini Top with Stainless Steel Quick Release Brackets Lowrance HDS 10 Fusion RA-70 with Bluetooth 2 JL Audio MX770s Raw Water Washdown System Minn Kota iPilot 60" 80lb with Quick Release Bracket 15 Amp Onboard Charger New TM Batteries in April 2017 Custom Removable Backrest Full Canvas Cover with Separate Console Cover Spare Tire $24,500 obo
  27. 1992 Maverick MA 18.5'

    I have a 17MA, 99. I imagine if you rear compartment is like mine, the "shelving" was cut out because it cracked. Eventually those shelves where it seems batteries like to be placed, eventually give to the weight of the heavier batteries. Mine is cracked, had to relocate battery to the front shelf and have plans to go to console with it.
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