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  2. Motojon76

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    I was looking for this specific question / answer as well. How can I get more holeshot out of my ‘19 HPX S? I have all the same specs: F70, 37-38 MPH w/ 2 of us. I just want to jump on plane as quick as possible.
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  4. jwhitefish

    2014 Cobia 217

  5. BradM

    2500 5 gallon bucket question-

    Still weird not seeing you two up here this time of year. The flood action has started off really strong. Glad you’re enjoying the 25’ and the new waters. Appreciate the info on the brushes.
  6. Ocean

    2002 Bonefisher leak in live well pump

    Shallow... no seacock on mine. Since the livewell pump already didn’t work, I was able to unscrew the pipe using the pump as leverage. Then I removed the pump, got a solid cap from the hardware store, put the capped off pipe back in and splashed it. So happy not to have a mystery leak anymore.
  7. triplec

    Florida marine tracks

    Yes it sure will. When you order the chip they ask what unit and screen size but it is not for the chip rather their interest in what you are running. I have run mine in 12's and 9s.
  8. Shallowminded6

    2002 Bonefisher leak in live well pump

    Glad it got fixed. I had the same set up and I think the same leak from mine. I replaced the pump and housing and it fixed it. Did you have a seacock? Or did you replumb?
  9. Big Dave


    Yep, not much better than seeing a topwater lure get thunked!
  10. Big Dave

    Florida marine tracks

    What I mean is, if I have a Simrad NSS EVO3 and a friend has a Lowrance, will my FMT chip work in his machine? Or, if someone has a 7" Lowrance and another person has a 12" Lowrance with FMT, will his chip work in the 7" machine?
  11. Smoak352

    WTB Pathfinder 2400 - how much

    Timing is everything.
  12. Smoak352

    What is my Hewes worth?

    I have added the following things in the last 24 months. How much does this help? $1,800 New bench seat, new cushions, wet sand, new decals $1,300 JL Audio MHD 900 amp $600 JL Audit M880 speakers $250 JL Subwoofer $1,400 Raymarine 9" GPS/Chartplotter
  13. 2008maverick21

    WTB Maverick Master Angler

    Having trouble loading pics. 251-421-5600 Can send pictures by if interested.
  14. jason p

    2500 5 gallon bucket question-

    Do it and forget about it. Speaking of skimping, I used to wash the non skid on the HPX with a “medium” Shurhold brush and I would wash the smooth stuff by hand with a mitt. Now that we have this big Pathfinder my wife made me get a 10” “super soft” brush to do the shiny gel coat... GAME CHANGER. I feel like an a-hole for not getting one sooner. I wash the vehicles with it as well.
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  16. fin-addict

    2400 TRS Deck Drain Issue

    This has also been an ongoing issues with the 22 for years. I plug the drains in the cockpit
  17. Although lowrance and simrad are close to the same there are small differences within each line. The Go7 will not due all that the top of the line will do but the top of the line simrad will be close to top of the line simrad with the exception of the new live options which will require an add on module at sometime. This can be confusing so always pay attention to the model.
  18. Shallowminded6

    Suzuki 140 vs 150

    Does anyone have any experience with Suzuki 140/150 on a Hewes Redfisher 18, Light tackle, or a similar hull (pathfinder/Maverick or any boat somewhat of that size). Any praises/complaints about either HP? I am debating about either having my engine rebuilt or repowering. I currently have a 2000 18’ Hewes Light tackle with a 150 Yamaha V-max.

    2400 TRS Deck Drain Issue

    Did these different style valves resolve the issue of water intrusion or slow draining? Looking to fix mine as well any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
  20. bdsnook

