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  2. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    Billy, VERY curious about the tackle storage. Whereally is it going to go??
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  4. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    The 4 battery option would be a good compromise. Would that be enough to run a hds9, 3 livewells, and the factory radio?
  5. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    Plus if for some reason you main battery runs down you can get a jump from the other 3 just by turning a switch. At least that's how my 2015 23 hps is set up. You also save 60 pounds.
  6. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    Can you get four in the console? I have a 2400 TRS and have a four battery set up, one cranking/house and three for the trolling motor. The one cranking/house is sufficient, I run up to three livewells and all my other electronics all day with out any problems. you may want to consider this set up. Just a thought
  7. benefit for my grand daughter

    Healing prayers for your granddaughter. God's peace to you.
  8. Speakers installation in 2200 TE

    8.8's will fit in the front of the rod lockers if you add a 1/2" spacer or light ring like I did.
  9. If you enjoy fishing shows . . .

    Good hunting shows also.
  10. Hello to all my old friends

    Hey Steve! Just doing the retired thing.
  11. Another 2500 build

    Did you get to pick it up? I saw Family Boating posted a couple pics on fb. Curious to hear what prop they gave you and your performance.
  12. Hi all,Long time lurker. I just bought a new pathy and want to add the Ulterra 36v trolling motor. I currently have 2 batteries and the shop that is installing it recommend moving the current batteries under the stern seats, one on each side. Then the 3 batteries for the TM will go in the console. Installer doesnt think he can get all 5 into the console. Any thoughts? I would think this will make the boat ride lower in the stern. Im putting in 3 optima 31s. Thanks.
  13. Replacing fuel tank

    I put in a 19g Moeller as I did not want to cut the deck and did not want AL again.
  14. Anyone with Drone experience/info?

    My we bought my son a go pro karma this summer. The thought process was it came with the go pro camera that could be used for other activities. Also included was the stabilizer stick thing. I think he will get as much use from the camera and such as he will the drone .
  15. 23 HPS Rigged for fresh water (not mine)

    I'm with you on the seadeck. Wonder how hard it would be to remove?
  16. Anyone with a Hewes Bonefisher 18???

    Soulman looks like you have your batteries up front. Can you post a picture?
  17. What did you get? Pretty boat, I am looking for a v though.
  18. In case anyone was interested, boat was traded in and for sale at Ft Myers Marine. Here's a link. http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2015-maverick-17-hpx-tunnel-103115811
  19. How do you stay in shape?

    After my divorce a very wise elderly gentleman that was married thrice told me that the biggest difference between having a wife and having a girlfriend is the amount of sex you have. Dozens of studies show that the duration & frequency of sex decreases up to 90% within 24months after the wedding bells ring. Which (for the sake of staying in shape) is not good for your heart! Thankfully that wasn't the case when I was married but that stat has me concerned so it's doubtful I'll get married again. Mainly because I want to keep my heart as healthy as possible, of course! 🙃
  20. Broken hatch - Replace or is it an easy fix

    The hatches are made out of a composite material but can be repaired by a good glass guy. I had the same damage in SoCal's second photo repaired several years ago and it has held up great.
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  22. Hello to all my old friends

    What up Roy?
  23. Broken hatch - Replace or is it an easy fix

    I have fixed these hatches before.....One fix is to add an aluminum backer "before" the fiberglass breaks. The other options is to fix the broken fiberglass and then add the backer like pictured.
  24. Speakers installation in 2200 TE

    Do you know if they'll fit in the back? There doesn't look like too much space between the live well and the release well depth wise
  25. Speakers installation in 2200 TE

    When you figure out the back let me know. I know MBC does it but I can't figure out how to get a speaker flush on the port side at the release well. The wires are back there as well as in the end of the rod lockers. good luck with the project.
  26. Hewes Redfisher 18 Seat Platform Cracked

    I have the same issue on my 2000 LT18. Also, the seat is cracking in the middle and beginning to sag a bit. If anybody has a fix that worked I would love to hear about it. Thanks.
  27. Snooklet Parade

    Another good night with the long rod. Lots of snook on the fly plus a tarpon on the 8 wt. as a bonus. Left them biting at midnight . Still working on the big one. dh
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