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  2. 2002 21MA Repower/Reno

    The tank will be replaced when it goes back in the shop next year along with the deck & stringers. Yes, Thats Awlgrip. Trailers done-
  3. Garmin 7608 XSV

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  5. 18.5 MA Starting Batt to Console?

    Tide, My 96 they go down inside console and forward from there and don't go aft. Are your forward nav lights bow mounted? Maybe use that wire as a pull forward? Are you sure they go aft and then forward? If so, are they one long run or pieced together in the rear somehow? My OEM (granted its not same year) troll run was down and forward from below console. In my experience most OEM boat wiring is all about using as little runs i.e. cost as possible so I suspect there is a way/chase/route forward for ya there somewhere. Also I have the Stealth system but rather than hang it from the console lid I made a shelf above batteries. There is enough room but barely. Can post up a photo tomorrow if you need one.
  6. Minn Kota Talon 12' for sale

    Price reduced to $695
  7. 2011 23 HPS Rocker Switch Panel

    I just got a "New to me" Pathfinder and I'm having a really hard time seeing the lettering under and above the rocker switches. I think some of this may be my aging eyes but does anyone have a picture of their 2011 switch panel? Do you know if it should be backlit? I have the black plexiglass type panel and I can make out some of the labeled switches but you have to get at just the right angle to read some of them with just the right light. Thanks in advance.
  8. 1978 Berg Boat aka Maverick Master Angler

    Price now $2500.
  9. Need a new switch panel MA 17'

    Look at NewWireMaine.com. I got one from them to match what I needed after I rewired my boat. Pretty happy with it so far although I have not completed the install/rewire yet. It is very nicely constructed (your design online) but pricey. But like most boat parts there are no inexpensive ones only cheap ones. You get what you pay for.
  10. 18.5 MA Starting Batt to Console?

    OK the tabs stay, and the battery moves forward. :-) :-) I think I saw a post years ago where someone mounted their battery charger on the under side of the lid on the front seat attached to the console. Anyone else done this to save room in the back of the console? I'll have to take a few measurements to make sure there is room over the 2 trolling motor batteries below. I think with most of the electronics under the console with the 3 batteries the wiring runs should be shorter and the bilge cleaned up quite a bit. Still have to figure out how to fish the trolling motor cables from the console forward without going aft first. suggestions?? Thanks for your input!
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  12. PF 2500 back seat question

    Mine have a slight wobble as well nothing major but they do move a little. I second the little tough to open on the rear seats as well.
  13. Power Pole Shout Out

    I think I posted up when they sent me a cylinder, hose kit and every nut and washer to put mine back together with. As with everyone else's story, all FREE Of charge.
  14. Power Pole Shout Out

    Power pole is the best! They had a technician at a tournament I just fished in Louisiana just to do free work on peoples power poles if they break during the tourney. Needless to say I had a hose pop and he ran two new hoses for me all free of charge! Now thats customer service!
  15. Seastar Maintenance

    This^^^^^^^ It is a vented system and the fluid has an affinity to moisture. I would say flush and replace every 3 plus years. Not what you would expect from a supposed hermetically sealed system but it is what is is. Moisture will get in there some how. Fluid gets brown and down hill from there over time.
  16. 18 MA Console

    Yes that’s exactly what I was looking at. Not sure if I’m up for the project though... it’s a 7 hour ride for me to go check it out and I’m not sure if it’s worth the rebuild. It’s hard to find an original console.
  17. sea claw anchors?

    Like they said, depends on where you fish and how deep. I fish inshore and use a 12 lb. Sea Claw and no chain. Holds my 23 every time. If it's windy, like the last few days, then you'll just let out a little more rope. If you like to keep the anchor in the bottom of the anchor locker, laying on the rope, just cut off the cross bars and it will drop right in.
  18. Seastar Maintenance

    If it ain't leaking and the steering is ok, about the only thing I can think of is to run new fluid through the system. It's amazing how much junk (sediment) gets in the system. Don't know where it comes from, but it's there.
  19. 1978 Maverick (Berg Boat)

    Did you ever do the rebuild? I would like to know what you ran into. I have my eyes on a 78 in the north east.
  20. 18 MA Console

    Were you looking at the 18 in FL, that has the tall tower and no console. Ad states just don't have time for it. https://pensacola.craigslist.org/boa/d/maverick-tower-boat/6304684830.html
  21. Pathfinder 25

    The boat is great. I am just in the middle of getting a new business off the ground and my time is much more limited. I will buy another one down the road without a doubt. This boat best suits the way I fish perfectly and the family also loves it. Thanks
  22. Seastar Maintenance

    Boat is about 1.5 years old and I am wondering if its time to perform maintenance on my Seastar steering system. Anyone have info on this?
  23. RTIC cooler customer service

    No idea what caused the delams in all 3 brands I owned. I never put anything in them other than regular ice, food, drinks & fish. My neighbor recently left his tan 65 Engel open and in the sun for 3 days; the floor of that cooler bubbled (delaminated). Not sure if he was already having an issue that he didn't notice beforehand though.
  24. really good deal, location?
  25. Quick video of my 2400

    Really nice boat, family and video.
  26. RTIC cooler customer service

    What is causing these to delaminate? I have a couple Yetis as well as some K2's and have never experienced any delamination. I have multiple friends with yeti's and other brands and I have never heard of it either, I'm curious if there is something you are putting in your cooler that I need to be aware of.
  27. Bow TM and fishfinder setup

    Other than routing transducer wires as suggested by MInn Kota, there really isn't an option I'm aware of for saltwater models. If somebody can put a 'ducer inside the current motor housing, I would sure like to know who and how ! For freshwater, the universal sonar model is an option. I wonder if the freshwater universal sonar motor housing could be swapped out on the saltwater motor and provide enough room for a 'ducer ? I assume it's not offered on the salt models due to sealing/corrosion issues. On the older model I-Pilots you could sneak the wires through the mount in the squared slot in the shaft and keep everything secured & compact, but now that the slot is being used in the manner it was intended, we can't use that "hack".
  28. 2011 Pathfinder 2200 Tournament/ VF250 SHO

    PM Sent
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