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    Well...it's all done....& turned out pretty good if I do say so. I kinda surprised myself on this, the over all plan worked out just as I had hoped, and putting in the SeaDek was a good thing even though I really did not need it to hide my glass work. It was a lot of work, good thing I retired last year or I would have had to pay someone to do this. I learned these skills starting out of high school helping my room mate refurbishing & painting old trucks and cars to flip. He had been doing it for a few years before I met him, and I also started buying old boats and fixing them up, learning the fiber glassing trade doing that. So my back ground really paid off this time. So other than itching for three weeks this was a pretty good adventure. I also to this time to fix up some nicks and dings along with old screw holes with gelcoat & cutting in some new cup holders. Here are the last of the photos, enjoy!
  21. Not sure what aspect you are asking assistance on (2d sonar or side scan etc) but in those depths your 2d should do fine in auto mode. For 2D sonar- CHIRP allows you to either run it in a "normal" mode which scans the entire frequency range the ducer is made for OR you can a specific frequency out of that same range. for example my airmar B150m works in the range of 95-155khz so it can scan that entire range and display all that info or it can be set to on single frequency. For what I do offshore ive found setting it to 155khz gives me the results I want as Im usually focused on bottom structure or marking fish as the higher the frequency the better the detail especially on the bottom, in normal mode you'll see alot more info on the screen but it can get to cluttered (kinda like having sensitivity to high). Other than that most of these units come with the color scale set to dark IMO on lowrance its called color line, the palette I use has red as the strongest return color... on the default setting the red is actually maroon I back it down until its more of a blood red but leaving as is is comparable to having sensitivity to high. Structure scan- Ive found the most useful adjustment is the range to high and it will compress the image to low and itll stretch it (distort it) either way unless the result is poor image or missing small structure. Adjusting this is trial and error but a good thing to do is find some clear water with some type of structure that you can see from the boat (this will give you a sense of its scale and shape) make passes by it on different ranges until the shape and scale looks good on the machine. Frequency is another key adjustment.... 30-40 ft or less run it on high (usually 800khz) deeper than that run it on low (455khz). Some examples below. pic 1 & 2 are the same area but to get better detail I turned off the left side beam which vasty increases the amount of pixels available to display that section of the bottom which vastly increases detail (this is where adjusting range helps). There are 2 bull sharks in both pics but as you can see its way easier to see whats going on in the 2nd one. The circles mark the actual shark and the arrows point to the shadow it casts on the bottom (think of your sonar beams as light instead of sound... kinda the same principal) Pic 3- shows the difference of running CHIRP in normal or single frequency, left side is on normal right is on 155khz Pic 4- This shows having scale right thru the right range limit based on depth..... the "ripples" are the ridges in the sand bottom, top right shows a depression with hard pack sand (darker color) and a rock on the edge of the reef as well as the school of jacks. Pic 5- marking fish in shallow water... this is a spot I do well trolling for snook....when I see this I know they are there and its not long before the plug gets nailed.
  22. triplec

    Florida marine tracks

    Newer Simrad, Lowrance and B & G will run them.
  23. triplec

    More Yamaha SHO woes...

    Saw that 300R engine hanging off a Lake and Bay over in Boca G last week. Looked slippery fast.
  24. That transducer is awesome! I run Lowrance but it is the same transducer, processor and functionality. I love it for shallow water. Or less than 30 feet. Granted if its so shallow the redfish are backing it won't help much but for ICW structure the sidescan is on point. When the tarpon stack up on our bridges its a beautiful thing! That dolphin should have lit up the screen. The default has to be tinkered with for shallow. Gain and range especially. The Simrad is their deep water offering and usually sends more power to the transducer. Even Lowrance has to be turned down a bit. The bass boys fish shallow and use side, down and 2d simultaneously all the time. Somewhere I have a screen shot of mine all running. Peruse the Lowrance You Tube and look at Jacob Scotts tutorials. It will help. I like running the 2d and down scan in the center screen and split the side scan with the left on left side of screen and right side scan of course on right side if searching. Helps me make sense quicker. The left pic is everything and FMT chart running for reference. The center and right are with how I set up for searching. If your engine is interfering with it, the picture changes dramatically so its obvious. The engine creates that faint shadow you can see on side scan in the first pic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZb7GU4O2J4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4kbIE7jCRk&t=131s Also Justin Russell is a set up expert. His channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh0rZawIoN9uFklx6eLKXXQ/videos Some of my screen shots while trying to figure it out:
  25. Great to see lots of these little ones around. Brother was tossing a topwater. This sight never gets old...... IMG_7978.MOV
  26. Search on youtube for videos. There are a lot for the Lowrance units, should be close enough to the Simrad.
  27. Bludog

    WTB Pathfinder 23 DV still....

    Wes, Could you send me some info on the one you saw with low compression? I'm curious what a project would go for and location. Thank you.
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